Common Questions Cancer Patients Ask

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About This Article

The purpose of this article is to allow more people to get their questions answered, but at the same time, minimize the number of emails sent to the ICRF (i.e. the Cancer Tutor). But there are also safety issues discussed on this page the reader may not even know are important to them!!

So here is the point: even though the email of the Cancer Tutor is at the bottom of this page, PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL THE CANCER TUTOR UNTIL YOU HAVE STUDIED EVERY ITEM IN THIS ARTICLE!!! And hopefully you will get your question(s) answered without sending an email. For example, this article will tell you how to get the names of the two “secret” products I am not allowed to mention on this website.

Remember also, that if you use the Cellect-Budwig or the Photon Protocol or the Cesium Chloride Protocol, these treatments have an available consultation, so you generally do not need to contact me if you use these protocols!! The consultation with the Cesium Chloride protocol is free but the other consultations are not free.

So the bottom line is this, if you are going to beat your cancer you are going to have to do a lot of reading. There is no way around this. You must understand what you are dealing with. Please STUDY this article, and try to answer your own questions, before sending us an email.

IN ADDITION TO THIS ARTICLE it is important to study the “Reference Manual,” which takes this article to a whole different level:

ICRF Reference Manual

Cardinal Rule #1: Include A Major Protocol

We have seen many people design their own cancer treatment. They frequently forget to include at least one major protocol!! Their protocol is a list of very good treatments, but does not include a major protocol.

Major protocols include the Cellect-Budwig, Photon Protocol, Cesium Chloride, Bob Wright Protocol, Bill Henderson Protocol, Dirt Cheap Protocol, Skilling-Kehr, etc. etc.

At least one of these protocols should be included in any cancer treatment.

Other things can be added, but not always. There are two main rules to remember:
1) Only ONE highly alkaline protocol per day should be used (every major protocol has at least one highly alkaline substance).
Highly alkaline substances include Cesium Chloride, Cellect, Baking Soda (Dirt Cheap Protocol), high dose barley, etc.
2) Do not use any anti-oxidants within 3 hours of the Budwig protocol, on either side.


You cannot believe how many times we have heard someone say they wanted their blood pH to be high. WRONG!!! Your blood pH must remain neutral, generally between 7.0 and 7.2. It is inside the cancer cells where the pH needs to be high!!

The highly alkaline protocols are not designed to make the blood pH high, they are designed to make the ph inside the cancer cells to be high!!

Study the symptoms of when the blood pH is too high: muscle twitching, nausea, vomiting, numbness in face, numbness in hands, muscle spasms, etc.

We repeat: The pH of the blood MUST remain pH neutral!!! This is why only ONE high pH protocol should be used each day!!

Cardinal Rule #2: After Using the Major Protocol Use the Dirt Cheap Protocol

After completing the major protocol (and in some cases parts of the Dirt Cheap Protocol are included with the major protocol) a patient should use at least 10 items in the Dirt Cheap Protocol (but not the Kelmun Protocol for several weeks because their major protocol will have included highly alkaline substances).

When they have completed their major protocol (other than the Dirt Cheap Protocol) they should wait three weeks, then use the complete Dirt Cheap Protocol for several months, possibly without the Kelmun, to “finish off” any remaining cancer cells (Note: In the Dirt Cheap Protocol, the baking soda and maple syrup will only be used for six weeks, then it will be replaced by calcium supplements).

Cardinal Rule #3: Take Periodic Blood Tests To Determine If Treatment Is Working

This website endorses two different blood tests which provide key information about whether the cancer treatment is working or not. A patient should use one of these tests consistently.

The patient should take a blood test immediately (to establish a baseline) and then every 2 or 3 months, depending on the situation. The baseline blood test (which should be taken immediately) can then be compared to future blood tests (from the same vendor) to determine whether the treatment is working or not.

See the “How Much Cancer Do You Have” link on the left side-bar (i.e. the column of links on the left side of most pages) for more information.

Comment #1: Designate An Expert in the Family

ONE OF THE KEYS TO SURVIVING CANCER is that someone in the family takes charge of the treatment and spends many hours studying relevant articles!!! Someone in the family must do their homework!!! It can be the patient, or someone else, but SOMEONE needs to continually be doing their homework!!

This same person must also make sure the cancer patient is not subjected to negative comments from any “friends” or family. The cancer patient must never hear a negative comment about natural medicine. Natural cancer treatments are far, far superior to orthodox cancer treatments (though orthodox treatments are sometimes required).

It is common for people who have been brainwashed by the media and orthodox medicine to speak negatively about natural medicine. These people should be politely (or impolitely, if necessary) told to keep their mouth shut because they spend too much time watching television and they don’t know what they are talking about.

Comment #2: Look At Every Link On The Left Side-Bar!!!

Study the links on the left side-bar (i.e. the column of links on the left side of all web pages) to see if any of those articles apply to your situation!! READ EVERY ONE OF THE ARTICLES LINKED TO THAT MAY APPLY TO YOUR SITUATION!!

