The Plasma – Beck Protocol For Cancer Stage IV Protocol

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The Plasma-Beck Protocol

TREATMENT RATING: For those who clearly understand what causes cancer and how to cure cancer, this protocol is easily one of the most effective alternative cancer treatments on earth. It has several redundancies built into it to make sure the cancer cells are either killed or reverted into normal cells.

It also deals with supercharging the immune system and energizing non-cancerous cells, among other things.

However, for advanced cancer patients who have had extensive chemotherapy and radiation, and have only a short time to live, there are two major options.

First, the Cellect-Budwig with the High RF Frequency Generator and Plasma Tube Amplifier. See the left side-bar.

The second option is the Photon Protocol with an expensive Photon Genius or the less expensive Photon Genie.

For cancer patients who have not had a lot of chemotherapy and radiation, and have at least 4 months to live, they can start with this protocol.

Either way, the “Understanding Treating Cancer” article (see the left side-bar) can help you understand what to do about “buying time” and dealing with cachexia.

Important Notice

This protocol is essentially the Dirt Cheap Protocol with a required High RF Frequency Protocol – Plasma Amplifier, plus the Bob Beck Protocol (which is recommended but not required).

The Dirt Cheap Protocol article is kept up-to-date far better than this article so it is advisable to use the Dirt Cheap Protocol rather than this article. The High RF Frequency Protocol – Plasma is required if you use this protocol, but the Bob Beck Protocol is optional.

The Unlimited Power Protocol (see the left side-bar) is actually a supercharged version of the Dirt Cheap Protocol!! So it can be use in place of the Dirt Cheap Protocol in this article.

SUPPORT for this Stage IV protocol (the highest rating) is by cancer researcher (since 2002) Webster Kehr. There is no charge for the support. See the bottom of this web page for support information.

Introduction to the Plasma-Back Protocol

As a cancer researcher since 2002, and as someone who has worked with many thousands of cancer patients, I am occasionally asked what I would do if I got cancer. This protocol is essentially what I would do.

The main part of this treatment is the “electromedicine” part. When people hear the word “electromedicine” they think about radiation therapy. There is no way to compare the barbaric radiation therapy to these gentle protocols! Using these protocols the patient barely feels the devices are turned on!

The two electromedicine protocols come from two of the geniuses in medicine.

Dr. Bob Beck, PhD was a physicist who developed two electromedicine treatments that “attenuate” microbes in the bloodstream and lymph system. What “attenuate” means is that the protein shell on the outside of the microbes is broken off and the microbe is unable to breed. Thus, the microbes in the bloodstream simply die without being able to multiply.

What Dr. Beck discovered is that when the bloodstream is freed of the microbes that the immune system is supercharged beyond anyone’s previous understanding!! The immune system can then get rid of the cancer.

The other super-genius was Dr. Royal Rife, a microbiologist. Dr. Rife dealt with cancer at the cellular level by using electromedicine to kill microbes which were inside of the cancer cells. If you have not read the article: “What Causes Cancer,” you need to read that article (see the left side-bar for a link) to understand what causes cancer and why killing the microbes which are inside the cancer cells can actually cure cancer.

Rife’s theory and original equipment form the basis of the “High RF Frequency Generator” devices. The generator with the plasma ray tube amplifier is an authentic plasma “Rife Machine” (which are now called “frequency generators”) and is primarily used to kill microbes which are inside of the cancer cells. This allows cancer cells to revert into normal cells.

Because this device is more like a small radio tower (i.e. it broadcasts a signal in the air which goes more than 50 meters), though the patient should be within a few feet of the device, it can be used on ANY type of cancer, including bone cancer, myeloma, brain cancer, lymphoma, leukemia, colon cancer, liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, etc. etc. There is nowhere in the body this device cannot get!

But this protocol also includes a number of other protocols. Taken together, the Plasma-Beck protocol contains SEVERAL treatments (including the two electromedicine devices) which have cured cancer by themselves!!

This protocol is a combination of protocols by cancer researchers who know exactly what causes cancer and know multiple ways to get rid of cancer.

Also, unlike some of the other potent natural cancer treatments this treatment does not require coffee enemas because it includes Essiac Tea, which contains two herbs that clean the liver.

