Inexpensive (Yet Potent) Cancer Treatments

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Inexpensive (Yet Potent) Cancer Treatments

This article is driven by the fact that 95% of the cancer patients who visit the Cancer Tutor website have already had extensive orthodox cancer treatments. Many of these people have spent their life-savings paying their “health” insurance company co-pays and have no money for alternative cancer treatments. This is why there is a need for alternative cancer treatments which are effective, yet very inexpensive.

Some of the treatments on this page cost less than $100, yet they are very effective!! This article contains information about alternative cancer treatments which are among the least expensive on earth. Actually, many of them are free. One costs about $3.00.

Even though these cancer treatments are very inexpensive, do not assume they are not effective. These treatments are a very significant part of the vast arsenal of cancer treatments every cancer patient should be familiar with.

For example, you will note in studying this website that many of the most potent cancer treatments contain at least one of these four items:
1) Cesium (e.g. cesium chloride), (very alkaline)
2) Baking Soda, Sodium Bicarbonate or NaHCO3 (very alkaline)
3) Calcium (e.g. Coral Calcium) (very alkaline),
4) Vitamin C

The treatments on this page are rich in these items!!

As a general rule, when you are using more than one alternative cancer treatment, take them at least an hour apart, if possible. Sometimes this is required.



If you are relying on inexpensive cancer treatments, you should understand that almost always you will need to use 3 or 4 of these treatments!!



You will become familiar with the names of the cancer protocols listed below as you become familiar with this article. However, some examples of special situations will be given on how to combine these treatments together.

First, you should understand that some treatments will interfere with other treatments!! For example, the DMSO – Vitamin C protocol will completely neutralize the DMSO – Chlorine Dioxide protocol. Thus, when you read the treatment specific articles (if there is one for the treatment), watch carefully for clues about what items will neutralize other items.

Yes, you have to do your homework. You essentially pay medical doctors to do your homework for you, but medical doctors are not allowed to cure people of cancer. Because you are reading this article it should be apparent that you cannot afford to hire someone else to do your homework for you. You need to get used to the fact you are going to have to do a lot of reading!!

Unless otherwise noted, there is a section on this web page for each alternative cancer treatment which is mentioned in this “combine” section

Combinations For When a Tumor is Involved (Some Swelling WOULD NOT BE DANGEROUS)

(NOTE: This section is for situations where some temporary swelling or inflammation of a tumor, by up to 50%, would NOT be dangerous.)

Not all alternative cancer treatments shrink tumors as quickly as other alternative cancer treatments. Here is a combination of inexpensive cancer treatments which may shrink tumors quickly:
1) Sister Mary Eymard Poydock, PhD Treatment (see below),
2) Honey and Ginger (see below),
3) DMSO – Chlorine Dioxide (see below),
4) Robert Barefoot Cesium Chloride Protocol (see below),
5) Cell Forte IP6 (Not listed in this article)

Combinations For When a Tumor is Involved (Swelling COULD BE DANGEROUS)

(NOTE: These treatments are not likely to cause any swelling or inflammation of tumors. However, for brain tumors which could be dangerous if they did swell, always have a steroid on hand to quickly reduce any swelling or inflammation and then STOP this treatment immediately!!)

Shrinking tumors quickly, without the risk of swelling and inflammation, is a paradox. To shrink tumors quickly you need to kill the cancer cells. But as the cancer cells are dying the immune system will “attack them” because the immune system sees that they are “sick.” This attack will cause inflammation and swelling.

The best thing you can do is to avoid killing cancer cells, which means you must revert them into normal cells. However, all of the treatments which do that are still experimental!!


WARNING: In other words, do NOT start these treatments with therapeutic doses, but rather at 1/10th a therapeutic dose. Over a period of two weeks, slowly build up to a therapeutic dose to make sure the protocol will not cause dangerous swelling or inflammation!!

The following protocols are recommended (see below for the DMSO protocols):
1) Heavy Vegetable Juicing (this is the MAIN treatment, so do it right!!)
Vegetable Juicing article
2) The Cancer Diet Cancer Diet article
3) DMSO – Chlorine Dioxide (separate/alternate these two DMSO treatments by three hours!!)
4) DMSO – Colloidal Silver (separate/alternate these two DMSO treatments by three hours!!)

