Alternative Cancer Treatments That Also Shrink Tumors

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There is a special article on dealing with dangerous tumors, such as tumors inside the lungs, brain tumors, etc. You should read both this article and the article on dangerous tumors before you decide on a plan of action. The plan will generally be driven by how dangerous the tumor is. Here is a link to the article on dangerous tumors:
Article on Dangerous Tumors

How Important is Shrinking Tumors?

In many cases, it is critical to the survival of a cancer patient to shrink their tumors. However, in many other cases it is not life-threatening to leave a tumor alone and concentrate on stopping the spreading of the cancer.

“Modern medicine,” with its firm grasp of the art of making huge amounts of profits, has totally brainwashed the public into thinking that the size of every tumor is important in a cancer treatment. In many cases shrinking the tumor is critical!! However, orthodox medicine frequently shrinks tumors which are irrelevant to the survival of the patient. Here is a quote by Dr. Philip Binzel, M.D.:

  • “When a patient is found to have a tumor, the only thing the doctor discusses with that patient is what he intends to do about the tumor. If a patient with a tumor is receiving radiation or chemotherapy, the only question that is asked is, “How is the tumor doing?” No one ever asks how the patient is doing. In my medical training, I remember well seeing patients who were getting radiation and/or chemotherapy. The tumor would get smaller and smaller, but the patient would be getting sicker and sicker. At autopsy we would hear, “Isn’t that marvelous! The tumor is gone!” Yes, it was, but so was the patient. How many millions of times are we going to have to repeat these scenarios before we realize that we are treating the wrong thing?

In primary cancer, with only a few exceptions, the tumor is neither health-endangering nor life-threatening. I am going to repeat that statement. In primary cancer, with few exceptions, the tumor is neither health-endangering nor life-threatening. What is health-endangering and life-threatening is the spread of that disease through the rest of the body.

There is nothing in surgery that will prevent the spread of cancer. There is nothing in radiation that will prevent the spread of the disease. There is nothing in chemotherapy that will prevent the spread of the disease. How do we know? Just look at the statistics! There is a statistic known as “survival time.” Survival time is defined as that interval of time between when the diagnosis of cancer is first made in a given patient and when that patient dies from his disease.

In the past fifty years, tremendous progress has been made in the early diagnosis of cancer. In that period of time, tremendous progress had been made in the surgical ability to remove tumors. Tremendous progress has been made in the use of radiation and chemotherapy in their ability to shrink or destroy tumors. But, the survival time of the cancer patient today is no greater than it was fifty years ago. What does this mean? It obviously means that we are treating the wrong thing!”

Philip Binzel, M.D., Alive and Well, Chapter 14

While there are some alternative cancer treatments that do shrink tumors, and this article is about those products, the focus on alternative cancer treatments is generally on targeting and killing cancer cells, or reverting cancer cells into becoming normal cells. Shrinking tumors is generally secondary to alternative cancer treatments. But again, in some cases the tumor is life-threatening.

For example, in some cases the tumor is pressing on a vital organ, is causing pain, is obstructing the flow of fluids, or for some other reason needs to be eliminated from the body. If the problem is life-threatening the solution is frequently solved with surgery because of the urgency of the situation.

It is important to understand that there is no alternative cancer treatment that is guaranteed to shrink tumors significantly in a short amount of time. Tumors are very complex and there is nothing that will work every time.

Not all alternative cancer treatments that shrink tumors are listed here, but the major treatments that have a history of shrinking tumors are listed here.

When the size of a tumor is critical, it can be assumed you do not want to swell the tumor any more than it has already swollen. Most alternative cancer treatments will cause a tumor to swell temporarily, then it may start to shrink.

The Importance of Liver Flushes

Another key issue with regards to shrinking tumors is that microbes and parasites inside the organs must be killed in order to strengthen the immune system to insure the tumor will not return after it has been shrunk. The root cause of a weak immune system is microbes and parasites in the organs.

Killing these microbes and parasites is what a “liver flush” is designed to do. Liver flushes should always be used with any natural cancer treatment.

See the Reference Manual and look for the heading: “#3) Kill Microbes and/or Parasites in the Organs (e.g. Liver, Pancreas)”:
Reference Manual

Cellect-Budwig (Major Protocol)

The Cellect-Budwig Protocol contains the Budwig Diet, which consists of converting oil soluble omega 3 into water soluble omega 3. This treatment is also part of the Bill Henderson Protocol, which will be mentioned in a moment.