For those cancer patients who are already very weak, they should look at this article article:

Weak Cancer Patients

For those cancer patients who have “dangerous tumors” (which are tumors that could kill the patient by themselves, such as tumors inside the brain, inside the lungs, in the throat, etc.), they should look at this article:

Dangerous Tumors

The Concept of a Build-Up

When massive numbers of microbes are killed in the bloodstream, toxins are released by the microbes when they die. These toxins are in the bloodstream until liquids flush them out (note that 1/2 gallon of liquids are required every day). It is your choice as to which liquids to take except that distilled water is NOT allowed except when specifically required.

Some of these toxins get into the brain, especially if no build-up is used or an inadequate build-up is used. This does not cause any harm, but much of the “signaling” or “communications” in the brain is done by creating electrical signals. These electrical signals can be interrupted by the toxins released by dead microbes.

The phenomenon can create what is called “brain fog,” which means the person feels that there is part of their brain missing. We have seen cancer patients literally quit their natural cancer treatment because of the fear created by this issue.

The two main ways to avoid this distressing feeling (which is totally harmless) is to drink lots of water, and just as importantly, to “build-up” the protocols that kill microbes anywhere in the body.

A “build-up” means you start the protocol on Day 1 with a dose of perhaps 1/5th of a normal dose. On Day 2 use 2/5th of a normal dose, and so on. If it is an electromedicine device, use the power dial or “time” to determine the build-up.

Any treatment that kills microbes should start in this manner. Other protocols do not need a build-up.

A “build-up” is particularly important for the “High RF Frequency Protocol.” This device is capable of creating massive brain fog because it kills so many microbes. The instructions for using the device (send me an email and I will send tell you where to download the instructions) includes a build-up. It is critical to notice any reference to a “build-up” in the article and use it carefully.

The Bob Beck Protocol is another protocol that can kill a lot of microbes. In this case it is “time” that is built-up, meaning the time on a protocol is started out shorter than when the protocol is fully running.

So let us look at the individual parts of the Plasma-Beck protocol.

The Plasma-Beck Protocol

Note: If there is a (+) at the beginning of the treatment it means these are things that can be purchased locally and these treatments should be started TODAY. If there is a star (*) at the beginning of the treatment then it is a treatment which has cured cancer by itself. If there are two stars (**) then it means that two parts of the treatment have cured cancer by themselves.

#1) (*)(+) The Barefoot Calcium Protocol

Every cancer treatment on earth requires alkalinity to slow down the spread of cancer. Calcium provides that alkalinity.

The Barefoot Calcium Protocol is a superb cancer treatment by itself, so adding it to this protocol is consistent with my philosophy of combining several independent cancer treatments together into one “protocol.”

Note: The Dirt Cheap Protocol uses the Kelmun baking soda protocol for alkalinity. A person should only use one highly alkaline protocol per day. So the patient has the choice to use either the Kelmun baking soda or the Barefoot Calcium Protocol as the alkaline item in the Dirt Cheap Protocol.

The elements and doses for the Barefoot Calcium Protocol are in the article:
The Barefoot Calcium Protocol

#2) (*)(+) Six Lemons a Day (Alkaline)

Perhaps the safest way to get alkalinity into the body is with lemon juice.

A person should freeze many lemons. Then take six of them a day and grate them (including the skin).

The patient takes all six grated lemons every day!!

#3) (*) The High RF Frequency Generator with Plasma Amplifier

What causes cancer at the cellular level, in other words, what causes an individual cell to be cancerous?

It turns out that microbes (which are inside of the cancer cells) cause cancer at the cellular level. Yes, I said it is microbes, which are inside of the cancer cells, which cause cancer. However, these are not the dominant microbes which are in the bloodstream. The microbes that cause cancer live inside of cancer cells, although they can be found outside of cancer cells as well.

The point is that if you can kill the microbes inside the cancer cells, the cancer cells will revert into normal cells!

How in the world do you kill microbes which live inside of a cell? There are actually many ways, but one of the best ways is to use “electromedicine.”

Electromedicine can penetrate the cell membrane (assuming there is a powerful “carrier frequency”) and get to the microbes inside the cancer cells.

This was the precise way that Royal Rife cured cancer in the 1930s. Rife understood that microbes were causing the cells to become cancerous and that by killing these microbes the cancer cells would revert into normal cells.

We know this because his original frequency generators from the 1930s (i.e. Rife Machines) used two frequencies. One frequency was the frequency to kill microbes and the other frequency was a “carrier” frequency to get the first frequency inside the cancer cells to kill the microbes which were causing the cancer.

