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More About the Media

It is hard to get people to understand that the goal of the media is not to inform, but to control. By controlling the information they control their audience and that is how the media maximizes their profits.

The goal of the media is the same as that of all dictators – control the information and you control the minds of the people. This quote cannot be read often enough:

  • “No one understood better than Stalin that the true object of propaganda is neither to convince nor even to persuade, but to produce a uniform pattern of public utterance in which the first trace of unorthodox thought immediately reveals itself as a jarring dissonance.”
    – Alan Bullock, in Hitler and Stalin: Parallel Lives

The media are masters of creating a uniform pattern of public utterance in which the first trace of the truth immediately reveals itself as a jarring dissonance

One way they do this is by glorifying medical doctors on television. It seems like medical doctors (real or pretend) are constantly showing up on the tube. Because of this, when someone is diagnosed with cancer, they run to their nearest medical doctor.

The uniform pattern of public utterance has been created by the media and no one, and I mean no one, will believe that cancer treatments with 90% cure rates already exist!!

When I tell people that cancer treatments with 90% cure rates already exist, you can bet they will respond with jarring dissonance.

And that is why cancer patients almost always start with orthodox cancer treatments and they usually end with orthodox cancer treatments. It is rare when a cancer patient seeks out natural medicine, because they don’t know about it and they won’t believe it when they hear it.

The battle against cancer is far more a battle of information than technology. The media totally controls the minds of the general public.

The technology to cure cancer is amazing, but this technology might as well be a military secret.

More About the FDA

As mentioned, the FDA is the “private police force” for the ultra-wealthy families that own the large pharmaceutical companies.

The FDA shut down a clinic in Georgia which was using the ultimate cancer treatment: DMSO and very low dose chemotherapy. This protocol alone would have a 100% cure rate on newly diagnosed cancer patients because the chemotherapy would target the cancer cells (because of the DMSO) and not damage the healthy cells. In fact, four types of chemotherapy have been identified that “bind” to DMSO (see my article on “DMSO Potentiation Therapy” or DPT).

After DMSO binds to chemotherapy, the DMSO will seek out the cancer cells like a guided-missile. Few non-cancerous cells would be damaged or killed. In theory, this is the best cancer treatment on earth, but due to corrupt governments we are not aware of anyone who is currently using this protocol.

The FDA also shut down a clinic in Oklahoma which was using DMSO and Vitamin C, three botanicals, and other protocols. It was an excellent cancer treatment. We estimate their 5-year cure rate, based on their treatment, was over 80% and possibly over 90%.

The FDA shut down two clinics on the same weekend that used ozone saunas. These clinics no doubt used additional treatments, but these clinics likely had 70% cure rates.

Dr. Philip Binzel, an M.D., had an 80% cure rate using a molecule called “laetrile.” The FDA tried to shut him down by blocking the import of liquid laetrile into the United States from Mexico. Fortunately, Dr. Binzel won that court case.

Don’t forget that Dr. Rife had a 100% cure rate and that Dr. Kelley had a 90% cure rate.

What this means is that the Food and Drug Administration, the American Medical Association, etc. KNOW how to cure cancer because they have shut down many cures for cancer!!!! But they choose to suppress these treatments instead of use them.

Now compare the cure rates of cancer treatments the FDA shut down, or tried to shut down, with the less than 3% cure rates of the FDA (i.e. 3% is the cure rate of the drugs approved by the FDA), the medical schools, the “research” of the pharmaceutical companies, the “research” of the American Cancer Society and Susan G. Komen Foundation, etc. etc.

Do the math.

Some natural medicine clinics use Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT), which uses insulin to allow chemotherapy to target cancer cells. Insulin is not as good as DMSO at getting chemotherapy to target cancer cells, but it is a very good clinic treatment.

Because natural medicine researchers cannot use chemotherapy the ICRF has designed the DMSO and chlorine dioxide protocol (DMSO/CD). This protocol does not kill cancer cells, it reverts them into normal cells!! It is one of the items in the Dirt Cheap Protocol.

I cannot repeat this often enough: a cancer patient would be strongly, strongly advised that when they finish their main cancer treatment (e.g. the Photon Protocol or Cellect-Budwig protocol as examples) they wait three weeks and then go on the Dirt Cheap Protocol for several months to “clean up” the cancer cells and continue to rebuild the immune system.

In summary, the FDA and AMA refer to cancer treatments with 90% cure rates as “unproven” and persecute these treatments. Their own “proven” protocols have 3% cure rates!! Deceptive semantics are a key element of the media and orthodox medicine.

Cancer Researchers in the Past and Today

The root cause of cancer was discovered in 1890 by William Russell (1852-1940). The brilliant Dr. Russell saw microbes both inside and outside of the cancer cells. It was obvious that the microbes inside the cancer cells were the ones causing the cancer.

The cancer microbe was studied in detail in the early 1900s and was found to be highly pleomorphic. Many years later another microbiologist, Gaston Naessens, counted 16 different sizes and shapes of the cancer microbe. (see the book: The Persecution and Trial of Gaston Naessens, by Christopher Bird). The medical establishment in Canada was so delighted with his discovery that they had him thrown in jail!!

You see, if cancer is caused by microbes that are inside the cancer cells, then it is easy to cure cancer; just kill the microbes inside the cancer cells!! But no medical establishment wants people to know that cancer can be cured. They want cancer to be a mysterious disease that will never be cured!!

The size and shape of the microbe is a function of the pH inside the cancer cell. The higher the pH, the smaller the microbe.

The higher the pH the more lethargic the cancer microbes become and the cancer spreads more slowly. Natural medicine practitioners take advantage of this fact and frequently use highly alkaline protocols to slow down the spread of the cancer and in many cases these treatments can cure the cancer.

Also, Dr. Royal Rife, a microbiologist, in the 1930s, also knew that it was microbes which were inside the cancer cells which caused cancer. By knowing this he developed a gentle electromedicine device to kill these microbes. This device had a 100% cure rate and it did nothing but kill microbes inside the cancer cells.

The AMA and FDA (Food and Drug Administration) were so incensed that he was curing cancer that the AMA tried to “buy him out.” When he refused the FDA came in and destroyed his lab and his machines which had not already been sold and delivered.

Researchers since then have found three of his original machines, which had been sold before the FDA destroyed his lab. They have made the specifications of his equipment public information.

Dr. Virginia Livingston’s team of cancer researchers discovered why cancer cells have DNA damage. They discovered that the microbes inside the cancer cells get inside the cell nucleus and their DNA mixes with the DNA of the cell, which changes the DNA of the cancer cells.

In fact, the concept that the DNA of a microbe, which gets inside of a human cell nucleus, and thus changes the DNA of the human cell, is at the heart of gene therapy!! This is not some strange theory, it is a concept which is used in modern medicine to treat genetic diseases.

My point is that the Livingston team discovered that the DNA damage occurs AFTER the cell is already cancerous (i.e. after the microbes are already inside the cancer cells)!!

Dr. Livingston designed a vaccine to kill these microbes and obviously died without any recognition from orthodox medicine for her team’s critical discovery. Instead, orthodox medicine has ignored her team’s discovery and still claims that it is DNA damage that causes cancer!! This gives them an excuse to claim that a cure for cancer is 50 years away. A cure for cancer will always be 50 years away according to anyone who is in bed with the pharmaceutical industry, such as the American Cancer Society.

By claiming that DNA damage causes cancer, the public believes that cancer will never be cured. But Virginia Livingston was curing cancer with a vaccine she developed.

This DNA damage (which is a result of cancer, not a cause of cancer), is what all large “cancer research” organizations claim cause cancer!! They are spending billions of dollars trying to fix this DNA damage instead of trying to safely target and kill the cancer cells using Mother Nature (who already knows how to target and kill cancer cells) or by killing the microbes inside the cancer cells (which reverts the cancer cells into normal cells), which is how Dr. Rife cured cancer!!

The second concept I wish to discuss is regarding the nature of cancer cells. A Nobel Prize was awarded in 1931 for the discovery that the defining characteristic of cancer cells is low ATP energy. ATP is a molecule which is made inside the mitochondria, which is inside of all cells. There are thousands of mitochondria inside of all cells and the ATP is what provides cells their energy.

So why do cancer cells have low ATP energy and who cares if there are microbes inside the cancer cells?

In 2004, an ICRF cancer researcher tied these two major discoveries together by explaining the mechanism of how these microbes, which are inside of the cancer cells, block the production of ATP molecules. In other words, he explained that cancer is caused because the microbes inside the cancer cells block the production of ATP in two different ways.

It is beyond the scope of this article to explain this mechanism, and its ramifications, but if you are interested see the “What Causes Cancer” article which is linked to on the left side-bar (i.e. the “left side-bar” is the column of links on the left side of most pages).

This discovery supported the claim of Dr. Rife that if you kill these microbes the cancer cells will revert into normal cells. They become normal cells again (or for the first time in many cases) because with no microbes inside the cell the ATP energy will be restored and the cell will be healthy again!!