Note: DMSO by itself helps reduce pain and swelling. The two DMSO treatments CANNOT kill cancer cells, rather they revert cancer cells into normal cells!!

Fast-Spreading Cancers (Swelling WOULD NOT BE DANGEROUS)

(NOTE: This section is for situations where some temporary swelling or inflammation of a tumor, by up to 50%, would NOT be dangerous.)

“The Cancer Diet” mentioned below is critical because it contains only alkaline foods and this type of diet is necessary to create an “inner terrain” which is hostile to cancer cells. It is also a low-glusose diet which will aid the DMSO – Vitamin C protocol.

Also, Vitamin C and ozone (an oxygen treatment) also create a hostile environment for fast-growing cancers.
1) Robert Barefoot Calcium Protocol (the MAIN treatment, see below),
2) The Cancer Diet Cancer Diet article
3) DMSO – Vitamin C (see below)
4) Ozonated Water (Not mentioned on this web page), see:
Ozonated Water article


The Cancer Diet (free, it replaces your food budget)

EVERY cancer treatment on the planet earth, REQUIRES a solid “cancer diet,” meaning a food and drink diet that does not feed your cancer cells and does not interfere with your alternative cancer treatment!!

Whether you pay $25,000 for a German cancer clinic, or use a $100 DMSO-based alternative cancer treatment, even if you kill or get rid of every cancer cell in your body, you need a good cancer diet.

A normal person has cancer cells form all the time. It is not a problem because their immune system handles the cancer cells routinely. But when the number of cancer cells grows too quickly, or the immune system is suppressed, the balance between new cancer cells and the immune system’s ability to kill them gets out of balance.

Thus, BY DEFINITION a cancer patient does not have a strong enough immune system to handle newly forming cancer cells.

On top of that, if a person has had orthodox cancer treatments, likely they don’t have an immune system at all!!

It is impossible to stress enough the importance of the cancer diet. You cannot continue to “feed” your cancer cells.

YOUR CANCER DIET MUST, MUST, MUST be part of your cancer treatment!!!!

If you doubt this fact, use Google to buy a copy of the movie: “Healing Cancer From the Inside Out.”

Unless you have a specific cancer diet in mind (in some cases your primary vendor will have a cancer diet for you), your cancer diet should be a combination of these two cancer diets:
Cancer Diet article
Vegetable Juicing article

The Most Potent of the Inexpensive Treatments (Select Several)

The Bill Henderson Protocol (Extremely Affordable!)

This treatment uses the Budwig Diet at its base, but adds a number of important supplements to it. If you buy Bill’s book (Beating Cancer Gently) you can get telephone support for a one-time fee of less than $200 (this is optional). This is a very superb cancer treatment and it contains its own cancer diet.
Bill Henderson Website

Bill Henderson Recommended Products for His Protocol

Immune System Supplementation

Cancer is largely a result of a “Defective” Immune System. If you have Cancer, something is wrong with your body’s NATURAL ability to eradicate cancer cells. The only product capable of replenishing / doubling (depending on dosage) Immune Response is Transfer Point’s Glucan 300®. While this product is often a part of many Alternative Treatments, clinical trials have shown it can be used alone with fantastic results. Beta Glucan is already a primary Natural Cancer Treatment in Asian countries.
For more information call Better Way Health at 800.746.7640: mention “The Cancer Tutor”

Brandt Grape Cure (free, replaces your food)

This treatment is free because the grapes replace your normal foods. Many people do not have access to pesticide-free red, purple or black grapes, but for those that do, this is a superb treatment:
Johanna Brandt Grape Cure

Dirt Cheap Protocol

This treatment, as its name implies, is very inexpensive. It includes electromedicine (the Bob Beck Protocol) and several of the other protocols on this page.

It essentially does your “homework” for you in putting together an inexpensive protocol.

Dirt Cheap Protocol

Frolov Oxygen Device (About $100)

A “breathing” device out of Russian has been shown to be very effective. It is called: Frolov’s Respiration Training Device.

What it does is create very, very small oxygen molecules which can reach deep into the capillaries.

You can use the link above to find one of these devices. However, please do not buy one of them out of curiosity. Buy it only if you need it because if too many are imported into the U.S. it might become difficult to import them.

