Are Alternative Cancer Treatments For Real – YES!!

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If I were to ask any person on Earth if God is smarter than pharmaceutical chemists they would say: “Of course.” But if I were to then say that God knows how to cure cancer better than pharmaceutical chemists, they would look at me as if I had just escaped from a mental institution.

Let us ask another question. Who has more integrity and more love for God’s children: God or the multi-billionaires who own the pharmaceutical industry?? Again, the answer is God.

So why do people think that God is smarter than pharmaceutical chemists, and God has more integrity, and then turn right around and think that chemotherapy, radiation and surgery are more effective against cancer than anything God has put into Mother Nature?

Well, to be honest, in 2002 I was totally confused as to which type of cancer treatment was more effective. I would visit some websites, such as QuackWatch, the American Cancer Society, the BC Cancer Agency, etc. which would call alternative cancer treatments “unproven” or “quackery.”

On the other hand, I would visit other websites which had testimonials of people who were cured of their cancer by drinking carrot juice or purple grape juice or they used some other natural treatment.

It wasn’t until I started reading a book written by a medical doctor, Dr. Philip Binzel, that I finally put the pieces together and realized what was going on.

Dr. Binzel was using a natural substance (an “alternative cancer treatment”) called “laetrile” in his clinic. Laetrile normally is extracted from apricot seeds. He used a liquid version of laetrile on his patients and he had about an 80% cure rate. The liquid version of laetrile he used came from Mexico.

But what was most interesting to me, in Dr. Binzel’s book, is what the Food and Drug Administration was trying to do about the import of liquid laetrile. Dr. Binzel was called as an expert witness at a trial in which the FDA was trying to get permission by the court to block the importing of laetrile into the United States!!

Why would the Food and Drug administration try to block the import of a cancer treatment which was totally natural and had an 80% cure rate when used as an I.V.!!?? That is a far higher cure rate than the 3% cure rate of orthodox medicine.

It was at this moment, while reading the book, that I realized what was going on. The FDA was trying to block the import of laetrile NOT because laetrile was ineffective, but precisely BECAUSE laetrile was effective!!

It was obvious to me that the FDA represented what was best for “Big Business,” not what was best for the general public!! In other words, the FDA was at that trial to persecute alternative medicine because alternative medicine was starting to cut into the profits of the pharmaceutical industry, the medical cartel, and so forth.

I had seen this behavior of a government agency before with regards to the Department of Energy.

I have learned that some government agencies exist primarily to protect the profits of favored and wealthy corporate interests. On the surface these government agencies pretend to be there to protect the general public, but in fact they are there to protect the profits of very wealthy industries.

Since 2002 I have found that alternative cancer treatments cost far less than the main orthodox cancer treatments of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation; yet alternative cancer treatments can be far, far more effective than any orthodox cancer treatment!! How can this be so?

Since you probably already know about orthodox cancer treatments, let me tell you a short story to highlight the difference between orthodox cancer treatments and alternative cancer treatments:

A Story

Suppose you own an antique dining room table which is worth many tens of thousands of dollars. Suppose your butler tells you that there are dozens of cockroaches crawling around on your priceless table and you will be having dinner guests in one hour.

Your butler informs you that his job description does not include killing cockroaches and as he is leaving your house he suggests four options for getting rid of the cockroaches:

  1. He suggests you use a chainsaw to “slash” the little critters to pieces,
  2. He suggests you use a large and powerful flamethrower to “burn” the critters to pieces,
  3. He suggests you pour 2 gallons of a highly, highly toxic liquid chemical on the table to “poison” the critters, and
  4. He suggests you use an old $1 flyswatter.

Which of the four options would you use to get rid of the cockroaches? Would you choose one of the first three options (slash, burn and poison) because they are highly potent at killing cockroaches or would you choose the cheap, wimpy flyswatter?

Think about why you would make your choice.

Most likely you would pick the flyswatter because the other three items (which are far more powerful than a flyswatter at killing cockroaches) are also massively powerful at destroying your priceless table!!