This discovery has led to several new, highly effective natural cancer treatments, particularly DMSO, MSM and honey protocols. The DMSO, MSM and honey are “Trojan Horses” to get microbe-killing substances inside of cancer cells to kill the microbes. DMSO is actually used by one major natural medicine cancer clinic, the Camelot Cancer Care clinic in Tulsa, Oklahoma. However, this clinic was shut down by the thugs in the FDA in early 2013.

This discovery has also explained how some previously existing natural cancer treatments worked.

The discovery also led to the fact that some natural cancer treatments would conflict with each other (the conflict is not dangerous, but one treatment may neutralize another treatment). The conflict can occur because one type of cancer treatment is trying to lower ATP energy (to cause the cancer cells to fall apart), and another treatment is trying to kill the microbes inside the cancer cells, which would raise ATP energy because when the microbes are gone, so is the reason ATP energy in cancer cells stays low.

For example, do not mix Paw Paw (which causes cancer cells to fall apart by lowering ATP energy) with the High RF Frequency Protocol, which was designed to kill the microbes inside the cancer cells and thus revert the cancer cells into normal cells. When you kill the microbes the ATP energy rises because there is nothing to block the creation of ATP energy (the microbes are what block the ATP energy).

Thus, one protocol is lowering the ATP energy and the other protocol is incidentally raising the ATP energy. The Paw Paw treatment will be worthless. The High RF Frequency Protocol will work just fine because it is interested in microbes; it is not directly interested in ATP energy.

A different ICRF cancer researcher designed the protocol for using the “High RF Frequency Protocol” for cancer. It is one thing to have the equipment and another thing to know how to use it.

Let us partially summarize what the cancer microbe does.

First, the cancer microbe largely or totally blocks the production of ATP molecules in the mitochondria (and the cancer cells have to revert to another method, fermentation, to make enough ATP molecules to stay alive).

Second, the DNA of the cancer microbes is what causes the DNA damage of the cancer cells after the cell is already cancerous or is beginning to become cancerous.

Third, the cancer microbe also excretes enzymes that coat the outside of the cancer cells so the immune system cannot identify them as cancer cells and thus the immune system cannot safely target and kill them. The existence of the enzyme coating has been known about for more than 50 years in natural medicine.

In fact, over 50 years ago there were natural cancer treatments (e.g. proteolytic enzymes) that stripped away these enzyme coatings so the immune system could identify the cancer cells and kill them. Dr. Kelley used proteolytic enzymes as part of his treatment.

The existence of this protein coating is proof that DNA damage is not the cause of cancer. How could DNA damage create a coating of enzymes on the surface of cancer cells??

Fourth, Dr. Mathias Rath, MD, who had to flee the United States to avoid being arrested for curing cancer, discovered that these enzymes (or different enzymes excreted by these microbes, we don’t know) also cut a path across tissue so the cancer cells could spread more easily.

It is beyond the scope of this article to go any further, but my point is that there has been researcher after researcher who knew about the cancer microbes inside the cancer cells. And there have been a growing number of clever tactics developed to kill these microbes.

When you kill all of the microbes inside of a cancer cell, the cancer cell will revert into a normal cell because there is nothing to block the production of ATP energy. This is the ideal way to cure cancer because there are no dead cells and no debris from dead cells.

But most natural cancer treatments work in other ways.

Some treatments use natural substances that target and kill cancer cells. Laetrile, or Vitamin B17, is a perfect example. Carrots and purple grapes both contain multiple nutrients that can target and kill cancer cells. One researcher thinks that it is the oxalic acid in carrots that cures the cancer. He may be right.

Other treatments work by supercharging the immune system and then letting the immune system deal with the cancer. One example is Dr. Bob Beck, who had a PhD in physics. He designed a cancer treatment that removed all microbes from the bloodstream and found out that by doing this the immune system was supercharged and the immune system could get rid of the cancer cells!!

The problem with building the immune system is that it is a slow process. Many cancer patients today who seek out natural cancer treatments have been sent home to die and do not have the time left to live to have their immune system rebuilt after it had been damaged by chemotherapy. But even these patients can benefit from the Bob Beck Protocol, but it should not be their primary protocol.

While the Photon Protocol works by killing microbes, primarily inside the organs, which gets the immune system functioning again, it also provides key nutrients to the cells, such as in the immune system, the Photon devices directly energize cells to keep the patient alive, the devices also pump the lymph system, etc.

Some treatments work by using super-nutrients to “keep the patient alive” (so they have more time to treat their cancer) by using special cell-energizing supplements. The Budwig Diet is a good example. The Photon Genius, an electromedicine device, is the best way to energize cells quickly (see the “Weak Cancer Patients” article and the “Understanding Treating Cancer” article).

In fact, the best natural medicine treatments today use a combination of tactics. One highly nutritional protocol “keeps the patient alive” and at the same time other treatments are dealing with the cancer cells and yet other treatments are building the immune system, others are killing microbes in different places, etc.

The four most powerful treatments on this website, the Photon Protocol, Cellect-Budwig Protocol, Cesium Chloride Protocol and BX Antitoxins, are all multi-pronged approaches, and all come with expert support.

There is now an article which explains how to combine the Cellect-Budwig protocol with the Dirt Cheap protocol:
Combining the Cellect-Budwig with the Dirt Cheap Protocol (a treatment)

These two protocols were combined because we were getting some extremely advanced cancer patients. Using similar logic, the Dirt Cheap Protocol (usually without the Kelmun protocol due to too much alkalinity) can be combined with any other protocol.

Remember that many other treatments can be combined with these treatments. For example, either High RF Frequency Protocol can be combined with any of the other protocols.

Some newer protocols use the technology of killing the microbes inside the cancer cells, such as the High RF Frequency Protocol, the DMSO protocols and honey protocols. Most of the DMSO protocols are on the website of the Independent Cancer Research Foundation. I support the DMSO protocols because I have been researching DMSO since 2004.

In theory, DMSO could cure cancer in one day, as it does not stress the stomach because it can be taken transdermally (i.e. through the skin). However we are concerned about Herxheimer’s (which is severe brain fog caused by the release of mycotoxins by dead microbes) so we have not tried to cure cancer in one day with this protocol.

However, “brain fog” is not dangerous and a patient who understands what causes brain fog, and can mentally prepare for it, could use very high doses of DMSO and chlorine dioxide (DMSO/CD).

In fact, I probably had the worst case of brain fog in history because I accidentally overdosed on a super-microbe-killing substance used in water treatment plants. It felt like most of my brain was dead. But I knew exactly what was going on in my brain so I just slept it off. So if the patient is old enough to know what to expect, they can be prepared for it.

As already mentioned, there is one outstanding clinic which uses DMSO to “carry” microbe-killing substances inside of cancer cells. It is a 30-day protocol (the Camelot Cancer Care clinic – see the Clinics article).

The MSM protocols were designed to do this also and we hoped they would be as effective as the DMSO protocols (because the MSM molecule is almost identical to the DMSO molecule and MSM does not cause the body odor of DMSO), but so far the DMSO protocols seem to be significantly more effective. However, MSM is used to help clean lactic acid out of the blood and do other things, so it has its own benefits.

My point is that it is common to combine multiple approaches in the same treatment. That is what the experts work on accomplishing.

This is just an introduction to modern natural medicine treatments. The “Understanding Treating Cancer” article, at the top of the left side-bar, goes into more issues. You might also want to read the “What Causes Cancer” article which goes into more detail about what is going on inside the cancer cells:
What Causes Cancer Article

How To Use the Cancer Tutor Website

This website endorses many natural cancer treatments, several of which are far more powerful than what Dr. Kelley could have put together in his lifetime. These powerful treatments had to be designed because such a high percentage of the cancer patients we work with have already been “sent home to die” by orthodox medicine and they need treatments that work a lot faster than the Kelley protocol.

Fortunately, with new electromedicine equipment, new supplements, new concepts, etc. some very powerful protocols have been put together. Some of these treatments are listed on the left side bar (e.g. Photon Protocol, Cellect-Budwig, Cesium Chloride, Bob Wright Protocol, etc.) and many more are listed at the bottom of this home page.

It should also be mentioned that these are “protocols,” meaning they include several individual treatments. Many people have tried to cure their cancer with one item, such as carrot juice. While this has worked many times, most cancer patients have already had chemotherapy or radiation, or they have a very fast-spreading type of cancer, and for these patients it can take a lot more than just carrot juice for them to survive their cancer.

A “protocol” is designed by experts to include several synergistic treatments that are designed to be both redundant (i.e. multiple individual treatments do the same thing to make sure it gets done right) and synergistic.

Almost all of the treatments/protocols listed on the left side-bar come with technical support from a natural medicine expert, one of which is a medical doctor. But all of the non-medical doctors have many years of experience with natural medicine.