Asparagus (For Those Who Are Not on Blood Thinners)

Asparagus has been shown over and over to be an excellent cancer treatment.

To use asparagus as a cancer treatment do the following:
1) Cook the asparagus,
2) Puree the asparagus,
3) Take FOUR TABLEspoons, TWICE a day

Note that the patient will take 8 tablespoons during the entire day.

Kelmun Protocol – Baking Soda and Maple Syrup (About $20 a month)

This is an alkaline protocol that works by killing microbes inside of cancer cells. See the “What Causes Cancer” article, on the left side-bar, to understand what I am talking about

In this protocol baking soda and maple syrup are heated together for 5 minutes. This binds the two substances together. It is a weak bond, but the protocol works so quickly that that is all that is needed.

When they are taken, the cancer cells eat the maple syrup because cancer cells consume 15 times more glucose than normal cells. However, as they do this the baking soda gets inside the cancer cells.

This is when the highly alkaline baking soda kills the microbes inside the cancer cells, thus reverting the cancer cells into normal cells.

See this article for more information:
Kelmun Protocol

NOTE: There is also a Molasses and Baking Soda protocol. Search YouTube for how to make this protocol.

Honey and Cinnamon Protocol (And Other Substances)

The Honey and Cinnamon protocol consists of four items (buy them from a health food store or Internet):
1) High quality honey, the darker the better (the honey should NOT be heat processed),
2) Cinnamon, hopefully from Vietnam or Cambodia, where they have the highest percentage of cinnamon oil,
3) “Cinnamon Bark,” an essential oil from Young Living,
4) “Sacred Frankincense,” an essential oil from Young Living

Three times a day, mix these things together and eat it:
1) One TABLEspoon of honey,
2) One TEAspoon of cinnamon,
3) Three of Four drops of “Cinnamon Bark” essential oil
4) Three or Four drops of “Sacred Frankincense” essential oil

The honey is both anti-cancer and acts to help get the cinnamon, cinnamon oil, etc. inside of the cancer cells, where they can kill the microbes inside the cancer cells, thus allowing the cancer cells to revert into normal cells.

Other Honey Protocols

As honey is a Trojan Horse to get microbe-killing substances inside of cancer cells, there are several very good honey protocols.

Every other day take 1 TEAspoon of honey with 1 TEAspoon of turmeric
Every other day take 1 TEAspoon of honey with 1 TEAspoon of ginger
The Ginger and Turmeric are alternated every other day

Here are more honey ideas:
Honey and Frankincense (“Sacred Frankincense” mentioned above)
Honey and Baking Soda (may help shrink tumors), no more than 1 TEAspoon a day of baking soda!!!
Honey and Coral Calcium
Honey and Colloidal Silver
Honey and Vitamin D3 powder or crushed
Honey and Vitamin C
Honey and Chlorine Dioxide (must use 50% citric acid)
Honey and Selenium
Honey and Zinc
Honey and Magnesium
Honey and Malic Acid
Honey and Key Anti-Cancer Herb(s) From Essiac Tea
Honey and anything else that kills microbes

MSM / LIPH Protocol (About $45 a month)

This is a new protocol that has incredible potential at curing cancer safely and inexpensively!!

It is a “homeopathic” protocol, but instead of using plants it uses silicon. The theory behind this protocol is outstanding and its results have also been outstanding. It is designed to revert cancer cells into normal cells.

While it is a new protocol, and not yet totally proven, it is absolutely safe and free technical support is provided by the Independent Cancer Research Foundation because of the potential of this protocol!!


See this article for more information:
MSM / LIPH Treatment For Cancer

MSM / Chlorine Dioxide ($75)

This treatment is somewhat similar to the DMSO – Chlorine Dioxide protocol but this protocol uses MSM instead of DMSO. At the molecular level, the main difference between DMSO and MSM is that MSM has an extra oxygen atom.
MSM Vendor
DMSO Vendor

MSM does not create as much sulphur body odor as DMSO thus it can be taken in higher doses than the DMSO protocol.

Here is the article:
MSM – Chlorine Dioxide Protocol

MSM / Vitamin C ($75)

This treatment is somewhat similar to the DMSO – Vitamin C protocol but this protocol uses MSM instead of DMSO.