For example, FIND the recommended protocol for your situation by looking on the left side-bar to see if your type of cancer is listed. For example, if you are dealing with Breast Cancer, click on the “Breast Cancer” link on the left side bar. This article will have the recommended protocol for breast cancer, which happens to be the Cellect-Budwig protocol (which has available 4 hours of audio tapes and a 2 hour personal consultation!!) There may be other ideas for breast cancer patients in that article!!!!!

Also look on the left side-bar for other situations that may apply to you. For example, there is an article for those still using chemotherapy and radiation. There is an article on how to fund an expensive cancer treatment that is needed.

There are also general articles such as how to determine whether your cancer is getting better or worse. For example, the “How Much Cancer Do You Have” can tell you if your treatment is working (or not) by taking a simple blood test every 2 or 3 months. And so on.

Comment #3: Work With An Expert!!

Most natural cancer treatments on this website have expert support available. Sometimes it is free and sometimes it costs a few hundred dollars.

The “Cellect-Budwig” has Mike Vrentas, the “Bill Henderson” has Bill Henderson, the “Cesium Chloride” has Larry of Essense-of-Life (spelling is correct)., the “Bob Wright” has Bob Wright, and so on.

The High RF Frequency Generator devices also have expert support (contact: and a very detailed, button-by-button manual.

Do NOT add anything to the recommended protocol without checking with your expert/consultant. In most cases there will be no problem, but in some cases there may be a danger involved or one protocol may be neutralized by another protocol.

As an example, anti-oxidants (such as Vitamin C) may interfere with the Budwig Diet if they are taken within three hours of each other.

Comment #4: Are There Clinics That Use Natural Medicine?

Most states would not allow a team of medical doctors to start a clinic that uses natural cancer treatments in their state. So while there are clinics which specialize in natural cancer treatments, they tend to be clustered in specific states.

There is an article on this website which lists many clinics that do treat cancer naturally. This list includes clinics in the United States, Mexico and other countries.
Natural Medicine Clinics

Comment #5: What If I Cannot Afford or Obtain the Recommended Protocols?

Due to the cost of orthodox cancer treatments many cancer patients, who are sent home to die, cannot afford even a few hundred dollars a month for the highly effective cancer treatments. In other cases people in foreign countries cannot import some of the key products in the recommended protocol.

Two articles have been written for these cancer patients. First, the Dirt Cheap Protocol is a very effective cancer treatment which was designed specifically for people who cannot afford the expensive protocols.
Dirt Cheap Protocol

The Inexpensive Cancer Treatments article is an expansion of the Dirt Cheap Protocol, with more ideas:
Inexpensive Cancer Treatments

There is also a financial product which allows a patient to sell their life insurance policy and get a certain percentage (e.g. 50%) of the face value of the life insurance policy without a loan. This not only can fund a powerful cancer treatment, or a world-class clinic, but can also fund traveling with the family.
How To Fund a Treatment Without a Loan – Viatical Settlement

Also see item #16 in the ICRF Reference Manual, which itself as over 300 ideas for treating cancer, many of which are very inexpensive.
ICRF Reference Manual (Major Resource!!)

In short, there are a massive number of options for people who cannot afford the more expensive cancer treatments, it just requires doing a lot of reading.

Comment #6: Deal With the Cancer Cells

I have seen cancer patients put together a protocol that dealt with every conceivable aspect of cancer except one thing – the cancer cells themselves!!

Before you start a cancer treatment you need to understand why a cell is cancerous (see the next comment). This will give you a far better idea of how to treat your cancer.

You need to understand that some cancer products/treatments are designed to KILL cancer cells safely. Other cancer products/treatments are designed to REVERT cancer cells into normal cells.

In both cases you are DIRECTLY dealing with the cancer cells!!

Redundancy (i.e. using multiple treatments that do the same thing) is usually GOOD (with exceptions to be discussed below). For example, the Dirt Cheap Protocol has SEVERAL treatments that revert cancer cells into normal cells. This is a good thing!!! But it only has ONE highly alkaline protocol, by design.

Other cancer treatments are designed to kill cancer cells.

Comment #7: The Relationship Between Microbes and Cancer (Very Important)

A person might ask: What Causes Cancer?

First of all, a person should realize that their entire body is nothing but a collection of cells which are attached to each other. If you removed every cell from your body, you would be nothing but a pool of blood and other liquids sitting on the floor!!! And the blood would have cells in it!!

Your brain is nothing but a collection of cells. Your heart is nothing but a collection of cells. Your muscles are nothing but a collection of cells. Your bones are nothing but a collection of cells. Etc.

Thus, when thinking about cancer we are thinking about collections of cells (e.g. the liver is a collection of cells).

The average person has many cancer cells (i.e. normal cells which are cancerous), however, they also have a powerful immune system that routinely kills these cancer cells.

Thus, a person could say that cancer is caused by anything that weakens the immune system (such as a poor diet) or causes an abnormally high number of cancer cells.

But such a statement would miss the entire point of what causes cancer (i.e. why individual cells are cancerous).

It turns out that microbes, actually multiple types of microbes, are usually the cause of BOTH a weak immune system and an abnormally high number of cancer cells!!

