MSM / Chlorine Dioxide Cancer Protocol Stage IV Supplemental

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TREATMENT RATING: This alternative cancer treatment is based on solid cancer theory and the success of similar protocols. The products used in this protocol are very well established in alternative medicine and their safety is well documented.

This protocol is designed to revert cancer cells into normal cells, clean out the lactic acid in the blood, clean microbes out of the blood (which in turn builds the immune system), etc.

However, because this protocol is narrow in its scope (i.e. it doesn’t contain immune builders, alkalinity, etc.) it should NOT be used as the primary protocol for an advanced cancer patient. If you are an advanced cancer patient who has had a lot of chemotherapy, radiation or surgery or you have a potentially fast-growing cancer, do not use this treatment as your primary cancer treatment, rather use it as a supplemental protocol and use one of the protocols linked to on the following web page as your primary treatment:
Chapter on Natural Treatments For Advanced Cancer Patients

Safety Notice #1:

Do not take Organic Sulfur if you are taking high doses of aspirin or any type of blood thinner!!

Safety Notice #2:

This protocol is synergistic with chemotherapy and makes chemotherapy more effective and less damaging!! However, if you are on any other type of prescription drug, do NOT use Organic Sulfur until after you talk to your pharmacist and physician about using high doses of Organic Sulfur (2 or 3 TABLEspoons of the crystals a day) with your prescription drugs. That is what pharmacists get paid to do.

Safety Notice #3:

Do not drink any form of tap water with this protocol, as tap water contains chlorine which can neutralize MSM. Use the hot water faucet if you are going to drink tap water or if you are going to use cold water, make sure it sits for at least an hour before using.

The MSM / Chlorine Dioxide Protocol For Cancer

This Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (MSM) / Chlorine Dioxide (CD) protocol is extremely safe and easy to use. It does not cause any type of body odor, but may cause bad breath. Thus, it can be used at any time of the day by taking a simple breath mint a few minutes after taking the protocol.

The main significance of this protocol is that it is very, very inexpensive and it provides massive benefits given its cost. Almost anyone can afford to use this protocol. Thus, feedback from cancer patients who use this protocol is very important to other cancer patients who have a limited budget!!.

FDA and ICRF Disclaimer

Please click this link to see the disclaimer:

Critical Notices and Warnings

Advanced cancer patients should NOT use this treatment except as a supplemental protocol!!

WARNING: Age and Size Restrictions

Children under the age of 12 should not use this treatment. The doses in this treatment are designed for a person who weighs 150 pounds or above. If you weigh less than 150 pounds, then take proportionately lower doses.

WARNING About Using This Protocol With Prescription Drugs

A small amount of the MSM taken in this protocol will convert into DMSO. DMSO may enhance the effectiveness of prescription drugs, thus the cancer patient may effectively overdose on their prescription drugs.

If you are on prescription drugs contact your pharmacist and medical doctor about the safety of using this protocol with high doses of MSM (about 40 grams a day).

Warning For Women Who Are, or Who Might Be, or Who Might Become Pregnant

Women how are pregnant, or might become pregnant, should not use this protocol.


This treatment is not designed to shrink tumors, so if any tumors are in dangerous locations (such as they are pressing on the bile duct) do not depend on this treatment to shrink tumors. Seek medical help and use one of the treatments which shrinks tumors, such as the Cellect-Budwig protocol or the Kelmun Protocol.

Also, if the patient has swelling in their brain, or any other dangerous condition, seek medical help immediately.

What Causes Cancer?

What causes cancer? Most people believe that it is DNA damage that causes cancer. While in very rare situations DNA damage can contribute to a person getting cancer, DNA damage normally has absolutely nothing to do with the development of cancer. In fact, it is the thing which causes cancer (to be discussed below) which normally causes the DNA damage in cancer cells.

The fact is that cancer (at the cellular level) is caused by a special type of microbe which gets inside of normal cells and turns the cells cancerous. Another way that new cancer cells form is when a cancer cell divides. Both daughter cells will likely be cancerous because there are microbes in each new daughter cell.

Actually, everyone has cancer cells forming in their body at all times. The immune system generally safely kills them. Thus, a weakened immune system, or something which causes an abnormal number of cancer cells to form, can allow cancer cells to overcome the immune system and cause the diagnosis of cancer.

But the actual formation of cancer cells, at the cellular level, is exclusively caused by microbes which get inside of normal cells or are there when the cell divides.

