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About Alternative Cancer Treatment Clinics

Notice #1: If you want to see interviews with several of the doctors who run alternative cancer clinics around the world, a new movie (“Cancer is Curable Now!”) has such interviews.

The first half of this two-hour, professionally done movie, is mainly about nutrition and the importance of a strong mental attitude. These are very important subjects!! The second half of the movie includes interviews with several clinic practitioners and others. They discuss their treatments and cancer theory. This movie is excellent for its information and to convince skeptics about the power of Mother Nature:

Movie: Cancer is Curable Now!

Notice #2: Even if you use a clinic for your main cancer treatment, you will still need to use a home treatment when you get home. The reason is that it is impossible for a clinic to rebuild a person’s immune system in two or three weeks, among other things.

Most clinics will send a cancer patient home with a list of treatments to use at home. The “home treatments” mentioned on this Cancer Tutor website are far stronger than the clinic’s home treatment will be. This is because our home treatments were designed for people who have not gone to a clinic so they are very powerful.

The four most common examples of far more powerful home treatments are the Cellect-Budwig, , Cesium Chloride, Dirt Cheap Protocol or Photon Protocol (which includes the Dirt Cheap Protocol). See the left side-bar.

The important thing to remember is that if the “home treatment” of a clinic is used with one of the above 4 protocols, it is important to follow two key rules:

Rule #1) Use only one highly alkaline protocol per day (e.g. Cellect, Cesium Chloride, Baking Soda, high doses of green supplements, etc. are all highly alkaline). Thus, if the clinic includes a highly alkaline protocol use only one highly alkaline protocols (your choice).

Rule #2) If the patient is using the Budwig, no anti-oxidants should be used within 2 hours, on both sides, of the Budwig.

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Preventing Cancer From Coming Back

Notice #3: This website lists clinics from around the world. You would be amazed at how many countries allow some form of alternative medicine clinics:

Clinics Around the World

Notice #4: There is also a book you can buy called: Defeat Cancer by Connie Strasheim. This book lists 15 natural and/or integrative clinics and details the treatments they use.

See this webpage:
Defeat Cancer by Connie Strasheim (15 Clinics)

Notice #5: A service that is used to provide funds for those with terminal illnesses is available for cancer patients who are considered “terminal.” This service if not a loan and does not need to be paid back.

This is a critical service because it allows patients to afford the strongest of the alternative cancer treatments, whether home and/or clinic. In addition, the funds can be used to allow the family to spend high quality time with the patient or for any other reason!!

See this article for more information:
How To Fund A Treatment

Notice #6: “Health” insurance companies (i.e. they should be called “prescription drug” insurance companies) will gladly pay $350,000 for a cancer patient to use worthless orthodox treatments, but insurance companies will not pay $7,000 to $30,000 for an alternative cancer treatment which is 30 times more effective!!

However, an organization specializes in getting health insurance companies to work with those who choose alternative cancer treatments. They have helped many cancer patients who were treated for cancer around the world, including Germany, Mexico and the United States, and other countries. No matter what clinic you choose it is worth your time to do your research and find such an organization.

Resources To Pick the Best Alternative Cancer Clinic

German cancer clinics are allowed to use treatments which are effectively illegal in the United States because they cure cancer. Foremost among these is hyperthermia or EHT (Electro-Hyperthermia). This is an excellent treatment especially when it is combined with low-dose chemotherapy. Hyperthermia allows low-dose chemotherapy to target and kill the cancer cells, thus the chemotherapy does no harm to the patient.

German cancer clinics, which use alternative treatments, also use a host of other treatments. But the main advantage to going to Germany for treatment is the atmosphere in the clinics. It is like living in a “Bed and Breakfast” during the treatment. They take care of the “whole person,” including psychology, attitude, and especially the cancer.

Book: Best German Natural Clinics Info

Warning About Travel to Europe!!

Europe has been divided up into 4 different territories:
1) Schengen Area (EU)
2) Schengen Area (Non-EU)
3) Areas set to Implement later
4) EU states outside of Schengen (Ireland and United Kingdom)

The pharmaceutical industry has had a lot of influence in Europe to stop natural medicine. If you are going to travel to a clinic in Europe make sure you work with the clinic and know all of the absurd rules about travel in Europe, even for American citizens.

See also this excellent website:
More Information About Schengen

Book: Mexican Clinics

In past years the Mexican cancer clinics were not taken very seriously. Those days are over forever. Many of the Mexican cancer clinics are world-class (whether they use American or native doctors) and use treatments which are not used anywhere else in the world.