I should mention that the term “microbes,” as I use the term, includes everything from viruses to large parasites, such as tapeworms. The immune system can be weakened by either the small microbes or the large parasites.

While a poor diet can weaken the immune system, a poor diet also “feeds” the massive number of microbes in the body. It is actually the microbes that directly cause the cancer at multiple levels.

Microbes are what cause a single cancer cell to be cancerous and they also weaken the immune system (which is precisely why people get cancer). If a person did not have a single “bad microbe” in their body, they would not have a single cancer cell in their body and they would have a super-charged immune system.

Actually the “cancer microbe” (the microbe that is inside the cancer cells and blocks the production of ATP energy) is highly pleomorphic, meaning it constantly changes its shape and size according to the pH inside the cancer cell.

For example, most natural cancer treatments include exactly one highly alkaline substance, such as cesium, barley, calcium or baking soda. These alkaline substances get inside the cancer cells and “slow down” the activity of the cancer microbes, thus slowing down the cell division of cancer cells, thus slowing down the spread of the cancer. This gives the practitioner more time to cure the cancer.

However, some microbes are “good” if they are in one part of the body, but are “bad” if they are in another part of the body.

Yet orthodox cancer treatments never intentionally deal with microbes and most natural cancer treatments do not deal directly with microbes!! This is OK if you can get rid of the cancer cells, but even if you could get rid of the cancer cells, the cancer would likely come back because you haven’t fixed the “root cause” of the cancer.

This is why surgery cannot cure cancer. Surgery does not deal with the “root cause” of the cancer, which is microbes. Thus the cancer will always come back unless the cancer was highly concentrated, was very slow growing and the person had a strong immune system.

This is also why chemotherapy cannot cure cancer. Chemotherapy is so dangerous and deadly to healthy cells that it must be given in very low doses. Thus, even though chemotherapy does kill microbes, because it is given in low doses it cannot cure cancer.

Some natural cancer treatments are heavily focused on killing microbes or at least they include one or more protocols that directly deal with killing microbes!!

For example, the Bob Beck Protocol (which is not needed if a person uses either High RF Frequency Generator device or the ParaZapper) is designed to do nothing but kill microbes in the bloodstream (actually it “attenuates” the microbes so they cannot reproduce) which in turn supercharges the immune system and the immune system can deal with the cancer.

However, this multi-step process is too slow for advanced cancer patients who have a very, very weak immune system. But any cancer patient can benefit from getting rid of the microbes in the bloodstream.

The “Liver Flush” is designed to kill microbes in the organs, which also supercharges the immune system (see the left side-bar). Some “electromedicine” protocols (e.g. the High RF Frequency Generator devices) may also get rid of all of the microbes/parasites in the liver and other organs.

While dealing with these microbes helps the immune system, it does not explain why an individual cancer cell is cancerous. It turns out that individual cancer cells are cancerous because of microbes that are inside the cancer cells!!!

Royal Rife’s electromedicine protocol (now replicated with the High RF Frequency Generator family of electromedicine devices) was designed to kill nothing but the microbes inside the cancer cells!! He had a 100% cure rate on newly diagnosed cancer patients.

But some newer nutritional protocols also are targeting the microbes inside the cancer cells. Almost every time you see DMSO, MSM, honey, maple syrup, or molasses in a cancer treatment, these items are Trojan Horses to get microbe-killing substances inside the cancer cells to kill the microbes inside the cancer cells.

Here is the article on what causes cancer at the cellular level:

What Causes Cancer (at the cellular level)

Comment #8: Dealing With The Immune System

The immune system is very important for cancer patients. Unfortunately, almost by definition, the immune system of a cancer patients is weak.

As already mentioned, killing the microbes and parasites in the organs is critical for rebuilding the immune system.

Killing the microbes in the bloodstream (e.g. Bob Beck Protocol or CollGen2 silver maker) is also important, but this is a slow process so it cannot be relied on for advanced cancer patients.

There are also special products which build the immune system. They are designed to provide special nutrients to the immune system. Examples are Transfer Point (Beta 1,3D Glucan from and Transfer Factor Plus. The ICRF endorses Transfer Point.

Comment #9: Advanced Cancer Theory

If the patient is using the Cesium Chloride Protocol or the high pH alkaline water protocol, it is critical to study this article also AFTER studying the “What Causes Cancer” article:

Advanced Cancer Theory

The point of this article is that if a person is on a highly alkaline protocol and does a “build-up” to prevent Herxheimers, the “build-up” can actually put some of the microbes inside the cancer cells into hibernation (i.e. into the “somatid” stage). This is not good because in about 6 months after the treatment is complete, and the patient thinks they are cured, the microbes may come out of hibernation and the cancer may return (depending on a number of factors). The Bob Wright protocol teaches a method to avoid putting these microbes into hibernation. See the left side-bar.

Comment #10: Dealing With A Weak Cancer Patient

There is a special article for weak cancer patients. Special supplements are also discussed on this article:

Article for Weak Cancer Patients

Comment #11: What To Do Today!!

Several protocols, such as the Cellect-Budwig, Photon Protocol, Cesium Chloride protocol, etc. can take one to several weeks to do the consultation and obtain all of the products.