Vitamin C is a microbe-killing substance (thus it may help revert cancer cells into normal cells) and may also target and kill cancer cells. The MSM is designed to help get the Vitamin C inside the cancer cells.
Vitamin C Vendor

Here is the article:
MSM – Vitamin C Protocol

MSM / Colloidal Silver (Up Front – $300)

As with other MSM protocols, this protocol uses MSM to get colloidal silver inside the cancer cells to kill the microbes and revert the cancer cells into normal cells.

There are numerous brands of colloidal silver. You can use any brand of colloidal silver you feel will work.

However, note that EVERY brand of colloidal silver uses a different “dose.” Some colloidal silver brands can use as much as a quart a day; others use quantities measured in TABLEspoons or TEAspoons and yet others are measured in drops. Be careful you do not use the wrong dose for the brand you choose.

Here is the article:
MSM – Colloidal Silver Protocol

MSM / Vitamin D3 ($100 per month)

This treatment uses MSM to get Vitamin D3 to where it is able to revert the cancer cells into normal cells.

The Vitamin D3 in this protocol can only be used indefinitely, but follow the safety instructions for the use of calcium.

Here is the article:
MSM – Vitamin D3 Protocol

Six Lemons a Day (Alkaline)

Perhaps the safest way to get alkalinity into the body is with lemon juice.

A person should freeze many lemons. Then take six of them a day and grate them.

The patient takes all six grated lemons every day!!

People have been cured of their cancer doing this, though as a cancer researcher I would certainly do other things as well that would not interfere with this protocol.

Hemp Oil

The Hemp Oil protocol for cancer has been around for several years and has been proven to be safe and effective.
Hemp Oil Vendor

This website uses the highly popular Rick Simpson protocol:
Hemp Oil Protocol

Black Cumin

This spice, Nigella sativa or Black Cumin or Black Seed, has been proven in many scientific studies to be very effective against cancer.
Black Cumin Vendor

This website uses the Maria Hurairah protocol:
Black Cumin Protocol

Omega Protocol

This protocol comes from the book: Better Health in 120 Days. It is a combination of omega 3 and omega 9, but without omega 6.

I should warn you that Carlson omega supplements do have omega 6, but they do not list the omega 6. I do not know which brands actually do not have any omega 6. An excellent protocol.

Brandt Grape Cure Using Vegetable Juices Instead of Grape Juices (free, replaces your food)

This treatment is also free because the vegetable juices replace your normal foods. See the Brandt Grape Cure article mentioned above, but use carrot-based vegetable juices instead of grapes:
Raw Food / Vegetable Juice Drinks

Oleander treatment (free + about $10 for the Tony Isaac book)

If you live in a state or country where the oleander plant grows wild, this treatment is free. The book that tells you how to make it costs about $10. It is a VERY potent treatment, but does take time to prepare the “oleander soup” correctly.

The online Yahoo health group “oleandersoup” has over 500 members including the man who devised the recipe for “oleander soup”, plus naturopaths who make the oleander extract and are familiar with it, experienced users, Tony Isaacs and a lady who probably makes more oleander extract than anyone this side of Marc Swanepoel (who formulated the OPC supplements).

See the very bottom of this web page to join the newsgroup:
Tony Isaacs Website (and his book)

Also, see this article:
Oleander Treatment For Cancer [English]
Oleander Treatment For Cancer [Russian]

Coconut Water

Coconut water is the water inside of “young coconuts,” which have not had their shell harden yet.

This product is amazing at getting rid of the symptoms and damage done by chemotherapy. It is an electrolyte, it oxygenates the blood, it restores the ANC count, white blood count, hemoglobin, and platelets, etc.

As if that weren’t enough, because it is an antimicrobial, it can also kill microbes inside of cancer cells and revert them into normal cells. In other words, it can be a cancer treatment!!

Generally you need to buy these “young coconuts” at health food stores, but some grocery stores may be able to obtain them.

Note: The coconut water that comes in a box will not work, you must use fresh “young coconuts” and extract the coconut water.

