The Skilling-Kehr Protocol For Cancer

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This cancer treatment is by far the most potent cancer treatment on this website. It is literally like having a world-class natural medicine cancer clinic in your own home. In fact, it is better than many of the natural medicine clinics.

A family member, nurse or friend of the family should be designated to make sure this protocol is administered correctly.

It is effective even for those with very fast-spreading cancers or who are already very weak. However, its cost, either roughly $8,500 or $36,000, depending on which Photon device is purchased, prevents it from being commonly used.

But for advanced cancer patients who can afford it, this is the protocol to choose. It comes with expert support both from the Ed Skilling Institute and the Independent Cancer Research Foundation.

This protocol is a combination of the Photon Protocol of the Ed Skilling Institute and the Plasma-Beck Protocol of Webster Kehr.

You would not believe the synergy of these three protocols!!

In some cases you should not combine natural medicine treatments and in some cases you can and should combine protocols.

For example, you should NOT combine the Cellect-Budwig with the Bob Wright Protocol. It would not be good to combine two highly alkaline protocols as a person would have too much alkalinity.

Because the three protocols in this treatment include two highly alkaline protocols, the “Barefoot Calcium Protocol” in the Plasma-Beck Protocol is DROPPED in this Skilling-Kehr Protocol.

More will be said about this later in this article.

0) What To Do Today

Because it can take several weeks to obtain, and become proficient in using, all of the equipment and products in this protocol, a special article has been written on things you can do TODAY because many of the items can be purchased at a local grocery store:
What To Do Today

When the nutritional supplements in the Photon Protocol arrive and start to be used, the patient should DROP the Kelmun baking soda (or Barefoot Calcium pills) from being used!!

This is because a person should be on exactly one highly alkaline protocol at a time. Both the baking soda and the nutritional protocol in the Skilling protocol are highly alkaline, thus the patient should drop the baking soda when the nutritional parts of the Photon Protocol are obtained.

Let us look at what the combination of these protocols provides.

Links To The Key Protocols

Here are links to the two protocols:
Photon Protocol
Plasma-Beck Protocol

Actually, the Plasma-Beck is a combination of the High RF Frequency Device – Plasma and the Dirt Cheap Protocol. So a person should actually look at all of the items in the Dirt Cheap Protocol, especially the DMSO/CD protocol.
Dirt Cheap Protocol

This fine tuning is important.

1) Providing Alkalinity (To Slow Down the Spreading of Cancer)

Every believable cancer protocol has exactly one highly alkaline substance to slow down the spreading of the cancer to give the main treatments more time to work.

Thus, when combining two alkaline protocols you have to decide which alkaline protocol to use and which alkaline protocol to drop.

Because the Photon Protocol and the Plasma-Beck Protocol have alkaline substances, you should DROP the Barefoot Calcium Protocol from the Plasma-Beck Protocol because the Photon Protocol will have several alkaline supplements in it!!

Also, if a patient is using baking soda until the Photon Protocol nutritional protocol is started, they should stop taking the baking soda when the Photon Protocol items are obtained.

Note: the Lemon Juice and LIPH in the Plasma-Beck protocol are not considered “highly alkaline” protocols, thus they can be used with the Photon Protocol alkaline products.

2) Safely Kill Cancer Cells

In the Plasma-Beck, the “Six Lemons a Day” AND the Limu Juice AND the asparagus AND the Essiac Tea AND carrot juice are all targeting and killing cancer cells!!

But the main cancer cell killing machine is the supercharged immune system, to be discussed below.

3) Revert Cancer Cells Into Normal cells

If you haven’t read the “What Causes Cancer” article, you really should STUDY IT before reading this section:
What Causes Cancer

In the Plasma-Beck protocol, both the “High RF Frequency Protocol – plasma” AND the MSM/LIPH protocol AND the Aloe Arborescens protocol AND the honey protocols directly revert cancer cells into normal cells. The honey (the Aloe Arborescens product is half honey) acts as a Trojan Horse to get microbe-killing nutrients inside the cancer cells.

When you kill the microbes inside the cancer cells, the cancer cells will revert into normal cells.

If the cancer is localized and is just underneath the skin, the Ultraviolet Light protocol should also be used. This is mentioned in the Dirt Cheap Protocol (see the left side-bar).

4) Kill Microbes in the Organs (to Supercharge the Immune System)

As taught in the “What Causes Cancer” article, the main reason people have cancer is because microbes in the organs weaken the organs, which in turn weakens the immune system. When you weaken the immune system, the cancer cells can overpower the immune system and the person may be diagnosed with cancer.

The main way the Photon Protocol (by the Ed Skilling Institute) treats cancer successfully is by identifying the microbes which are weakening the organs and by identifying which organs are affected.

The Ed Skilling Institute does an analysis of which microbes are causing the immune system to be weak and they then design a nutritional protocol to kill these specific microbes so the immune system gets back to normal. The immune system can then deal with the cancer.

However, the High RF Frequency Generator with Plasma Ray Tube in the Plasma-Beck Protocol (i.e. the High RF Frequency Protocol – plasma) also targets and kills the microbes in the organs if you use the official ICRF (Independent Cancer Research Foundation) instructions for cancer.

Frequency Generators

The entire purpose of the High RF Frequency Generator with Plasma Ray Tube is to kill microbes inside the cancer cells, but it also kills microbes in the bloodstream and microbes in the organs if you follow the ICRF instructions.

It is very important to use a longer sweep with the High RF Frequency Generator with Plasma Ray Tube as this adds eight hours to the length of time it can be used.

The Plasma-Beck also has a liver flush, albeit a very generic liver flush. The liver flush in the Plasma-Beck would likely be a subset of the Photon Protocol nutritional protocol.

