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Important Note

Most natural cancer treatments take 2 or 3 weeks to get started, by the time you buy everything and receive it.

This article is about a protocol you can start TODAY, and use until the main treatments arrive.

In most cases you can combine the temporary protocol with the permanent protocol, but there are two rules:
1) Only ONE highly alkaline protocol per day (e.g. Cellect, Baking Soda, Cesium Chloride, Calcium, etc. are all highly alkaline).
2) No anti-oxidants (and most items in the Dirt Cheap Protocol are anti-oxidants) within 3 hours, on both sides, of the Budwig, if you use the Cellect-Budwig protocol.

But before going to a health food store or grocery store, read this entire article!!


For advanced cancer patients, there are some things that can be purchased at a grocery store and/or health food store, to get them started on a treatment TODAY!!

If the patient is very advanced, the first thing they need is D-Ribose, Vitamin C and MSM. Advanced cancer patients are generally weak from lactic acid in the blood. D-Ribose and Vitamin C can both get past this lactic acid blockade and can get energy into the weak cells. MSM can also do that, but in addition it may help get rid of some of the lactic acid.

All of these things can be purchased at any health food store (body builders use D-Ribose all the time) and some grocery stores may have a health food section.

The dose for D-Ribose is unlimited, but start with 5 grams. Then in two hours take another 5 grams. Fifteen grams is a fairly common daily dose, but you can use more than that if desired.

For Vitamin C the stomach may limit how much can be taken. Start with one gram and slowly build up from there.

The dose for MSM is also unlimited. Just get as much as you can into the system. If you have a choice between the pill and crystal version of MSM, buy the crystal version.


Until the patient can get the alkaline items for their regular treatment (e.g. cesium, calcium, barley, etc.) they should use as many of the items in the Dirt Cheap Protocol as possible, especially the items in the Kelmun Protocol.

The key item in the Kelmun Protocol is baking soda. If you can get a natural brand, use it; but if not, use Arm and Hammer.

However, there are some modifications to the Kelmun Protocol, which is part of the Dirt Cheap Protocol.

First, the patient (if an adult of teenager) should follow the following schedule:

1) Day 1: Take FOUR TEAspoons of baking soda mixture (see the Kelmun Protocol for the definition of “mixture”),

2) Day 2: Take EIGHT TEAspoons of baking soda mixture,

3) Day 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7, take SIXTEEN TEAspoons of the baking soda mixuture (which would equate to 4 TEAspoons of actual baking soda),

4) Day 8 and until the regular treatment (alkaline portion) begins, drop back to taking FOUR TEAspoons a day of the baking soda mixture (which equates to 1 TEAspoon of baking soda).

In other words, the higher doses of baking soda and maple syrup only last for one week. At that point drop back to the standard doses in the Dirt Cheap Protocol until the alkaline part of the main treatment is started.

The Kelmun protocol is terminated when the alkalinity in the regular protocol begins or else too much alkalinity may result!!! You CAN continue to take the non-baking soda protocols, in the Dirt Cheap Protocol, in most cases.

The Other Items

The rest of the items in this “What To Do Today” protocol come from the Dirt Cheap Protocol, which not only includes many inexpensive treatment, but also some very potent treatments.

See this article and start this protocol TODAY!!

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