Wheatgrass Juice Protocol (free, plus juicer)

The Wheatgrass Juice Protocol is one of the oldest and most proven alternative cancer treatments. While wheatgrass contains many nutrients that contribute to the curing of cancer, many think it is the chlorophyll which is the main anti-cancer molecule. Chlorophyll has the ability to break down poisonous carbon dioxide and release free oxygen, meaning it is frequently considered one of the “oxygen treatments.”

However, wheatgrass fights cancer in many other ways. For example, let us consider abscisic acid, as one example. The hormone abscisic acid (ABA) is 40 times more potent 4 hours after cutting the wheatgrass than it is at the time of cutting. Dr. Livingston-Wheeler considered ABA the most important substance in her cancer vaccine.
Wheatgrass Growing Kits Vendor
Wheatgrass Juice Vender
Best Juicers

The bottom line is that this is an inexpensive and effective cancer treatment:
Wheatgrass Juice Protocol

Bob Beck Protocol (ONE TIME COST of between $250 and $800)

(This treatment is not for advanced cancer patients or cancer patients with a fast-growing cancer)

There is an up front cost to this electromedicine equipment, but the equipment can be used over and over again.

In many cases, the reason a person has cancer is that their immune system has been suppressed. Perhaps the main reason immune systems are suppressed (other than chemotherapy) is microbes. Microbes block the ability of the immune system to communicate and create neuropeptides (e.g. interferon).

The Bob Beck Protocol is one of the most potent of all cancer treatments, however, it cannot be used by a lot of people because they are on potent prescription drugs, so it is frequently not used until a patient is in remission and off of their potent prescription drugs.

If you buy the equipment, it costs about $800, but if you build it yourself, or have a friend build it, it is much cheaper. See:
Bob Beck Protocol

The Overnight Cure For Cancer (OCC)

This is no longer an inexpensive protocol, however, a person can pick and choose from among the inexpensive pieces of this protocol and still come up with a very good protocol.

This protocol was designed for people who could not digest foods, but in fact it can be used by any cancer patient.

This treatment is now a 30-day protocol and includes substances which are known to revert cancer cells into normal cells. For example, DMSO combined with chlorine dioxide is known to be an effective cancer treatment.

Go through the article with your budget in hand and use as many of the protocols as you can. To make your own Bob Beck equipment see the “Dirt Cheap Protocol” instructions.

Here is the article:
Overnight Cure For Cancer

DMSO – Chlorine Dioxide ($75)

This is part of the Overnight Cure For Cancer, just mentioned. It was proven to be effecive by the ICRF in 2005. That protocol used a TABLEspoon of DMSO, mixed with chlorine dioxide (5 or 6 drops of MMS, then activated, then mixed with DMSO), once every half-hour for 12 hours. That is 25 TABLEspoons of DMSO, which is well within a safe dose.

In its basic form, this treatment is as potent as the Bob Beck Protocol mentioned above, in that it cleans all microbes out of the bloodstream and thus helps build the immune system!!

However, this treatment tries to go one step further by adding DMSO in order to revert cancer cells into normal cells. It is actually safer to revert cancer cells into normal cells than to kill them.

While there is no doubt this protocol will build the immune system, one key question is how effective the chlorine dioxide and DMSO are at reverting cancer cells into normal cells. This question is critical for cancer because the microbes which cause cancer are inside the cancer cells!! This protocol has been very effective at treating cancer!!

For external tumors, this mixture should be put directly on the tumor. For tumors just below the skin, it should be put on the skin directly above the tumor.

Used twice a week, this protocol can be used indefinitely. Obviously it creates severe body odor which the patient cannot smell. There are some very serious safety warnings about handling DMSO.
DMSO Vendor

Here is the article on the ICRF website:
DMSO – Chlorine Dioxide Protocol

Protocel (About $75 a month)

(This treatment is not for advanced cancer patients or cancer patients with a fast-growing cancer. Also, this protocol cannot be combined with any treatment that uses DMSO, MSM or electromedicine.)

Protocel is an outstanding cancer treatment by itself. However, it is not potent enough for fast spreading cancers, such as glioblastomas. It can be combined with many other alternative cancer treatments, but not all. See this article:
Protocel or Cantron

Hydrogen Peroxide (about $35 – for 35% Food Grade)

This treatment requires you buy FOOD GRADE hydrogen peroxide. Use Google this way:

“food grade” “hydrogen peroxide” 35%

35% food grade hydrogen peroxide is VERY dangerous to handle. Keep away from children.