Chemotherapy (the toxic chemical above), surgery (the chainsaw above) and radiation (the flamethrower above) do kill cancer cells, but they also kill healthy cells (the priceless antique table), damage the immune system, damage the ability of your digestive tract to process nutrients, etc. because they do not target cancer cells. Thus, these treatments cannot cure cancer (which has spread) without killing the patient first.

By comparison, alternative cancer treatments (the flyswatter), while not as powerful as the other items, are far more effective at treating cancer because these treatments either target cancer cells or do not damage your healthy cells, Thus they can be given in higher doses than any of the “orthodox” cancer treatments. For example, a person can drink a quart of carrot juice but they cannot drink a quart of chemotherapy!!

In addition to the ability to use high doses, the many alternative cancer treatments can generally be combined.

End of Story

About Alternative Cancer Treatments

Alternative cancer treatments include four main categories of natural products. First, treatments which use natural foods (e.g. carrot juice and Aloe Arborescens), supplements which contain many natural substances (e.g. Cellect and LifeOne), treatments which use natural molecules (e.g. cesium chloride and calcium) and electromedicine treatments (e.g. the Rife Machine and Bob Beck Protocol).

There are, in fact, hundreds of alternative cancer treatments. These treatments usually can be combined with each other to increase their effectiveness.

There is also the “cancer diet,” meaning the things a cancer patient should and should not eat. Some “cancer diets” are so potent they are highly effective cancer treatments by themselves. Every cancer patient needs to be aware that many foods feed cancer cells, other foods encourage cancer cells to proliferate quickly and other foods virtually destroy the energy of almost all cells.

An “alternative cancer treatment” will include substances to:

  1. Either kill cancer cells or revert them into normal cells,
  2. Rebuild the immune system (which was damaged by chemotherapy),
  3. Protect and energize the non-cancerous cells,
  4. Deal with pain and suffering,
  5. Deal with the loss of energy of cancer patients (i.e. cachexia),
  6. Deal with their inability to digest foods caused by chemotherapy damaging the stomach lining,
  7. and so on.

In fact, there are many issues an alternative cancer treatment may have to deal with. Some issues are rarely considered, such as the effect of dental infections on some kinds of cancer, especially breast cancer. Another issue which few people understand is the role of microbes in the spreading of certain kinds of cancers.

Let us look at the big picture of cancer.

Why Do People Get Cancer?

In its most simplistic sense; cancer is caused by an imbalance between the strength of the immune system and the number of cancer cells in a person’s body.

In other words, every person on earth gets new cancer cells all the time. But for most people, this is not an issue because their immune system easily and safely kills these new cancer cells. Mother Nature has designed our bodies to continually and safely kill newly forming cancer cells.

However, when the immune system becomes weak, or when the number of cancer cells grows out of control, the number of cancer cells overpowers the immune system and the person is eventually diagnosed with cancer.

The logical way to solve this problem is to use natural products to build the immune system, and natural products to safely target and kill the cancer cells (e.g. laetrile, which is found in apricot kernels).

The immune system is rebuilt and the cancer cells are safely destroyed, thus the balance is restored and the person is cured of their cancer. Simple, isn’t it?

But that is not the approach of orthodox medicine. The approach of orthodox medicine severely damages the immune system with chemotherapy, radiation and surgery; kills many healthy cells because their protocols do not target cancer cells; and kills some of the cancer cells, but certainly not all of the cancer cells.

For example, the treatments of orthodox medicine kill fast-growing cells. The problem is that the immune system has many fast-growing cells. The stomach lining also has some fast-growing cells and the colon has some fast-growing cells. All three of these systems are necessary to fight cancer. But these systems are severely damaged by orthodox cancer treatments.

Plus, not all cancer cells are fast-growing cells, so these cancer cells may not be killed.

The end result is that the balance between the immune system and the number of cancer cells has gotten worse because the immune system has been damaged and there are still many cancer cells left in the body!!