Dr. Royal Rife did an enormous amount of research into the relationship between microbes and cancer in the 1930s. He would inject mice with a special virus and in 100% of the cases the mice would get cancer.

Dr. Rife proposed a cure for cancer which did nothing but kill these viruses WHICH WERE INSIDE the cancer cells. His cure was 100% successful. However, note that his cure had no intention of killing cancer cells or fixing DNA (which had not been discovered in the 1930s); its only goal was to kill the microbes inside the cancer cells. Once the microbes were dead the cancer cells were able to revert into normal, differentiated cells.

Dr. Rife was well aware that the critical microbes which needed to be killed were inside the cancer cells. The electromedicine device he used killed microbes inside and outside of cancer cells.

But almost all natural substances do not normally get inside of cells, thus it is almost impossible for natural substances to kill the microbes inside the cancer cells. Natural substances can kill cancer cells and build the immune system, but they generally cannot kill microbes inside the cancer cells.

Many other cancer researchers, starting over 100 years ago in the 1880s, have isolated the cause of cancer to be microbes, though they did not understand the mechanism inside the cell which caused a microbe to make a cell cancerous.

Today the main mechanism inside the cell which allows microbes to cause cancer is understood. We, at the Independent Cancer Research Foundation, now know that a microbe which is able to get inside of a normal cell blocks glucose from being used to create pyruvate, which in turn blocks the Citric Acid Cycle (CAC) and in turn blocks the Electron Transport Chain (ETC), both in the mitochondria. Blocking these two chemical chain-reactions cause the number of ATP molecules in a cancer cell to plummet!! It also allows cells to become cancerous.

This protocol is designed to do precisely what Dr. Rife accomplished, meaning kill the microbes inside of the cancer cells!! The MSM is designed to “open up” the pores on the cancer cells, allowing the chlorine dioxide to get inside the cancer cells. Chlorine dioxide is very inexpensive yet it is one of the most potent substances on earth at killing microbes.

This protocol will not kill cancer cells, rather it will revert cancer cells into normal cells.

Another benefit of this protocol is that it will keep microbes out of the bloodstream. Several kinds of cancer are known to spread by microbes coming out of cancer cells, traveling through the bloodstream to another section of the body, and then starting a new colony of cancer cells.

Thus, this protocol performs two very important tasks for cancer patients. First, it will revert many cancer cells into normal cells and second, for certain kinds of cancer, it will help stop the spreading of the cancer.

A detailed discussion of how microbes cause cancer can be found in the Cancer Theory article on the Independent Cancer Research Foundation website. In essence, the article on cancer theory is also the theory behind this treatment. See this article:
The Theory of Cancer (i.e. What Causes Cancer)

About the MSM / CD Protocol For Cancer

The MSM / CD Protocol for cancer includes two substances:
1) MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane),
2) Chlorine Dioxide (CD)

While both of these items are anti-microbial, it is the combination of the two items which is designed to kill microbes inside of cancer cells. The MSM will “open up” the cancer cell ports and the CD will get inside of the cancer cells to hopefully kill all of the microbes inside the cancer cells.

Once these microbes are dead, the cell will soon be able to restore its normal metabolism and will revert into a normal cell.

Because the microbes that cause cancer are inside of the cancer cells, simply flooding the body with antimicrobial substances will NOT cure cancer.

So how does the chlorine dioxide get inside the cancer cells?

There are actually several natural substances which are known to target cancer cells and allow other substances inside of the cancer cells. Among these are:
1) DMSO (Dimethyl Sulfoxide), DMSO Vendor
2) MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane), which is a close cousin of DMSO, and is part of this protocolMSM Vendor
3) Insulin (e.g. Insulin Potentiation Therapy or IPT which uses very low dose chemotherapy),
4) Hyperthermia (used in some German and Mexican clinics usually with very-low dose chemotherapy),
5) Certain Types of Electromedicine (such as the High RF Freqeuncy Generator or Rife Machine) using electroporation,
6) Folic Acid

Let us now talk about the individual parts of this protocol. Because a small part of MSM is converted into DMSO, let us talk about DMSO also.

0) DMSO (Dimethyl Sulfoxide) (Created from MSM, NOT Taken Directly)

DMSO is the most commonly used substance to get other molecules inside of cancer cells. It is at the heart of several of the cancer treatments developed by the Independent Cancer Research Foundation (ICRF). However, DMSO causes a severe sulfur body odor and can only be used at night or by people who wish to stay home for a few days!!