There are also articles for specific types of cancer, which provide a recommended protocol for that type of cancer.

If you have a type of cancer that is not listed on the left side-bar, find the type of cancer which is closest in terms of these two issues: location of the cancer and the similarity of the type of tissue.

Also look at the left side bar for articles on issues that may apply to your situation (e.g. “Dangerous Tumors” or “Weak Cancer Patients”).

Health insurance policies are approved by state insurance departments. Only one state has health insurance that covers natural medicine, that we know about. This gives you an idea of how deep the money of the pharmaceutical industry goes to buy corrupt politicians. When a minor child has cancer, some states force the parents to have the child treated by orthodox medicine.

Family support for using natural medicine is critical!! The mental attitude of the patient is very important to survival, and family support is a major part of that issue!! The family must get behind the treatment decision, even if they do not understand the treatment.

If you still can’t decide on a natural treatment, study the Photon Protocol, the Cellect-Budwig protocol, the Cesium Chloride protocol and the BX Antitoxins article (see the left side-bar) and select from among these four protocols. These are the four most powerful treatments that can deal with any type of cancer. All come with expert support.

Also read the “Understanding Treating Cancer” article at the top of the left side-bar. This is critical to read, especially for advanced cancer patients.

See also the “Dirt Cheap Protocol” and “Inexpensive Cancer Treatments” articles. These articles can get you started on a treatment TODAY – within hours (e.g. “honey and turmeric” can both be purchased at a health food store today and it is a cancer treatment), while you decide on, and order your main treatment.

Study the titles of the other articles as well to see if they apply to you (by the way, we can’t afford proofreaders, and don’t have time to work with our volunteers, so forgive our typos!!).

If you are in an emergency situation, visit your local hospital. There are many situations where orthodox medicine really is important!

How To Help The ICRF So The ICRF Can Help You

The biggest problem cancer researchers face (who do not work for the pharmaceutical industry), is not cancer, it is manpower, meaning financial support. The media will never admit we exist, and as a result, our contributions are measured in thousands of dollars a year, not many, many millions of dollars a year.

We know how to deal with the cancer. But we do not have the funds to hire the manpower to help deal with routine tasks. As a result, our research and time with cancer patients suffers because the researchers are busy doing routine tasks.

For example, because of the media, many scores of millions of dollars are pumped into orthodox “research” every year. However, the total contributions to the Independent Cancer Research Foundation (ICRF), in 2012, was less than $20,000. We cannot afford to hire a single employee even though our researchers/officers are unpaid. Most of the contributions we receive help cancer patients pay for their treatments because they cannot afford to pay for them.

Because of the lack of staff in the ICRF, cancer patients literally die every year. This should be obvious, but let me explain one reason why.

Many, many thousands of cancer patients have visited this website. Many of them needed to send us an email to ask key questions about their cancer, but they could not find our email address on this website. The reason that very few articles have our email address on them is because we don’t have the staff to answer all of the emails this website would generate if we put our email address on the left side-bar or on the bottom box of every article.

We apologize for not making our email address open information, but there is nothing we can do about it. We need to sleep.

The only way to fix this is to hire staff or find more volunteers.

The only cancer research organizations that are looking out for your best interests are the ICRF and the American Anti-Cancer Institute. Other natural medicine research organizations have tried to start-up, but we are not aware that any of them has ever raised enough money to become operational. The ICRF has been around since 2004 and we still cannot afford to hire a part-time employee, much less a full time employee.

The media diverts all cancer research money to the orthodox cancer researchers who effectively work for the pharmaceutical industry.

The bottom line is that we would appreciate your support, whether financial or in spreading the word.

If you want to contribute to the ICRF, here is our official website:
ICRF Website

If you have questions about your cancer or can help us in financial or non-financial ways, contact us at:
Our Email Address

A Fantastic Free Movie

As a final “big picture” note, we strongly, strongly recommend the reader buy or watch the video:
Thrive – What On Earth Will It Take
which goes into the conspiracy against the American people in great detail. Because the owners of the media are part of this vast, well-organized conspiracy of the ultra-wealthy (e.g. the Bilderbergers or Bilderberg Group), they obviously won’t expose themselves. But this highly professional video does expose it from banking to energy to cancer, etc.!!!!!

The video was made by Foster Gamble, a member of the Gamble family, of “Proctor and Gamble” fame. It is a high quality movie with a good vision of the conspiracy. And it is free if you watch it online. See:
The Thrive Movement (The movie is FREE online or you can download it!!)

The movie is also on YouTube:
Thrive Movie on YouTube

The Experts in Alternative Cancer Treatments

Many of the alternative cancer treatments, for home use, have expert telephone/Skype support available for free or for a very modest fee (usually around $250 total)!! This is critical to understand because the average person would have no clue how to put together a complete alternative cancer treatment!!! All of the support people, whether at a clinic or by telephone, are experts in alternative medicine.

I cannot emphasize this enough: it is impossible for me to put on this website enough information on how to use these complex treatments in every possible situation!!

Working with an expert is a very small part of the cost of the protocol, but it is absolutely required because the experts know what to look for in a specific cancer case!! There have been too many cases where someone tried to use this website to put together their own protocol. It is generally a disaster because these protocols are used in many different complex situations!!

For example, suppose a person has a tumor wrapped around an artery. Using the wrong protocol could cause this tumor to swell and enlarge, even temporarily, thus cutting off the blood supply!!


Rules #4, #5 and #6: Never, never, never try to treat your cancer at home by yourself, no matter what your background!! Alternative cancer treatments are highly specialized and carefully designed and every cancer case is different.

Another problem cancer patients have is caused by them not doing what they are told. We understand why our protocols are the way they are, so to ignore our advice is not likely to lead to good results.

Another major problem we have to deal with is money. Many people just cannot afford the most effective protocols. That is precisely why I designed the “Dirt Cheap Protocol” and several individual treatments. See the left side-bar for “Inexpensive Cancer Treatments.”

Introduction to (Gentle!) Electromedicine in Alternative Medicine

While most people have a general idea about what nutritional protocols do for cancer patients, they have no clue what “electromedicine” devices are designed to do. This is a completely new concept to most cancer patients.

But do not confuse the very, very gentle electromedicine of alternative medicine with the barbaric “radiation therapy” of orthodox medicine. In many cases, when using electromedicine, the patient barely knows the device is turned on!! The exception is the Photon Genius, which is like standing or sitting in a sauna, but it does far more than an infra-red sauna!!

Electromedicine devices fall into one of three categories:
1) They are designed to kill microbes in the bloodstream, lymph system, etc.
2) They are designed to kill microbes which are inside the cancer cells (see the “What Causes Cancer” article)
3) They are designed to kill microbes and parasites in the organs to energize organs and the immune system to deal with the “root cause” of the cancer.

Electromedicine devices cannot kill cancer cells directly because they cannot differentiate between a cancer cell and a normal cell. Well, that is not entirely true because some newer protocols are being researched which use minerals to allow an electromedicine device to target cancer cells (e.g. Kanzius). But I will not talk about these devices because they are experimental and their safety is far from being adequately tested.

Dr. Royal Rife, a microbiologist, designed his device to kill microbes which were inside of the cancer cells. That is why his device had a “carrier frequency.”If you can kill all of the microbes inside the cancer cells the cancer cells will be able to restore their metabolism and will revert into normal cells.

I am going to repeat that in another way: many of today’s alternative cancer treatments revert cancer cells into normal cells!! That is the best way to cure cancer because there is no debris from dead cancer cells in the body. In fact, many of the newer nutritional protocols work that way also, such as the DMSO, MSM and honey protocols.

More than a hundred electromedicine experts have tried to replicate Rife’s technology. More than one of these “Rife Machines” has been very effective against cancer!!

High RF Frequency Devices (Plasma and Pad)

One research group had enough money to track down some original Rife Machines which were sold and delivered before the AMA shut Rife down back in 1939.

Because of these original machines, the Rife’s two methods which used either “High Frequencies” or “Low Audio Frequencies” matched to a specific carrier wave, is now understood and used.

Using frequency generating equipment which uses either electrodes (e.g. High RF Frequency Device – 15 Watt) or the plasma amplifier (e.g. High RF Frequency Device – Plasma), Rife’s original frequencies can now be used by those who want to use the method which Rife had such extraordinary success with. Using the Rife method can be a complete cancer treatment, but we always recommend nutritional protocols be added for multiple reasons.

Beware: Most of the brands of so called “Rife Machines” available on the market today are totally ineffective for cancer because they are underpowered or do not have the proper frequency range, carrier wave, etc. But a few are highly effective.

On this website we will give the information you need to find a frequency generator and plasma amplifier which can output Rife’s frequencies using the original methods. The company that builds this electronic test equipment does not call their equipment a “Rife Machine.” Their equipment is considered electronic test equipment.

