Revert Cancer Cells Into Normal Cells

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Introduction and Theory

Cancer is caused by microbes that are inside the cancer cells. These microbes partially block the production of ATP molecules in the cells, which is the very definition of a cancer cell. Study this article before reading on:
What Causes Cancer (Must Read)

By killing the microbes inside the cancer cells the cancer cells will literally REVERT into normal cells. This article will discuss multiple tactics (i.e. categories) to do this and within each tactic there will be multiple specific protocols which use that tactic.

In some cases several treatments within the same category can be combined to enhance the treatment or items from multiple categories can be combined. The Dirt Cheap Protocol is loaded with treatments that revert cancer cells into normal cells. See the left side-bar for this major cancer protocol.

The main rule when combining protocols is to only use one highly alkaline protocol per day.

But remember that the goal of these treatments is to kill the microbes inside the cancer cells.

Category A Treatments – Trojan Horse

Category A is to use a “Trojan Horse” to get a microbe-killing substance inside the cancer cells. Honey, maple syrup, molasses, DMSO and MSM are common “Trojan Horses” either because cancer cells love these items (usually due to the high number of glucose receptors in cancer cells) or because the item “opens” the ports of the cancer cells (e.g. DMSO and MSM).

The DMSO Protocols are more powerful than the MSM protocols, but DMSO frequently causes severe body odor which the patient cannot smell. Because the MSM protocols only cause bad breathe they are important for some patients.

Honey can be used as a Trojan Horse for just about anything that kills microbes, such as: baking soda, selenium, zinc, magnesium, malic acid, various herbs, etc. See the Inexpensive Cancer Treatments article.

A complete “liquid fast” can be custom-designed by the patient so that the person drinks and eats nothing but the items in this list for several days at a time. By “drinking” nothing but things that kill the microbes inside the cancer cells, this special fast should revert massive numbers of cancer cells into normal cells.However, the patient should be strong enough to endure a “water fast.” If doing this, LIPH should be limited to 8 ounces a day (from the gallon jug). All 3 categories in this section contain items that can be used in a “liquid fast.”

Also, when using things that kill microbes, AND can get inside of cancer cells by themselves, if a person QUITS eating and drinking at 6:00 PM, then takes the liquid cancer products first thing in the morning and continues the liquid and food fast until NOON, these products should be more effective because the cancer cells get “thirsty” and gobble up the liquid product that kills microbes (e.g. colloidal silver).

1) Kelmun Protocol (Dirt Cheap Protocol) – limited in doses because it is highly alkaline

2) “Secret Product” (All 5 Items Kill the Cancer Microbe) (Dirt Cheap Protocol) (see: #25.1 below)

3a) Artemisinin – Wormwood (2 a day, but not within an hour of “Secret Product” in the Dirt Cheap Protocol) – take with natural iron supplement
3b) Artesunate is a water soluble molecule in Artemisinin and can be used in I.V.s at a clinic

4) DMSO/CD – the Crown Jewel of Natural Medicine (Dirt Cheap Protocol) (See Note #2)

5) Perfect Storm Protocol (a supercharged version of the DMSO/CD protocol)

6) Log Cabin Protocol (a complete treatment) – see:Log Cabin Protocol

7) MSM/Vitamin C (see left side-bar)

8) DMSO/Vitamin C (

9) DMSO/Colloidal Silver (

(Note:Three of the best brands of silver that you can purchase online are: Reli, MesoSilver and Angstrom Mineral – Silver.)

10) MSM/Colloidal Silver (See “MSM/CS” on left side-bar)

11) MSM/Vitamin D3 (See “MSM/D3″ on left side-bar)

12) MSM/Chlorine Dioxide (see “MSM/CD” on left side-bar)

13) Aloe Arborescens (Dirt Cheap Protocol)

14) Three Honey Protocols (Dirt Cheap Protocol)

15) BX Antitoxins (Major Home Cancer Treatment – See Left Side-Bar) – follow vendor doses in all cases

16)Research Note: Dr. Philip S. Lowe of Purdue University has proven that folic acid (i.e. folate) can be used
as a “Trojan Horse” to get other substances inside of cancer cells. The Independent Cancer Research Foundation is very aware of this research but we do not have the manpower to follow through with his research. But we certainly would be interested in feedback from anyone using folate with colloidal silver, LIPH, etc.