DMSO is not taken as part of this protocol, but it is considered to be part of this protocol because after a person takes MSM, a small part of the MSM is converted into DMSO once the MSM gets inside of the body.

While DMSO causes severe body odor, MSM does not create any body odor (unless taken in much higher doses than used in this protocol). MSM, however, does cause some bad breath, so a person should eat or drink foods or take a breath mint shortly after taking MSM.

  • (Note: Some people are much more sensitive to DMSO causing body odor than others. Because some of the MSM is converted into DMSO (and then to DMS, which is actually what causes the body odor), a person on this protocol, when they have built-up to standard MSM doses, should ask a trusted friend, about 15 minutes after taking the MSM, if they have any sulfur body odor. The person taking the MSM will not be able to smell the sulfur odor!!)

DMSO, even though it is not taken as part of this protocol, is a very critical part of this protocol. DMSO targets cancer cells and helps “open” the ports on cancer cells. This allows the chlorine dioxide to get inside of the cancer cells where they are able to revert the cancer cells into normal cells.

Because part of the MSM is converted into DMSO, this protocol does not cause serious body odor, but yet enough of the MSM is converted into DMSO to help open the ports of the cancer cells.

Because MSM contains the two key molecular components of DMSO (i.e. the sulfur group and the methyl group), even the MSM which is not converted into DMSO will almost certainly “open” up the cancer cell ports.

Several books have been written about DMSO. Among them are:
DMSO – Nature’s Healer, by Dr. Morton Walker
DMSO – The New Healing Power, by Morton Walker, D.P.M. with William Campbell Douglass, M.D.
The Persecuted Drug – The Story of DMSO, by Pat McGrady, Sr.
The DMSO Handbook, by Bruce W. Halstead, M.D. and Sylvia A. Youngberg, R.N.

DMSO Vendor

1) MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane)

MSM is just as safe and natural as DMSO, but it does not cause body odor. Part of the MSM converts into DMSO and it is the DMSO which allows things to get inside the cancer cells. But only a very small part of the MSM is converted into DMSO (partly because the body uses it so quickly), thus body odor is not an issue. There will likely be some bad breath, but that is easily resolved by eating something or taking breath mints a few minutes after taking MSM.

MSM contains the same molecular components of DMSO, however, MSM contains an extra oxygen atom. It is strongly believed that MSM is just as effective at getting chlorine dioxide inside of cancer cells as is DMSO. However, MSM does not have any of the smelly side-effects of DMSO.

It is actually not known whether it is the DMSO or MSM or both molecules which open the ports of cancer cells. While DMSO does target cancer cells and open the ports of the cancer cells, in fact because part of DMSO converts into MSM, it may actually be the MSM which opens the ports. Or, because both of these molecules contain the same key sulfur and methyl group, it may be that both DMSO and MSM open cancer cell ports.

Both DMSO and MSM are incredibly safe. The reason MSM is chosen for this protocol is solely because it causes no sulfur body odor. How safe are these substances? I have personally taken 18 TABLEspoons of DMSO in one day (spread out over 12 hours).

MSM is just as safe as DMSO and it would take several tablespoons of “MSM water” (which is actually what is used in this protocol) to equal one TABLEspoon of DMSO.

While MSM, and the small amount of DMSO it is converted into, do kill some microbes, the main microbe killing substance, by far, is chlorine dioxide.

MSM can be hard on the stomach if taken orally. This is why doses of MSM are frequently started out small and gradually increased (i.e. a “build up”). That is one reason there is a “build-up” to the full doses (see below).

How to Make “MSM Water”

It is never good to buy MSM in pill form. The reason is that in order to get the MSM inside the pills, chemicals are used to prevent the MSM from clumping together. These chemicals may neutralize the effectiveness of MSM.

Thus, MSM should be bought as pure crystals or granules and then mixed with water before consuming.

It is always best to use glass jars or glass jugs when making and using MSM. The key is not to use plastic.

You will need one, half-gallon glass jar or jug. You may be able to buy something (such as high quality milk or juice) at a grocery store in a glass bottle (either a gallon jug or a half-gallon jug), in the milk section. Be careful not to buy a plastic jug which looks like it is glass. Thump the container with your finger to make sure it is real glass.