Book: Best Mexican Natural Clinics Info

Book: American Clinics (Certainly Not Complete)

There is also a book on alternative cancer clinics in the U.S. Because of FDA persecution and AMA persecution the American clinics are severely restricted in what treatments they can use. But make no mistake about it, some American clinics are world class.

Book: Best U.S. Natural Clinics Info

Clinics We Do NOT Endorse

There are several clinics, due to severe complaints by cancer patients or treatments that are not strong enough, that we do not endorse:
Bio Care Hospital and Wellness Center (Mexico)
Angeles Hospital (Mexico)
Hallwang Clinic (Germany)
Medical Center Cologne (Germany)
Frankfurt Johannes University (Germany)
Paracelsus Clinic (Switzerland)

All provided poor care and/or weak treatments and in some cases the key doctors were rarely at the clinic.

Liver Flushes

Cancer at the cellular level is caused by microbes inside the cancer cells, but cancer at the systemic level is caused by microbes and parasites in the organs which weaken the immune system.
Even if you use a clinic it is critical to do liver flushes before, during and/or after the clinic treatment (some clinics also do liver flushes).

See #3 and #4 in the Reference Manual (see the left side-bar) even if you use a clinic.

A Consultant Who is An Expert in Clinics

Particularly for those traveling outside of the United States, Frank Cousineau has been visiting cancer clinics for more than 30 years. Beyond a doubt he is the world’s leading expert on cancer clinics. He is the author or co-author of at least two books which focus on clinics. He does consultations to help cancer patients pick the best clinic for their situation. Here is his website:

Frank Cousineau – Consultant [Click: Contact Us]