Actually, because of the “carrier frequency” the main microbe-killing frequencies blast right through the entire body, bones and all.

His protocol was 100% successful. However, it should be understood that he was treating cancer patients before the “discovery” of chemotherapy, thus his patients were not in as critical condition as modern patients. Nevertheless, modern replicas of the Rife Machine, using the latest technology, are doing very well helping today’s cancer patients!

WARNING: PAY VERY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THE “BUILD-UP” WHEN USING THE HIGH RF FREQUENCY GENERATOR AND PLASMA AMPLIFER. THE INSTRUCTIONS DESCRIBE THE “BUILD-UP.” Email me for the instructions (see the bottom of this page), or email the person whose email address is at the bottom of this article:

Frequency Generator Article

Note #1: Here is where you can purchase the ICRF “Research Model” High RF Frequency Generator and Plasma Tube Amplifier:

Copy and paste the above website address into your web browser. Go to the vendor’s website that sells the high RF frequency generator and oscillator amplifier which can broadcast  high RF frequencies using a plasma ray tube antenna. You’ll be able to see photographs of the generator and amplifiers including full specifications and pricing on their website.

Note #2: Electromedicine protocols should not be used at the same time as strong prescription drugs. This is because the electromedicine may allow these drugs to get inside of cells that they are not supposed to be in. In the case of time-released drugs this can be a serious problem if they are strong drugs. In the case of non time-released drugs, they should be taken at least two hours AFTER the electromedicine protocols are finished for the day.

Note #3: A High RF Frequency Generator device and a Bob Beck Protocol device should not be used at the same time, but can be used on the same days. The reason they cannot be used at the same time is that the High RF Frequency Generator devices are far more powerful than the Bob Beck device and will interfere with its signal.

#4) (*) Dr. Bob Beck Protocol (Only the Silver Pulser – aka Blood Purifier)

The average person does not have cancer, yet they have many, many microbes in their body. The late Dr. Bob Beck, a PhD in physics, quoting others, estimated the average person has two pounds of microbes in their body.

These microbes are now known to severely inhibit the immune system. It is absolutely astonishing that everyone on earth does not get diagnosed with cancer considering how much these microbes in the body suppress the immune system!!! You can thank Mother Nature for her miracles that the immune system can still be somewhat functional while living in a sea of microbes!

However, when the immune system is suppressed even more, or if there is something which creates an abnormally high number of cancer cells, the normal balance between the strength of the immune system and the number of cancer cells can get out of balance.

When that happens the person is destined to be diagnosed with cancer because the cancer cells will eventually overpower the immune system.

Thus, cancer is caused (at the systemic level) by an imbalance between the strength of the immune system and the number of cancer cells in the body

Three of the four items in the Bob Beck Protocol are accomplished by other things, so only the Blood Purifier (i.e. Silver Pulser if you purchase it from Sota Instruments) is necessary for this protocol. Just put it on the wrist for two hours a day.

Here is the main article, but remember the only thing you need is the Blood Purifier:

Bob Beck Protocol (Blood Purifier Only)

Here are many other aricles on the Bob Beck Protcool:

(Username = no Password = link)

No Link Directory

#5) (*) Limu Juice

Limu Juice contains seaweed extract. This seaweed extract includes a molecule called: fucoidan. Hundreds of scientific studies have identified fucoidan as being able to safely kill cancer cells. In fact, there are many testimonials about Limu Juice curing cancer by itself.

No one would drink straight seaweed so this product also has several other ingredients (mostly to mask the taste of seaweed). The ingredients include:

Reconstituted pure Tongan limu moui extract (seaweed), organic papaya puree, organic mango puree, pear juice concentrate, apple juice concentrate, etc.

The cost of a therapeutic dose (16 ounces a day) is about $125 a week. However, the daily 16 ounces should be spread out by taking several small doses spread throughout the day!

There is only one brand of Limu Juice that meets my specifications because they have the key patents on extracting fucoidan:

Limu Juice Article

I am not allowed to link to a vendor of this product, so you will have to email me to find a vendor. Also, in your email ask me about two pieces of this protocol I am not allowed to even mention on this website, much less link to a vendor. I will give you information about a Limu Juice vendor, the products I am not allowed to mention and vendors for the products I am not allowed to mention. My email address is at the bottom of this article, but you must mention you are on this protocol. I will also give you my telephone number.