The “What To Do Today” protocol is designed to be a temporary treatment a person can start TODAY because all of its items can be purchased locally, in most cases. Thus, the patient can start this protocol TODAY and continue using it until the products for the main protocol are all in place. See this article:

What To Do Today (Until Main Products Arrive)

This article applies mainly to advanced cancer patients who need to get started on an alkaline protocol TODAY.

Also see the next rule!!

Comment #12 (Safety Rule!!): Use Only ONE Highly Alkaline Product At A Time

Sometimes patients will use one major protocol and then will add other things to this protocol. That is usually perfectly fine, but there are some rules they need to obey!!

First, use only ONE highly alkaline protocol at a time!! Here is a list of most of the highly alkaline protocols:

Cellect (contains cesium and potassium),

Cesium or Cesium Chloride,


Baking Soda (e.g. Kelmun Protocol),

High levels of barley grass,

High pH ionized water (i.e. pH over 8.0).

These are not the only highly alkaline protocols, but they are the main ones on this website.

Note that the “Six Lemons” protocol and LIPH are alkaline (these are in the Dirt Cheap Protocol and some other protocols), but they are not considered to be “highly alkaline,” thus they can be used at the same time as the highly alkaline protocols.

Comment #13: Do Not Use Antioxidants Within 4 Hours of the Budwig Diet

Anti-oxidants should not be used within 4 hours of the Budwig diet. This means 4 hours before or 4 hours after.

Anti-oxidants include the “Secret Product” (below), DMSO, MSM, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, and perhaps other products.

Comment #14: Include the “Secret Product” When Using MSM/LIPH

We are not allowed to mention a couple of “Secret Products” on this website due to the vendors being afraid of the FDA. The first “Secret Product” is an amazing product that is generally combined with MSM/LIPH. Every cancer patient should use this protocol, ESPECIALLY cancer patients on chemotherapy and radiation!!, even though the vendor may tell you not to use it while on chemotherapy (while I agree that using this product may cause some “sweet spot” cancer cells (these are cancer cells that are dividing the fastest) to spread more rapidly, the benefits of this product far outweigh the potential downside).

One word of warning. “Secret Product” is a powerful antioxidant and should not be used within four hours (before or after) of using the Budwig Diet, which is part of the Cellect-Budwig protocol, the Bill Henderson Protocol, etc. Nor should the Budwig Diet be used within four hours of any other anti-oxidants (e.g. DMSO, MSM, Vitamin C, etc.).

The other product I am not allowed to mention on the Cancer Tutor website, but which I can mention in the same password-protected article, is a superb nutritional protocol which has cured cancer by itself.

Here is the password-protected article:

(Username = no Password = link)

Both “Secret Products” (password protected)

This article links to more Limu Juice information, such as a vendor.

Comment #15: Special Situations (Tumors INSIDE the Brain or Lungs)

If you have brain cancer or lung cancer, you may not know that the recommended protocol for people on this protocol depends on whether they have dangerous TUMORS inside the brain and/or the lungs.

If you do have dangerous tumors inside the brain or the lung, then use this article to choose your main cancer protocol:

Dangerous Tumors

Comment #16: High RF Frequency Generators (aka Rife Machine)

The main article on the High RF Frequency Generator with plasma and linear amplifiers is at this link:

Frequency Generators

Where to Buy the ICRF “Research Model” High RF Frequency Generator and Plasma Tube Amplifier:

Copy and paste the above website address into your web browser. Go to the vendor’s website that sells the High RF Frequency Generator and oscillator amplifier which can broadcast high RF frequencies using a plasma ray tube antenna. You’ll be able to see photographs of the generator and amplifiers including full specifications and pricing at their website.

Comment #17: Comparing the Electromedicine Devices

Before reading this section it is important to read the “What Causes Cancer” article, which has already been mentioned.

Cancer patients have microbes INSIDE the cancer cells, IN the bloodstream and IN the organs. As if that weren’t enough, nasty parasites (e.g. roundworms) may also be in the organs.

Cancer is definitely a microbial/parasite disease!!! While many supplements, such as colloidal silver, do kill a lot of microbes, electromedicine is far better at getting rid of these microbes.

Some cancer treatments are designed to target and KILL the cancer cells. However, some treatments that are thought to kill cancer cells are actually killing microbes inside the cancer cells and the cancer cells are reverting into normal cells.

So let us compare electromedicine devices.

The Bob Beck devices ATTENUATE microbes, meaning the microbes are unable to breed. It essentially breaks enzymes off of the outside of the microbes making them unable to breed. The Bob Beck protocol does not kill microbes, they simply die without breeding.

While this process gets rid of all microbes in the bloodstream, it is a slow process and should not be depended on for advanced cancer patients. HOWEVER, it is critical for a cancer patient to get rid of these microbes for other reasons.

The Bob Beck devices may not be necessary if you use a High RF Frequency Generator device, however, I would recommend using both if you can.

The Bob Beck devices do NOT directly get rid of the key tapeworms, roundworms, etc. in the organs. But it may, I don’t know, but the Bob Beck does supercharge the immune system, whether the microbes in the organs are dead or not.

