Lung Cancer or Lung Cancer and Emphysema

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Important Warnings

WARNING #1) If you are dealing with any issue that affects breathing, immediately deal with an oncologist or surgeon. Do not depend on ANY natural medicine treatment to work fast-enough to deal with breathing issues. Emergency rooms are required by law to treat people with dangerous breathing issues.

WARNING #2) Tumors inside the lungs are, by definition, very dangerous. They can block breathing, among other things. There is a special article on dealing with dangerous tumors. The treatment for dangerous tumors recommends the Photon Protocol instead of the Cellect-Budwig protocol. The Photon Protocol can take several weeks to begin, so see both of these articles.

What To Do Today

Treating Dangerous Tumors

Lung Cancer

Lung cancer has some unique aspects which can make it difficult to treat. While it is easy to kill the cancer cells in a lung cancer patient, it is NOT EASY TO SAFELY KILL THE CANCER CELLS. The problem is that the debris from dead cancer cells are hard to safely remove from the lungs, among other potential problems.

Two of the other potential problems with lung cancer are inflammation and swelling in the lungs, which are things that can cause congestion. Before a cancer cell dies it gets sick. The problem is that once the cancer cell gets sick the immune system recognizes the cell as being sick and attacks it (to kill it) and this causes inflammation and swelling, meaning congestion. This is not good to happen inside the lungs.

In addition, there are several different causes of fluids both inside and outside of the lungs.

Furthermore, the cancer itself can cause lung congestion due to cancer cells. However, killing these cancer cells can create temporary additional congestion. This means treating lung cancer, especially advanced lung cancer cases, is very, very tricky.

The good news is that some newer alternative cancer treatments are giving lung cancer patients new hope, even for those on oxygen; but there are never any guarantees treating advanced lung cancer because there are so many, many things that can go wrong.

Recommended Primary Treatment – Cellect-Budwig Protocol

The highly recommended primary treatment for lung cancer is the Cellect-Budwig Protocol. This treatment has been shown to be very effective against lung cancer, emphysema and asthma. It shouldn’t cause any type of inflammation even at full doses.

For COPD or emphysema a patient should also add lecithin.

In one case study using the Cellect-Budwig protocol, a patient with lung cancer, emphysema and the removal of part of one lung, on 16 liters of oxygen a day, was able to reduce his oxygen down to 4 liters a day within 6 weeks!

He also used The Quantum Pulse in addition to the Cellect-Budwig protocol. The reduction of the need for oxygen is not the only key issue here, but also the fact that no additional congestion resulted from the treatment.

If there is existing lung congestion it may be necessary to obtain the cooperation of orthodox medicine to take care of the congestion or drainage of fluids.

Note: You do not need to buy a Quantum Pulse (they are very expensive), but if you can find a Quantum Pulse center near you, it would help significantly to use it:

The Quantum Pulse (Centers)

Warning: You need to be careful about adding any other alternative cancer treatment to this protocol because the additional protocol may kill cancer cells too quickly and thus add a significant amount of lung congestion. Lung cancer is NOT a type of cancer you can “throw the book” at with a lot of alternative cancer treatments. It is something you need to be very careful with.

Note: Do NOT attempt to use the Cellect-Budwig protocol on lung cancer without doing a consultation with Mike Vrentas! He can tell you what to expect and how to adjust doses based on symptoms, etc. Treating lung cancer with ANY protocol requires expert support via telephone, Skype or a clinic (see below for a clinic).

Here is a short 11-minute video by Mike Vrentas about the protocol:
Short Video

To ask Mike a quick question or set up a consultation:
To Email Mike Vrentas

Here is an article on this protocol:
The Cellect-Budwig Protocol


Two Recommended Supplements To Prevent Swelling and Inflammation

Rejuvenzyme and Barley Grass are two superb enzyme supplements. Both of these products are highly endorsed to reduce swelling, inflammation and congestion in the lungs. The Rejuvenzyme enzymes will also help the immune system recognize the cancer cells as cancer cells. The “vegetarian” version of Rejuvenzyme does not have some of the key enzymes needed by cancer patients!!

Here is a link to vendors:
Rejuvenzyme [Do NOT buy vegetarian, buy regular whole body.]

The barley grass website is at:
Better Way Health

Nebulizer With Oleander

Here is an interesting article on using a nebulizer to get cancer-killing substances directly into the lungs:
Nebulizer With Oleander, Etc.

Lung Cancer – Medical Clinic – Emphysema Experts

Emphysema is very different than lung cancer. Because of that most alternative cancer treatments will NOT treat emphysema.

Many people with emphysema generally have many serious health problems, which generally means they are taking many different kinds of orthodox drugs. This creates a problem because there are some conflicts with orthodox medicine and alternative medicine. Usually, the problems are caused by synergism, causing too much of an effect, such as lowering the blood pressure too far.

It can literally take an expert to successfully make the transition from more than a dozen prescription drugs to an alternative cancer treatment. Again, synergism is the problem.

The problems between orthodox medications and natural substances must be dealt with by the patient and his or her physician. It is absolutely impossible for this website to consider and deal with all of the different permutations of orthodox and alternative treatments.

There is an excellent clinic which provides very excellent support for those with both cancer and emphysema. The clinic is an M.D. clinic and is located in Nevada. This clinic is an ideal solution for those who can afford it (and it is not as expensive as you might think) because the patient will be under the direct care of a medical staff.

Here is the website of the clinic:
Anti-Aging Clinic in Nevada