#6) Eniva Vibe (Cell Energy and “Buy Time”)

Every superb cancer treatment needs a world-class vitamin and mineral supplement. For example, the Cellect-Budwig protocol uses Cellect.

For this protocol I chose Eniva Vibe in the orange/blue bottle. It is much easier to use than Cellect, does not require a coffee enema, is less expensive, and it is an absolutely superb vitamin and mineral supplement.

One of the things it can do is extend someone’s life (i.e. you “buy time,” meaning the patient lives longer using this protocol, which gives other treatments more time to become effective). By itself, Eniva Vibe has extended the lives of patients with only two weeks to live!

This product super-energizes the very weak non-cancerous cells. It is the best supplement for cancer patients I know of for working quickly and neutralizing the patient’s situation.

The dosage will be three TABLEspoons a day, taken one in the morning, one in the early afternoon and one in the evening. For very advanced cancer patients use an even higher dose for a few weeks.

You can purchase Vibe HERE

#7) (***) The “Secret Product” plus MSM/LIPH Protocol

LIPH (pronounced: “life”) is a homeopathic protocol that kills microbes. Homeopathic really implies “vibrating water.” Silicon is used to vibrate the water. This treatment has cured MRSA, which is a very dangerous bacterial disease.

Because LIPH is homeopathic (i.e. the body thinks it is nothing but water) this product will easily get inside of cancer cells and there is every reason to think that it will also kill microbes which are inside of the cancer cells. In fact, it has cured cancer by itself.

MSM (technically organic sulfur) helps get oxygen inside the cancer cells and oxygen can also kill the microbes inside the cancer cells. MSM has cured cancer by itself.

There is a “secret product,” which I am not allowed to mention on this website, which has also cured very advanced cancer by itself. It is very synergistic with the MSM/LIPH protocol as it is designed to get inside of cancer cells and it kills microbes inside the cancer cells – by itself.

Here is information about the “secret product”:
Username = no
Password = link
Information About Secret Product (2 a day)

Here is the article about MSM/LIPH:
MSM/LIPH Protocol

#8) (*)(+) Asparagus (For Those Who Are Not On Blood Thinners)

Asparagus has been shown over and over to be an excellent cancer treatment.

To use asparagus as a cancer treatment do the following:

1) Cook the asparagus,

2) Puree the asparagus,

3) Take FOUR TABLEspoons, TWICE a day

Note that the patient will take 8 tablespoons during the entire day.

#9) (*) Aloe Arborescens

Aloe Arborescens has been used in cancer treatments for many years. Discovered by a Catholic priest, this protocol started out in Brazil and has cured the cancer of many of the poor people.

This product consists of three components. First, the aloe arborescens plant. Second, honey. Third, a small amount of a substance to open the veins so the product can get deeper into the veins.

The formula has been well-proven and is public information for those who have the aged plant. But it is also sold as a pre-packaged product.

Aloe Arborescens Protocol

#10) (Immune Builder) Transfer Point

Transfer Point is probably the best immune building product available to cancer patients. It consists of very high quality Beta Glucans.

It is in this protocol to help the Bob Beck Protocol supercharge the immune system with nutrients specifically chosen for the immune system.

Use the doses as recommended by the manufacturer.

The recommended vendor for this product (due to support) is:

Transfer Point Beta-1, 3D Glucan Vendor

#11) (**)(+) The Honey Protocols

A “build-up” will definitely be required for this protocol.

EVERY DAY, 1 TEAspoon of cinnamon (prefer Vietnamese) mixed with 1 TEAspoon of honey (prefer dark).


1 TEAspoon of turmeric (or curcumin) with 1 TEAspoon of honey, alternative with:

1 TEAspoon of ginger with 1 TEAspoon of honey.

See these articles for more ideas for inexpensive treatments:

To Shrink Tumors (e.g. Poydock!!)

Inexpensive Protocols (e.g. Frolov and Omega Protocol)

#12) (*)(+) Carrot Juice, etc.

Carrot juice is well-known to be an excellent cancer treatment!! In fact, carrot juice, by itself, has cured many, many cancer patients, though I suspect some people added a little beet juice and other things to the carrot juice. I would add between 1 and 2 TEAspoons of beet juice, per eight ounces of carrot juice.