The Bob Beck Protocol IS advised for all cancer patients because it gets rid of the microbes in the bloodstream (but so does the High RF Frequency Generator with plasma device and the ParaZapper). For advanced cancer patients getting rid of these microbes is important to help get mycotoxins out of the bloodstream, but is not part of the treatment because it takes too long to rebuild their immune system.

In other words, for advanced cancer patients the Bob Beck devices (or a device that also kills these microbes) are only a supplemental and optional treatment.

The Photon devices do kill some microbes, but that is not their main contribution to the treatment. The consultation leads to a nutritional protocol and the NUTRITIONAL protocol gets rid of the microbes in the specific organs that have microbes. This allows the immune system to be supercharged.

In other words, the Photon Protocol is a two-step process (note: the Photon device should be used immediately after obtaining it, meaning even before the consultation because it immediately energizes weak cells!!!):

(Note: Cancer is caused by a weak immune system which was weakened by microbes in the organs. These microbes weaken the cells in the organs (partly by intercepting food and excreting mycotoxins) and this weakens the immune system.)

Step 1 of Photon Protocol) The nutritional protocol, which comes from the consultation, identifies and kills the specific microbes in the organs, but killing the microbes does not energize the cells,

Step 2 of Photon Protocol) The Photon device energizes the cells so that the immune system can become strong again (and the organs become balanced again) and the immune system can deal with the cancer cells.

The High RF Frequency Generator devices, on the other hand, directly kill microbes INSIDE the cancer cells (and this reverts the cancer cells into normal cells), kills some microbes in the organs and kills microbes in the bloodstream (thus it builds the immune system).

The High RF Frequency Generator with plasma amplifier is more powerful than the High RF Frequency Generator with linear amplifier and can be used with a longer sweep function, which is an 8 hour protocol while the patient sleeps.

So which do you use – a Photon device or a High RF Frequency Generator?

I would recommend the High RF Frequency Generator with plasma amplifier and use the Hulda Clark protocol to get rid of microbes/parasites in the organs and use other liver flushes.

There is a lot of synergy between the Photon devices, either High RF Frequency Generator with plasma device and the Dirt Cheap Protocol (which includes the ParaZapper which is a Hulda Clark type zapper). So quite frankly cancer patients who can afford it, should get both.

The ParaZapper is a new product on this website, for those who cannot afford the “big guns” and it is designed to kill microbes both in the bloodstream and the organs. It is part of the Dirt Cheap Protocol but can be used by anyone and is synergistic with the Photon device and the High RF Frequency Generator device.

For ALL CANCER patients, the “Weak Cancer Patients” article (see the left side-bar, the column of links on the left side of this page) has a large number of supplements to energize cells. But for very weak cancer patients I ALWAYS recommend BOTH a Photon device and the supplements!!

The ParaZapper is recommended over the Bob Beck devices because it deals directly with microbes both in the bloodstream and the organs.

The bottom line of all of this is that advanced cancer patients need either a Photon Device or a High RF Frequency Generator with plasma device, depending on their main nutritional protocol (e.g. the Cellect-Budwig will be used with a High RF Frequency Generator device and a Photon Protocol patient will use a Photon device). But remember, both can be used and they will be synergistic.

A Dirt Cheap Protocol patient hopefully can afford a ParaZapper.

But some patients may be able to afford more than the minimum recommended electromedicine device.

By the way, the Cesium Chloride protocol comes with a QRS device. The High RF Frequency Generator with plasma and linear amplifiers and either Photon device CAN be used with the Cesium Chloride protocol. Definitely do NOT use the ParaZapper or Bob Beck with the cesium chloride protocol.

Comment #18: What Can Be Taken During the Bob Beck Blood Purifier?

I think any FOOD can be taken during the Bob Beck Protocol. I would suggest that SUPPLEMENTS not be taken within two hours of the Bob Beck Blood Purifier due to electroporation.

Bob Beck himself was not concerned about natural products, but as I remember, he was more concerned with drugs, such as chemotherapy, being taken at the same time. NO drugs should be taken within 2 hours of the Bob Beck Protocol.

The Bob Beck should not be used with any time-release drugs.

Using natural supplements with the Bob Beck would not be dangerous, but they may be a little less effective if taken around the same time as the Blood Purifier because they may end up inside the wrong cells.

Comment #19: Does Either High RF Frequency Generator Create Electroporation?

Because much is said about the electroporation of the Bob Beck Protocol, a person might wonder if either High RF Frequency Generator should be used while taking with prescription drugs, especially chemotherapy.

The answer is that there has never been a known complaint from someone who was taking any prescription drug, including chemotherapy and anyone using a High RF Frequency Generator. There are no know studies on this question either. Use common sense and manage any die-off or toxicity symptoms properly.

Comment #20: Should Electro Medicine Be My Only Protocol?

In one word: no.

Electro-medicine is always considered a supplemental protocol to a powerful nutritional protocol.

Nutritional protocols are needed to feed weak cells, energize weak cells, help a weak cancer patient, etc. and many of them are powerful cancer treatments that can kill cancer cells or revert cancer cells into normal cells. Remember the concept of synergy.