Where to Buy the ICRF “Research Model” High RF Frequency Generator and Plasma Tube Amplifier:

Copy and paste the above website address into your web browser. Go to the vendor’s website that sells the High RF Frequency Generator and oscillator amplifier which can broadcast high RF frequencies using a plasma ray tube antenna. You’ll be able to see photographs of the generator and amplifiers including full specifications and pricing at their website.

The Photon Genius and Photon Genie

The best cell-energizing equipment (for weak cancer patients), by far, that can be used at home or a clinic, is the Photon Genius and its “little brother,” the Photon Genie.

The Photon Protocol is a two step-process:

First, identify which microbes and parasites are in the organs and design a nutritional protocol to kill them.

Second, energize the weak cells in the organs, and elsewhere, to more quickly restore the immune system so it can deal with the cancer.

The Photon Genius, at $25,000, is priced out of many people’s budget, but every cancer patient can benefit from the Photon Genie, which is only $3,000. Both devices are synergistic with chemotherapy. See the “If Still on Chemo or Radiation” link on the left side-bar.

Either an electrode or plasma high RF frequency generating device is synergistic with either or both of the Photon devices.

The difference between the plasma or electrode frequency generator and the Photon Genius and Photon Genie is that the electrode or plasma devices are designed to revert cancer cells into normal cells (by killing the microbes inside the cancer cells) and kill other microbes in the body.

The Photon devices are also designed to rid the body of microbes (but NOT inside the cancer cells), but they also do many things to fix weak organs, the immune system, etc. The Photon devices are required when the patient has dangerous tumors because they get rid of the root cause of the tumors so that they will go away and not come back. While many protocols can shrink tumors, few can actually keep them from coming back.

When people can only afford one of the electrode or plasma devices or one of the Photon devices, the rule of thumb is this: if the main danger of the cancer is one or more tumors, buy a Photon device (even the Photon Genie). If the main danger of the cancer is the cancer cells (and the tumors, if any, are not considered life threatening), buy an electrode or plasma high RF frequency generating device. If you can afford both, buy both!

The Bob Beck Protocol

Another “electromedicine” protocol is the Bob Beck protocol. The Bob Beck machines were designed to kill the microbes in the bloodstream, lymph system and elsewhere in the body (but not inside the cancer cells). By doing this the immune system is supercharged and the immune system is able to safely kill the cancer cells.

The history of the Bob Beck devices is quite interesting. Bob Beck, a PhD in physics, heard about, and sought to recreate, a totally suppressed cure for AIDS which had been accidentally discovered by two medical doctors, Dr. Kaali and Dr. Lyman, at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Dr. Beck was able to create a new cure for AIDS using their discovery!!

However, possibly by accident, he found out that when you totally eliminate all microbes from the body that the immune system is supercharged enough to cure cancer!! This is the Bob Beck Protocol.

The Bob Beck Protocol is an excellent cancer treatment but may take 2 or 3 months to become highly effective because it takes time to safely and completely rid the body of microbes and then it takes more time for the immune system to supercharge itself sans microbes.

In addition, people who have had a lot of chemotherapy may have an abnormally suppressed immune system due to damage to the lining of their stomach and/or colon. But for the money, it is a superb treatment.

The combination of the Rife and Beck devices is the heart of the Plasma-Beck Protocol linked to on the left side-bar. The combination of the Rife and Beck theories are at the heart of the Rife-Beck Protocol, also linked to on the left side-bar. This latter protocol uses a High RF Frequency Generator with linear 10-watt amplifier to act as both a Rife and a Beck protocol.

Because the Beck devices are so inexpensive, they are used in several protocols. The Beck device is slow to become effective, therefore an entire major protocol may be used to “buy time” until the Beck Protocol can supercharge the immune system (e.g. the “Ultimate Simple Protocol” is an example of this tactic).

The Cellect-Budwig protocol is one of the super-protocols (see the “Understanding Treating Cancer” article linked to on the left side-bar) and includes a High RF Frequency Generator for those patients who can afford it. The Cellect-Budwig and plasma frequency generating method have been shown to be very synergistic.

“Synergy” is actually a very good word to get used to. By combining several highly effective alternative cancer treatments together, a great deal of synergy can be achieved!! The “Complete Protocols” section of the left side-bar contains links to several “protocols” (e.g. the Plasma-Beck protocol) which usually, but not always, include several individual cancer treatments which are highly effective by themselves but are collectively even more effective!!”

Many times people use the first cancer treatment they find on the Internet (e.g. hydrogen peroxide, laetrile, carrot juice, etc.). However, it is far, far better to combine several treatments together, especially when the protocol is designed to contain synergistic treatments which have individually cured cancer in some cases.

For example, the “Dirt Cheap Protocol,” which was designed for people who do not have the money for the more expensive protocols, includes more than a dozen cancer treatments which have individually cured some cases of cancer!! It includes other treatments as well.

The reader would not believe how poor many people are after orthodox medicine gets done with them. Over the years I have had to adjust to this reality, such as by finding or designing “dirt cheap” individual treatments or protocols for cancer.

Getting back to the Bob Beck devices, someone with an electrical background can actually build his equipment at home. Schematics are available on this website and his videos on YouTube describe how to make them (see the Bob Beck videos at Granada and Ventura, etc.). The downside of this is that no technical support is available when you build your own devices.

But for those in foreign countries, where they may not be able to afford or import the Beck equipment, the ability to build it at home is a gift from heaven!! Also, many people cannot afford the roughly $1,000 for the pre-made equipment, but hopefully they know someone who can build three of the four devices (which includes the main device – the blood purifier).

His devices can also be purchased pre-made online (e.g. Sota Instruments) which may come with technical support. However, vendors have to be careful what they say about their equipment because of the FDA or their Canadian equivalent. They are watching, like vultures, for the vendors to make “medical claims” about their highly effective (but “unproven”) cancer treatments so they can shut them down.

Because of this persecution cancer patients will not be able to tell which protocols are highly effective and which are not. That is precisely what the FDA and other corrupt organizations want!!

Because of this corruption, many patients will use ineffective treatments and may die. This lowers the image of alternative medicine, which is what the FDA wants. The job of the FDA is to sell drugs, not save lives.

For all practical purposes, the FDA even has their own judges and courts to make sure they never lose. The constitutional protection of “due process” has been urinated on and burned out of the Constitution, as have many other parts of the Constitution. The Constitution cuts into profits and must be ignored.

The reader should very, very, very careful to remember that all vendors of highly effective cancer treatment products are not allowed to make medical claims about their device or product, even if their claims have been proven over and over again!!!

I have heard of many cancer patients becoming frustrated because the vendor they were talking to could not tell them the whole truth about their product or would not answer their questions!!

Sometimes the corruption becomes ridiculous. For example, in Canada the Sota Instruments company is not allowed to call their Bob Beck blood purifier a “blood purifier,” they must call it a “silver pulser.”

Likewise, vendors of “Rife Machines” frequently will not use the term “Rife Machine,” but will call it a “frequency generator.”

Critical Concepts When Treating Cancer

It should be understood that treating newly diagnosed cancer patients versus treating advanced cancer patients (e.g. someone sent home to die) is like the difference between putting out a fire in the kitchen versus putting out a fire which has already engulfed 5 rooms.

Furthermore, it should be understood that not all alternative cancer treatments are equally effective!! Some alternative cancer treatments can be compared to a “garden hose” and others can be compared to a “fire hose.”

The cancer patient must choose an alternative cancer treatment that is strong enough for their situation and they must work with an expert in that treatment to teach them what they need to know to use it! The choice of an expert is as important as the treatment itself!

Many cancer patients have emailed me (note: I do not broadcast my email address because my time is severely restricted) and described their cancer treatment. Many times I have seen nothing but a long list of garden hoses!!

They do not understand!!

To have a good chance of survival they generally need four things:
1) At least one or two fire hoses (the fire hoses usually have expert support available),
2) Expert telephone support or support at a clinic which specializes in alternative cancer treatments,
3) Several garden hoses (which may be built into the overall treatment to “buy time,” relieve pain, etc.) and
4) A positive mental attitude with family support.

Memorize that list!!!!

Let me give you an example of why it is important to identify the highly potent alternative cancer treatments and an expert.

Suppose you see a testimonial on the Internet about how carrot juice cured a newly diagnosed cancer patient. You can assume the testimonial is true, but does that mean an advanced cancer patient can be cured with the same protocol? The answer may be a resounding ‘NO’. The patient who was cured may have been someone with a slow growing cancer and who had never had chemotherapy.

Every case is different, which is why you need to work with an expert.

It is critical to understand that by the time a person has had extensive orthodox cancer treatments the number of viable options to treat their cancer has dwindled from several hundred (when they were first diagnosed) to perhaps two dozen (when they complete their orthodox treatments)!!!

Another critical aspect of treating cancer is the cancer patient’s attitude!! This is as important as the treatment itself!!

Some alternative cancer treatment clinics in Germany give advanced cancer patients art lessons!! That is how important a positive mental attitude is to creating a strong “will to survive.”

