For Cancer Patients Who Cannot Eat Whole Foods

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Safety Warning!!!

If a person’s digestive tract is already COMPLETELY blocked, they should immediately stop all alternative cancer treatments until the situation is completely resolved by the medical profession. Do not depend on alternative cancer treatments to reverse existing blockages.

If a person’s digestive tract is PARTIALLY blocked by a tumor or other obstruction, then they should be careful not to use an alternative cancer treatment which will increase swelling or inflammation in the colon. Some alternative cancer treatments can cause tumors to temporary swell by up to 50%.

For Cancer Patients Who Cannot Eat Whole Foods

This article is for cancer patients who have had severe damage to their digestive tract, jaw, or for any other reason cannot eat whole foods. Many of these cancer patients:

  • Cannot eat whole foods, or
  • Their digestive tract cannot absorb the nutrients in the foods they can eat, or
  • They are fed through a feeding tube of some kind, or
  • They are fed through an I.V.

In days past there were very limited choices for cancer patients who could not eat and/or digest foods. However, today the reader would be amazed at the number of highly potent cancer treatments available to those who cannot eat whole foods!!

Today, when someone says a cancer patient cannot eat whole foods, it is possible to put together a treatment as potent as any that requires eating whole foods!!

Some of the items in this article will apply to all cancer patients!! However, some of the items in this article will not apply to every situation.

If you are on a feeding tube or an I.V., check with your doctor or nurse as to which of these substances can actually be used in your situation. Some things, such as the hydrogen peroxide bath, the essential oils, etc. can be applied directly to the skin and do not require a feeding tube or an I.V.

Today’s treatments which can be used by advanced cancer patients who cannot eat whole foods fall into one of five categories:

  1. liquid (most of which can be put in an I.V.),
  2. thick liquid (liquid but not thin enough for an I.V. – e.g. carrot juice),
  3. electromedicine,
  4. ultraviolet light,
  5. transdermal (e.g. hydrogen peroxide baths or DMSO protocols)

In addition to everything on this page, also see #7 in the Reference Manual. The Reference Manual is updated more often than this article so it will always be more up-to-date:
Reference Manual (see #7)

Use Your Imagination When Eating

Many of the things in the “cancer diet” can be juiced. The list of protocols which can be put together for juicing cannot be made exhaustive because human innovation knows no limits. Here is the “cancer diet” article, meaning the foods which can and cannot be eaten by cancer patients:
The “Cancer Diet”

The keys to innovation are to understand the following:

  • Can the substance but mixed in or blended in with a liquid,
  • Can the substance be absorbed by the skin,
  • Can the substance be inhaled (an essential oil, for example),
  • Can the substance be put in an I.V.,
  • and so on.

Since most people in this situation are Stage IV patients, I would recommend after reading this web page that they go to my Stage IV article and let their imagination run wild.
“Stage IV” alternative cancer treatment

Major Treatments Which are Primarily Liquid or Electromedicine

Cesium Chloride [with Rubidium and Potassium]

The key parts of the cesium chloride cancer protocol, with rubidium and potassium, are things that can be taken as liquids. In fact they can be taken transdermally (i.e. through the skin). Since the key nutrients are ionic liquids, they can be taken through an I.V. or feeding tube.

One thing to note is that the frequency generator (mentioned next) and cesium chloride protocols cannot be used together. This means you will have to decide which protocol to use because only one of them at a time can be used.

One reason this protocol is listed first is that the major vendor of the products provides free telephone support to the patient and/or caregiver.

Since this is a major cancer treatment which has been around for more than 30 years, there is a special article on this protocol:
Cesium Chloride / Alkaline Protocol

Frequency Generators [Electromedicine]

A major problem with not being able to eat is that key nutrients and supplements may not be able to be taken in high enough volumes for the treatment of cancer. When a cancer patient cannot eat whole foods, the ability to get rid of cancer cells must go beyond or outside of what the patient can eat or drink. A key answer to their dire situation is go outside of the body and use electromedicine to safely get rid of cancer cells.