Because the Cellect-Budwig is a major protocol do not use this option if you are on the Dirt Cheap Protocol or Cesium Chloride protocol or any other major cancer treatment, but the Budwig protocol can be added to any other protocol.

Dr. Johanna Budwig claimed that tumors were created specifically because of a lack of electron-rich molecules on the surface of cell walls. Her protocol was excellent at shrinking tumors quickly.

In addition to the Budwig Diet, the product Cellect can also shrink tumors. The Budwig Diet and Cellect are very synergistic. Cellect contains, among many other products, shark cartilage, which is known to shrink tumors.

Another part of the Cellect-Budwig protocol is vegetable juicing. Heavy vegetable juicing, especially carrot juice with a little beet juice, cabbage juice, broccoli juice and other anti-cancer juices, are known to help shrink tumors.

Also, Mike Vrentas, who supports the Cellect-Budwig protocol, is also an expert at selecting herbal products to help shrink tumors.

Beta-1, 3D Glucan

Your body’s immune system is responsible for identifying metastasis [the spread of cancer cells] and growing tumors. A fully functional, healthy immune response is, generally, not strong enough to stop cancer form metastasizing. This is EXACTLY where Beta Glucan thrives. Beta-1, 3D Glucan is able to “enlist” billions of cells to aid in the fight against these cancerous cells and tumor growths.

  • “In one study, oral Beta-1,3D Glucan administered alone reduced tumor weight by nearly half … when used in conjunction with a monoclonal antibody, the average tumor weight shrank by more than 80%.”
    – Gordon Ross, PhD University of Louisville School of Medicine

No other product modulates (enhances) the Immune System like yeast derived, beta glucans. No other Beta Glucan even compares to Transfer Point’s Brand. The dose is 1 pill for every 50 pounds of weight. Take all pills at the same time first thing in the morning.

The link below is the only source I endorse for this product, call 800.746.7640 and mention CancerTutor:

“Secret Product”

Here is a testimonial of a man who used the “secret product” (that I am not allowed to mention on my website) to shrink his tumor:

  • “I am a man diagnosed with breast cancer. I started taking 2 caplets per day on Sept. 6th, and now, on Oct. 5th the tumor has shrunk way back and all the peripheral (or “satellite”) lumps cannot be felt any more. I also no longer feel the tingling, itching, and bleeding I was experiencing before I started taking (“Secret Product”).”

To read about the “Secret Product” go to this password-protected website:
User name = no
Password = link
“Secret Product” Article

It is very important to take exactly TWO of the pills a day, no more and no less!!

Note that MSM/LIPH should also be used with this product. See the left side-bar.

DMSO/CD Protocol

DMSO is an amazing molecule as it can pass through the skin like it wasn’t even there. And it can carry things with it or “meet up” with things taken orally – at the site of the tumor.

DMSO and chlorine dioxide actually bind to each other. DMSO carries the chlorine dioxide with it through the skin (it is taken transdermally) and heads for the cancer cells.

This article discusses this protocol, but remember that DMSO should be put on the skin directly on top of the tumor or on the skin directly above the tumor or as close to the tumor as possible.

If a rash develops just move the DMSO/CD a little further away!!

Here is the article:
DMSO/CD Protocol

It is possible that DMSO mixed with baking soda may also be good for shrinking tumors, but we have no experience with doing this. If you try it, let us know how it works.

Amazon Tonic III, Botanical Support, Etc. (i.e. Herb Healers)

WARNING: This product is so powerful that it can create a large hole where the tumor used to be!!! Do NOT use this protocol for tumors in the throat or any other dangerous location!!!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Amazon Tonic III is an herbal product which has been around for many years under the name of “Cansema.” It has proven itself over the course of many years to be superb at shrinking tumors.

The term “Cansema” is now a generic name so do not use any product with the “Cansema” name. The “Amazon Tonic III” is the product of one of the pioneers in developing Cansema.

For Amazon Tonic III, here are the instructions:
1) Shake the bottle well before using it (do this each time it is used),
2) Refrigerate after opening,
3) Start the dose at 1/2 TEAspoon, 3 times a day ON A FULL STOMACH,
4) Build up to 1 TEAspoon, 3 times a day ON A FULL STOMACH,
5) You can mix a small amount of juice with this product because it tastes bad.

Other available products include “Botanical Support.”

Work with the vendor for dealing with your situation. Here is the website to obtain these, and other, herbal products:
Herb Healers Website


This is a product specifically designed to shrink tumors and the evidence is that it is very good at doing that.