See this article for more details about hydrogen peroxide baths and a hydrogen peroxide oral treatment:
Hydrogen Peroxide Information
Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Vendor

Water Cure (Water and Salt)

This protocol is just as its name implies – water and salt. Obviously I would recommend iodized sea salt, not processed salt.

Cells must have water and this includes cancer cells. Thus, this protocol gets salt inside the cancer cells.

In this protocol, the microbes inside the cancer cells have nothing to “eat” except salt. This likely will kill the microbes inside the cancer cells and the cancer cells will revert into normal cells.

Of course I would see nothing wrong with adding colloidal silver and/or LIPH, since these two products also have no nutritional value for microbes and also kill microbes.

The key is that human cells are more resilient to a really bad “diet” than microbes are. Thus, the microbes will die off much faster than any human cells.

Put this into Google:
“water cure testimonials”

This protocol has some very good theory behind it, but pay attention to safety rules.

See this website for more information:
Water Cure Website

Robert Barefoot Calcium Protocol (includes Calcium and Cesium)

This treatment may have some upfront costs, but it is a highly proven treatment.

Article on this protocol

Robert Barefoot Cesium Chloride Protocol (includes Cesium and Calcium)

This treatment may have some upfront costs, but it is a highly proven treatment.

Article on this protocol

Shrink Tumors: Sister Mary Eymard Poydock, PhD Treatment (about $40)

If your cancer includes a significant tumor(s), include this protocol as part of your treatment.

This treatment is the result of decades of cancer research by Sister Mary Eymard Poydock, Ph.D., director of cancer research and former professor of biology at Mereyhurst College in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Twenty years of painstaking work by Sister Eymard and her associates have indicated that a combination of vitamins C and B12 have a powerful effect against tumors.

Sister Eymard stated: “We’ve got it down to a point now where, if you do it according to the ‘recipe,’ it will work every time.”

The “recipe” is a mixture of vitamins C and B12 (in a ratio of one part B12 to two parts C) near the site of the tumor transplant.

She also wanted to see if the C-B12 mixture would prolong the lives of animals already suffering from cancer. To find out, Sister Eymard and her colleagues injected the mixture near the cancerous growths of diseased mice for seven successive days.

Treated animals lived longer than those mice not given C and B12. In fact, all the treated mice outlived the control group. It appeared that the combination of C and B12 not only inhibits the growth of cancer cells, but also prolongs the lives of animals impregnated with cancer.

This treatment should not be used by itself, but it would be wise to combine this treatment with other treatments which allow antioxidants.

See also:
For More Information

Here is one highly recommended Vitamin C vendor:

Excellent Buffered Vitamin C Product

One rounded teaspoon contains 4 grams of absorbic acid and 700 mg of potassium ascorbate. As with all vitamin C products, keep this product out of the reach of children!! It can be very dangerous if very high doses are taken.

This is an excellent source of Vitamin B12 which is highly absorbed:

Wonderlabs Sublingual B12

Shrink Tumors: Ginger

This information came from an email I received. Take 6 TEAspoons of Ginger every day for three days.
Ginger Vendor

Every two weeks I would repeat as needed.

Dr. Matthias Rath Cellular Solution (includes Vitamin C)

(ONLY for cancers which are internal or external tissue-based)

This treatment does NOT apply to leukemia and other cancers of the blood. This is a treatment for when there is a mass of cancer cells.

Article on this protocol

Dr. Lorraine Day, M.D. Diet

This is a carrot-juice based treatment which was designed by a medical doctor who cured her own breast cancer.

Article on this protocol


Safe, But Still Experimental Treatments


Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc. (ICRF)

DMSO – Vitamin C (about $70)

Like all of the DMSO protocols, the DMSO in this protocol is used to “open up” the cancer cells so that substances which kill cancer cells (or kill the microbes inside the cancer cells) can get inside the cancer cells.

This protocol is designed to get vitamin C inside the cancer cells. As a worst case basis, the vitamin C in this protocol will, like chlorine dioxide, keep the blood free of microbes and will thus help build the immune system.