I worked on one cancer case where the patient should have been dead two years before I started to work with her!! She was alive only because she had two small children and she refused to die (and she did a lot of praying)!!

Cancer patients must be distracted away from their condition and be encouraged to move forward as if they knew they were going to survive. Negative attitudes are not an option!! Cancer patients must be continuously reminded that they have loved ones who want them to survive!

About Clinics That Use Alternative Cancer Treatments

Some cancer patients, or their families, want the patient to be treated at a clinic where a medical doctor or naturopath can actually work with the patient face-to-face. In fact, there are many, many alternative cancer clinics around the world.

For example, dozens of American medical doctors have switched from orthodox medicine to alternative medicine and started a clinic in the United States, Mexico, Central America or South America. They may leave the United States so they can have less fear of persecution.

Most states do not allow any kind of alternative cancer treatment clinic, but several do. I suspect that Nevada has the most.

While going to a clinic is a good idea, do not assume that all clinic treatments are better than all home treatments!! Several home treatments are more effective than many of the clinic treatments because some of the clinics do not keep up with technology as well as the full time researchers. Plus, the clinics may be slower to update their technologies.

But to be honest, some of the best protocols and cancer experts are at clinics.

But it is very, very important for a person to understand that a cancer patient is not “cured” until their immune system is back to normal. Chemotherapy and radiation are very, very damaging to a person’s immune system!!

A clinic can only focus on treating cancer cells because it is impossible to rebuild the immune system in three weeks (which is how long a typical clinic treatment lasts).

Thus, a person who goes to a clinic with a damaged immune system will still have a damaged immune system when they get back home!!

The only thing that will completely restore a cancer patient to health is a long-term home treatment because it takes many months or several years to totally rebuild someone’s immune system.

To understand this consider that everyone, even former cancer patients, get new cancer cells forming in their body all the time. If the immune system is not able to keep up with the new cancer cells, the cancer will come back (this is called “regression”).

Thus, when a person is done with their clinic treatment they will need a home treatment anyway because no clinic can rebuild the immune system in three weeks!! Most clinics provide a “home treatment” when they have completed their treatment, but I can assure you (based on case studies) that the top home treatments on this website are far stronger than the treatments provided by the clinics.

I do not mean to downplay clinics, however. They can provide a giant boost to the survival chances of a patient, but just be aware than when the clinic treatment is completed, you will still need to pick a potent home treatment from this website or another top website when you get home.

Also, watch your budget. If you come home from a clinic “dead broke,” you will not be able to afford the best of the long-term home treatments.

There are some excellent alternative clinics in Germany, Mexico and the United States (and many other countries) and there are some bad clinics in all of these countries. You have to do your homework!!

To see a special article on alternative medicine clinics, see the left side-bar: “Alternative Cancer Clinics.”

What to Do Next!! [Step-By-Step]

Step 1: Look on the left side-bar to see if your type of cancer is listed. If your type of cancer is listed, the article will give you some ideas about what needs to be done and which alternative cancer treatments may help.

Step 2: Read the articles:
Understanding Treating Cancer with Alternative Medicine” article; (see the left side-bar) and the
[The ICRF] Reference Manual” article; (see the left side-bar)

These articles will give you more ideas about the various alternative cancer treatments available to help you.

Step 3: Read the article on “Special Situations” linked to on the left side-bar. This article is more up-to-date than the eBook and has a lot of information about which special treatments you may need to add to the main treatment.

Step 4: Read the cancer treatment articles on the cancer treatments (e.g. Bill Henderson) you think may help your situation (see the left side-bar in most cases, but some of the treatments may only be listed on this page). These articles will give you a clue as to how strong these treatments are (each treatment is “rated” in the article).

Step 5a: (If you pick a home treatment) Once you pick your main treatment(s) for your situation and your budget, then track down the expert who supports the primary protocol and discuss with the expert whether he or she agrees with you!! The expert can guide you in what can and cannot be added to the primary protocol. Their fees, if they work with you, are frequently between free and $250!!

Step 5b: (If you want to go to a clinic) See the article on clinics linked to on the left side bar. Because there are so many clinics that I do not know about, it is recommended you set up a consultation with Frank Cousineau to ask him which clinics may be best for your situation. There are also inexpensive eBooks on some of the best clinics in Germany, Mexico and the U.S. (though certainly not all good clinics are mentioned in these books).

The next section has links to a number of very critical articles and free eBooks on treating cancer with alternative cancer treatments. Spend a lot of time reading the articles!

R. Webster Kehr
Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc.

Home Page in French
Home Page in Russian

Some of the FREE eBooks and Articles on this Website

Free EBook: The Treatment of Stage IV Cancers [Must Read]

A free eBook has been written for advanced cancer patients. This eBook should NOT replace working with an expert, but will help give the patient a clear understanding of what is going on during the treatment (Outdated)!!
The Treatment of Stage IV Cancers

Free EBook: Treatments For Strong Stage III and Below Cancer Patients

For those cancer patients who have not had massive amounts of orthodox cancer treatments AND do not have a very dangerous type of cancer, this article has been written to teach them how to cure their cancer (Outdated):
Treatment For Strong Stage III and Below Cancer Patients (English)
Treatment For Strong Stage III and Below Cancer Patients (Russian)

An Overview of the Best Alternative Cancer Treatments [Must Read]

This article is typically more up-to-date than the free eBook. This is a REQUIRED article!!
An Overview of the Best Alternative Cancer Treatments

Special Situations Cancer Patients Face [Must Read]

This is another article which is generally more up-to-date than the eBook. This is one of the most important articles on this website!!! This article details many different special situations cancer patients face (e.g. cachexia, damage by chemotherapy, etc.) and how to deal with these issues with alternative medicine:
Special Situations Cancer Patients Face

Are Alternative Cancer Treatments For Real?

For those new to alternative cancer treatments, who need to know why alternative cancer treatments are far more effective than orthodox cancer treatments, read this article:
Are Alternative Cancer Treatments For Real?

Choosing Between Home or Clinic Treatments

For those who have the money to start their alternative cancer treatment at a clinic specializing in alternative cancer treatments, this article will jump-start your search to find the right clinic for your situation:
Choosing Between Home or Clinic Treatments
List of Many Alternative Cancer Treatment Clinics

For Those in Hospice

This article is for very advanced cancer patients and discusses which of the four home treatments is best suited for their situation.

It also discusses how to fund these treatments and other issues:
Comments for Hospice Patients

The Cancer Tutor Rating System of Cancer Treatments

Not all alternative cancer treatments are equally effective. In fact, only a very small percentage of all of the alternative cancer treatments are potent enough to help advanced cancer patients. For this reason the Cancer Tutor website “rates” the strength of cancer treatments.
The Cancer Tutor Rating System of Cancer Treatments

The “Cancer Diet”

The “cancer diet” is a list of the foods a cancer patient should and should not eat. Without a solid cancer diet all alternative cancer treatments are virtually a waste of time because the patient will be feeding their cancer cells at the same time they are trying to cure their cancer. Here is the key article:
The Cancer Diet (English)
The Cancer Diet (Russian)

Treatments For Those Who Cannot Eat Whole Foods

Many cancer patients cannot eat whole foods. Here is the article for cancer patients who cannot eat or have problems digesting foods:
Treatments For Those Who Cannot Eat

Inexpensive (yet potent) Cancer Treatments

Because health insurance companies generally do not pay for alternative medicines or alternative cancer clinics, and because most cancer patients who start with orthodox cancer treatments are dead broke from paying their co-pay, many cancer patients need alternative cancer treatments which are virtually free. See this article:
Inexpensive (yet potent) Cancer Treatments

Four Free eBooks on the Politics of Cancer

These books are not for the faint-hearted. They pull no punches in explaining the corruption in Congress, the Food and Drug Administration, the American Medical Association, the American Cancer Society, etc. It is all about money. There is some redundancy in these books because they were written independently:
Introduction to Alternative Cancer Treatments [Cancer Politics]
The War In Medicine [Cancer Politics]
Speech On Natural Cancer Treatments [Cancer Politics]
14 Questions and Answers About Cancer That Could Save Your Life

Legal Statement: Because the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the American Medical Association (AMA), Congress, ad nauseum, are only concerned with the profits of the pharmaceutical industry and their own personal profits (and similar government agencies and organizations exist in all countries); these organizations will never give any cancer treatment from Mother Nature a fair and unbiased evaluation; and because Congress has allowed the FDA to rig their regulations to make it impossible for any cancer treatment from Mother Nature to be “approved”; the cancer treatment information on this website is presented sub rosa, meaning with patient permission. Posted: November 24, 2011

“Type of Cancer” Articles (e.g., Lung Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer)

Bone Cancer
Bone Marrow Cancers (e.g., Multiple Myeloma (MM), etc.)
Brain Cancer
Breast Cancer
Colon Cancer / Colorectal Cancer
Gallbladder Cancer
Leukemia (and Myelodysplastic Syndrome)
Liver Cancer
Lung Cancer and/or Emphysema
Lymphoma (e.g. Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma)
Mesothelioma / Asbestos
Pancreatic Cancer
Prostate Cancer
Rectal Cancer
Skin Cancer – Amazon Black Tropical Salve
Skin Cancer – Frankincense and Other Essential Oils
Skin Cancer – Vitamin C Treatment
Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Stomach Cancer
Throat Cancer

Individual Stage IV Treatment Articles

Individual “Stage IV” Treatments (Advanced Cancer Patients)

As mentioned above, this website does not rate cancer patients the same way orthodox medicine rates them. The focus on this rating system is to synchronize the rating of a “Stage IV” cancer patient with a “Stage IV” cancer treatment.