The correct electromedicine device and protocol can revert cancer cells into normal cells by killing the microbes inside the cancer cells (note: it has been known for more than 100 years that cancer was caused by a very special pleomorphic microbe which lives inside of cancer cells).

The most commonly used electromedicine device for cancer is a “frequency generator.” The original “Rife Machine,” which Dr. Royal Rife himself invented, was a frequency generator. Some modern day frequency generators are far superior to the original Rife frequency generator. Scientists have now been able to replicate the Rife technology.

A special article on frequency generators has been written:
Frequency Generator Article

Cellect-Budwig (Thick Liquid)

This is one of the most potent of the alternative cancer treatments, by itself. However, much of the highly potent Cellect-Budwig protocol can be used by cancer patients who cannot eat. In fact, Cellect itself can be taken by someone who cannot eat, but may not be able to be used by someone on a feeding tube and definitely not by someone fed by an I.V.

Here is a web page which provides information on this protocol:
Cellect Budwig Protocol

Here is an article which uses the Cellect-Budwig protocol as its base protocol, but adds several other liquid protocols. This article shows how to put together a complete protocol, though all of the products cannot be used by someone who cannot eat:
Cellect Budwig – Complete Protocol

Other Treatments/Supplements Which are Primarily Liquid

Limu Juice

Limu juice is not only a superb protector of non-cancerous cells, it also contains a molecule which kills cancer cells!! Sixteen ounces of Limu juice a day is considered a cancer treatment by itself.

Here is an article with more information and a link to a vendor:
Limu Juice – Information and Vendor

Live (liquid supplement by Nuriche)

This superb liquid natural supplement is highly recommended by this website because it is not heat processed, thus all of the natural enzymes are still in the product. Live is a powder that is mixed into a liquid.

With Live as the primary liquid supplement, you can go online and find other vendors of liquid vitamin and liquid mineral supplements, such as Vibe by Eniva. The dose of Live should be built-up quickly, depending on the situation. Here is a vendor:

Aloe Arborescens

This aloe protocol has been used in Brazil for many years. The treatment then went over to Europe and has now reached the United States.

For all but the most advanced cancer patients, it is a superb cancer treatment by itself. For an advanced cancer patient, it should be a supplemental protocol for every alternative cancer treatment.

See this article for more information:
Aloe Arborescens

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide can be taken one of two ways. First, it can be taken as a supplement. For example, between 8 and 16 drops of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide, placed in purified water, three times a day, is a treatment for cancer.

However, taking hydrogen peroxide in this manner can be hard on the stomach, so a cancer patient needs to slowly build-up to therapeutic doses.

The other way to take hydrogen peroxide is in a hot bath.

Another oxygen treatment is HBOT, or Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. This is not considered a cancer treatment, but it is an excellent way to slow down the spread of cancer. Cancer cannot spread very well in a highly oxygen or highly alkaline environment. HBOT requires a licensed professional with the right equipment. Do a Google search using: HBOT and the name of your state or city.

Further information on hydrogen peroxide can be found in this article:
Hydrogen Peroxide information

Dealing With Cachexia (the Lactic Acid Cycle)

Hydrazine Sulphate

Hydrazine sulphate (also spelled: hydrazine sulfate) is by far the premiere treatment for cachexia. Cachexia is the lactic acid cycle whereby:

  • cancer cells create lactic acid from glucose, which goes into the blood and
  • the liver converts lactic acid into glucose which goes into the blood.

While this cycle may seem harmless, this cycle consumes a massive amount of energy and literally kills about half of all cancer patients!! Hydrazine sulfate blocks the cycle at the liver. Cesium chloride can stop the cycle at the cancer cells.

The only bad news with regards to liquid hydrazine sulfate is that there are many very strict safety rules about its safe use.