One of its major ingredients is Caribbean Blue Scorpion. Caribbean Blue Scorpion has been used for decades for a large number of health conditions. To find a vendor simply Google: escozine “blue scorpion”

The Kelmun Protocol

NOTICE: A person should only be on one highly alkaline protocol at a time. So do not use this product if you are already on cesium, Cellect, or any other highly alkaline product.
– – – – – – – – – – – –

For those on a budget, the Kelmun Protocol (baking soda and maple syrup) has done very well at shrinking tumors. It is both a highly alklaine protocol and it contains a “trojan horse” (maple syrup) to allow the baking soda to target cancer cells.

It should be combined with juicing (e.g. carrot juice with a tablespoon of beet juice) and “green drinks” and hopefully an electromedicine protocol, such as the High RF Frequency Generator with Plasma Amplifer.

Also see the “Dirt Cheap Protocol” for more ideas to add to the Kelmun Protocol:
Dirt Cheap Protocol

Also see the “Inexpensive Cancer Treatments” article, which is linked to on the left side-bar (the column of links on the left side of most pages).

Bill Henderson Protocol

The Bill Henderson Protocol is also a protocol which includes the Budwig Diet and it also does not cause any inflammation or swelling of tumors. It is based on the Johanna Budwig Diet of cottage cheese and flaxseed oil. The treatment also includes several other supplements and a special diet.

However, since the Bill Henderson Protocol is not specifically designed to shrink tumors, and since by definition, the patient is already in serious trouble, there are things that should be added to the Bill Henderson Protocol when shrinking tumors is important (adult dosages):
1) 10 grams of MSM a day to reduce swelling (must build-up to this dose):
How To Make MSM Water

2) Shark cartilage. A person should take three 750 mg. pills a day. See:
One of many vendors

3) Heavy vegetable juicing, especially carrot juice, beet juice, cabbage juice, broccoli juice and other anti-cancer juices. See:
Anti-Cancer Vegetable Juices

Important Notice

You can save a lot of money [and time] on Bill Henderson’s protocol products by purchasing one of these discount bundles. USA customers will benefit from the free shipping this company provides.

Here is a special article on the Bill Henderson Protocol, along with a link to Bill Henderson’s website, Beating Cancer Gently:
Bill Henderson Protocol and Link

Honey and Turmeric and Ginger [Everyone Should Use]

Honey is a Trojan Horse to get microbe-killing substances inside of cancer cells, to revert cancer cells into normal cells.

In two different studies, turmeric (aka curcumin) was the best substance to kill the specific microbe that causes cancer.

Every other day take 2 TEAspoons of honey with 1 TEAspoon of turmeric (or curcumin)
Every other day take 2 TEAspoons of honey with 1 TEAspoon of ginger
The Ginger and Turmeric are alternated every other day, thus every day you are taking one or the other.

Sister Mary Eymard Poydock, PhD Treatment [Everyone Should Use]

This treatment is the result of decades of cancer research by Sister Mary Eymard Poydock, Ph.D., director of cancer research and former professor of biology at Mereyhurst College in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Twenty years of painstaking work by Sister Eymard and her associates have indicated that a combination of vitamins C and B12 have a powerful effect against tumors.

Sister Eymard stated: “We’ve got it down to a point now where, if you do it according to the ‘recipe,’ it will work every time.”

The “recipe” is a mixture of Vitamin C and Vitamin B12 (in a ratio of one part B12 to two parts C).

She also wanted to see if the C-B12 mixture would prolong the lives of animals already suffering from cancer. To find out, Sister Eymard and her colleagues injected the mixture near the cancerous growths of diseased mice for seven successive days.

Treated animals lived longer than those mice not given C and B12. In fact, all the treated mice outlived the control group. It appeared that the combination of C and B12 not only inhibits the growth of cancer cells, but also prolongs the lives of animals impregnated with cancer.

Rather than using injections we would recommend using MSM to get the Vitamin C and Vitamin B12 to target the cancer cells. For example, see this article (take the Vitamin C and Vitamin B12 at the same time, 1/2 hour after the MSM):

The MSM / Vitamin C Treatment For Cancer

See also:
For More Information

Here is one highly recommended Vitamin C vendor:

Excellent Buffered Vitamin C Product

One rounded teaspoon contains 4 grams of ascorbic acid and 700 mg of potassium ascorbate. As with all vitamin C products, keep this product out of the reach of children!! It can be very dangerous if very high doses are taken.

