Bone Cancer

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Recommended Treatment For Bone Cancer: Cesium Chloride

By far the best alternative cancer treatment for bone cancer is a mineral-based treatment, with added minerals specific to bone cancer.

As long as a cancer patient does not have a type of cancer that is more dangerous than their bone cancer (e.g. lung cancer), it is best to design the cancer protocol to focus on the bone cancer.

Cesium chloride, being a mineral-based treatment, can help protect the bones. Moreover, Larry of Essense of Life [the recommended vendor] will add other key minerals to his normal protocol to protect the bones.

The protocol can also include the PEMF device called the QRS. The combination of cesium chloride and the QRS device is a superb cancer treatment.

Larry of Essense of Life provides free telephone support to those on his protocol.

Very, very few alternative cancer treatments are actually strong enough to deal with bone cancer, but cesium chloride, and in some cases with DMSO, is one that can.

The treatment for bone cancer is much longer than with most cancers because the bones are slow to heal. A typical bone cancer protocol will last for a year or more. Throughout this time it is critical to strengthen the bones.

If you have bone cancer, or cancer that has spread to the bones, or a bone marrow cancer, this article is strongly suggested:

Cesium Chloride / DMSO Protocol Article

Important Notes About Brittle Bones – Part 1

Treating bone cancer, or cancer that has spread to the bones, is a very difficult task. First of all, the bone cancer itself must be dealt with. Secondly, with bone cancer the bones become very brittle and it is critical to keep the bones strong.

It can be extremely dangerous for a vertebrae to break, not only because of its location, but because of the severe mental trauma to the patient caused by such a break.

Surprisingly enough, there are several minerals that can greatly enhance the use of calcium supplements in strengthening the bones!!

Two of the most common supplements to add to calcium are are:

1) strontium, the natural trace mineral (NOT the man-made radioactive substance),

2) magnesium

If you look at a periodic table of the elements, magnesium is just above calcium and strontium is just below calcium.

Here are three links to articles that mention strontium:

However, there is a superb book which says that silica may be another excellent thing to take. The book is called:
Biological Transmutation

Here is a section from an email, which used the book as a reference:

  • “It would appear that organic Silicon or Silica is the primary mineral that will transmutate to Calcium. Also it has been shown that Calcium has three origins, e.g.

—It can come from potassium:

K39 + H1 = Ca40

—from magnesium:

Mg24 + O16 = Ca49

—from silicon:

Si28 + C12 = Ca49

While most forms of calcium are not absorbed by the bones very well, there is one form of calcium that has great promise for treatment of osteoporosis, and most likely fragile bones created by bone cancer. That product is Microcrystalline Hydroxyapatite (MCHC). It is extremely bioavailable and is also used in rheumatoid arthritis. It also reduces the pain of these diseases.

One of the reasons MCHC was high in absorption (in the studies) was that it had the correct ratio of calcium to phosphates.

However, it should be emphasized that phosphorus should NOT be taken as a supplement and is one of many reasons cancer patients should never drink soda pops.

  • “Nutritionists recommend a balance of calcium and phosphorus in the diet. The typical Western diet, however, is imbalanced in these minerals. Most people who consume this type of diet consume roughly two to four times more phosphorus than calcium. For example, meat and poultry contain 10 to 20 times as much phosphorus as calcium, and carbonated beverages such as colas have as much as 500 mg of phosphorus in one serving. When there is more phosphorus than calcium in the system, the body will draw on calcium stored in bones. This can lead to reduced bone mass (namely, osteopenia or osteoporosis) that makes bones brittle and fragile. It can also lead to gum and teeth problems. A balance of dietary calcium and phosphorus can lower the risk of osteoporosis, and relieve the symptoms of osteoarthritis and other problems related to the body’s ability to use calcium.”

The cancer diet on this web site forbids meat (under most conditions), carbonated beverages, etc. Phosphorus should be avoided for people with bone cancer.

Too much phosphorous may not be the main reason the bones of bone cancer patients get brittle (the cancer itself may be the cause), but it is something to be aware of.

Important Notes About Brittle Bones – Part 2

Since writing this article on bone cancer, a protocol which protects bones from becoming brittle has come to my attention. It is also a protocol to help repair and rebuild bones. This protocol is in addition to everything else on this web page. The protocol is to use special magnets. Magnet therapy has been around for many years to deal with bone repair. Here is the “Bible” on this therapy:
The Body Electric – Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life,
by Dr. Robert O. Becker, M.D.

See also this article by Gary Wade on the Spinal Cord:
Gary Wade Article on Spinal Cord

See also this by Gary Wade:
Gary Wade Article
This frequency can be achieved by the High RF Frequency Protocol – Contact. See the left side-bar.

“What Becker and his team experimentally demonstrated was that mammals (humans) can re-grow all manner of body tissue as long as an appropriate value of negative electrical current, in the form of hydroxyl ions, is generated and maintained directly behind the injury/amputation site. If this appropriate current is maintained, then a cellular matrix called a blastema will form at the amputation/surgical site that will continually grow outward leaving in its wake all of the formally missing tissue, in perfect anatomical detail, until all of that tissue is replaced.” – Proposal for Spinal Cord Regrowth and Repair

If you use the Cesium Chloride protocol, When you have hit your “cesium limit,” continue using the minerals that Larry of Essense of Life has given you for the protection of your bones!!

The product Cellect, in the Cellect-Budwig protocol, also has these minerals if you are on that protocol.

If you are not on Cesium Chloride or Cellect-Budwig, you can contact an expert on minerals, True Ott, PhD. He can also advise you on minerals to protect the bones. Here is his website:

Mother Earth Minerals


In addition to the mineral treatments, omega-3 has been shown to help prevent deterioration of the bones. See this article on the best way to take omega-3:

Budwig Diet

A Form of Calcium

Here is an article by the well-known natural medicine guru Karl Loren on a form of calcium which he claims will help prevent bone density loss:

Recommended Treatment – DMSO and Vitamin C

Vitamin C is also a good nutrient to use for bone cancer. While some people who use the cesium chloride protocol also use DMSO, there is an excellent protocol which also uses DMSO, plus it uses Vitamin C.

The DMSO / Vitamin C protocol will help build the bones, it may “buy time” for the other treatments to work, and it may help get rid of some of the cancer cells.

Since you may already have the DMSO, just add a mineral ascorbate version of vitamin C (see the article).

Here is the article:

DMSO – Vitamin C Protocol

Cachexia (Lactic Acid Cycle)

One of the reasons the bones of a cancer patient can become brittle is because of cachexia. Cachexia is a dangerous cycle that allows cancer cells to steal minerals from healthy cells, including the bones, thus forcing the bones and muscle to waste away.

The primary vendor for hydrazine sulphate is Larry of Essense of Life (it is only a coincidence that Larry is also the recommended vendor to work with for bone cancer and hydrazine sulfate.)

WARNING: Using hydrazine sulphate can be very dangerous and even fatal if you do not follow the basic safety rules!!! It is a requirement to read this article on how to safely use hydrazine sulphate:

Cachexia Article

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