By definition on this website, a “Stage IV” cancer patient includes, but is not limited to:
1) Advanced cancer patients, meaning those whose cancer has spread throughout their body (e.g. the cancer has spread to the bones, lungs, liver, pancreas or brain), or
2) Cancer patients with fast growing cancers or fast growing tumors, or
3) Cancer patients with high fatality cancers (e.g. lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, multiple myeloma, squamous cell carcinoma, melanoma, etc.), or
4) Any type of bone cancer, or
5) A person has had extensive chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy, or
6) Any swelling or inflammation of a tumor could cause a blockage of key fluids, or
7) A person has an estimated one year to live or less, or
8) Any other situation where orthodox medicine rates it as Stage IV.

For those who do not fit into any of these categories, there is also an article on this website for them. The next major section of this page deals with the “Stage III” cancer patients (and below).

A “Stage IV” cancer should only be treated with the most potent of the alternative cancer treatments. These patients are in a very dangerous situation and time is critical, thus their treatment should be among the strongest.

Again by definition, a “Stage IV” cancer should be treated with a “Stage IV” treatment.

The key to a “Stage IV” treatment is that it does not depend on the immune system. Some very well known alternative cancer treatments work by “building” the immune system. Advanced cancer patients don’t have the time to wait for their immune system (which has generally been destroyed by orthodox medicine) to be built up.

There is a very important difference between alternative cancer treatments and orthodox cancer treatments. Orthodox cancer treatments must be “paced” because of all the HEALTHY CELLS that chemotherapy and radiation damage and kill.

On the other hand, the “Stage IV” alternative cancer treatments, because they target cancer cells and/or do no harm to healthy cells, can be given in much higher doses than chemotherapy and must be “paced” because of all the debris caused by DEAD CANCER CELLS.

Here is the current list of “Stage IV” treatments are the following:

1a) Cellect-Budwig Protocol (*/**),
1b) Cesium Chloride Protocol (*/**),
2a) Photon Protocol (*/**),
2b) Dirt Cheap Protocol (*/++),
3) Brandt Grape Cure using red, purple or black grapes (*/++),
4) Frequency Generators (Supplemental Stage IV) (*/++),
5) DPT – DMSO Potentiation Therapy (*/***) ? used only with IPT,
6) Hydrazine Sulfate (*) ? for Cachexia patients only,
7) IPT – Insulin Potentiation Therapy (*/***),
8) IVC – Intravenous Vitamin C Therapy (*/***),
9) LifeOne Protocol (*/**),
10) Ozone infusion bottle (*/***),
11) Ozone liquid I.V. (*/***),
12) Photon Genius with Consultation (**),
13) Ozone RHP (i.e. Ozone gas I.V.) (*/**),
14) Tony Isaacs Oleander Protocol (pill form) (*)

* – These are treatments for which there is an article linked to below,
** – These are treatments for which there is expert telephone support from the vendor,
++ – Technical support comes from Cancer Tutor,
*** – These are treatments that are generally given only at clinics

Note: A chapter in the “Treatment For Stage IV Cancer Patients” eBook has short discussions of each of these treatments which can be done at home, and the pros and cons of each treatment. This free eBook also has a chapter which links to “type of cancer” articles (e.g. bone cancer, breast cancer, etc.). It is critical that you read the free eBook and especially “The Stage IV Treatments” chapter and “Type of Cancer” chapters!!
Treatment For Stage IV Cancer Patients [free eBook]

A “protocol” is defined to be a complete cancer treatment. The key part of a protocol is the treatment that kills cancer cells or reverts cancer cells into normal cells. But a protocol will also include things to build the immune system (building the immune system is a long term issue for advanced cancer patients, not a short term issue), alkalize the body, protect the vital organs, etc.

In order for a cancer treatment to be rated as a “Stage IV” treatment, and get on the above list, it must meet the following criteria:
1) The core treatment must be so potent at killing cancer cells it must be “paced” (though some treatment do not kill cancer cells, rather they revert cancer cells into normal cells),”
2) If a vendor is the source of the product(s), the vendor must have a complete protocol for the patient so the patient does not have to put together their own protocol (clinics obviously have this),
3) If a vendor is the source of the product(s), the vendor must have telephone support at least during normal business hours.

The “Stage IV” treatments SHOULD RARELY BE COMBINED, except in a clinical setting. The exception to this is electromedicine, which generally can be used at any time. Combining treatments can be dangerous because the dosages for these treatments are established based on the ability of the body to rid itself of dead cancer cells. By combining the above treatments at home, the number of dead cancer cells could be far too high. There are a few exceptions to this general rule.

While clearly there is an advantage to a cancer patient going to a clinic to be treated, and that option should not be discounted, there are also situations where there is an advantage to being assisted by an expert over the telephone. When the telephone is being used, the patient generally does not have to travel and can be close to relatives at all times, which will increase their desire to survive (the mental state of an advanced cancer patient is critical).

The “Stage IV” treatments mentioned above include at least one critical substance in their protocols which are highly potent at killing cancer cells (there are exceptions). Generally, the entire protocol is named after this substance. The killing of cancer cells is so important, this “core” of the protocol is given special attention.

If you are working with a vendor or with a clinic, some alternative cancer treatments (which are not “Stage IV” treatments) can be added to their treatment which accomplish various tasks. However, do not add any alternative cancer treatment to their protocol that kills cancer cells without your vendor’s prior approval. The dosages established by the vendors are set for a specific “kill rate,” and this rate should not be tampered with.

Before going on, it is important to clarify the issue of tumors. Many advanced cancer patients are petrified of their tumor. This knee-jerk reaction is caused by orthodox medicine’s focus on the highly profitable (and generally worthless) process of shrinking tumors. For those people who are concerned about tumors, it is strongly recommended you read this article:
Article on Shrinking Tumors

Stage IV Supplemental Treatments

While all of the Stage IV alternative cancer treatments are complete protocols, it is critical to understand that cancer is relentless and should never be taken lightly.

Several superb alternative cancer treatments can be combined with any of the Stage IV protocols (with rare exceptions) to supercharge the Stage IV protocol.

For example, some Stage IV treatments quickly get rid of the cancer, but cancer patients who go into remission using these protocols are at risk to go into “regression,” meaning their cancer may return.

For this reason, it is CRITICAL that anyone on a Stage IV protocol strongly consider adding one or more of the “Stage IV Supplemental” protocols to their treatment. They are listed below.

Links to Key Articles

Click: Free eBook For Using Stage IV Cancer Treatments [English]

Click: Free eBook For Using Stage IV Cancer Treatments [Russian]

Stage IV Cancer Treatments

Except for Hydrazine Sulfate, the Stage IV treatments in THIS section should NOT be combined with other Stage IV treatments without the approval of an expert!! There are exceptions as noted in the treatment articles.

Stage IV Treatments Generally Done At Home

1a Cellect-Budwig Protocol [Stage IV treatment]
1b Cesium Chloride / Alkalinity / pH [Stage IV treatment]
2a Photon Protocol [Stage IV treatment]
2b Dirt Cheap Protocol [Stage IV treatment]
3 LifeOne Protocol [Stage IV treatment]
4 Bill Henderson Protocol [Stage IV treatment]
5 Tony Isaacs Oleander Protocol [Stage IV treatment]
5-RU Oleander (pill form) [Stage IV treatment] [Russian]
6 Rife-Beck Protocol [new treatment in April, 2011]
7 Plasma-Beck Protocol [new treatment in April, 2011]
8 Johanna Brandt Grape Cure (using black, purple or red grapes) [Stage IV treatment]
8-RU Johanna Brandt Grape Cure (using black, purple or red grapes) [Stage IV] (in Russian)
9 Ozone RHP Treatment [Stage IV treatment]
10 Hydrazine Sulphate (The Cachexia Treatment Plan) [Stage IV treatment]
[This treatment is generally not used by itself, but is an adjunct with other treatments for cachexia patients. There are some POTENTIALLY SEVERE INTERACTIONS WITH DRUGS OR FOODS for those who use this product!!]
11 Perfect Storm – Superb Cancer Treatment [Stage IV treatment]
12 Log Cabin Protocol (supercharged Dirt Cheap Protocol) [Stage IV treatment]

Stage IV Supplemental Treatments

(Supercharge Your Stage IV Protocol!!)