Redundancy is good because it creates synergy and there are plenty of tools in this protocol to get rid of microbes in the organs in order to supercharge the immune system.

5) Kill Microbes in the Bloodstream (to Supercharge the Immune System)

The Plasma-Beck Protocol includes the Bob Beck Protocol and High RF Frequency Generator with Plasma Ray Tube, which both kill microbes in the bloodstream. This also supercharges the immune system by itself!

When Bob Beck discovered how much the immune system was supercharged, just by killing the microbes in the bloodstream, he was shocked. No one had a clue how powerful the immune system could become by getting rid of the microbes in the bloodstream.

Thus, there are two treatments that kill microbes in the bloodstream to supercharge the immune system.

When you contact me for information about the High RF Frequency Generator with Plasma Ray Tube also ask for the Bob Beck articles. There is a surprise article I cannot mention.

6) Supplements to Build the Immune System

Note: the most effective product for immunity is now Beta Glucan by Transfer Point. This supplement has no competitor; it is truly revolutionary and I urge readers to take it,
even if they do not have Cancer.

The Plasma-Beck protocol includes the 4Life product: Transfer Factor Plus, which is a superb immune building supplement!! It includes multiple nutrients that supercharge the immune system, such as: Beta Glucans, Maitake Mushrooms and Shitake Mushrooms, Cordyceps, IP6, Beta Sitosterol, and Olive Leaf Extract.

In addition, I would add Turkey Tail Mushrooms to help build the immune system. See this YouTube video:
YouTube Video on Turkey Tail Mushrooms

7A) For Patients Who Are Already Weak (What To Do Today)

If the patient is very weak they should immediately contact the Ed Skilling Institute to find out if there is a Photon Genius near them that they can use on a per-visit fee basis.
Ed Skilling Institute

If there is NOT a Photon Genius near them, then they should try to find a Quantum Pulse near them. There are a lot more Quantum Pulse devices available to the public than Photon Geniuses. Here is how to find a Quantum Pulse near you:
Quantum Pulse

Even if the family purchases a Photon Genie, but not a Photon Genius or BioCharger, a weak cancer patient should continue to use either the Photon Genius or Quantum Pulse (owned by someone else), along with the Photon Genie, until they are strong.

7B) For Weak Cancer Patients (Electromedicine To Purchase)

A Photon Genie ($3,000 – purchase only) or a BioCharger ($10,000 – purchase only) or a Quantum Pulse (per-use fee only) or a Photon Genius ($25,000 – per use fee or purchase) is a critical part of this protocol. In fact, even if a person purchases a Photon Genius or BioCharger, it is also recommended they purchase a Photon Genie because it is a 24×7 device.

The Photon Genius energizes cells (e.g. for weak cancer patients), creates nitric oxide (which kills microbes), pumps the lymph system, and does many other things.

The Photon Genie also pumps the lymph system, energizes cells, kills some microbes, etc.

The Photon Genie is a 24×7 device. For example, the flat panel should be placed under the pillow or blanket that the cancer patient is sleeping on and it operates while the patient is sleeping. It can be used during the day as well.

While other protocols are killing microbes in the organs and bloodstream, the Photon devices exist to re-energize the cells which have been weakened by the microbes!!

For those who can afford it, both devices are recommended especially for weak cancer patients.

This website does not recommend purchasing a Quantum Pulse because it costs about the same as a Photon Genius, but does not have as many relevant features.

However, for those who can afford about $10,000, but not $25,000, a device called the BioCharger is recommended as it is very similar to a Quantum Pulse, but costs about half as much. It you purchase a BioCharger, the Photon Genie is optional, but recommended. Here is where to purchase a BioCharger:

Either Photon device requires a $1,500 consultation to identify the “root cause” of the cancer to make the electromedicine device more effective.

The Photon Protocol article, linked to above, has more information on these devices. A link to the Ed Skilling Institute was given in item 7A above.

7C) For Weak Cancer Patients (Nutritional Options)

For weak cancer patients, whether they purchase an electromedicine device or not, they should STUDY this article and pay close attention to all of the nutritional supplements (e.g. CellFood) which are available for weak cancer patients!!
Weak Cancer Patients (Study the Nutritional Items)


In summary, the Photon Protocol and Plasma-Beck Protocol are very synergistic protocols in several different ways!!

This is what these three protocols are doing:

1) Providing alkalinity to slow down the spreading of the cancer (only one highly alkaline protocol is allowed to be used at a time, thus only the Photon Protocol nutritional protocol is used for doing this),

2) Killing cancer cells directly in multiple different nutritional ways,

3) Reverting cancer cells into normal cells in multiple ways (e.g. by killing the microbes inside the cancer cells),

4) Killing microbes in the organs (e.g. liver, pancreas, etc.) in multiple ways, to help build the immune system,

5) Killing microbes in the bloodstream in multiple ways, to help build the immune system,

6) Provide a special supplement to provide nutrients for the the immune system,

7) Pumping the lymph system, energizing cells, etc.

8) Targeting large groups of cancer cells (including tumors) and reverting them into normal cells,

In summary, this protocol combines everything in the Photon Protocol with everything in the Plasma-Beck Protocol and in the OCC, except the “Barefoot Calcium Protocol” is dropped from the Plasma-Beck Protocol, as it would create too much alkalinity.

Contact Information For Support

The Photon Protocol is supported by the Ed Skilling Institute:
Ed Skilling Institute

The ICRF staff support the Plasma-Beck Protocol and the High RF Frequency Generator with Plasma Ray Tube

Just ask for information on purchasing Limu Juice, the “secret product” (which is part of the Plasma-Beck protocol), instructions for the High RF Frequency Generator with Plasma Ray Tube and more information about the Bob Beck Protocol and any other information you need.

The email of Webster Kehr is at:
Email of Webster Kehr