This is an excellent source of Vitamin B12 which is highly absorbed:

Sublingual Vitamin B12


Laetrile is another natural product known to help shrink tumors. Vitamin B17, laetrile, and amygdalin are all names for the same natural molecule. Apricot seeds are very high in laetrile.

This protocol will not cause tumors to swell prior to shrinking.

Here is a link to the Cellect-Budwig protocol:
Cellect-Budwig Protocol


Zeolites are specific types of minerals which come from volcanoes. They are best known as chelating molecules, especially for mercury and other heavy minerals. But it turns out that they are also very good at shrinking tumors.

  • For centuries, the powdered forms of specific zeolites have been used as traditional remedies throughout Asia to promote overall health and well being. The story of the “volcanic rocks” has been passed down from generation-to-generation as more and more people have experienced its life-changing benefits.

Zeolites are natural volcanic minerals with an unique, complex crystalline structure. It’s honeycomb framework of cavities and channels (like cages) works at the cellular level trapping heavy metals and toxins. In fact, because it is one of the few negatively charged minerals in nature, zeolites act as magnets drawing toxins to it, capturing them in its cage and removing them from the body.”

Here is a vendor of Pure Body Extra Strength (spray), to chelate the blood, and Pure Body (liquid), to chelate the the colon:
My Touchstone Essentials

Of interest is that they have been shown in some cases to shrink tumors very quickly. There is not enough evidence to depend on them exclusively to shrink tumors, but they are so simple to take that I would strongly recommend they be added to any of the other treatments that shrink tumors.

See also:
Zeolite Article by an M.D. [Part 1]
Zeolite Article by an M.D. [Part 2]

AIS MAX For Life

This is the only alternative cancer treatment I have ever seen with curcumin in it. There is anecdotal evidence this product does shrink tumors.

Curcumin is actually a wonder substance against cancer. Big Pharma has tried to synthesize this natural molecule, which works quite well by itself, thank you.

Because the dosage of curcumin in this product is somewhat lower than I would like, it would be good to use curcumin spice on your foods whenever appropriate while using this product and as long as you have cancer.

As with zeolites, the evidence is not strong enough that it shrinks tumors (i.e. there is no “cure rate”) that it should be used by itself.

Sweet Wormwood Herb

A third product (there is no article for this product on this website) that may also shrink tumors very quickly is the sweet wormwood herb. This is generally not used as a stand-alone treatment, however, it may be very effective at shrinking tumors.

Wormwood Herb Vendor

Pau ‘d Arco

Pau ‘d Arco, also known as Lapacho or Taheebo Tea, can be very impressive at shrinking tumors.

Essaic Tea (Using herbs that have NOT been dehydrated)

Essiac Tea is one of the foremost alternative cancer treatments known to shrink tumors. As with all herb teas, however, its ability to work is heavily dependent on the quality of the growing, processing and storage of the herbs. Herbs that have been dehydrated are rarely of much use.

  • “After word of Caisse’s [the founder of Essiac Tea] impressive results spread to the United States, a leading diagnostician in Chicago introduced her to Dr. John Wolfer, director of the tumor clinic at Northwestern University Medical School. In 1937, Wolfer arranged for Rene to treat thirty terminal cancer patients under the direction of five doctors. Rene commuted across the border to Chicago, carrying her bottles of freshly prepared herbal brew. After supervising one and a half years of Essiac therapy, the Chicago doctors concluded that the herbal mixture prolonged life, shrank tumors, and relieved pain. “

Essiac Tea

Carrot Juice and Raw Food Diet

Vitamin A has been shown in studies to shrink the size of tumors. The best way to take Vitamin A is with carrot juice:

  • “Yellow to Deep Orange (carotenoids [Beta-carotene is the most famous] are a huge family of over 600 “colors” that make Vitamin A and help to shrink tumors):”
  • “Cancer growths and sores appear in practically every part of the body and take a long time to heal. Since the body creates these conditions, it is essential to eliminate the food which feeds their development. From his long experience, Dr. Earp-Thomas was fully convinced that when cooked food was eaten it permitted tumors and growths to build within the body. Yet when living food was substituted, these tumors and growths immediately began to shrink for lack of nourishment. The most thrilling experience I can recall was to see cancer cells taken from a human body and thriving on cooked food but unable to survive on that same food when it was uncooked.”
  • “There are numerous reports/claims that a diet consisting almost entirely of a diversity of vegetables can cause cancer tumors to shrink or even vanish. If these reports are correct, they make sense in the context of the theory that is presented here. I am postulating anaerobic metabolism and thus cancer can be caused by the blockage of the aerobic process at any point in the Kreb’s cycle or the respiratory chain. There are numerous chemical steps that are involved in sequence and if any of them is blocked you have the potential of arresting the entire aerobic process. Each of these steps are catalyzed by specific enzymes and regulated by other enzymes. If any of these are missing, aerobic metabolism could stop.”