1 Frequency Generators (aka “Rife Machines”) [Stage IV Supplemental treatment]
2 Aloe Arborescens Protocol [Stage IV Supplemental treatment]

Stage IV Treatments Generally Done At A Clinic

1 IPT – Insulin Potentiation Therapy (A Magic Bullet) [Stage IV treatment]
2 DPT – DMSO Potentiation Therapy (A Magic Bullet) [Stage IV Treatment] [English]
2-FR DPT – DMSO Potentiation Therapy (A Magic Bullet) [Stage IV Treatment] [French]
3 IVC – High Dose Intravenous Vitamin C [Stage IV Treatment]
4 Ozone Cancer Treatments [Stage IV Treatments]
[Ozone liquid I.V. and Ozone infusion bottle]
5 Gerson – Dr. Max Gerson Therapy

Treatments Which are Safe, But Are Still Being Researched

1 The Overnight Cure For Cancer (OCC)
[The OCC is a Chlorine Dioxide, DMSO and MSM treatment still being researched, but it is ready for use. It is totally safe, and takes only two to five days to use. It is designed to revert cancer cells into normal cells!]
2 DMSO – Chlorine Dioxide
[This treatment is a long-term version of the Overnight Cure For Cancer. It is designed to revert cancer cells into normal cells.]
3 DMSO – Vitamin C
[This treatment is a long-term treatment designed to cure cancer by getting Vitamin C inside of cancer cells.]
4 DMSO – Colloidal Silver
[This treatment is a long-term treatment designed to safely and easily revert cancer cells into normal cells.]
5 Near Ultraviolet Light Therapy
[This treatment uses ultraviolet light to cure cancer. The treatment is only available at clinics, but under some circumstances it can be used at home.]
6 Wheatgrass / Ultraviolet Light Therapy
[This treatment uses ultraviolet light to vibrate chlorophyll to revert cancer cells into normal cells. This treatment is designed to supercharge the wheatgrass treatment.]

Individual Strong Stage III Treatments

Individual “Strong Stage III” Treatments
(Less Advanced and Some Newly Diagnosed Patients)

Note: If you did not study which cancer patients are rated “advanced” or “Stage IV” see the blue box above this box for the exact definitions. Some “newly diagnosed” cancer patients are actually “Stage IV”!!!

The “Strong Stage III” treatments are the next layer of potency among alternative cancer treatments. They are either not quite strong enough to be considered a “Stage IV” treatment or there is no telephone or clinic support for these treatments. These treatments are generally far easier to work with because they do not kill cancer cells fast enough to create a lot of swelling or inflammation, though there are exceptions.

Here is the current list of “Strong Stage III” treatments:

1) Bill Henderson Protocol (*/**),
2) Brandt Grape Cure using carrot juice and beet juice, etc. instead of grapes (* Same as the “Raw Food Diet”),
3) Bob Beck Protocol (Electromedicine) (*),
4) Dirt Cheap Protocol (perhaps Stage IV) (*),
5) Dr. Lorraine Day, M.D. Diet (* a carrot juice treatment),
6) Graviola plant products (*),
7) Johanna Budwig Flaxseed and Cottage Cheese Protocol (*),
8) Paw Paw plant products (a relative of graviola) (* with Graviola article),
9) PolyMVA (*),
10) Protocel or Cantron (*),
11) Raw Food Diet (* see Brandt Grape Cure using Carrots),
12) Robert Barefoot Calcium Protocol (*),
13) Robert Barefoot Cesium Chloride Protocol (* far different that the more potent cesium chloride treatments in the Stage IV section),
14) Wheatgrass (Ann Wigmore) or barleygrass treatments (*),
15) Ultimate Simple Protocol
16) Amazon Factor Protocol (skin cancer only), [link to vendor below, mainly for tumors]

Someone familiar with alternative cancer treatments will immediately notice that neither laetrile (Vitamin B17) nor the Kelley Metabolic therapy are on either of the above lists. Both of these treatments are superb treatments, but because these two treatments depend so much on building the immune system, this site does not consider them to work fast enough for advanced cancer patients. Cancer patients who have not had a significant number of orthodox treatments, and who do not have particularly dangerous types of cancer, can usually use either of these treatments with great success. Unfortunately, recently diagnosed cancer patients who seek out alternative cancer treatments are rare.

Unlike the “Stage IV” treatments, the “Strong Stage III” treatment can be combined and in most cases should be combined.

Click: Article For Using Strong Stage III Treatments [English]

Click: Article For Using Strong Stage III Treatments [Russian]

Strong Stage III” Cancer Treatments

1 Robert Barefoot Cesium Chloride Protocol [Powerful Stage III treatment]
2 Robert Barefoot Calcium Protocol (e.g. Coral Calcium) [Powerful Stage III treatment]
3 Protocel or Cantron [Powerful Stage III treatment]
4 Graviola Tree and Paw Paw Tree [Paw Paw is a Powerful Stage III treatment]
5a Budwig Diet [Powerful Stage III]
5b Budwig Diet – The Ultimate Resource and Expert
5c Budwig Diet – The Bill Henderson Book
6 Brandt Grape Cure / Raw Food (using carrot juice, etc.) [Powerful Stage III] (English)
6 [RU] Brandt Grape Cure / Raw Food (using carrot juice, etc.) [Powerful Stage III] (Russian)
7 Bob Beck Protocol (Electromedicine) [Powerful Stage III] (English)
7 [RU] Bob Beck Protocol (Electromedicine) [Powerful Stage III] (Russian)
7a  How to Make Colloidal Silver At Home
8 Dr. Lorraine Day, M.D. Diet/Treatment [Powerful Stage III treatment]
9 Raw Food Diets [Powerful Stage III treatment] (English)
9 [RU] Raw Food Diets [Powerful Stage III treatment] (Russian)
10 Wheatgrass / Ann Wigmore (applies to barleygreens) [Powerful Stage III treatment]
11 PolyMVA [Powerful Stage III treatment]
12 Ultimate Simple Protocol [Powerful Stage III treatment]

Individual Stage I, II and III Treatment Articles

Individual “Stage I, II and III” Treatments

The articles below are about individual cancer treatments. Only one of them (the Breuss Total Cancer Treatment) should be used by itself. All of the other plans, even the well-known treatment plans like laetrile, should be combined with other treatment plans AND a special cancer diet.

When cancer patients put together their own alternative cancer treatment they typically visit dozens of different alternative cancer treatment websites, and get dozens of different opinions about different treatment plans. This is a good thing, but it sometimes leads to a person putting together a treatment plan that is far too weak for their situation!!

Because of this real possibility I have put together a key summary article that will help you evaluate or design your complete treatment plan. With your own plan in hand, you can go down the checklists of this article and evaluate how powerful your plan will be. This is a MUST READ article for your initial treatment plan AND for any time you make changes in your plan!!

Click: Article For Using Stage I, II, and III Cancer Treatments [English]

Click: Article For Using Stage I, II, and III Cancer Treatments [Russian]

Stage I, II, III Cancer Treatments (Alphabetical Order)

1 Breuss Total Cancer Treatment
2 Burzynski – Antineoplastons (Brain Cancer)
3 Chlorella and Spirulina (plants)
4 Coenzyme Q10 / Co Q10 / Stockholm Protocol
5a Dandelion Root Treatment – Can Be Made at Home [English]
5b Dandelion Root Treatment – Can Be Made at Home [French]
6 Ellagic Acid
7 Essiac Tea / Rene Caisse / Sheep Sorrel
8 Gaston Naessens 714X / 714-X
9 Germanium (Organic) – Dr. Kauzuhiko Asai
10 Green Tea
11 Hydrogen Peroxide – Food Grade H2O2
12 Kelley Metabolic Diet / William D. Kelley
13 Kelmun – Maple Syrup and Baking Soda
14 Laetrile / Ernst Krebs, Jr. (amygdalin, Vitamin B17)
15 Limu Juice
16 Mangosteen Juice
17 MGN3 / MGN-3 (available in the U.S. under the brand name: BioBran)
18 Moerman – Dr. Moerman’s Anti-Cancer Diet
19 MSM / Chlorine Dioxide Protocol
20 MSM / Vitamin D3 Protocol
21 MSM / Vitamin C Protocol
N/A   How To Make MSM Water [English]
N/A   The Best Way to Take MSM [French]
22 Noni Juice
23 Osiecki Cancer Technique
24 Ozonated Water
25 Rath – Dr. Matthias Rath Cellular Solution
26 Simoncini Protocol (Baking Soda) – (The Simoncini book is now available in English)
27 Skin Cancer – Amazon Black Tropical Salve
28 Skin Cancer – Frankincense and Other Essential Oils
29 Skin Cancer – Vitamin C Treatment
30 Vitamin C and Baking Soda

Alternative Cancer Treatments Not Evaluated

1 Barron – Jon Barron Baseline of Health / Not a Treatment
2 Ionized / Alkaline Water
3 Moonship – Chinese Traditional Medical Theoretics

Critical Articles

Understanding Cancer

What Causes Cancer [MUST READ!!!]
The Fungus, Yeast, Mould Connection to Cancer [MUST READ!!!]
A Tribute to Dr. Virginia Livingston, M.D.