Endorsed Alternative Medicine Clinics

Clinics [**] Highly Endorsed – [***] Recommended For Weak Patients
Lifetime Health [***] M.D., M.D. (H) – Insulin Potentiation, Photon Genius, Homeopathic – Weak Patients (AZ)
Dayspring Cancer Clinic [***] M.D., N.M.D. – Vitamin C I.V., GcMAF, Hyperthermia, PolyMVA, 3BP, PDP-5, etc. (Arizona)
Camelot Cancer Care [***] M.D. – High Dose DMSO/Vit C by I.V., UVBI, etc. (now in Mexico!!)
Nature Works Best [***] NMD (several) – I.V. DMSO, Vitamin C, Bicarbonate, etc. (Tempe, Arizona)
Integrative Medical Center [***] M.D., PhD – Dr. Berkson – LDN/ALA [Regenerates Damaged Liver] (New Mexico): YouTube Video
An Oasis of Healing [***] M.D. – IPT, Vitamin C I.V. etc. (Mesa, Arizona)
Integrative Medical Center [***] M.D. – Low Dose Naltrexone / ALA – Weak Patients (New Mexico)
Osage Natural Health [***] N.D. – Photon Genius, Ozone, etc. – Weak Patients (Arkansas)
Nicholas Gonzalez [***] M.D. – Pancreatic/Kelley Enzymes, Special Diets, etc. (New York)
Dr. David Cohens, N.D. [**] N.D. – Photon Genius, Genie, Omdamed, the New Biocharger, etc. (New York)
Dr. H.B. Gonzalez, M.D. [***] M.D. – IPT, Hyperthermia, Vitamin C I.V., Stem Cell, etc. (Mexico, near U.S. border)
Hope4Cancer [***] Rigvor protocol and other treatments (Tijuana, Mexico)
Priority Health [***] M.D. – Prostate, Breast, GI (North and South Carolina)
Natural Healing Center [***] D.C. – Photon Genius, Hyperbaric, High RF Freq., etc. (South Carolina)
EuroMed Foundation [***] M.D. – IPT, Hyperthermia, Ozone Steam, etc. (Phoenix, AZ)
Bicher Cancer Institute [***] M.D. – Hyperthermia, Radiation, etc. (California)
Hippocrates Health Institute [***] Wheatgrass Juice, Juicing, Living Foods (Florida)
Nevada Center [***] M.D. – Ozone, Hydrogen Peroxide, IPT, etc. (Carson City, Nevada)
Life Works Wellness Center [***] M.D. – IPT, Ozone, High Dose Vit. C, Pulsed Magnetic Field, etc. (Clearwater, FL)
Home For Health [** 1/2] High RF Frequency Generator (Amplified), Ozone (multiple methods), PolyMVA, etc. (Kentucky)
Gerson Institute [**] Original Gerson Clinic / Mexico or San Diego, California
IMS Health Spa [**] N.M.D. – High Dose Vit C, IPT, Silver, etc. (Georgia)
Enlightened Medicine Center [**] N.M.D. – Photon Genius/Genie, Botanical, IV Therapy (Cottonwood, AZ)
Riordan Clinic [**] M.D. – PolyMVA I.V., UVBI, High Dose Vit. C (Wichita, Kansas)
Mexican Clinics Website With Information on Multiple Clinics in Mexico – Mexico
Hyperthermia Society Long List of Hyperthermia Clinics Worldwide (Many in U.S.)
Site Individual Clinics — [*] Endorsed
Medicine of Hope [*] IPT, DMSO, Ozone I.V., H2O2 I.V., many other treatments (Mesa, Arizona)
Dr. Donato Perez Garcia [*] IPT, clinic of Dr. Donato Perez Garcia (Tijuana, Mexico)
Oasis of Hope [*] M.D. – Oasis of Hope – Ozone, Laetrile, etc. (Tijuana, Mexico)
Hallelujah Acres [*] Retreat for Raw Food / Greens Treatment (North Carolina, USA)
Reno Integrative Homeopathy and other approaches (Reno, Nevada)
Hawaii Gerson Therapy Gerson Therapy and other treatments – Hawaii
Roy Hansen, D.C. American doctor: ionized baths, ozone I.V., herbs, diet (Mexico)
Dr. Ricardo James, M.D. Multivitamin I.V., H.B.O.T., Beam Ray, etc. (Mexico)
Dr. Rowen and Dr. Su Two M.D.s that will work with you. They offer treatments (Santa Rosa, California)
Paul Stallone, N.M.D. Arizona Integrative Medical Ctr, ozone I.V., DMSO/H2O2, etc. (Scottsdale, AZ)
ITL Cancer Clinic Immuno-Augmentive Therapy (Cancer vaccines), etc. (Bahamas)
Immune Recovery Clinic Restoration of the immune function (Atlanta, Georgia, USA)
Immune Recovery and Wellness Immune building and other treatments (Tucson, Arizona, USA)
Rudolf Steiner Health Center Community Supported Anthroposophical Medicine (CSAM) (Michigan, USA)
Amazon Clinic Magnetic Meridian Cupping and Many Other Protocols (Amazon – Peru)
Robert B. Wickmen, DO, ND (no website) Nervous system, spine, plus cancer: Email: Rbw66_2000 (Yahoo email) – Ecuador
Site Individual Clinics — Outside the Americas
Hyperthermia, IPT, Galvanotherapy, etc. [***] Hyperthermia Hospital in Hannover – Germany
Biotherapy, Photodynamic, Vit. C I.V., Oncolytic Viruses, Hyperthermia, etc. [***] Dr. Thaller Praxix Clinic – Germany
Budwig Center [***] Budwig Protocol and other approaches – Spain
Dr. Herzog’s Special Hospital [**] Hyperthermia Hospital in Bad Salzhausen – Germany
Hope Clinic Wide range of treatments – Australia
Latvian Virotherapy Center Virotherapy – Rigvir in Latvia
Natural Therapy Center Natural Therapy Center (NTC) – Cyprus
Nihaw Akupunktur Klinik Traditional Chinese Medicine, High RF Frequency Generator / Plasma – Denmark
Nutrition Upgrade Clinic Kelley, Amino Acids, Detox, Mineral Support – Hong Kong
Kaqun (Oxygen) Therapy – Hungary Kaqun Clinic Shao Ling (China) oxygen therapy, both bath and drinks – Hungary
Mr. P. A. Deshpande India practitioner – Various wheat grass, aloe vera, etc. – India
Sibia Medical Centre Cytotron – Rotational Field Quantum Magnetic Resonance – India
The Cure Planet [*] Wide Variety of Western and Eastern Treatments – India
Dr. Chris Teo Various Herbal and Other Treatments – Malaysia
Ozone RHP Clinic Ozone RHP Clinic – Contact via linked website – Malaysia
Institute Santa Monica Wide range of treatments – Sweden – in Swedish
NutriTherapy NutriTherapy Clinic – Excellent Treatments – South Africa
Medicana International [*] IPT, DMSO, Hyperthermia, IV Vitamin C, etc. – Turkey
Osmanoglu Hastanesi [*] IPT, DMSO, Hyperthermia, IV Vitamin C, etc. – Turkey


Other Websites


NYAMPNew York Association of Naturopathic Physicians

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Cure Foundation Perhaps the Most Current List of Clinics Worldwide
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Cancer Control Society Bus Tours to Clinics in Tijuana (use Google to search for other tours)
Whale.To A Huge List of U.S. and Foreign Clinics
Life Extension Foundation List of Clinics by Type of Treatment
Site Associations
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