Here is how to make a 1/2 gallon jug of “MSM Water”:
1) Fill the jug 3/4 full with PURIFIED water,
2) PUT 5 TABLEspoons of MSM crystals or granules into the half-gallon glass jug.

It will take about half-an-hour for the MSM to totally dissolve in the water. Shake the jug every few minutes until it is totally dissolved and there are no particles which settle to the bottom of the jug.

Once all the MSM is dissolved, finish filling the jug to within an inch of the top and shake again.


You will be taking four TABLEspoon of “MSM water” (NOT the MSM granules) six times a day. This amounts to 24 TABLEspoons of MSM water which equates to about 14.4 grams of MSM a day. This is on the low end of perfectly safe doses of MSM.

Practitioners commonly recommend the use of 20 to 30 grams of MSM a day and sometimes more. This protocol will use about 14.4 grams total of MSM each day. Each tablespoon of MSM water is about 0.6 grams of MSM.

The four TABLEspoons of “MSM Water” should be mixed in at least 6 ounces of water, not tap water unless it sits out for 1 hour before using. This addition is mostly to dilute the bad taste of the MSM water.

Several books have been written about MSM. Among them are:
MSM – The Definitive Guide, by Stanley W. Jacob, M.D., F.A.C.S. and Jeremy Appleton, N.D.
The Miracle of MSM – The Natural Solution For Pain, by Stanley W. Jabob, M.D., Ronald M. Lawrence, M.D., Ph.D., and Martin Zucker
The Power of MSM, by Dr. Earl Mindell
The MSM Miracle, Enhance Your Health With Organic Sulfur (a pamphlet), by Earl L. Mindell, R.Ph., Ph.D.
Methyl Magic – Maximum Health Through Methylation, by Craig Cooney, Ph.D. with Bill Lawren
MSM and Mineral Ascorbates (The True Vitamin C) (a pamphlet), by Beth M. Ley Jacobs, PhD
MSM: On Our Way Back To Health with Sulfur!, by Beth M. Ley Jacobs, PhD

MSM Vendor

For general use, beyond cancer, MSM is a superb supplement because it contains two oxygen atoms, a sulfur group and a methyl group. All of these are critical for our health, especially for our brain.

MSM water, between 3 and 6 TABLEspoons a day, is a smart thing to take throughout your life!!

2) Chlorine Dioxide

You should not buy chlorine dioxide because it does not store well. You should make chlorine dioxide at home and use it within a couple of hours. Actually, you should make it fresh every time you use it.

Chlorine dioxide is made from sodium chlorite, otherwise known as stabilized oxygen. The stabilized oxygen product normally used to make chlorine dioxide is called the Master Mineral Solution (MMS) – formerly called “Miracle Mineral Supplement.” Stabilized oxygen has been used in alternative medicine for over 70 years to prevent colds and the flu.

DO NOT CONFUSE MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) WITH MMS (Master Mineral Solution)!! They are completely unrelated molecules, but both are used in this protocol

Chlorine Dioxide is currently made by mixing MMS (Master Mineral Solution) with an “activator,” which is usually 50% citric acid.

Chlorine dioxide has been studied by scientists for many years and has been mentioned in many scientific journals. However, it was Jim Humble who brought chlorine dioxide to the forefront of alternative medicine.

Jim used 15 drops of chlorine dioxide (meaning 15 drops of MMS plus the activator), followed one hour later by another 15 drops, to cure malaria. AIDS/HIV can also be cured with chlorine dioxide, though the administration of chlorine dioxide for AIDS uses a very different protocol than malaria.

The protocol in this article may be very effective against AIDS. The chlorine dioxide will help keep the AIDS virus from traveling through the blood. The Bob Beck Protocol, which is known to cure AIDS in 21 days, only cleaned the blood once a day. This protocol cleans the blood of microbes several times a day.


MMS, “sodium chlorite” and “stabilized oxygen” all refer to the same thing.

Jim Humble also discovered that chlorine dioxide can be made at home by mixing stabilized oxygen (i.e. MMS) with an “activator.” It is the “activator” (e.g. citric acid) which converts the sodium chlorite (i.e. MMS) into chlorine dioxide.

Normal stabilized oxygen (e.g. Vitamin O, Aerobic O7 or Aerobic KO7) is usually between 3% and 7% sodium chlorite. This is NOT the same thing as table salt, which is sodium chloride.