See this article:

Carrot Juice Protocol

#13) (*) Essiac Tea

Instead of a coffee enema to protect the liver, I chose Essiac Tea. Essiac Tea contains 4 herbs (though some formulas contain more than 4 herbs), two of which are designed to protect the liver. The other two target and kill cancer cells.

However, if the patient does become weak, due to stress on the liver (even if they take Essiac Tea), one or more coffee enemas a day may be needed. Contact me if this is the case.

While this item is here to protect the liver, Essiac Tea has cured many cancer patients by itself. Here is the article:

Essiac Tea

#14) (**)(+) Other Inexpensive Protocols

This is an article with more ideas for using inexpensive cancer treatments. For example, for those with tumors, there are protocols in this article for shrinking tumors.

See this article:

Inexpensive Cancer Treatments

The Frolov oxygen device is high recommended.

#15) (*) Deal With the “Root Cause” of the Cancer

Everyone has cancer cells in their body so why is one person diagnosed with cancer and another is not?

Normally, the reason is that one person has a weak immune system. So what can make an immune sytstem weak?

The most common cause is microbes that are in the organs. These microbes intercept glucose headed for the cells in the organs, excrete mycotoxins and do other things to weaken the organs and thus weaken the immune system.

When a person gets rid of these microbes the organs can re-energize themselves and the immune system can be made normal and the immune system can frequently get rid of the cancer by itself. Of course, many things in this Dirt Cheap Protocol also help the immune system do that!!

To get rid of these organs it is best to buy the book “The 31 Day Home Cancer Cure” by long-time cancer researcher Ty Bollinger.

To buy this book go to this web page (be sure to buy the right book!!):

Cancer Tutor Bookstore

Important Note: The Dirt Cheap Protocol

This Plasma-Beck protocol is actually a combination of the High RF Frequency Plasma Amplifer  and the Dirt Cheap Protocol. Because the Dirt Cheap Protocol is frequently changed it would be advisable to actually INCLUDE the Dirt Cheap Protocol in the Plasma-Beck protocol – but to eliminate redundancy.

For example, the DMSO/CD protocol is a superb cancer treatment in the Dirt Cheap Protocol. Here is the article:

Dirt Cheap Protocol

#16) The “Cancer Diet”

The “Cancer Diet” is a list of things that you should not eat or drink during this protocol. Since you are trying to kill microbes, or revert them into normal cells, it is not good to eat or drink things that feed microbes!

You should avoid all dairy products and as many sugar products as you can. In fact, any acidic food can “feed” microbes.

See this article for more information about a “cancer diet”:
The “Cancer Diet”

Supercharge This Protocol

For those who really want to survive their cancer they can add any or all of these three major cancer treatments.

1) Here is a link to the Kelley Metabolic Protocol which had a 93% cure rate by itself on newly diagnosed cancer patients:
Kelley Metabolic Protocol

2) Here is a link to the Dr. Binzel / Laetrile Protocol, which had an 81% cure rate by itself on newly diagnosed cancer patients:
Binzel / Laetrile / Apricot Seed Protocol

3) Here is a link to the Brandt-Grape Cure which had a 100% cure rate on newly diagnosed cancer patients:
Brandt Grape Cure

Note: Garlic should NEVER be used as an immune builder or for any other use. Not only is it forbidden for use with the Bob Beck Protocol but it kills brain cells so it should not be used by humans for any use. Ditto for any plants in the same family as garlic.

How To Determine If This Protocol is Working

Because this is an inexpensive protocol, and because many cancer patients, even those with dangerous cancers, use this protocol, it is important to know if the cancer treatment is working. This is easy to do.

First, go to this website and use one of the two methods to get an accurate measure of how much cancer you have:

How Much Cancer Do You Have

Second, several weeks later (depending on your comfort level) take the test again from the same vendor.

If the amount of cancer has stayed the same or gone up, then you will need to switch to a different protocol (assuming you have been using all of the items in this protocol).

If the amount of cancer has gone down, then stay on this protocol.

Either way, please email me both scores (see below).

Support for This Protocol

Even though every individual piece of this protocol is well known in alternative medicine to be highly effective. If you decide to use this protocol the support is free. Please contact me at:

Webster Kehr Email

I will be happy to email you my telephone number and we can talk by telephone.

FDA and ICRF Disclaimer

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