Individual Strong Stage III Treatments

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Individual “Strong Stage III” Treatments

(Less Advanced and Some Newly Diagnosed Patients)

Note: Some “newly diagnosed” cancer patients are actually “Stage IV”!!!

The “Strong Stage III” treatments are the next layer of potency among alternative cancer treatments. They are either not quite strong enough to be considered a “Stage IV” treatment or there is no telephone or clinic support for these treatments. These treatments are generally far easier to work with because they do not kill cancer cells fast enough to create a lot of swelling or inflammation, though there are exceptions.

Here is the current list of “Strong Stage III” treatments (in alphabetical order):

1) Amazon Factor Protocol (Graviola plus), [link to vendor below]
2) Bob Beck Protocol (Electromedicine) (*),
3) Brandt Grape Cure using carrot juice and beet juice, etc. instead of grapes (* Same as the “Raw Food Diet”),
4) Dr. Lorraine Day, M.D. Diet (*a carrot juice treatment),
5) Graviola plant products (*),
6) Johanna Budwig Flaxseed and Cottage Cheese Protocol (*),
7) Paw Paw plant products (a relative of graviola) (* with Graviola article),
8) PolyMVA (*),
9) Protocel or Cantron (*),
10) Raw Food Diet (* see Brandt Grape Cure using Carrots),
11) Robert Barefoot Calcium Protocol (*),
12) Robert Barefoot Cesium Chloride Protocol (* far different that the more potent cesium chloride treatments in the Stage IV section),
13) Transfer Point Beta Glucan (Buy from
14) Wheatgrass (Ann Wigmore) or barleygrass treatments (*),
15) Ultimate Simple Protocol

Someone familiar with alternative cancer treatments will immediately notice that neither laetrile (Vitamin B17) nor the Kelley Metabolic therapy are on either of the above lists. Both of these treatments are superb treatments, but because these two treatments depend so much on building the immune system, this site does not consider them to work fast enough for advanced cancer patients. Cancer patients who have not had a significant number of orthodox treatments, and who do not have particularly dangerous types of cancer, can usually use either of these treatments with great success. Unfortunately, recently diagnosed cancer patients who seek out alternative cancer treatments are rare.

Unlike the “Stage IV” treatments, the “Strong Stage III” treatment can be combined and in most cases should be combined.
Click: Article For Using Strong Stage III Treatments [English]
Click: Article For Using Strong Stage III Treatments [Russian]

“Strong Stage III” Cancer Treatments

Robert Barefoot Cesium Chloride Protocol [Powerful Stage III treatment]
Robert Barefoot Calcium Protocol (e.g. Coral Calcium) [Powerful Stage III treatment]
Protocel or Cantron [Powerful Stage III treatment]
Amazon Factor Protocol [Powerful Stage III treatment]
Graviola Tree and Paw Paw Tree [Paw Paw is a Powerful Stage III treatment]
Budwig Diet [Powerful Stage III]
Budwig Diet – The Ultimate Resource and Expert
Budwig Diet – The Bill Henderson Book
Brandt Grape Cure / Raw Food (using carrot juice, etc.) [Powerful Stage III] (English)
7 [RU]
Brandt Grape Cure / Raw Food (using carrot juice, etc.) [Powerful Stage III] (Russian)
Bob Beck Protocol (Electromedicine) [Powerful Stage III] (English)
8 [RU]
Bob Beck Protocol (Electromedicine) [Powerful Stage III] (Russian)
How to Make Colloidal Silver At Home
Dr. Lorraine Day, M.D. Diet/Treatment [Powerful Stage III treatment]
Raw Food Diets [Powerful Stage III treatment] (English)
10 [RU]
Raw Food Diets [Powerful Stage III treatment] (Russian)
Wheatgrass / Ann Wigmore (applies to barleygreens) [Powerful Stage III treatment]
PolyMVA [Powerful Stage III treatment]
Ultimate Simple Protocol [Powerful Stage III treatment]