This treatment may cause some swelling and inflammation, thus it is not advised for those with tumors in dangerous locations (such as tumors in the brain or pancreas).

For external tumors, put this mixture directly on the tumor. For tumors near the skin, put this mixture on the skin directly above the tumor.

I would also use DMSO and Chlorine Dioxide for shrinking tumors in the same manner.

Here is an article on this protocol:
DMSO – Vitamin C

DMSO – Colloidal Silver (about $275)

This protocol is designed to get colloidal silver inside the cancer cells. As a worst case basis, the colloidal silver will keep the blood free of microbes and will thus help build the immune system.

This treatment will NOT cause any swelling and inflammation. Colloidal silver is actually healthy for cells, thus this protocol will not kill any cancer cells. However, microbes are easily killed by colloidal silver, thus the focus of this treatment is to get colloidal silver inside the cancer cells in order to kill the microbes and revert the cancer cells into normal cells.

Here is an article on this protocol:
DMSO – Colloidal Silver

Wheatgrass / Ultraviolet Light Therapy (free, except for juicer)

This is a modification of the above treatment which uses blood extraction. Instead of exposing blood to the ultraviolet light, chlorophyll (i.e. wheatgrass) is exposed to the ultraviolet light. In this case, the ultraviolet light can be the sun or a UV bulb.

The theory behind this protocol is that because chlorophyll is very similar to hemoglobin, that it too will “remember” the ultraviolet light frequencies when the cancer patient drinks the wheatgrass juice. The chlorophyll will hopefully enter into the cancer cells and kill the microbes inside the cancer cells. This, in turn, would revert the cancer cells into normal cells.

A special wheatgrass juicer may be needed for this protocol.

Here is the article:

Wheatgrass / Ultraviolet Light Therapy

Ultraviolet Light Therapy (UVA)

This protocol uses ultraviolet light to safely kill microbes in the bloodstream (much like the Bob Beck Protocol does), but it also kills microbes inside the cancer cells. Thus, it not only supercharges the immune system but reverts cancer cells into normal cells.

Here is a link to the article:
Ultraviolet Light Therapy


Treatments With Potential, But Less Evidence

Simoncini Treatment ($3 for the entire treatment) (Baking Soda)

(This is ONLY for certain kinds of cancer!!)

Very Important Note: USE ONLY baking soda which is stated to be “aluminum free” (e.g. Bob’s Red Mill Baking Soda, which is now called “All Natural”) OR is pharmaceutical grade baking soda.

This treatment was developed by an oncologist in Italy and uses Baking Soda. The rest of this section are general comments about the treatment sent to me by an associate of Dr. Simoncini:

For mouth, stomach, intestinal, rectal, oral cancers (if not infiltrated), they should take:
1st Week: 1 TEAspoon with glass of water in the morning and 1 in the evening,
2nd Week: 1 TEAspoon with glass of water at any time of day,
3rd Week: 1 TEAspoon with glass of water at any time of day.

The baking soda should NOT be used after the 3rd week, switch over to a different treatment for at least a month.

NOTE: In most cases the Simoncini treatment requires medical help in the form of injections or IVs. However, in the case of mouth, stomach, intestinal, rectal and oral cancer (which may include throat cancer) this highly effective treatment can be used by simply putting baking soda in a glass of water. TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY IF THIS APPLIES!! The “Vitamin C and Baking Soda” treatment discussed below will likely also help these kinds of cancer!!

Dr. Simoncini’s book is now available in English. See this website:

To Order Dr. Simoncini’s Book in English

Here is an article which links to other Simoncini websites:
A Short Article on Simoncini

It is also advised to drink a high quality Vitamin C product one hour after you drink the baking soda. For example, put a rounded tablespoon of vitamin C powder into 8 ounces of water, mix and drink one hour after you drink the baking soda.

Here is one highly recommended Vitamin C vendor:

Excellent Buffered Vitamin C Product

Flavonoid Cancer Treatment Protocol

This is a simple cancer treatment out of Europe. Flavonoids have been used in cancer treatments for several years, but this is the first protocol I have seen using them:

Here is the website:

Dandelion Root Treatment (free)

Probably everyone on earth has too many dandelions in their yard. Yet the root of this plant is a potent cancer treatment. However, it can be difficult to make. See this article:
Dandelion Root Cancer Treatment

Chelating Items – Zeolites and/or Vitamin C and/or Chlorella (includes Vitamin C)

There are several things that can severely suppress your immune system from functioning. One of them is microbes, mentioned above with regards to the Bob Beck Protocol.