The treatments of orthodox medicine do kill some cancer cells and may or may not shrink tumors, but they always damage the ability of the person to digest foods and they damage the immune system. And above all, orthodox medicine cannot kill all the cancer cells without killing the patient first. Thus, the patient is left with many, many cancer cells and a weakened and damaged immune system!!

Orthodox cancer treatments cannot be a “cure” for cancer because the balance between the immune system and the number of cancer cells has not been restored. This is why people who are lucky enough to survive their cancer with orthodox treatments are generally on chemotherapy for life. The chemotherapy takes the place of the damaged immune system. This is about as logical as replacing a person’s heart with a sump pump.

Because well over 99% of all cancer patients begin their cancer treatment with orthodox medicine, they are generally in very critical condition even before they switch to natural medicine and can begin their alternative cancer treatment.

These patients are very, very difficult to cure, but the experts who work with these patients, either at a clinic or by telephone, typically have about a 50% cure rate on these patients!!

A Hypothetical Case Study

So let us take a hypothetical cancer case to analyze. Suppose a cancer patient has had a large number of chemotherapy sessions, several radiation sessions and has had extensive surgery.

Suppose this person is sent home to die by orthodox medicine and a relative of his talks the person into looking at alternative cancer treatments.

Suppose this person goes to a German alternative cancer clinic and has virtually all of their cancer cells safely killed within a few weeks.

Here is the question: Has this person been “cured” of cancer? Think about the answer to this question, keeping in mind what I have already said, before reading on.

To answer this question we have to ask another question: Has this person’s balance between the immune system and the number of cancer cells been restored?

In a sense the answer is “yes” and in a sense the answer is “no.”

Yes, the balance has been restored in the sense that there are no cancer cells. But this balance is because the person hasno cancer cells due to the German clinic and no immune system (or at least a very damaged immune system) due to their orthodox treatments. That’s not a very good balance because everyone gets new cancer cells all the time!!

It is impossible to restore a very damaged immune system (I include the lining of the stomach and the lining of the colon as part of the immune system because they are what extract nutrients from foods) within a few weeks or even a few months and in many cases the immune system cannot be restored within 2 or 3 years!!

In other words, the balance has been temporarily restored, but when this person gets new cancer cells, as all people do, there will not be an immune system which can safely kill the newly forming cancer cells. If nothing else is done, the cancer will return.

This is one reason that alternative cancer treatment clinics, when they send someone home, give them alternative cancer treatments to use at home. (Note: The best of the alternative cancer treatments on this website are generally far, far better than the treatments the clinics recommend to their patients!!!)

Thus, while the clinic treatment has provided a superb start to a treatment; it should only be considered the beginning of the treatment because the immune system balance with new cancer cells has not been restored for the long run.

To achieve a true cure for cancer the immune system must be very strong and that cannot happen in three weeks. This does not mean a person needs to live in Germany for several years, it only means that when they get back from their clinic the work is far from over, but there has been a good start.

The point is that curing cancer must get started very quickly (because time is critical) and it also must be a long term process for those who have had a lot of orthodox cancer treatments. And this discussion has only been the tip of the iceberg (e.g. I haven’t even talked about lactic acid, “buying time” and many other topics).

Hopefully it is clear that alternative medicine has an entirely different approach to treating a cancer patient than does orthodox medicine.

What generally happens, however, is that patients who start with orthodox medicine never look for alternative cancer treatment experts.

Why Use Alternative Cancer Treatments

God has put hundreds of natural cancer treatments on this earth which are far, far more effective than any orthodox cancer treatment. Are you surprised that God has enough intelligence, integrity, and a love of humanity, to put hundreds of cures for cancer on this earth?

There are three main reasons alternative cancer treatments are far more effective than orthodox treatments.

First, natural cancer treatments are not toxic, thus they can be given in much higher doses than orthodox cancer treatments. While a person may think that chemotherapy is given in high doses, actually it is given in very low doses.

Second, alternative cancer treatments do no harm to the patient, thus the patient has a much longer time for the treatment to work. Patients would live far longer if they did absolutely nothing about their cancer (as opposed to using orthodox treatments); but alternative cancer treatments can extend life to the point that in many cases the patient is cured.