However, the Master Mineral Solution (MMS) is 28% sodium chlorite. The reason for this mixture is so that it will react more readily to the “activator” to make chlorine dioxide.

Vendors may sell bottles which recommend adding MMS to some form of vinegar. This is old technology. DO NOT USE VINEGAR WITH MMS!!! Vinegar can actually feed yeast infections.

The three things you can mix with MMS are (these are the three activators):

1) 10% or 50% citric acid (in liquid form or a powder form converted into liquid form), or

2) fresh squeezed lemon juice, which you squeeze yourself (filter out the particles), or

3) fresh squeezed lime juice, which you squeeze yourself (filter out the particles)

Any of these three items will chemically react to the sodium chlorite to create chlorine dioxide. The 50% liquid citric acid is the highly preferred item to mix with MMS for reasons to be understood later in this article.

The things you should NOT mix with sodium chlorite are just as important as the things you should mix with it. For example, do NOT use any type of bottled lemon juice, such as ReaLemon, as it may have vitamin C added as a preservative.

Citric acid should be purchased from the same vendor you buy your MMS (Master Mineral Solution) from. The vendors who know what they are doing sell MMS and 50% citric acid (in liquid form) together.

The highly preferred method is to use 50% citric acid, purchased from your MMS vendor, as the activator. The reason is that it only takes one drop of 50% citric acid mixed with one drop of MMS to activate the MMS.

Master Mineral Solution bottle should NOT be exposed directly to sunlight.

While you can buy chlorine dioxide over the internet, this website strongly recommends that you make it yourself at home from sodium chlorite (i.e. MMS). Chlorine dioxide is a gas, and will not remain within water for more than a couple of hours. You should make it at home fresh every time you use chlorine dioxide just to make sure you are getting the maximum effect possible from the product.

Let me repeat that last statement to make sure the reader understands this issue. Chlorine dioxide does not remain stable for more than a couple of hours, and because there are two hours between treatments, a significant amount of the chlorine dioxide will have evaporated into the air by the second treatment. In other words, the chlorine dioxide must be made FRESH each time it is used!!!

Alternate Way To Make Chlorine Dioxide

Someone in Jim Humble’s organization sent me an email with a newer way to make chlorine dioxide. I am cc his email:

Now we have CDS (Chlorine Dioxide Solution), its pure water with Chlorine Dioxide (without Sodium Chlorite and Citric Acid in it).

CDS is easier to take and increase the dosages without stomach upset.

There is a very new way to make CDS at home, without heat; it’s just needed a 2 quarts very hermetic container with wide open.

You will put 32oz of water, inside the container
Then you put the Wine Glass inside the container.

Inside the Wine Glass you put 2oz 28% Sodium Chlorite and 2oz of about 10% Hydrochloric Acid (Muriatic Acid) this can be bought in supermarkets for cleaning (avoid the ones with color in it, must be clear).

To the Hydrochloric Acid from the supermarket add 50% water and that´s it, the acid is not very important to be exact 10% as it’s not going to be inside the water.

Once you fill the glass with the Sodium Chlorite and Hydrochloric Acid, close the hermetic container and wait 24 hours, the gas will go from the wine glass into the water and you will have one quarter CDS.

For more information about chlorine dioxide, see: or

How To Buy MSM and MMS (MMS is used to make Chlorine Dioxide)


The ingredients in the protocol consist of “organic sulfur” (i.e. MSM) and MMS (Master Mineral Solution). MMS comes with 50% Citric Acid (MMS and 50% Citric Acid are used to make Chlorine Dioxide). All items can be purchased from the same vendor.

I should also note that tap water, or any other water which contains chlorine, will leech oxygen out of the water. This is not good for any protocol, but especially for any MSM protocol because the MSM is used as an “oxygen transport”!! Chlorine can defeat the protocol!!!

You can buy purified water or make purified water. The vendor I recommend for MMS and MSM also sells the equipment to make purified water, which in the long run may be the least expensive way to avoid tap water. Or just let the tap water sit out for an hour.

Do NOT purchase MSM at a heath food store. Whatever you do make sure the MSM has not had any anti-clotting chemicals added to it. My recommended vendors do not have these chemicals in their products!! Almost all pill forms of MSM have had anti-clotting chemicals added to them and they may be worthless.