The prime vendor of this product is Essense of Life, which is also the cesium chloride vendor. It is a very high quality liquid product. Here is an article on the safe use of hydrazine sulfate and how to obtain it:
Article on Hydrazine Sulfate


Advanced cancer patients who cannot eat almost always have advanced cases of cachexia, meaning the lactic acid cycle. Not only is the cycle itself deadly, but the lactic acid blocks many nutrients from reaching the non-cancerous cells.

D-Ribose is used by body-builders who have lactic acid buildup in their muscles. D-Ribose can get energy to cells which are robbed of energy by the lactic acid blockade.

D-Ribose is available at most health food stores and is required for advanced cancer patients. If in pill form, it may need to be crushed and put into liquid form.


MSM is another cancer treatment which helps cancer patients which cachexia. However, MSM will actually help any cancer patient because it is considered one of the “oxygen” protocols which help stop the spreading of cancer. Molecule for molecule it contains twice as much oxygen as hydrogen peroxide.

MSM also helps control the lactic acid itself. Every advanced cancer patient should build up to taking 5 to 10 grams of MSM water per day. Here are instructions on how to make MSM water:
How to Make MSM Water


Liquid laetrile, high dose Vitamin C, hydrogen peroxide and ozone injection bottle treatments are commonly used with I.V.s in clinics. Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT) is also commonly used at clinics.

In Germany and to a lesser extent in Mexico, hyperthermia is another choice which can be used by those who cannot eat.

Ultra high doses of Vitamin C can be given by I.V. Here is a clinic that may still do high dose vitamin C I.V.s:

Laetrile is actually more effective if it is given by I.V., but this procedure will probably have to be found offshore (e.g. Mexico).

Hydrogen Peroxide can also be given by I.V. and in some cases it is far more effective if it is given by I.V. (e.g. for emphysema patients). An M.D. who uses hydrogen peroxide I.V.s is Dr. Frank Shallenberger, M.D., who practices medicine in Carson City, Nevada:

Ozone infusions amount to extracting blood from the patient, bombarding it with ozone to oxygenate it, and then putting it back into the patient. One of the world’s top experts in ozone infusion bottle treatments is Dr. Frank Shallenberger, M.D., just mentioned.

Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT), which has evolved to the point it no longer requires a patient to be put into an insulin coma, may also fit into this category. Contact Dr. Shallenberger for more information.

Experimental, But Safe, Protocols Which Use DMSO or Near Ultraviolet Light

The Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc. has developed several experimental, but perfectly safe, protocols for cancer which are perfectly safe, very inexpensive and potentially very effective.

Most of the protocols involve DMSO, which can be used to “carry” other substances through the skin and/or open the ports of cancer cells. Examples of things which can be used with DMSO would be: chlorine dioxide (which is made from sodium chlorite or Miracle Mineral Supplement), colloidal silver and vitamin C.

This website also has an article on using ultraviolet light for treating cancer and using wheatgrass juice (a thick liquid) combined with ultraviolet light.

Their website can be found at (see the treatment articles at the bottom of the home page):
Independent Cancer Research Foundation

Other Ideas For Those Who Cannot Eat Whole Foods

Converting Supplements into a Powder

One of the best ideas I have seen regarding taking pills and capsules is to put all of your non-liquid supplements into a blender and mix them into a powder. You can use a flour sifter to get the capsule shells out of the powder.

Important Note: The heat generated by some blenders can destroy the nutrient value of some substances. Make sure you do not put heat-sensitive items in a blender.

If you make large batches, you can refrigerate the powder and take the right proportion daily. For example, if you put 10 days worth of pills in the mixture, then take 1/10 of the powder every day.

Coral Calcium

Advanced cancer patients almost always have cancer which is fast-spreading; if for no other reason that the volume of cancer cells in the body.

Alkalinity is helpful in slowing down this spreading of cancer. If a person is not using cesium chloride, calcium can also help slow down the spread of cancer. This product supplies alkalinity, trace minerals, calcium and magnesium, and many other vitamins and minerals.

