Cancer Treatments For Children Under 18

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Treating the Cancer of Minors (Children under 18)

Pediatric oncology is probably the most rigid of the oncologic subspecialties.

Doctors who depart from standard protocols risk disciplinary investigations in spite of the fact that cure rates for natural medicine are 30 times higher than normal medicine.

State governments can also persecute any parent who refuses to use orthodox cancer treatments for their minor children.

Nowhere was this more evident than with Dr. Burzynski who use antineoplastons and had a proven cure rate for brain cancer of children much higher than orthodox treatments, but who was persecuted by the state of Texas and the FDA nevertheless:
Burzynski Protocol

There are a couple of directions the parents can take.

First, contact a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (a D.O.) and see if they will allow natural treatments to be integrated with their treatment.

Second, take your child to Mexico or some other country where medical doctors routinely use natural medicine. Many medical doctors who were trained in the U.S. have left the United States to practice medicine in a safer environment:
How To Find Information About Clinics Outside the U.S.