When using the MSMCD protocol you need to buy:

1) MMS (Master Mineral Solution – 28% sodium chlorite), at least three bottles, and

2) 50% citric acid (which should come from the MMS vendor), at least three bottles, and

3) “Organic Sulfur” (i.e. MSM)

I recommend the same vendor for Master Mineral Solution (MMS) and citric acid as I do for MSM. However, when purchasing MSM look for “Organic Sulfur,” which is what this vendor calls MSM.

NOTE:“Membership” may be required to purchase MMS due to the FDA persecution of vendors of MMS (the $10 membership fee is offset by a $10 credit on your first order, so the membership is essentially free!!)

Here are two vendors of MSM who have excellent products:
Note: Vendors may call their product: MSM or “Organic Sulfur”:
H2O Air Water America

Items That Can Neutralize Chlorine Dioxide


This treatment can easily be neutralized by Vitamin C, immune builders, herbs, Protocel, Cantron, and other antioxidants and it can be neutralized by tap water. Even Cellect includes immune builders which can neutralize this treatment. Do not use any of these products, or any other supplements which contain antioxidants (including do not use multi-vitamins, herbs, etc.), within two hours of this treatment.

Having said that, some protocols are weak at having products that kill microbes in the bloodstream, thus this protocol is added to the Cellect-Budwig, and other protocols, due to its ability to kill microbes in the bloodstream.

The following information from the Bill Henderson Newsletter will clarify these points:

  • They had started with just 2 drops of the MMS and worked up to a dose of 15 drops, twice a day. for ten days. There was no noticeable effect — no nausea, no diarrhea — nothing. They were aware of the effect of Vitamin C on the MMS, so they had moved the Heart Plus and Daily Advantage to later in the day.

They did some research, though, and found that the Beta 1,3D Glucan immune stimulant is a strong antioxidant also. They were taking it at roughly the same time as the MMS. As soon as they stopped taking the Beta Glucan for a couple of days, the MMS had an immediate effect — diarrhea, cleansing — the whole thing.

(Chemist) I am a chemist who bought your (previous edition) book and am receiving your e-newsletter (and I have cancer). I am not surprised to finally read in letter #114 that antioxidants ‘kill’ MMS. They should. And that’s what I have been telling a friend of mine who has lung cancer. However, antioxidants stay in the body for more than three hours. Ideally, if you have enough protection, you should have a more or less permanent steady state of them. The beta-glucan instance, where the people waited three DAYS, certainly suggests this also. I am not sure what the solution to the problem is, but if I were taking MMS (and I intend to) I would stop all antioxidants for a while to let the MMS work unhindered.”

(Bill Henderson) As I mentioned in my last newsletter, the MMS is still in an experimental stage. I would certainly heed Robert Peterson’s advice. At least try discontinuing your use of the Beta Glucan, the Heart Plus and the Daily Advantage for a couple of weeks while you take the MMS. You need to be the judge of whether it is working for you. If you experience the normal MMS diarrhea after you stop the antioxidants, then it is probably working for you. This should not continue for long (a day or so). Then, you should begin to have normal bowel movements with no constipation.

Bill Henderson Newsletter

In other words, do NOT use the chlorine dixoide protocol at the same time as any substance which has Vitamin C, or any other antioxidant, including immune builders. Wait at least a couple of days after discontinuing these treatments before starting the chlorine dioxide treatment.

The General Principle of Making Chlorine Dioxide

Note: When making chlorine dioxide a distinct odor will come from the mixture. Chlorine dioxide should not be made in public, such as at your desk at work.

This section will give you the general principle of making chlorine dioxide from sodium chlorite (i.e. MMS) and citric acid.

1) To make one drop of chlorine dioxide (which is a gas) mix one drop of sodium chlorite (i.e. MMS) with one drop of 50% citric acid (if you already have 10% citric acid, then use five drops of 10% citric acid for each drop of MMS).

2) To make two drops of chlorine dioxide mix two drops of sodium chlorite (i.e. MMS) with two drops of 50% citric acid.

2) To make three drops of chlorine dioxide mix three drops of sodium chlorite (i.e. MMS) with three drops of 50% citric acid.

3) To make four drops of chlorine dioxide mix four drops of sodium chlorite (i.e. MMS) with four drops of 50% citric acid.

Basically, for EACH drop of MMS add one drop of 50% citric acid.

You will not exceed four drops at one time in this protocol!!

AFTER you put the drop(s) of MMS and drop(s) of citric acid in a glass or ceramic bowl, let them sit together for 20-30 seconds (or follow the instructions), stirring every once in awhile to make sure the MMS is activated.