Here is a vendor of capsules (which I assume can be broken apart):
Coral Calcium – Barefoot vendor

Robert R. Barefoot is also a co-author of the book: The Calcium Factor

Spirulina and Chlorella (Pills or Thick Liquid)

For someone who cannot eat whole foods, it is essential that they get needed protein. Spirulina is your answer. Both spirulina and chlorella provide a lot of things needed by cancer patients. The trick is to buy them in a form such that they can be mixed with water. This would most likely be the capsule form which can be broken apart and the insides mixed with water. In any case, talk to your vendor about your situation and what they suggest. Here is a recommended list of vendors by someone who has dealt with a lot of these vendors:

Note that chlorella may cause diarrhea if you build up to the vendor recommended dosage too quickly.

The “Greens” (thick liquid)

The “greens” (e.g. barleygrass juice, wheatgrass juice) are absolutely critical to any cancer diet. Fortunately, in one way or another, even someone who cannot eat whole foods can consume these items. These also are FOODS, thus there is no limit to how much you can take. See my article:
Wheatgrass article

Vegetable Juice (thick liquid)

This may require some filtering (the less the better), but the combination of carrot juice (1 quart a day), beet juice (at least 1 cup a day), beetroot juice, and other key vegetables, is one of the best cancer treatments on earth!! See my article for details:
Raw Food diet

The Budwig Diet (thick liquid)

By substituting skim milk for cottage cheese you can go on the Budwig Diet. Realistically you cannot mix the flaxseed oil with anything else, so use your imagination on how to take it. The two key elements of the Budwig Diet – omega 3 and sulfurized proteins – supply water soluble omega 3. For measurement purposes, I would use double the weight of cottage cheese to calculate the skim milk you consume. For example, if you require 4 ounces of cottage cheese, use 8 ounces of skim milk. See my article:
Budwig Diet Article

The Brandt Grape Cure (thick liquid)

It may require a filter, but anyone can consume grape juice or grape mush. The problem with grape juice is that if too much of it is consumed too quickly it can cause nausea. Some people cannot tolerate any grape juice. Do the best you can, but if you sip it slowly, over long periods of time, you may be able to get a significant amount down. See my grape cure article for more information:
Grape Cure article

The Super Fruit Juices

There are many super fruits on earth (Limu juice is actually a seaweed product). However, the three that I know of are: Noni Juice, Mangosteen and Wolfberry Juice. All of these provide super levels of antioxidants and cancer killing substances. My strongly endorsed vendors for these products are:

  • Noni Juice – Tahitain Noni Juice (Morinda)
  • Mangosteen – XanGo
  • Wolfberry Juice – Berry Young Juice (Young Living)

Some minor amount of filtering may be necessary, but usually it is not necessary.

Ionized Water and Ionized Water Baths

It is easy, but somewhat expensive, to buy water ionizers. However, it is possible (I don’t know if anyone has actually done this) that by putting a gallon or more of ionized water in your bath, it could accomplish the same thing, or more, than what a hydrogen peroxide bath can accomplish.

The good thing about ionized water, however, is that you can take it straight. It is best to also make the water alkaline if you are going to drink it. See my article:
Ionized Water article

Essential Oils

This is a an area of superb potential for cancer patients who cannot eat. Essential oils are one of the best ways to get antioxidants into the blood stream. They are also a good way to get oxygen into the cancer cells. However, I have not had the time to do a lot of my own research.

Here are a few books worth looking at if you are interested in this area (and please let me know what you find):

  • Essential Oils Desk Reference (EODR) by Essential Science Publishing
  • Essential Oil Integrative Medical Guide by Dr. Gary Young
  • Reference Guide for Essential Oils by Connie and Alan Higley
  • Healing Oils of the Bible by David Stewart Ph.D.

For cancer patients, if you can only buy one of these books get the one by Dr. Gary Young.

Websites with more information: (click on Books)