Kelley Metabolic Treatment For Cancer

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This cancer protocol had a 93% cure rate on newly diagnosed cancer patients, even including pancreatic cancer and liver cancer. How could it be that successful? The Kelley enzymes strip the unique protein coating off of cancer cells so the immune system can identify and kill the cancer cells.

Dr. Kelley talked of the pancreas as being one of the main organs in defense of cancer. Why would he say that? The pancreas works with the liver to regulate insulin (a hormone) and it produces many enzymes (over 30) and some of them dissolve protein, such as those on the outside of cancer cells.

Dr. Kelley learned this perspective from the famous embryologist John Beard. The Scottish embryologist, John Beard, who worked at the University of Edinburgh at the turn of the century, first proposed in 1906 that pancreatic proteolytic enzymes, in addition to their well-known digestive function, represent the body’s main defense against cancer.

Dr. Kelley, and John Beard before him, believed to defeat cancer you don’t create some new method of defense that does not mimic the human body, you create a method of defense that acts LIKE the human body, and the body uses pancreatic proteolytic enzymes in the natural fight against cancer.

What makes enzymes function well in the body are trace minerals and hormone balance, so Dr. Kelley provided support for both in his program? Dr. Kelley always said you have to bring the body back to homeostasis; that does not entail large dosages of strange items being put into the body. What does he mean by that?

High dose vitamin C can disrupt enzyme function. That is why Dr. Kelley did not use high dose vitamin C. He did believe the body needed plant enzyme function, so he endorsed and recommended high dose juicing of specific vegetable combinations, and he worked to rebuild the glandular function of the body with glandular supplements, until the body could provide its own glandular support.

Dr. Kelley saw a close correlation between diabetes and cancer and treated both in a similar fashion. Anyone who came to Dr. Kelley with cancer often had diabetes, and both were cured with his program. Dr. Kelley believed you had to detox very aggressively. He believed you could not aggressively kill cancer cells in a body already full of toxins or you contributed to a state of cachexia.

So part of his program was an aggressive detox program, done in sequence, very carefully. He said you should wait six months before doing a gallbladder flush or you may put a patient into a healing crisis they cannot handle.

Important Warning

The Kelley Protocol is not just taking enzymes but is a complete program that evaluates all aspects of a person with metastatic disease like cancer. It should be combined with a major cancer treatment, generally the Cellect-Budwig protocol.

There are two vendors of the enzymes. Study both websites and pick one of them and remember that vendors cannot make medical claims:

Vendor #1 and consultant of the Kelley enzymes knows which ones to use and how to incorporate the enzymes without risk:
Dr. Kelley Enzymes (Dale Maxwell)

Vendor #2 is Wade Lightheart who has written a book on enzymes and sells the enzymes. This is his website:
MVP-Maximum Viral Power (Wade Lightheart)

Here is an interview between Ty Bollinger and Wade Lightheart:
Interview: Ty Bollinger and Wade Lightheart

Why would it be important to combine the enzymes with the Cellect-Budwig protocol? It should be clearly understood that the 93% cure rate of Dr. Kelley was on cancer patients who were newly diagnosed. Typically, the cure rate on cancer patients who have had significant chemotherapy, radiation and surgery is only half of the cure rate for newly diagnosed cancer patients!!

That is why the Kelley Protocol must be part of a complete protocol. If you cannot afford the enzymes and the Cellect-Budwig, then use the enzymes with the Dirt Cheap Protocol (See the left side-bar).

There is also a clinic which uses the Kelly protocol. The clinic is of a Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez.

Dr. Nick Gonzalez book, “One Man Alone” covers many of the worst stage 4 cancer patients Dr. Kelley helped cure with his program. The five years of study of the Dr. Kelley program convinced Dr. Gonzalez to follow the lead of Dr. Kelley which he does to this day.

Note: Dr. William D. Kelley died on January 30, 2005. His Metabolic Nutrition Group is still active, however.

Summary Comments

Dr. Kelley, and the current Dr. Kelley trained doctors are fond of saying, “if you have the will to live, the faith to survive, and the intelligence to think on your own, you have a good chance of survival with the Kelley program. Healing is not for the weak of heart or those with a lack of faith”.

Life Clinic (Kelley Protocol) in Hong Kong – This is a full service clinic specializing in Kelley

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