Make sure the MMS is activated (i.e. make sure you have made chlorine dioxide) BEFORE adding any water to the mixture!!

VERY IMPORTANT: The Build-Up of Chlorine Dioxide

Now let us apply this principle to learn how to safely “build-up” to the therapeutic doses of chlorine dioxide.

I also would not recommend alkaline water or ozonated water because they may interfere with the chlorine dioxide chemically.

At any time during the “build-up” and protocol you can drink extra purified water and healthy foods such that you do not become uncomfortably hungry. You may also drink things for safety reasons, such as staying awake while driving (actually apple juice is as good as coffee).

During the build-up you will not use MSM (this is not MMS) at all. The hardest part of this protocol is building up to the 4 drops of chlorine dioxide you will take every two hours.

Chlorine dioxide can be very hard on the stomach, creating nausea, diarrhea and vomiting. It is not the body which is causing these side-effects, it is the stomach.

It is critical, VERY CRITICAL to build-up to therapeutic doses, in this case 4 drops each treatment!!!

If you cannot build-up to taking 4 drops, every two hours, then you cannot use this protocol.

In fact, some people can only tolerate 1/2 drop of chloride dioxide orally and any dose higher than that causes severe nausea and/or vomiting. But most people can build-up to the necessary oral doses.

The first day of the build-up you should only start with 1/2 drop of chlorine dioxide. Here is how to mix and take 1/2 drop of chlorine dioxide.

1) You put ONE drop of MMS in a small glass bowl and then
2) Mix in one drop of 50% citric acid, then
3) Stir them together periodically for 20-30 seconds, then

(Note: One drop of MMS plus one drop of 50% citric acid IS DEFINED to be “one drop of chlorine dioxide”!!)

4) Add 6 to 8 ounces (or more) of purified water, then
5) Drink HALF of the glass of water.

Throw away the other half of the mixture because it will not be useful.

After taking half the glass, see how your stomach reacts over the next 30 minutes.

If your stomach does well, two or three hours later increase the dose to 1 drop of chlorine dioxide. Follow the same procedure as before except drink all of the glass of water. See how your stomach reacts.

The next day you can try twice to build up to two drops:
1) You put TWO drops of MMS in a small glass bowl and then
2) Mix in two drops of 50% citric acid, then
3) Stir them together periodically for 20-30 seconds (this makes two drops of chlorine dioxide), then
4) Add 6 to 8 ounces (or more) of purified water, then
5) Drink the glass of water.

Never try to build up by more than one drop a day!!

NOTE: If for any reason you stop this protocol for more than a few days, you should start a new build-up from scratch.

Keep trying to increase the dosage and increase the number of times a day you take the dose. The goal is to build up to the recommended dose (four drops of chlorine dioxide every two hours (for a total of six times)) before starting the MSM portion of the protocol.

In other words, you not only have to build-up to the number of drops taken each time, but you also need to build up to the number of times you can take this mixture in a single day.

At any time during the build-up or treatment you can drink extra purified water and eat healthy foods such that you do not become uncomforably hungry.

Before adding MSM to this protocol you should build up to taking four drops of chlorine dioxide, each two hours, until you can take it six times.

Summary: The Treatment (After the Build-Up)

1) You put FOUR drops of MMS in a small glass or ceramic bowl and then
2) Mix in FOUR drops of 50% citric acid, then
3) Stir them together periodically 20-30 seconds, then
4) Add 6 to 8 ounces of purified water, then stir
4) Drink the water.

Do this every two hours until you have taken it six times (that is the chlorine dioxide part of the six daily treatments).

At any time you can drink purified water and eat healthy foods such that you do not become uncomforably hungry.

The Build-Up to Full Doses of MSM Water (Four Days)

AFTER a person has built-up to the full doses of chlorine dioxide, it is necessary to ADD MSM to the protocol. It will take four days to build-up to full doses of MSM, then you are “off to the races,” meaning you are ready to begin the protocol.

For several reasons it is important to “build-up” to the therapeutic doses of MSM, but like the build-up of chlorine dioxide, the stomach is the main reason.

The full protocol will require taking supplements six times a day. The build-up will also require taking supplements six times a day, but the doses will be smaller.

