Some Good Advice For Cancer Patients Using Chemotherapy and/or Radiation

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Important Note: This article is mainly about how those on chemotherapy and radiation should handle their financial affairs. For information about how to MINIMIZE the damage of chemotherapy and radiation, see this article:

If Still on Chemotherapy

Modern Medical Ethics

I need to explain some key concepts about “modern medicine” which could be very relevant to those still on chemotherapy and/or radiation. These concepts are significant and may affect your chance of surviving your cancer. That is a big claim, but you will understand why after you read this article.

First of all, you should remember from the home page that the true 5-year cure rate of orthodox medicine is less than 3% (actually, about 2.1%). That is from Clinical Oncology (2004) 16: 549-560. Their “cure rate” hasn’t changed much, if any, since 2004. They hide their true cure rate by using clever terminology, such as by using the term “response,” which means nothing as far as long-term survival is concerned. Or they may use a 6-month cure rate, not a 5-year cure rate.

Also remember that the 5-year cure rate, on newly diagnosed cancer patients, of Dr. William D. Kelley, a dentist by training, was 90%. Dr. Kelley’s protocol is public information (it is in one of his books).

What this means is that orthodox medicine could easily have a 90% cure rate, yet orthodox medicine continues to use cancer treatments which yield a 3% cure rate. Why do you think they do that?

Johanna Brandt had a 100% cure rate in the 1930s. She was ignored by orthodox medicine even before chemotherapy was developed after World War II.

But the problem with orthodox medicine is not simply that they choose to use the most profitable treatments. Another key reason for their poor cure rate is that oncologists will treat a cancer patient long after they know the patient cannot survive their cancer!!

Remember, their poor cure rate is a “5-year cure rate,” meaning if a cancer patient lives 5-years and one month, and then dies, the patient is considered to have been cured!! To them, that was a success!! Even with this pathetic standard, their cure rate is still 3%!!

The standard for orthodox medicine is that an orthodox cancer treatment does not stop until the patient dies or runs out of money and insurance, whichever comes first. Let me say this another way: the patient is sent home when they are dead or broke!! Of course, that is not the way they would describe their practices.

Modern “medical ethics” should state that a cancer patient should be sent home as soon as orthodox medicine can no longer improve the quality of life or extend the length of life. In many cases, such as advanced pancreatic cancer, that would be the day they are diagnosed.

But in actual practice, as already mentioned, cancer patients are not sent home until they die or run out of money. The deciding factor has nothing to do with whether the patient can continue to benefit from the treatment, the deciding factor is based on family money or insurance money or death.

One of the consequences of this is that a great deal of damage is done to the patient because they are kept on their orthodox treatment for far longer than they ethically should be treated!!

Is there any evidence that oncologists treat cancer patients much longer than they should?

As one example, almost 20% of all cancer patients are still on chemotherapy when they die!! This is absolutely insane and is only the tip of the iceberg of the lack of ethics in “modern medicine”!! No one should be on chemotherapy when they die of cancer. They should have been sent home long before then to spend time with their family!!

Here is another example, the 5-year cure rate for pancreatic cancer is zero percent. The most worthless treatment on earth for pancreatic cancer is Whipple surgery. There is no honest evidence that this surgery provides any real positive difference in survival or quality of life. Yet, every day surgeons perform Whipple surgery on pancreatic cancer patients. And the list goes on and on.

My key point is that because of the practices of orthodox medicine, when a cancer patient is sent home to die they are usually broke. What this means is that they will not be able to afford the highly effective natural cancer treatments that can give them the only hope to save their life!!

In saying this I want to be honest and make it clear that it is very difficult, for several reasons, to cure someone who has been sent home to die by orthodox medicine. Understand that these patients likely had far more treatments than they should have had; the damage to their body is worse than it should have been; they have lost valuable time to treat their cancer with something that can actually help them; and so on.

Because of these things the “cure rate” of natural medicine experts, on cancer patients sent home to die, is probably in the range of 25% to 50%, depending on a number of factors. And these are the experts!! Compare that range with the cure rate of 90% for those who never had orthodox cancer treatments. Part of this difference is caused by the orthodox cancer treatments and part by the loss of time to treat the cancer.

Another reason few patients can afford the most potent natural medicine treatments is because health insurance will not pay for natural medicine. Health insurance is controlled by corrupt or just plain stupid state governments. ObamaCare obviously would not pay for natural medicine treatments as it seems every politician in Washington D.C. has sold out to Big Pharma.

Dealing With This Reality

From the patient’s perspective, the three key issues that determine their chances of survival, after they are sent home to die, are:

  1. How well do they do their homework in studying natural cancer treatments,
  2. How much money do they have to use the most effective treatments or clinics, and
  3. Which expert(s) do they choose to work with (i.e. which treatment(s) do they use), given their budget!!

The Photon Genius With Consultation will have the best results, especially if the patient is weak and it is combined with an alkaline and nutritional protocol, such as the Cellect-Budwig. This is because it can be used with chemotherapy and because it deals with the root cause of the cancer.

The Cellect-Budwig with the High RF Frequency Protocol – Plasma are in the next price tier. The Cesium Chloride with the electromedicine devices that can be used with that treatment, would be in the same price tier. And so on. But Cesium Chloride should not be used with either High RF Frequency device.

Here is my key point: I suggest that you purchase the best alternative medicine treatments and start using those treatments, or put them in the closet, while you still have the money!!

This does not mean you have to stop your orthodox cancer treatments (which I cannot legally recommend and in some cases it would not be good advice anyway), it just means that you use your money wisely while you still have your money.

Remember, if you survive your orthodox cancer treatment it was because you ran out of money or you were one of the 2.1% that survived.

To give you an idea of what natural medicine treatments cost, consider these numbers: the Photon Genius costs about $25,000 (though some clinics have them), the Photon Genie about $3,000, the High RF Frequency Protocol – Plasma about $4,600, the High RF Frequency Protocol – Contact is about $2,600, the Cellect-Budwig or Cesium Chloride about $6,000 (you cannot use both the Cellect-Budwig and Cesium Chloride treatments at the same time or even one after the other because they are both highly alkaline), and so on.

The cost of natural medicine clinics is all over the map, but frequently they are in the $25,000 range.

So the best natural medicine treatments are not cheap. You need to know that now!!

I have written an article on “Inexpensive Cancer Treatments” (see the left side-bar) because I know the reality of what is going on in medicine. I put a lot of focus on keeping that article up to date. The Brandt Grape Cure, as I have modified it, combined with the Frolov, are examples of how powerful some of the inexpensive cancer treatments can be. But for advanced cancer patients the more expensive protocols will generally do much better.

You cannot believe how many times I have had cancer patients email me and tell me they can’t afford even the moderately priced, yet very powerful, natural cancer treatments. For example, the Cellect-Budwig, even with the High RF Frequency Protocol – Plasma, is only about $11,000. With the Photon Genie it is still less than $9,000. But you would not believe the percentage of people that I deal with who cannot afford even $6,000 for the Cellect-Budwig or Cesium Chloride, and this after spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on orthodox medicine!!

So I would suggest you take my advice and either start buying (and using when you can) natural medicine treatments, or as a minimum set some money aside for natural medicine (either for future treatments or treatments that cannot be stored) while you still have some money left.

Give some money to a relative or highly trusted friend until you are sent home to die.

Article Last Updated: Feb 24, 2015