However, another cause may be just as important – heavy metals. Heavy metals (i.e. dental amalgam, vaccinations, etc.) can severely suppress the immune system. Heavy metals are removed from the body by chelation. A chelating item is an item which binds to a heavy metal and carries it out of the body.

If your immune system is suppressed because of heavy metals three products may be exactly what you need.

First, is Vitamin C, mentioned elsewhere in this article. The maximum dose of Vitamin C you should take, without professional support, is 10 grams. And that includes ALL treatments which include Vitamin C!!

The advantage of Vitamin C is that it also can kill microbes. Thus, it can accomplish two things. Be sure to combine it with DMSO.

Another option is a product called zeolites. Unlike Vitamin C, this product is designed specifically to chelate heavy metals.

Here is a vendor of Pure Body Extra Strength (spray), to chelate the blood, and Pure Body (liquid), to chelate the the colon:
My Touchstone Essentials

The third product is a single-celled plant called chlorella. It is also a superb chelating item. Here is an article:
Article on Chlorella


Iodine was used in three of the most famous cancer treatments, the Hoxsey (potassium iodine), the Gerson and the Moerman. However, it has also been used by itself, no doubt with higher doses. This is a quote from an email I received:

  • “The dosage we were recommended was 10 drops of 7% iodine tincture in an 8-oz glass of water three times a day for the 1st day, going up a drop a day. They usually quit when they reach 30, 35, or 40 drops.

Some go back down the same way they went up and do not quit suddenly.

The woman who told me about it said the information she was given said you would have a clear feeling in your stomach when you had enough. She verified that she had experienced this as well. I’ve heard that the cancer disappears.”

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Here is another email I received, this one from a health practitioner:

  • “I use a urine test through Dr. Flechas’ lab to determine iodine deficiencies, though I’ve never varied the dose as your protocol suggests. The research Dr. Flechas, Dr. Brownstein and another Dr., Guy Abraham, shows that the body needs two kinds of iodine. Iodine, the I2 molecule, and iodide, the I- molecule. Different tissues in the body use different forms. Iodine, in addition to being used for making thyroid hormone, is used in the structure of hormone receptors on all cells for all hormones in the body. Iodine deficiencies can therefore result in less efficient hormonal communication in the body, and be a contributing cause or the root cause of hormonal resistance in hypothyroidism and diabetes.

The form of Iodine I’ve been using is a tablet form of the older Lugol’s iodine solution. Lugol’s was a liquid that combined Iodine and potassium iodide. It caused stomach upset in a fair number of patients, and dosage control was difficult. Iodoral is a tablet form of these same types of iodine, and is in a time-release matrix, which seems to eliminate the stomach upset side effects and makes dosage control easier.

I could easily see how cancer’s that are hormonally mediated could be helped by adding iodine. Breast, uterus, ovary and prostate cancers are all associated with iodine deficiencies. I test for iodine deficiencies in all cancer patients.”

Cancer Tutor’s Comment About Iodine

We have not personally recommended this treatment very much because it requires a knowledge of how to diagnose iodine toxicity. If you use this treatment, you need to work with someone familiar with iodine toxicity or buy the audio CD collection of Mike Vrentas (see the Cancer Treatment Support Books).

Dirt Poor Countries

There are some countries where the people are so poor that they will take anything to try to cure their cancer.

In these countries they may drink their own urine, drink non-petroleum kerosene or use sun gazing. The latter two items require expertise to safely use.

By no stretch of the imagination does the ICRF endorse any of these three treatments, but for those who cannot obtain or afford the other cancer treatments on this page, we include them for “completeness.”

Kerosene is actually made from pine tar, and is perfectly safe. However, we are concerned some manufacturers may add things to the kerosene, such as a petroleum product, so it cannot be taken orally and used for health purposes. Check the label of any kerosene you buy.

Here is an article on kerosene:
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