Every patient should use the Cellect-Budiwg Protocol or the Cesium Chloride Protocol or the Dirt Cheap Protocol or the Bill Henderson Protocol, etc. etc. along with an electromedicine protocol (if they can afford an electromedicine protocol).

Comment #21: About Microbes and Parasites in the Liver

It is well known that microbes and/or parasites in the liver or other organs can be the “root cause” of a weak immune system and thus a root cause of cancer. Thus, it is absolutely critical to get rid of them!! Hulda Clark, Ty Bollinger, the Skilling Institute, etc. all focus on getting rid of these microbes and parasites!!

The first option is to do a liver flush. This is critical to building the immune system and restoring the patient to health!!

For those protocols which require coffee enemas, it should be noted that coffee enemas are not the same thing as a liver flush. For those who should do coffee enemas, but refuse to do them, they should use Essiac Tea to protect their liver!!

Essiac Tea Article

I should also note that the nutritional protocol that is part of the Photon Protocol IS a customized liver flush, but a generic liver flush can also be used if desired.

See items #3 (Liver Flushes) and #4 (Immune Building supplements) in the Reference Manual, which has already been mentioned. These two areas are critical to rebuilding the immune system and dealing with the cancer.

Here is the article on a simple liver flush, though there are many different “brands” of liver flushes:

Liver Flush article

Comment #22: Understanding Synergy

Fighting cancer is like fighting a fire. You need enough fire trucks to deal with the fire!!!

It is important to use synergistic protocols as much as possible. That is why the experts design “protocols,” such as the Cellect-Budwig, Cesium Chloride, Photon Protocol, Dirt Cheap Protocol, etc.

For example, the High RF Frequency Generator devices, the DMSO protocols, the MSM protocols, the honey protocols etc. are all trying to do the same thing: kill microbes inside the cancer cells so the cancer cells revert into normal cells (see the “What Causes Cancer” article).

Thus, it would be helpful to use multiple protocols at the same time that are trying to do the same thing!! For example, combining the High RF Frequency Generator with plasma amplifier with a DMSO protocol and honey protocol (e.g. honey and curcumin), at the same time, would be very synergistic. The Dirt Cheap Protocol has over a dozen treatments that revert cancer cells into normal cells (see left side-bar) which is precisely what the High RF Frequency Generator devices do.

Also, you can use synergy to get rid of the microbes in the bloodstream. Either High RF Frequency Generator device will help get rid of microbes in the organs and the bloodstream. But it would be synergistic to also use herbs, MSM/Vitamin C, MSM/colloidal silver, etc. at the same time as the High RF Frequency Generator device.

However, there are exceptions. While colloidal silver can be used with a High RF Frequency Generator device, it should not be used with a Bob Beck Blood Purifier. So it is also necessary to watch for possible conflicts as you read the articles.

The ICRF Reference Manual has more than 300 ideas to supercharge the main treatment. Just remember the two key rules:
1) Only one highly alkaline protocol per day,
2) No anti-oxidants within 2 or 3 hours of the Budwig Protocol, on both sides.

Make sure you study the ICRF Reference Manual carefully and pay attention to all of the things that need to be done:
ICRF Reference Manual

Comment #23: Should a Cancer Patient Eat Meat, Fish, etc.??

Many times I have worked with cancer patients who thought they should not eat meat, fish, etc.

Whether a person can eat these things depends on one key issue: are they using Kelley Enzymes or Proteolytic Enzymes?

If they are talking these enzymes, as part of their cancer treatment, then they should NOT eat meat, fish, etc.

If they are not taking these enzymes, they can eat all the meat and fish they want to!!

The only reason for not eating meat is because the enzymes in the pancreas will be used up when a person eats meat. But if a person is not depending on these enzymes in their cancer treatment, there is no reason not to eat meat and fish.

Comment #24: Dangerous Tumors, Tumors and High Concentrations of Cancer Cells

If a cancer patient has tumors (excluding tumors inside the brain and inside the lungs), they should consider the Overnight Cure For Cancer be ADDED to their regular treatment. This protocol is a DMSO protocol that is put on the skin directly above the tumor or high concentration of cancer cell. The DMSO and chlorine dioxide and other things penetrate the skin and go right after the cancer cells:

Overnight Cure For Cancer

For tumors inside the brain or lung(s) the Photon Protocol is recommended. It is recommended because it does the best job of restoring the immune system and the immune system is necessary to insure the tumor(s) will not come back.

Comment #25: Those Who Cannot Eat or Digest Foods (e.g. they are on a PICC line)

The same Overnight Cure For Cancer is used for those who cannot digest foods because it is a transdermal protocol:
Liquid Diet Protocol

There are also many items in the Reference Manual which are liquid and which are cancer treatments. Item #2, Category B has several liquid protocols as an example.

Electromedicine devices (e.g. High RF Frequency Generator) can also be used. The High RF Frequency Generator devices revert cancer cells into normal cells. In short, study the Reference Manual.