Special Situations

Building the Immune system For Cancer Patients
The Alternative Cancer Treatments That Also Shrink Tumors
For Cancer Patients Who Cannot Eat Whole Foods
Treating the Pain of Cancer
The Thyroid, Hormones and Cancer
How to Deal With Liver Damage

Other Articles

How To Prevent Cancer and Heart Disease
A List of Over 200 Alternative Treatments Plus Other Information
How to Download the Entire CancerTutor Website
How to Make Chlorine Dioxide
Dr. Bob Beck – Take Back Your Power (Huge 11.5 MB File!!)
How To Make a Cullen Zapper (1 Hz Square Wave)

Comparing Orthodox Cancer Treatments and Alternative Cancer Treatments

Should Alternative Treatments and Orthodox Treatments Be Combined?
A Side-By-Side Comparison of Orthodox Treatments and Alternative Treatments
Making the Decision Between Orthodox and Alternative Cancer Treatments
How Bogus Scientific Studies Are Created

Other Key Articles

While the treatment articles mentioned above are the most important articles on this website, there are many other important articles on this website which deal with specific issues or key concepts.

Treatments Which Can Be Started Immediately

For a variety of reasons, such as living outside of the United States or trying to obtain a product which is in short supply, it is critical to start a treatment quickly.

Two treatments may be able to be started today!!

Treatment #1) The Brandt Grape Cure is a superb Stage IV treatment. For those who cannot get adequate grapes, this diet can be modified by substituting carrot juice and beet juice for the grapes. Once other treatments are ready for implementation that Brandt Grape Cure can be used as the “cancer diet.” These treatments are at:
The Brandt Grape Cure Diet (in English)
The Brandt Grape Cure Diet (in Russian)
Using a Vegetable Juice (English)
Using a Vegetable Juice (Russian)

Treatment #2) The Budwig Diet is also a superb treatment which can be started immediately. It consists primarily of cottage cheese and flaxseed oil, both of which can be purchased at most health food stores. See this article:
The Budwig Diet

A Warning For Women of Child-Bearing Age

Warning: if you are pregnant, might be pregnant or might become pregnant, is it absolutely critical you read this article!!! Even though I only discuss natural treatments, some natural products can cause birth defects due to the similarity between cancer cells and some fetal cells.
Warning For Pregnant Women Who Have Cancer

Also see this article:
General Article for Pregnant Women

Holistic and Alternative Cancer Clinics

Endorsed Cancer Clinics

Many cancer patients want to be treated by a medical professional or perhaps the family members insist the patient be treated by medical professionals.

I endorse several clinics that use superb treatments and are operated by people with a long history of treating cancer patients. They use a variety of different protocols.

It is interesting that “health” insurance companies (i.e. they should be called “prescription drug” insurance companies) will gladly pay $500,000 for a cancer patient to use worthless orthodox treatments, but insurance companies will not pay $3,000 to $30,000 for an alternative cancer treatment which is 33 times more effective!!

But you should understand that many of the most expensive cancer clinics, especially in Mexico, do not provide good treatments. For example, if they focus on their ability to shrink tumors, I would stay away from them.

The good news is that at least one of the clinics in Mexico provides world-class treatments. But the premiere cancer clinics are in Europe or the United States.

Here is a web page that has links, directly or indirectly, to many alternative clinics around the world.
Cancer Clinics

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ – General Questions

There is such a maze of information, how do I get started?
I cannot make up my mind between orthodox and alternative cancer treatments
I have lost a lot of weight since my treatment began, should I be concerned?
Why do so many alternative cancer treatments forbid meat?
How to Make MSM Water [English]
What Is The Best Way To Take MSM? [French]
Why did you get involved in alternative cancer treatments?
What alternative cancer treatments can be used for pets (e.g. dogs, cats)?

FAQ – Cesium Chloride Protocol

Is There Any Evidence For the Cesium Chloride Protocol on Stage IV Cancer Patients?
Is There Any Evidence Cesium Chloride Causes Heart Attacks?
What Is the Cesium Chloride Cure Rate?

FAQ – The Brandt Grape Cure

Why Do You Emphasize the Grape Cure?
When I drink the grape juice or Noni juice (or any other fruit juice), I get nausea and throw-up. What can I do?
After starting the grape cure, I get awful smelling, lumpy stools. I even get an oily, smelly substance coming out of my skin. Is this a symptom of a problem?

FAQ – Laetrile

Where can I buy laetrile?
I have heard that laetrile, or Vitamin B17, is toxic. Is this true?

Quotes About Cancer

Quotes of Nobel Prize Winners About Cancer

  • “But nobody today can say that one does not know what cancer and its prime cause be. On the contrary, there is no disease whose prime cause is better known, so that today ignorance is no longer an excuse that one cannot do more about prevention. That prevention of cancer will come there is no doubt, for man wishes to survive. But how long prevention will be avoided depends on how long the prophets of agnosticism will succeed in inhibiting the application of scientific knowledge in the cancer field. In the meantime, millions of men must die of cancer unnecessarily.”
    Nobel Prize Winner Otto Warburg in a meeting of Nobel Laureates, June 30, 1966
  • Dr. James Watson won a Nobel Prize for determining the shape of DNA. During the 1970’s, he served two years on the National Cancer Advisory Board. In 1975, he was asked about the National Cancer Program. He declared, “It’s a bunch of shit.”
    Nobel Prize Winner James Watson
  • “Everyone should know that the ‘war on cancer’ is largely a fraud.”
    Two Time Nobel Prize Winner Linus Pauling, author of several books on Vitamin C and cancer

Other Cancer Quotes

  • “To the cancer establishment, a cancer patient is a profit center. The actual clinical and scientific evidence does not support the claims of the cancer industry. Conventional cancer treatments are in place as the law of the land because they pay, not heal, the best. Decades of the politics-of-cancer-as-usual have kept you from knowing this, and will continue to do so unless you wake up to their reality.”
    John Diamond, M.D. & Lee Cowden, M.D.
  • “Chemotherapy is an incredibly lucrative business for doctors, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies?..The medical establishment wants everyone to follow the same exact protocol. They don’t want to see the chemotherapy industry go under, and thats the number one obstacle to any progress in oncology.”
    Dr Warner, M.D.

And there are many, many more such quotes. See:
Chemotherapy Compensation (YouTube video)

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Other Diseases and Health Issues

Do You Know Someone Who is Pregnant or Might Become Pregnant?
If so, Click Here!!

Major Sites That Cover Multiple Diseases

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Articles / Websites on Specific Diseases and Health Issues

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Alzheimer’s Article
Alzheimers and Dementia – the Cure [English]
Alzheimer’s Article
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Article and warnings about Weight Loss
MSM and Vit. C
Article on MSM and Vitamin C and Several Diseases [English]
MSM and Vit. C
Article on MSM and Vitamin C and Several Diseases [French]
Candida Blog
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Free eBook: The War In Medicine

Free eBook on the War Between Orthodox Medicine and Alternative Medicine

The article linked to above: “Introduction to Alternative Cancer Treatments” is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to detailing the corruption in orthodox medicine and in our government, etc. This book digs deeper and presents the big picture of what is going on, why it is going on, and unravels far more of the maze of deception.

If you are interested in knowing more, here is the free eBook:

Chapter – Title

Chapter 1 Introduction To The War in Medicine
Chapter 2 The Foundation Of The War in Medicine
Chapter 3 Case Study of Scientific Corruption
Chapter 4 Remission, Cure Rates and Other Deceptions
Chapter 5 The Approval of Chemotherapy Drugs
Chapter 6 The Scientific Evidence For Alternative Medicine
Chapter 7 Cancer Research
Chapter 8 Case Study of Media Corruption
Chapter 9 How The Media and Establishment Brainwash The Public
Chapter 10 Other Techniques the Media and Government Use
Chapter 11 The Role of the FDA
Chapter 12 The FDA Versus Freedom of Speech
Chapter 13 Who Do You Believe – Follow The Money Trail

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Anti-Evolution, Quotes, Etc. Links

Anti-Evolution Website Which Disproves Evolution (for General Public)
Anti-Evolution Website Which Disproves Evolution (for Latter-Day Saints)
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My Favorite Quotes – Patriotic, Integrity, etc. (Part 1)
My Favorite Quotes – Patriotic, Integrity, etc. (Part 2)
My Favorite Quotes – Founding Fathers and Presidents
Quotes of Living Prophets
Some of My Personal Favorite Links

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