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Most people think that Lyme Disease is only spread by ticks and only affects muscles. This is not true. The fact is that Lyme Disease can be spread person-to-person, by mosquitoes, by blood transfusions and in many other ways. Those who are experts in Lyme Disease, when they treat a married person, they automatically treat their spouse at the same time.

Even worse, Lyme Disease may be (no one knows for sure) manifest in many different diseases, such as A.L.S., Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, etc. etc. Multiple Sclerosis and A.L.S. (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) are suspected to be caused by a spirochete bacteria.

While many people with these related diseases have been diagnosed with Lyme Disease, it is not known whether Lyme Disease is a cause of these diseases, or whether it is coincidental that people with Lyme Disease also have these other diseases.

However, it is very clear that Lyme Disease does manifest itself in many different ways. It is a known fact that a disease in the skin or bones will manifest itself in a totally different way than if this disease is in the brain. The brain does not have the same type of nervous system as the skin or muscles. Thus, the exact same disease (such as rheumatoid arthritis) in the muscles and bones will manifest itself in a totally different way if this same disease is in the brain.

Support From Experts: Immuno-Support Protocol

In dealing with Lyme disease and its co-infections, it is of the utmost importance that one takes a whole body approach. To achieve this John and Kelly Kasunic have put together a protocol called: Immuno-Support Protocol.

This complete protocol deals with rebuilding the immune system so that it can function properly throughout the whole body. They focus on 3 main areas: nutrition, electromedicine, and detoxification.

The recommendations are very detailed and specific so it is recommended that you take advantage of the consultation with John and Kelly Kasunic.

They are experts in understanding Lyme Disease and it’s co-infections and will set you on the right track to achieving your health recovery goals.

Contact them at: [email protected]

Treating Lyme Disease With Salt and Vitamin C

A website which claims to have figured out a simple and inexpensive way to cure Lyme Disease is this website:

They suggest salt (3g a day) and Vitamin C (3,000 mg a day) as a treatment for Lyme Disease.

We recommend a buildup which lasts at least 4 days (e.g. start at 1/4 the dose the first, day, 1/2 the dose the second day, etc.). This may help prevent Herxheimers.

Treating Lyme Disease With Electromedicine

There are many different ways to treat Lyme Disease, but it is critical to understand that Lyme Disease is not confined to the bloodstream. The Lyme Disease bacteria can be found in the muscles, perhaps even inside of human cells, and in other parts of the body.

That is why electromedicine is used so often in treating Lyme Disease. Electromedicine, can penetrate anywhere in the body, including inside cells and throughout the muscles and brain.

To visualize how electricity travels in the body, consider this: if you put an electrode on one side of your body and you put another electrode on the other side of the body, if you could see the current between the two electrodes, it would look like a football. This is why the placement of electrodes is so important.

Electricity always follows the path of least resistance, thus it can travel through the bloodstream, the muscles, etc.

Electromedicine is clearly the future of treatments for Lyme Disease. This is because the bacteria which causes Lyme Disease is a master at “hiding” in muscles and perhaps even inside of cells.

The “Rife Machine” is a general term applied to frequency generators which vibrate microbes. In other words, once the frequency of a microbe is found, frequency generators can vibrate the microbe until it falls apart.

Electromedicine has actually cured many Lyme Disease patients completely. It takes several months because the Lyme bacteria (spirochete) can form a cyst which may not be able to be killed by anything. The cyst must turn into the bacteria before it can be killed.

The frequency generator which I have heard superb things about, relative to Lyme Disease, is the High RF Frequency Generator which has specific brand name. See vendor’s website below for photos and specifications. The High RF Frequency Generator is overwhelmingly the most flexible and powerful of all the frequency generators.

Where to Buy the ICRF “Research Model” High RF Frequency Generator and Plasma Tube Amplifier:

Copy and paste the above website address into your web browser. Go to the vendor’s website that sells the High RF Frequency Generator and oscillator amplifier which can broadcast high RF frequencies using a plasma ray tube antenna. You’ll be able to see photographs of the generator and amplifiers including full specifications and pricing at their website.

For example, the High RF Frequency Generator “sweeps” through many frequencies in succession. It runs frequencies up to 20,000,000 Hz (20 MHz) while most other generators top out at 40,000 Hz or less. It has a 3.1 MHz carrier frequency which can carry lower frequencies much further. Most other generators do not use a carrier frequency at all creating only a localized effect. It runs up to 8 frequencies at the same time saving you hours compared to most other generators only running single frequencies. Read why a carrier wave is so important to penetrate the cells. See: Skin Effect and Bio-Impedance Analysis

It also offers a selection of wave patterns, and various other features which set it apart as the most versatile and powerful frequency generator system on the market.