Comment #26: Does Your Natural Cancer Treatment Interfere with Your Prescription Drugs?

We frequently get emails asking us if any natural medicine product might interfere with prescription drugs. The answer is to contact your pharmacist. They go to school and get paid very well to know exactly what conflicts with their drugs.

However, because DMSO and MSM can open the ports of cancer cells, and because DMSO can “bind” to many types of molecules, it is recommended that anyone on any critical prescription drug not use DMSO or MSM.

Comment #27: Those With Brittle Bones (e.g. Bone Cancer)

There are two experts at putting together a mineral protocol to help protect the bones from becoming brittle and breaking. This is especially critical for cancer in the spine/vertebrae.

The first is Larry of Essense-of-Life. His website is at:


Larry also supports the Cesium Chloride protocol, but it is not necessary to be on the Cesium Chloride to buy minerals from him, as far as I know.

The other is Dr. True Ott, a PhD:

Mother Earth Minerals

Comment #28: Shortening the Build-Up Process

For many cancer treatments, a “build-up” is recommended so the body has a few days to get used to the protocol. Or
a build-up can be recommended to avoid Herxheimer’s for those using items that kill a lot of microbes.

You can shorten the build-up process by building up more than once a day.

For example, suppose you are starting to use a powerful colloidal silver product, such as Silver Sol. To start with a high dose could create severe Herxheimer’s.

But you could use the first build-up dose at 10:00 AM in the morning. Then use the slightly higher second build-up dose at 3:00 PM. Then use the slightly higher third build-up dose at 8:00 PM. The next day you would start with the fourth build-up dose at 10:00 AM, and so on.

This process will shorten the number of days it takes to build-up to a full dose.

Comment #29: Understanding Redundancy (The Good and the Bad)

Redundancy can be good or bad!! For example, using redundant (i.e. multiple) alkaline protocols is almost always a very bad thing to do. This is why virtually every natural cancer treatment will have exactly ONE highly alkaline protocol.

For example, if a person combines two treatments/protocols together they have to be very careful that they only use ONE highly alkaline protocol. This means they may have to drop one of the alkaline protocols so that only one is left.

For example, suppose a person uses the cesium chloride protocol with the Dirt Cheap Protocol. Each protocol contains a highly alkaline substance (cesium and baking soda, respectively). These protocols CAN be combined but the baking soda and maple syrup (Kelmun) need to be dropped from the combination of protocols.

However, in most other cases, redundancy is good. For example, the Dirt Cheap Protocol includes several treatments that are designed to kill the microbes inside the cancer cells!! This is a good thing because these protocols work together.

Using multiple protocols to kill the microbes inside the organs is always a good thing!!

Using multiple protocols to kill the microbes in the bloodstream is also a good thing.

In short, redundancy is usually a good thing, but there are exceptions.

Comment #30: Urgent Comments: Protocel, Cantron, Paw Paw and Graviola

If you are on Protocel, Cantron, Paw Paw or Graviola you MUST read the article on “What Causes Cancer”!!

You must understand that any treatment that kills microbes inside the cancer cells WILL INTERFERE WITH THESE TREATMENTS!!!

The whole purpose of killing these microbes is to INCREASE the ATP energy inside the cancer cells.

But Protocel, Cantron, Paw Paw and Graviola are trying to DECREASE the ATP energy inside the cancer cells so the cancer cells will fall apart.

You are wasting you time using Protocel, Cantron, Paw Paw and Graviola if you are using an electromedicine protocol that kills microbes inside the cancer cells, or if you are on a protocol that includes DMSO, MSM, honey, maple syrup, molassas, etc.

Protocel, Cantron, Paw Paw and Graviola are generally used by themselves!!

Comment #31: Can Cancers Be Caused By Genetic Damage

By definition, a “cancer cell” is a cell which has low ATP energy. Most cancers are caused by microbes which are inside the cancer cells which consume glucose and thus lower the amount of ATP energy which can be made inside the cell.

However, some cancers may be caused by genetic damage, such as the BRCA2 gene or CPEO gene. Genetic damage can also block the production of ATP molecules.

If you fit into this category the ICRF needs to work with you to isolate which step in the creation of ATP molecules is being disrupted. So contact us so we can work with you.

In the mean time, take high levels of CoQ10 supplements (purchase from a health food store) and ASEA in order to help the chain reactions create more ATP energy in the cells:

ASEA Expert: Dave Carpenter, ND Website

Comment #32: Is There ONE Inexpensive Cancer Treatment That Everyone Should Include?

As mentioned above, a cancer treatment should include nutritional protocols, synergistic protocols and redundancy.

If a patient is weak, they MUST study the “Weak Cancer Patients” article!!!

But IN ADDITION to these protocols, if I were to pick one protocol that everyone should include it would be the DMSO/CD protocol, which is actually part of the Overnight Cure For Cancer, which is part of the Dirt Cheap Protocol. It is the best “bang for the buck” protocol I know of.

It can be added to any protocol where DMSO can be used. But it must be remembered that DMSO creates massive body odor which the patient cannot smell. So if a patient lives by themselves they should be careful to have someone evaluate the body odor before going into the public.