“My studies have proved conclusively that untreated cancer victims live up to four times longer than treated individuals. If one has cancer and opts to do nothing at all, he will live longer and feel better than if he undergoes radiation, chemotherapy or surgery, other than when used in immediate life-threatening situations.”
Prof Jones. (1956 Transactions of the N.Y. Academy of Medical Sciences, vol 6.) See also:

Third, alternative cancer treatments can be combined with each other in most cases. This ability allows the cancer patient to treat several different aspects of their cancer at the same time (such as getting supplements past the lactic acid blockade, building their immune system and getting rid of the cancer cells).

As a result of these advantages, and many more, newly diagnosed cancer patients (who start their cancer treatment with alternative cancer treatments), and who have at least 3 months to live, can achieve a cure rate of 93% or higher if they work with experts in combining multiple alternative cancer treatments or they do a lot of homework.

But many newly diagnosed cancer patients have cured their cancer by just drinking a lot of carrot juice and avoiding the foods that feed their cancer and interfere with their immune system (eating the right foods is called the “cancer diet”).

By comparison, orthodox cancer treatments (using a comparable definition of “cure rate”), have less than a 3% cure rate. How many people do you personally know who were diagnosed with cancer more than 7 years ago who are still alive? The answer is probably none. Any cure rate you see regarding orthodox cancer treatments, which is higher than 3%, has used very tricky and deceptive definitions.

“A German epidemiologist from the Heidelberg/Mannheim Tumor Clinic, Dr Ulrich Abel, has done a comprehensive review and analysis of every major study and clinical trial of chemotherapy ever done. His conclusions should be read by anyone who is about to embark on the Chemo Express. To make sure he had reviewed everything ever published on chemotherapy, Abel sent letters to over 350 medical centers around the world, asking them to send him anything they had published on the subject. Abel researched thousands of articles: it is unlikely that anyone in the world knows more about chemotherapy than he.

“The analysis took him several years, but the results are astounding: Abel found that the overall worldwide success rate of chemotherapy was ‘appalling’ because there was simply no scientific evidence available anywhere that chemotherapy can ‘extend in any appreciable way the lives of patients suffering from the most common organic cancers’. Abel emphasizes that chemotherapy rarely can improve the quality of life. He describes chemotherapy as ‘a scientific wasteland’ and states that at least 80 per cent of chemotherapy administered throughout the world is worthless and is akin to the ’emperor’s new clothes’–neither doctor nor patient is willing to give up on chemotherapy, even though there is no scientific evidence that it works! (Lancet, 10 August 1991) No mainstream media even mentioned this comprehensive study: it was totally buried.”
Tim O’Shea, The Doctor Within

This article will not get into the politics of cancer, but there are two free eBooks on this website which do get into the politics of cancer in great detail. They are both linked to on the left side-bar.

Why Work With an Expert

Can a cancer patient who has been sent home to die by orthodox medicine do enough homework on the Internet and in books to put together their own protocol from scratch in time to survive their cancer? Probably not. The key issue is that among the 400 plus alternative cancer treatments, finding the 15 or 20 treatments which are strong enough to give this patient a chance of survival is not likely to happen.

But even finding the right protocols is only part of the solution. The immune system must be rebuilt, the cancer cells must be safely killed (or reverted into healthy cells), the damage to non-cancerous cells by orthodox treatments must be reversed, the organs must be protected from detoxification during treatment, etc.

Few people even know there is a difference between the potency of different alternative cancer treatments on newly diagnosed cancer patients and fewer still know there is a much bigger difference in the potency of different alternative cancer treatments on advanced cancer patients!!

It is also critical to understand that when a cancer patient starts their treatment with orthodox medicine, by the time they start using alternative cancer treatments they have lost a great deal of time needed for treatment plus their body has been severely damaged by orthodox cancer treatments (as mentioned above) and their body has been damaged by their cancer.

The longer a cancer patient is on orthodox cancer treatments, plus the longer it takes them to find superb alternative cancer treatments; before they switch to highly potent alternative cancer treatments; the lower their chance of survival. Time is a huge factor.

