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About R. Webster Kehr, Cancer Researcher Since 2002

An interview between Dr. Judy Seeger, a naturopath, and Webster Kehr, occurred on March 21, 2012. This interview is now on YouTube. Here is the link:

Webster Kehr was born on October 7, 1946 in Jefferson City, Missouri (USA). He is married to the former Marit Olaug Liset (Norway). Marit is retired and spends her time doing Norwegian genealogy. They have 7 children and 19 grandchildren! Webster and Marit live on 6 acres in eastern Kansas.

Webster is an ex-Marine (i.e. U.S. Marine Corps) and was seriously wounded in Viet Nam. After the military he served for two years as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Their website: www.mormon.org). After his mission he graduated twice from Brigham Young University, first in mathematics, then in accounting.

Webster has been the Vice President-Finance of an insurance company and the Vice President-Project Manager of a market research company. He retired from being a Department of Army Civilian at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas in December, 2012, however, he has been a cancer researcher since 2002.

Webster is the author of many physics and mathematics papers. He is the author of the online physics book: The Detection of Ether, and an online book on theoretical mathematics: Hinged Sets and the Answer to the Continuum Hypothesis.

It turns out that Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity and his photon theory are both false. Webster’s experiments while at Sprint Corporation (which proved you cannot detect the motion of our earth towards the constellation Leo by using a laser beam) proved that both of these theories are false.

Both of Webster’s books can be found at:
Tesla Physics Website: Physics Book and Mathematics Book

Webster is also an expert on evolution and considers the theory of evolution to be mathematical nonsense. In truth, much of the money which supports the ludicrous theory of evolution comes from those who profit from the pharmaceutical industry money pie. When people believe in evolution they are more likely to use drugs than Mother Nature when they get sick.

Here are two anti-evolution websites by the author:
The Mathematics of Evolution (for the General Public)
Prophets or Evolution (for Latter-day Saints)

Here is a website with quotes made by the living prophets of the LDS church:
Quotes of Living Prophets of LDS Church

About Webster’s Seven Children

John, the oldest, is a chemical engineer in Idaho and works for a company that makes memory chips. John has written a book on the truth about global warming (hint: “global warming” is a scam for wealthy people to make money – hmmmm, sounds familiar doesn’t it). He and his wife live with their four children and John has one child who has left the nest. John is beginning to understand how much corporate interests influence the “news” and politicians. Here is his website:
The Inconvenient Skeptic

Patricia is living in Georgia with her husband Troy and her 3 children and his 4 children. She has a college degree in art history and he works in nuclear energy.

James, who lives in South Carolina, is a computer nerd in high-tech support for Microsoft. He and his wonderful wife have four children. He has pictures of his 4 children:
James Kehr children

Margene and her husband Jason and four children live in the Kansas City area. Jason is an architect in the Kansas City area. Margene teaches high school mathematics.

Thomas is a massage therapist in Lawrence, Kansas. He is also a musician and an expert in Tai Chi.

Martha is married to Dustin and she has written three books for teenage girls (and others!). Here is her website:
Martha Kehr – Author

William Shemnon Kehr is married to Natalie and they have two darling girls and a baby boy. Like John and James, William is a tech. He is an electrical engineer for a company that designs global positioning devices.

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