Treating Fast Spreading Cancers

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Introduction To Treating Fast Spreading Cancers

In about 2004, when we were only a couple of years into cancer research, a friend of one of our board members heard about someone who had a very fast-spreading type of cancer in the brain stem area. This lady was just diagnosed and only had two months to live. The board member was asked if we had anything that could deal with this type of cancer. At the time he had to admit we did not have anything that would work that quickly.

Today, if the same situation were to occur, we could name several cancer treatments that could easily deal with this type of cancer. In fact, one treatment was designed specifically for this situation – the Skilling-Kehr Protocol.

Since 2004, our understanding of what causes cancer and how it spreads is far greater than it used to be.

The Skilling-Kehr Protocol

The Skilling-Kehr protocol is the fastest-acting cancer treatment we have to offer. The reason is that it deals with all three aspects of the immune system (getting rid of the microbes in the organs, getting rid of the microbes in the bloodstream and dealing with the nutritional needs of the immune system).

But it does not just fix the immune system in three different ways. It also has several protocols that safely kill cancer cells. It also has several protocols that revert cancer cells into normal cells.

The Skilling-Kehr Protocol uses the Photon Protocol, meaning the Ed Skilling Institute protocol, and it uses the Plasma-Beck Protocol designed by Webster Kehr.

The Ed Skilling Institute does a consultation with the patient and then designs a custom nutritional protocol to get rid of the microbes in the organs. These microbes are the main reason a person has a weak immune system and they are also the main reason the person has cancer!!

The Photon Protocol, by itself, is a very superb cancer treatment.

The Plasma-Beck Protocol, on the other hand, focuses on getting rid of every type of microbe which is circulating in the bloodstream, plus it reverts many cancer cells into normal cells plus it safely kills many cancer cells.

The Skilling-Kehr Protocol uses all of the Plasma-Beck Protocol except for the Barefoot Calcium Protocol, which would be redundant with the alkaline substances in the Photon Protocol. Furthermore, too much alkalinity is not good for a cancer patient.

The High RF Frequency Protocol – Plasma gets rid of microbes in the lymph system, the bloodstream and other non-bloodstream microbes.

The Bob Beck Protocol also deals with microbes in the bloodstream, which supercharges the immune system.

By getting rid of all of these microbes the immune system becomes supercharged and creates many neuroproteins which can kill cancer cells.

But the Plasma-Beck also has several protocols that directly kill cancer cells and it has several protocols that revert cancer cells into normal cells by killing the microbes inside the cancer cells. See the “What Causes Cancer” article:
“What Causes Cancer” Article

The Skilling-Kehr protocol is also highly alkaline. The alkalinity comes mainly from the Photon Protocol, as the Barefoot Calcium Protocol is not allowed in this protocol as it would create too much alkalinity. Alkalinity slows down the spreading of the cancer.

In summary, this protocol slows down the spreading of the cancer with alkalinity, it has treatments to kill microbes in the organs, it has multiple treatments that kill the microbes in the bloodstream, it has elements to kill microbes inside the cancer cells (which reverts cancer cells into normal cells) and it has multiple protocols to directly kill cancer cells!!

Here is the Plasma-Beck Protocol:
Plasma Beck Protocol

What To ADD to the Skilling-Kehr Protocol For Fast-Spreading Cancers

In addition to the Skilling-Kehr protocol, DMSO and chlorine dioxide should be put on the skin above where the cancer is. This protocol will penetrate through the skin and seek out the cancer cells. It will help revert these cancer cells into normal cells.

Use the DMSO and chlorine dioxide portion of the Overnight Cure For Cancer (OCC) article, on this website, to learn how to use the DMSO and chlorine doxide SAFELY!!!

Here is the article:
Overnight Cure For Cancer

Support For Fast-Spreading Cancer

Support for the Photon Protocol comes from the Ed Skilling Institute and is included in the cost of a Photon Genie or Photon Genius.

Support for the other parts of this protocol come from me, Webster Kehr. I can also supply you with the instructions for how to use the High RF Frequency Protocol – Plasma (which is part of the Plasma-Beck Protocol) for cancer. My email address is:
Webster Kehr Email

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