Also, those on blood thinners cannot use DMSO or MSM.

I would include DMSO/CD because it is based on superb cancer theory and the results have been excellent. Here is an article specific to this protocol on the ICRF website (an adult patient can use 2x or 3x the recommended dosages):

DMSO/CD Protocol By Itself

If DMSO or body odor is a contraindication (e.g. for those on blood thinners or where body odor is a problem) then I would suggest Aloe Arborescens or “Honey and Turmeric.” See the Dirt Cheap Protocol for information about these protocols.

[Important Note]

Regarding the words “Everyone Should Include,” I cannot push enough the need to supplement for improved immune function: if you have Cancer, something is wrong with your Immune System. The only supplement capable of doubling your immune system is Transfer Point’s Beta-1, 3D Glucan. If you’re taking any other product specifically for Immunity, YOU NEED TO SWITCH NOW! If you’ve never heard of Beta Glucan, click the link below for more details.

This vendor is incredibly knowledgeable and they are overly courteous to inquirers:

Comment #33: Are Any Natural Medicine Protocols Synergistic With Chemotherapy?

Some natural medicine protocols actually help chemotherapy target cancer cells. This means more of the chemotherapy is used to kill cancer cells and less of the chemotherapy damages the healthy cells. These items, DMSO and MSM, open the ports of cancer cells so more chemotherapy will get inside of cancer cells.

Any protocol that includes DMSO or MSM will definitely help the chemotherapy target the cancer cells. They should be taken just before the patient leaves for the hospital or doctor’s office. DMSO does cause body odor, so be aware. DMSO is more likely to be used when the chemotherapy is taken at home.

Protocols with honey, maple syrup, and molasses may help chemotherapy target cancer cells, but we are not certain about which types of chemotherapy these items might help.
Article: Still On Chemotherapy

The “Secret Product” in the Dirt Cheap Protocol absolutely must be used by anyone on chemotherapy. It is a massive anti-oxidant and will help control the damage done by chemotherapy and radiation. More than 2 pills a day can be used while on chemotherapy.
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Secret Cancer Protocols

Comment #34: Shrinking DANGEROUS Tumors

Many cancer treatments shrink tumors, but for dangerous tumors, such as in the throat, you have to be careful. Liver flushes are absolutely required for any cancer patient with a dangerous tumor, to help insure the tumor does not come back after it is shrunk.

Note that Cesium chloride may cause the tumor to SWELL before it starts to shrink. Usually this is not a problem, but in some cases (e.g. tumors in the throat) it can be very dangerous to have the tumors swell first.

The Cellect-Budwig protocol is the recommended major protocol for those with dangerous tumors.

The Kelmun Protocol and “3 honey” protocols in the Dirt Cheap Protocol (see left side-bar) shrink tumors but also do not cause any temporary swelling. See these two articles:

Shrink Tumors Article

Dangerous Tumors Article

I should note that it can take several weeks to begin the Photon Protocol, so if you are going to use it start immediately with the Dirt Cheap Protocol and the “Shrink Tumors” article.

Comment #35: Special Note For Those on the Photon Protocol

For most natural cancer treatments, the treatment is very straight-forward. This is not true for the Photon Protocol.

The Photon Protocol is a multi-step process:

1) The patient has cancer because of a weak immune system which is weak because of microbes and parasites in the organs.

2) The patient has a telephone consultation with the Ed Skilling Institute,

3) The Ed Skilling Institute analyzes the data and creates a custom nutritional protocol to deal with the microbes in the organs and other issues,

4) The patient then has to order these products (some of which can be purchased locally, but not all of them can).

The point is that the Photon device, especially the Photon Genie, will not be very effective at energizing cells until after these microbes and parasites are dead. The Photon Genius will be effective for weak cancer patients because it energizes cells throughout the body. But it will not be effective to energize the cells in the organs until these microbes and parasites are dead.

These steps can take several weeks time!! The solution is for anyone who chooses the Photon Protocol to immediately start the Dirt Cheap Protocol with a generic liver flush (see #3 in the Reference Manual).

When the patient has the nutritional products recommended by the Ed Skilling Institute, they should immediately TERMINATE the baking soda and maple syrup of the Dirt Cheap Protocol.

The other elements of the Dirt Cheap Protocol can and should be continued. But the baking soda and maple syrup must be terminated immediately. This is because only one highly alkaline protocol should be used at a time and the Skilling nutritional protocol will include alkaline products.

As mentioned above, after the Photon Protocol is completed, three weeks later the Dirt Cheap Protocol should be used for several months.

Comment #36: Cancer Pain

Pain caused by cancer or pain caused by chemotherapy, radiation, etc. are covered in a different article:
Cancer Pain Article

Comment #37: General Rules For Using Natural Medicine

In an attempt to cut down on emails, and yet provide more critical information to cancer patients, an article called: “Rules When Using Natural Cancer Treatments” has been written. Please study the “Rules” article, and this article, before sending us an email.
Rules When Using Natural Cancer Treatments

Comment #38: Email Us

AFTER you have studied this article and the “Rules” article, if you still have questions or comments, feel free to send us an email: