The BioMat Protocol For Cancer

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The BioMat Protocol for Cancer

WARNING: The BioMat should NOT be used for any type of brain cancer. The BioMat works by heaing up cells and it is not good to heat up brain cells!!

The BioMat Protocol

The BioMat protocol consists of two BioMat devices. First, the BioMat ProMat, which currently costs $1,450. The other device is the BioMat MiniMat, which currently costs $550. Collectively, this is a $2,000 protocol.

You lay on top of the ProMat and you put the MiniMat on top of you. Thus you are surrounded by the two BioMat devices.

The BioMat uses infrared light to heat up cells. Most cells are not affected by this heat, but cancer cells are weak and may be killed by this level of heat. Thus, it can “target” cancer cells because cancer cells are weak.

See this video on YouTube:
You Tube Video: Cancer’s Last Stand

As the video states: “Hyperthermia allows the body’s enzymes to create chemical changes needed to maintain optimal health states.”

Cancer cells favor low body temperature (which means low oxygen levels and high acidity).

The point is that by increasing the body temperature the strength of your immune system increases because more enzymes are available.

The biomat “shines” infrared light through amethyst into your body. This raises your body temperature. After 40 minutes your body is able to maintain this heat for up to 8 hours.

The heat not only helps build the immune system, it leads to oxygen deprivation, which creates an acidic environment around the cancer cells. A two-degree increase in body temperature results in a 40% increase in immunity.

Because cancer cells are weak, and cannot regulate their temperature, heat above 109.4 degrees (Fahrenheit) will stimulate the death of the cancer cells.

Thus, by creating an environment where healthy cells can survive, but cancer cells cannot, this protocol actually targets cancer cells.

Dr. Yoshimizu’s free book, The Fourth Treatment for Medical Refugees: Thermotherapy in the New Century can be found on this page:
The Fourth Treatment For Medical Refugees

Whereas “hypothermia” (low body temperature) creates poor circulation, blood vessel constriction and reduces enzymatic activity; “hyperthermia” (high body temperature) creates good circulation, opens blood vessels and increases enzymatic activity. That is why, when you get the flu, for example, the body temperature rises.

Normal cells can handle 116.6 degrees, whereas cancer cells are compromised starting at 107.6 degrees.

Dr. Yoshimizu says: “We use this device to weaken cancer cells by heating up the body and reinforcing the immune system.” The protocol heats up tumor masses 40-60 minutes, once to three times a day!!”

NOTE: While on this protocol a person should drink adequate amounts of liquids.

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The company, and their representatives, of course, cannot make medical claims for their device, but the laws of cellular biology speak for themselves.

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