This is why it is critical to find the experts quickly and get started quickly. Those people who are the experts have all spent more than eight years researching alternative cancer treatments or they were personally trained by someone with more than eight years of experience.

While there are hundreds of alternative cancer treatments, it takes an expert, and the right alternative cancer treatments, to give an advanced cancer patient real hope for survival.

The cure rate on advanced cancer patients, who have already had extensive orthodox treatments, is about 50% and only the best experts (such as those in clinics or the best of the telephone support consultants) can achieve that kind of cure rate. Curing these kinds of patients is literally a race against time. It is necessary to “get it right” the first time and then go on a long term treatment to restore the immune system, repair the damage to the colon and stomach and safely kill newly forming cancer cells.

All of these things, and many more, are discussed in detail on this website.

Do not underestimate the information on this website. This website is the result of contributions by many experts in alternative medicine.

A Very Key Point

Just because someone says they know how to cure cancer does not mean they have a clue what they are doing. Some people know what they are doing, other people are good people who mean well but don’t know what they are doing and other people are just seeking high profits.

Thus, a cancer patient not only has to overcome the massively huge hurdle of the false claims of orthodox medicine, they also must wind their way through the false claims of many people in alternative medicine, much of it unintentional.

That is why this website exists and why it doesn’t sell any health products or any health treatments.

In fact, I know many of the people in alternative medicine who know how to cure cancer and can achieve the 50% benchmark on advanced cancer patients. But there are many others, who do know what they are talking about, that I do not know.

However, even though I may not know them personally, I do know what they claim to use as cancer treatments. And I do understand cancer treatments enough that I know what works and what doesn’t work.

How Alternative Cancer Treatment Experts Are Trained

There are NO college or medical school courses on this planet on curing advanced cancer patients with natural medicine.

Sometimes I will get an email from a person who wants to be treated by a medical doctor. Why? The average housewife knows far more about alternative cancer treatments than almost any medical doctor. Doctors are taught to sell drugs, not work with natural medicine.

A person who entered medical school in 2002, which is when I started researching alternative cancer treatments, would not know 1% of what I know about cancer!! If they specialized in oncology they would know a lot more about cancer terminology than I do, but would know nothing about how to cure cancer!!

The reader should clearly understand that any PhD, M.D., naturopath, truck driver, insurance salesman, housewife or computer repairman, etc., who claims they are experts in alternative cancer treatments, and they really are experts, have been self-taught or trained by an expert in alternative medicine.

These people have read books, articles on websites, they may work with cancer patients, etc. etc. What they know they did not learn in any school.

Mike Vrentas, Ty Bollinger, Bill Henderson and myself, and many others, have written many things about cancer which any oncologist, naturopath or PhD could learn from. None of us have medical backgrounds. Ty and I are both accountants by training. Bill has a background in computers, as do Ty and I. Mike is a former police officer in downtown Kansas City. But all of us are bona fide experts in alternative cancer treatments.

For example, Bill Henderson, as he has done to me, can “talk your ear off” about the importance of dental issues with regards to cancer. Bill knows of hundreds of cancer cases where the patient could not be cured until they got their dental infections fixed by one of the extremely rare dentists who can fix certain kinds of “cavitations.” This situation is common with breast cancer patients, but can apply to other types of cancer as well.

The point is this: do not assume that if a person is not an M.D. or PhD that they don’t know how to cure cancer!!! It could be a fatal mistake to ignore what someone says just because they are not an M.D. or PhD!!

While I will confess that people who do have medical backgrounds have an advantage over the rest of us; the end result is that a medical background really doesn’t make that much of a difference. A jet pilot doesn’t need to know how a jet engine works. What is far more important is that the cancer researcher wants to dig for the truth and has an open mind.

While this website is considered by many to be the premiere website on the Internet on the subject of alternative cancer treatments, this is not the only good website on alternative cancer treatments. Here are two superb websites written by people not affiliated with the ICRF (Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc.) that I would be remiss if I did not mention:
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