Urgent Warnings!!!

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There are several unrelated safety issues in alternative medicine that are very important to understand and everyone should thoroughly understand.

Urgent Warning #1: Dental Amalgam and Mercury Poisoning

Many cancer patients, and others who use alternative medicine, seek to have their dental amalgam removed in order to relieve a yeast infection, cure multiple sclerosis or for some other reason.

While this is a good idea it can also be a fatal decision if the dental amalgam is removed by a dentist who is not qualified to remove them.

NEVER, NEVER have your dental amalgam removed by a regular dentist. Doing this can cause far more harm than it can do good!!!

I have read too many horror stories of people who went to a regular dentist to have their dental amalgam removed. If it not done right you could end up dead or worse than dead.

ALWAYS go to a “biological dentist” or a “holistic dentist” who is trained specifically to remove dental amalgam.

You can tell if someone is a true biological dentist by asking two key questions:

  • First, ask if he (or she) uses a “rubber dam” to prevent mercury fragments from being swallowed.
  • Second, ask if he (or she) uses a “powerful vacuum tube” to prevent vaporized mercury from being inhaled. The vacuum tube should be at least 3 inches in diameter and should be placed on the chest a few inches from the mouth.

However, an even better suction device than one that sits on the chest is an “elephant trunk” tube which hangs from the ceiling. This is the ideal type of suction device.

It is critical to understand that if you use the wrong dentist, far more harm than good can come of the experience!!

You can find biological dentists by using a Google search such as (assuming you live in Missouri):
“biological dentist” Missouri

or do the search:
“holistic dentist” Missouri

Sometimes a website will exclusively use abbreviated state names, so you may need to use the abbreviated state name in your search.

Because the American Dental Association refuses to admit that mercury is toxic and dangerous, dentists who are concerned about their patient’s health are sometimes persecuted as much as medical doctors who use alternative cancer treatments.

To Remove Root Canals, Etc.

If you are going to have your root canals, cavitations, etc. worked on, not even a biological dentist is qualified to do this procedure!!!

See this chapter in a free eBook for more information about root canals, dental infections, etc. (and read the next chapter in this eBook as well):
Dental Cavitations, Root Canals, etc. – Part 1
Dental Cavitations, Root Canals, etc. – Part 2

Before and After You Go To Either Type of Dentist

Just before you go to the dentist (i.e. just before you leave your house) you should take 30 chlorella pills (one highly recommended brand of chlorella is Kyoto). The number “30” assumes you are taking small pills, such as made by Kyoto). Chlorella is a “chelating” item which attaches to, and removes from the body, mercury and other heavy metals.

Also, as soon as you leave the dentist office take another 30 chlorella pills.

The reason for doing this is just in case some of the mercury gets into the stomach or the brain (chlorella penetrates the BBB – Blood Brain Barrier).

Doing this is an added precaution. See the next warning about taking chelating items.

Obviously, if you know you got some mercury in your stomach or brain, then you would want to take more urgent issues. For example, if you know you swallowed a chunk of dental amalgam you want to induce vomiting as soon as possible. Trust me on this one, vomiting is a far, far preferred method of suffering to what you could expience from the chunk of mercury.

Urgent Warning #2: Do NOT Take Chelating Items For Too Long

Chelating items, such as chlorella, are absolutely critical in many situations, such as when having dental amalgam removed. However, when chelating bad metals it is possible some good minerals (needed by the body) will also be chelated.

Here is a vendor of Pure Body Extra Strength (spray), to chelate the blood, and Pure Body (liquid), to chelate the the colon:
My Touchstone Essentials

If you are on chelating items for more than a few days, it would be wise to supplement with minerals. Examples of good mineral supplements would be Vibe by Eniva and/or Live by.

Urgent Warning #3: Always Build-Up With Several Products

There are several items commonly used in alternative medicine which should ONLY be used AFTER a Several-Day Build-Up!! The reason is that these items can be hard on the stomach and cause diarrhea or vomiting if taken in too high of doses too quickly.

When building-up, if you experience any stomach discomfort do not increase the dose until you do not experience stomach discomfort. For example, stay on the current dose day after day until your stomach can handle the product at that dose!!

Always put these products in a four-ouce glass of water (nothing else) and take them at least five minutes after you have eaten a little bit of food (unless otherwise instructed to take on an empty stomach).

How do you take 1/2 drop of a liquid? To take a 1/2 drop, put one drop in a glass of water and then drink HALF of the glass.

The products which can cause stomach discomfort include:

  • 1a) Sodium Chlorite (i.e. MMS, Miracle Mineral Supplement or stabilized oxygen)
  • 1b) Build-up should start at 1/2 drop and increase by one drop until you get to recommended dose.
  • 2a) Chlorine Dioxide (which is made from sodium chlorite)
  • 2b) Build-up should start at 1/2 drop (i.e. 1/2 drop of sodium chlorite which is “activated” to 1/2 drop of chlorine dioxide – by definition) and increase by one drop until you get to recommended dose.
  • 3a) Hydrogen Peroxide (35% food grade) [Very Toxic]
  • 3b) Most likely you would first want make a bottle of 3% hydrogen peroxide (which is much, much safer to handle and use). To make 3% food grade H2O2 from 35% food grade H2O2, use a ratio of 1:10.5.
  • 3c) Put 1 TABLEspoon of 35% hydrogen peroxide into a glass jar and then put 10 1/2 TABLEspoons of distilled water into the glass jar and then mix them together
  • 3d) You then use the jar of 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide
  • 3e) Using the 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide, start the build-up at two drops (of course put them in at least 4 ounces of water), then build-up by two drops a day.
    See this article for more information:
    Hydrogen Peroxide Article
  • 4a) Electromedicine Protocols
  • 4b) Generally you can adjust the amount of electrical current with a dial. Start the dial at a low setting (e.g. 1/2 turn from off to maximum) on the first day. Then each day increase the dial setting so that it takes 5 days to get to the maximum electrical current.

As a GENERAL RULE, any treatment (e.g. ultraviolet light) that kills microbes should be “built-up” over a 4 or 5 day period. This is for two reasons. First, without a build-up it can cause Herxheimer’s Reaction and second, without a build-up, those things that pass through the stomach can cause stomach discomfort.

About Brain Fog

Sometimes while a person is on high doses of something that kills microbes they will get “brain fog.” Brain fog can be mild or very severe. Generally it is mild.

Brain fog is harmless but it can scare a patient to the point they stop their treatment. In fact, this is one reason it is so important to build-up.

Brain fog in this context is caused by toxins released by dead microbes. The more dead microbes, the higher the level of toxins and the greater the brain fog.

The brain communicates by electrical signals. When the toxins from dead microbes pass through the brain (as part of the circulatory system) they can disrupt the brain signaling.

If a person experiences brain fog they should stop their build-up (or even back-track) and drink lots of water.

Urgent Warning #4: Keeping Plastic Objects OUT of Your Automobile

For several weeks it seemed I got sick every time I got in my car. As it kept getting worse, and I thought about causes, one of my daughters suggested I analyze everything in my car and trunk.

It didn’t take long until I figured out what was causing me to be sick. I had a clear plastic storage bin in my car to hold my notebooks. When the sunlight hit that plastic, the toxic chemicals were released.

Like everyone else, my car windows are almost always closed. The toxic air just kept accumulating. No doubt the container, which I bought at Home Depot, had been made in China and was full of toxic chemicals.

Even if you leave a plastic water bottle in your car, the plastic can leech into the water.