Here is the build-up schedule for MSM:

NOTE: From now on, whenever you are taking Chlorine Dioxide AND MSM water at the same time, make the MSM water first, then add the chlorine dioxide directly to the MSM Water!! In other words, you will not be putting chlorine dioxide into purified water, but rather into MSM Water.


10:00 AM (e.g. 1000)
MSM – 2 TABLEspoon of MSM Water (NOT MSM Crystals or MSM Powder),
Add 4 to 6 ounces of purified water,
Add the (4 drops of) chlorine dioxide to the MSM Water before drinking

12:00 PM (e.g. 1200)
MSM – 3 TABLEspoons of MSM Water
Add 4 to 6 ounces of purified water,
Add the chlorine dioxide to the MSM Water before drinking

2:00 PM (e.g. 1400)
MSM – 4 TABLEspoon of MSM Water
Add 4 to 6 ounces of purified water,
Add the chlorine dioxide to the MSM Water before drinking


10:00 AM (e.g. 1000)
MSM – 2 TABLEspoon of MSM Water (NOT MSM Crystals or MSM Powder),
Add 4 to 6 ounces of purified water,
Add the (4 drops of) chlorine dioxide to the MSM Water before drinking

12:00 PM (e.g. 1200)
MSM – 4 TABLEspoons of MSM Water
Add 4 to 6 ounces of purified water,
Add the chlorine dioxide to the MSM Water before drinking

2:00 PM (e.g. 1400)
MSM – 6 TABLEspoon of MSM Water
Add 4 to 6 ounces of purified water,
Add the chlorine dioxide to the MSM Water before drinking

4:00 PM (e.g. 1600)
MSM – 8 TABLEspoon of MSM Water
Add 4 to 6 ounces of purified water,
Add the chlorine dioxide to the MSM Water before drinking

6:00 PM (e.g. 1800)
MSM – 10 TABLEspoon of MSM Water
Add 4 to 6 ounces of purified water,
Add the chlorine dioxide to the MSM Water before drinking

8:00 PM (e.g. 2000)
MSM – 10 TABLEspoon of MSM Water
Add 4 to 6 ounces of purified water,
Add the chlorine dioxide to the MSM Water before drinking


10:00 AM (e.g. 1000)
MSM – 6 TABLEspoon of MSM Water (NOT MSM Crystals or MSM Powder),
Add 4 to 6 ounces of purified water,
Add the chlorine dioxide to the MSM Water before drinking

Repeat the 10:00 AM doses until you have taken the protocol six times (as above).


Same as Day 2 except use 8 TABLEspoons of MSM Water instead of 6 TABLEspoon each time.


Same as Day 3 except use 10 TABLEspoons of MSM Water instead of 8 TABLEspoon each time.

The Actual Schedule and Doses of This Protocol

The schedule is the same every day:

(First Dose) 10:00 AM

MSM – 10 TABLEspoons of MSM Water (NOT MSM Crystals or MSM Powder)
Add 4 to 6 ounces of purified water,
Add the (4 drops of) chlorine dioxide to the MSM Water before drinking

(Second Dose) 12:00 PM (Noon)

Same as 10:00 AM

Then repeat this process at:

(Third Dose) 2:00 PM
(Fourth Dose) 4:00 PM
(Fifth Dose) 6:00 PM
(Sixth Dose) 8:00 PM

How Long Should the Treatment Be Taken?

This treatment can be taken indefinitely. Two months after starting this treatment (and for each two months the patient is on this treatment) the patient should take a blood or urine test to detect how many cancer cells are still in the body.

If the test score increases, discontinue this treatment and use a more proven alternative cancer treatment, such as the Cellect-Budwig protocol or the Photon Protocol (see sidebar).

In EITHER CASE, please notify me (see my email address below) every time you take a blood or urine test (see: “How Much Cancer Do You Have” on the left side-bar) and provide a short description of your case history. If the treatment is not working, I will be happy to recommend a stronger treatment for your situation.

The “Cancer Diet” For This Protocol

The “Cancer Diet” is a list of things that you should not eat or drink during this protocol. Since you are trying to kill microbes it is not good to eat or drink things that feed microbes!!

You should avoid all dairy products and as many sugar products as you can. In fact, any acidic food can feed microbes.

See this article for more information about a “cancer diet:”
The “Cancer Diet”

Support For This Protocol

Even though this is a new protocol, every individual piece of this protocol is well known in alternative medicine to be highly effective. If you decide to use this protocol the support is free. Please contact me at:
Webster Kehr email