Limu Juice (Fucoidan) Stage IV Protocol

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TREATMENT RATING: This cancer protocol involves a molecule called “fucoidan.” This protocol is rated as a “Stage IV” protocol, which is the highest rating of alternative cancer treatments. Fucoidan has been proven in many scientific studies to target and safely kill cancer cells. Fucoidan is found in a product called: limu juice, although not all brands of limu juice have the same amount of fucoidan.

The protocol for liquid versions of limu juice involve 16 ounces a day (or 1/2 of a one-liter bottle). This dose should be divided into several small doses spread out during the day. Pill versions generally use 2 pills every day.

The cost of a case of Limu Juice is about $120 plus shipping. The case (of 4 bottles) lasts for 8 days at recommended doses.

Like all highly potent cancer treatments it is not sold at health food stores because they lack the expertise to support it. As far as I know, the best quality liquid version is only sold by multi-level marketing. Those who sell it will be able to support your use of the product, but they are not allowed to make any medical claims for the product outside of talking about scientific studies involving fucoidan.

For those who live outside of the United States, there are distribution channels for at least one limu juice brand name product in several countries.

Also, for those who live outside of the United States, at least one vendor sells their liquid product (which is normally shipped in glass bottles) in 2 ounce pouches to avoid breakage of bottles. These pouches will not break during shipment and will cost less to ship because the package is actually smaller and weighs less because no glass is being shipped.

Another option for those inside or outside of the United States, is a version of limu juice/fucoidan which comes in pill form and can be purchased over the Internet. It is called: U-Fn and it is made by Poseidon’s Harvest. We at the ICRF do not have any experience with this product, and do not make any claims for its effectiveness, but we do recommend it for patients who live outside of the United States where shipping large amounts of liquid is a potential shipping problem.

Limu Juice Cancer Protocol

Limu juice is a natural product from the sea. It is a special kind of seaweed. However, because people generally do not like the taste of seaweed by itself, Limu juice is generally mixed (by the vendor) with fruit and vegetable juices to mask the taste of seaweed (that is a wise thing to do).

The anti-cancer effect of fucoidan is well proven and has been the focus of many, many scientific studies which are published on PubMed. Fucoidan safely kills cancer cells and does not harm non-cancerous cells.

Limu juice has cured many cases of cancer by itself, but it is recommended, by this website, to be used in conjunction with other “Stage IV” protocols as a “supplemental” protocol.

As an example of its power, in one case in Missouri, a woman (I know the lady’s sister-in-law very well) had very advanced cancer which had spread throughout her body. She was also very, very thin. She refused all alternative cancer treatments except Limu juice.

However, instead of taking the recommended therapeutic dose for cancer of 16 ounces a day, she was only taking 5 or 6 ounces a day.

Without the Limu juice there is no doubt she would have died within a month or two of when I first knew about her. She was skin and bones and the cancer had spread throughout her body before she even started the Limu juice.

In fact she lived about six months using less than half of the daily recommended dose for cancer patients!! Quite frankly, everyone, including me, was in a state of shock that she lived so long on that small of a dose.

While this product can “buy time,” it is best to use it at therapeutic doses whereby it becomes a significant part of a cancer treatment.

The product of the most expensive vendor (and certainly the best), for 16 ounces a day, is about $125 a week. However, as mentioned above, the 16 ounces should be spread out by taking several small doses spread throughout the day!!

This protocol can be used in conjunction with chemotherapy for those inclined to take chemo. In fact, this product may significantly reduce the side-effects of the chemotherapy.

To Contact a Vendor of Limu Juice

Due to FDA regulations, we are not allowed to directly mention or link to a distributor of Limu juice or to even mention the name of the product we endorse. So to contact a Limu juice representative, of the only brand the Cancer Tutor webisite endorses, please send us an email. Include your:
1) Telephone number
2) Briefly describe your cancer situation (in case we have more ideas for your treatment),
3) Mention you would like more information about Limu juice!!

Keep in mind that the vendor will not be allowed to make any medical claims or to even comment about the use of Limu juice for cancer other than to mention PubMed studies.

I will forward your email to a Limu Juice representative:
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Contact Information About the Pill Version of Limu Juice – U-Fn

Due to shipping costs, some people prefer a pill version of Limu Juice. The Cancer Tutor website does not have enough information to determine how effective the pill version is (it is not from the same vendor), so we cannot endorse it until we get more information.

Here is a vendor of the pill version: U-Fn:
To Purchase Fucoidan in Pill Form: U-Fn