Category B Treatments – Liquids

Category B is to essentially use a formula that is so similar to water that the cancer cells consider it to be water and simply ingest it as if it was water. However, either because it is modified water or contains something that kills microbes, it is able to kill the microbes inside the cancer cells once it gets inside the cancer cells.

Generally,these substances are usedby themselves, for at least a few hours a day,in the morning, so they can get inside the cancer cells easier. For example, do not eat any foods or drink any liquids after dinner on the day before. Then do not eat any foods or drinks before noon, but use these protocols first thing in the morning.

The cells will be thirsty and will have nothing to “drink” but things that kill the microbes inside the cells to revert the cancer cells into normal cells (make sure you read the “What Causes Cancer” article). So essentially, on an ongoing basis, when these protocols are a major part of the cancer treatment, no foods should be taken except between noon and dinner.

This is a very underrated tactic. Also see this article:
Water Trick Article

For the major protocols, such as Cesium Chloride, make sure you follow the recommendations of the vendor.

1) Cesium Chloride Protocol – work with vendor for usage – (Major Home Cancer Treatment – See Left Side-Bar)

2) Cesium Chloride Protocol (Clinic Use – by I.V.)

3) Tetrasilver Tetroxide (Ag4O4) including Antelman’s prep (TetraSilver)

4) Reli (silver)

5) Kangan 11.5 High pH Ionized Water (Major Home Cancer Treatment – Bob Wright Protocol)

6) Crystal Pure Med Water (, modifies Hydrogen/Oxygen bond angle

7) Hydrogen Peroxide (Dirt Cheap Protocol)

8) Vitamin C by I.V. (Clinic Treatment)

9) CollGen2(thebestcolloidal silver maker for home use – – build-up to a quart a day

10) Oleander (See left side-bar)

11) MSM/LIPH (both MSM and LIPH revert cancer cells by themselves) – see left side-bar (Dirt Cheap Protocol)

12) MSM/Vitamin C – take MSM 1/2 hour before the Lipospheric Vitamin C – see left side-bar (Dirt Cheap Protocol)

13) Ozone (technically a gas)

Category C Treatments – Gentle Electromedicine

Category C is to use a gentle electromedicine device, frequently with a carrier wave, to get microbe-killing frequencies through the body and into the cancer cells. These devices are so gentle you barely know they are turned on. But they are deadly to microbes, including the key microbes inside the cancer cells. They cost roughly between $2,500 (High RF Frequency Generator with Linear Amplifier) and $4,600 (High RF Frequency Generator with Plasma Amplifier).

While there are many electromedicine devices, only the two “High RF Frequency Generator” devices have the critical “carrier wave” to kill the microbes inside the cancer cells and revert the cancer cells into normal cells. These are legitimate “Rife Machines,” but have far more capabilities than the original Rife Machines of the 1930s.

The High RF Frequency Generator with Plasma Amplifier emits a plasma/radio wave and is the more powerful of the two. The High RF Frequency Generator with Plasma Amplifier can be used while the patient sleeps. These two devices can be found in the Frequency Generators article:
Frequency Generators (4 pages)

Either of these devices can be used with any natural cancer treatment because they do not create electroporation. They are most commonly used with the Cellect-Budwig and Dirt Cheap Protocol, but they should not be used with the Cesium Chloride Protocol.

1) High RF Frequency Generator with Plasma Amplifier (Cellect-Budwig, Dirt Cheap Protocol, etc.)

2) High RF Frequency Generator with Linear Amplifier (i.e. High RF Frequency Protocol – 15 Watt) (Cellect-Budwig, Dirt Cheap Protocol, etc.)

Where to Buy the ICRF “Research Model” High RF Frequency Generator and Plasma Tube Amplifier:
The Frequency Store

3) PEMF (Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy)

This is also electromedicine, but instead of using electromedicine to create vibrations, this is used to increase oxygen. It is commonly used with the Cesium Chloride protocol but can be used with any protocol.