Ellagic Acid

  • “Multiple studies have discovered that phytonutrients found in raspberries can protect us from cancer and can even shrink some types of cancer tumors. These substances can also act as an antibacterial and as an antiviral agent. Does this sound too good to be true? One particular substance found in this natural “medicine chest”, is a series of compounds called ellagitannins. The highest levels are found in raspberries, but the ellagitannins are also in certain types of grapes, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and some nuts too. Recent work (2001), published by Dr. Gary Stoner at Ohio State University, showed that components in the seeds and berry, but particularly ellagitannins, inhibited the initiation and promotion/progression stages of esophageal cancer. This is an extremely important finding, considering the potential benefits.”
  • “The studies found in the left column [of this web page] were compiled by Susan Thorpe-Vargas Ph.D. and represent a summation of EA’s known medical properties:
    EA is an anticancer agent – it protects DNA from mutation.
    EA shrinks tumors within 72 hours if the cancer is not caused by a mutation in the p53 or WAF 1/p21 genes.
    EA is a natural phenolic antioxidant.
    EA exerts actions that are both anti-bacterial and an anti-viral.
    EA appears to inhibit liver fibrosis.
    EA is cardioprotective and may prove useful in the treatment of myocarditis.”

Ellagic Acid Vendor

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)

  • “In one breast cancer study, women were given 390 mgs per day in divided doses along with supplements. The result was that tumors shrank. A maintenance dose of 100 mgs was considered adequate.”

Actually, the recommended dose of CoQ10 is at least 390 mgs.

  • “Studies conducted in Europe using high-dose CoQ10 supplements showed significant regression of breast and prostate tumors.

CoEnzyme Q10 (CoQ10)

Aloe Arborescens (i.e. Aloe Vera)

  • “Michael Arrington was diagnosed with liver cancer. Doctors found 17 tumors on his liver. One was the size of a baseball. Doctors gave the cancer victim 4 to 21 days to live. Six months after Mr. Arrington began taking only Aloe Vera as a supplement, Doctors examining the patient’s X-rays could not find [any] trace of the tumors.”

Aloe Vera is another one of those natural plants that is very difficult to process correctly to maintain its cancer-fighting properties. The FDA shut down one of the top aloe vera manufacturers because they had a 94% cure rate on terminal cancers.
Aloe Arborescens

Research: Rub Enzymes On The Tumors

For external tumors we have heard from a cancer patient that it helps to rub enzymes on the surface of the tumors.

Of course the enzymes need to be in liquid or cream form. Even crushing pills would not work. Contact the vendor in this article to see it they can supply a product that can be rubbed on the outside of a tumor:
Article and Vendor for Enzymes

If you try this please let us know how it works: Give Use Your Experience

High Dose Vitamin C

  • “Basically, the vitamin C is transported to the lungs in the blood where it is oxidized. It then is transported to the cells where it diffuses to the mitochondria and delivers its oxidation potential, powering the respiratory chain, and cycle repeats. It should be noted that there have been many reports where mega doses of vitamin C have been attributed to causing the shrinking of cancer tumors.”

It is always best to take MSM whenever you take Vitamin C or any other protocol that kills microbes. Here is an article on how to use MSM with Vitamin C, regardless of the dose of Vitamin C you take!!
MSM-Vitamin C protocol

Special Case: Large Numbers of Tumors (e.g. Large Number of Small Tumors)

When a patient has a large number of tumors it is clear that they have a massive load of microbes and parasites in their body and organs!!

When this is the case, some of the items above are absolutely required:
1) Transfer Point (i.e. the Beta Glucan item) to build the immune system (mentioned above but required)
2) Liver flushes to kill the parasites in the organs (at least 2 or 3). These are also required to make sure the tumors do not come back.
Liver Flush Article
3) You must kill massive numbers of microbes in the bloodstream. Use multiple items in this article:
Kill Microbes Article

After taking these items for a couple of weeks seek out a Photon Genius or Quantum Pulse to re-energize the cells which were weakened. Contact the Ed Skilling Institute (who actually does a consultation to identify which parasites are in the organs) to find a Photon Genius near you (they are $25,000 so most people find someone near them who has one).
Ed Skilling Institute

To find a Quantum Pulse, see:
Locations of Quantum Pulse