The High RF Frequency Generator with the 15-watt linear amplifier, which is less expensive than the High RF Frequency Generator with plasma amplifier device, has done very, very well against Lyme Disease.

However, a word of warning is in order. Tremendous, tremendous Herxheimer reaction can result from using a High RF Frequency Generator with linear amplifier and using the “Auto-Channels” for Lyme Disease programmed into the generator. Herxheimer reaction can be mild to a very painful experience caused by the die-off of massive numbers of microbes, including many different kinds of microbes.

Herxheimer reaction is almost impossible to avoid but with expert support it can be minimized by using a “build-up,” which means the treatment starts out very small and gradually builds-up to normal treatment “doses.”

It is best to have a consultation with an expert to know how to safely use this equipment for Lyme Disease, not only to prevent massive Herxheimer reaction, but also to learn about other things that need to be done for the long term, such as detoxification and nutritional supplementation.

Books on Lyme Disease

There is a website and two excellent books which provide key information about treating Lyme Disease.

Here are the links:

and two books by Connie Strasheim:
Lyme Insights
Beyond Lyme Disease

If you have Lyme Disease, it is recommended that you buy these book(s) even if you work with John Kasunic!!

Other Options For Expert Support

Here is the website of a Dr. Cowden:
Dr. Cowden

Excellent website about Dr. Klinghart and Lyme Disease:
Look Beyond Lyme

Doug Machine and Coil Machine

There are two other electromedicine machines which are worth mentioning; the Doug Machine and the Coil Machine. I do not know whether these machines work by using harmonic frequencies or by electrocuting the bacteria.

This quote is from an email I received:

  • “Approximately 4 different models of electronic signal producing machines are recommended by Rosner. Of these 4 machines, the one called “Doug machine” – after engineer Doug MacClean who designed this specific model – is claimed to be the most successful (and powerful) for killing Lyme. Doug M. had heard rumors (only!) about Rife technology & then he designed, tested and built his OWN machine because his whole family had contracted a severe form of Lyme while camping on vacation! That same sort of machine design often is referred to as a “Coil Machine” because it uses a large and powerful electromagnetic “coil” to generate a powerful E.M. field. The coil or “Doug” machine can be TUNED to specific frequencies that may be particularly effective against various different “infections”. Clearly Lyme is only one ailment for which a “coil machine” would be useful.An engineer of some kind (a guru) in Arizona sells assembled models of the “Coil Machine”. This site is: These machines are expensive but are apparently very effective when used right – at least my similar equipment is. My “coil” machine will cause me major Jarrish-Herxheimer reaction pains, which signify that the Bb (Lyme) bacteria was disrupted and subsequently it is being “attacked” by my immune system. Thus – as indicated in B. Rosner’s book “Lyme Disease And Rife Machines”, my home-built version of the “Doug” or “coil” machine is working when used correctly.”

Other Electromedicine Treatments

Another tactic in using electromedicine is to simply electrocute the microbes. This technique does not depend on a knowledge of the harmonic frequency of the microbe.

In Germany, a machine which does well against Lyme Disease is the Galvanic machine. The best version of this machine is made by Siemens AG, a very large electronics firm in Germany. It may be difficult to import into the United States.

I do not know if the many different versions of Hulda Clark Zappers (zappers) have had any real success against Lyme Disease.

Treatment For Localized Painful Areas

As mentioned above, Lymes bacteria can “hide” in many places in the body. What this means is that antibiotics, natural substances like colloidal silver, sodium chlorite (e.g. chlorine dioxide or acidified sodium chlorite), which typically stay inside the boodstream, are generally not able to cure Lyme Disease. However, there are testimonials that high doses of very high quality colloidal silver (e.g. Utopia Silver or MesoSilver) have cured Lyme Disease. Obviously the treatment would have to last for several months.

A very, very inexpensive cancer treatment, the DMSO – Chlorine Dioxide Protocol for cancer, will kill any microbes in the bloodstream, thus this treatment may be able to control Lyme Disease, but it may not cure it.

Perhaps more importantly, by using DMSO this protocol can be rubbed on the skin directly above painful joints or other painful areas. DMSO will “drag” the chlorine dioxide through the skin and may significantly help the painful areas caused by Lyme Disease.

Chlorine dioxide is made from Miracle Mineral Supplement plus an activator. The Miracle Mineral Supplement is 28% sodium chlorite (do not confuse with sodium chloride), which is also called stabilized oxygen. See this article for how to make the DMSO / Chloride Dioxide mixture. Remember to spread some of the DMSO/CD on the skin directly above painful areas:
DMSO – Chlorine Dioxide Protocol

Other Resources

Here’s another of many resources: