How To Fund Your Cancer Treatment Without a Loan

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Viatical Settlement

Note: At the bottom of this page is a section specific to Canadian life insurance policies.

Warning: Do NOT turn in your life insurance policy to your life insurance company. They will only give you a small fraction of what the policy is really worth!!!.


Having communicated with thousands of cancer patients since 2002, I have noted that anyone who has used orthodox medicine to treat their cancer is generally dead broke, even when they had health insurance!! You would not believe how many times I have heard this!!

Orthodox medicine treats patients they never should have treated in the first place. They do procedures which do far, far more harm than good (e.g. any Whipple surgery). And so on.

Furthermore, health insurance policies (which are approved by corrupt and/or stupid state governments) do not cover the far more effective and far less expensive natural medicine cancer treatments!! And so on.

The good news is that there are many, many effective cancer treatments from Mother Nature that are very inexpensive (see the “Inexpensive Cancer Treatments” link on the left side-bar).

However, given the complexity of treating a cancer patient who has been sent home to die, the best natural medicine treatments and clinics come with expert support and are relatively expensive. Examples are the Photon Protocol with Photon Genius and/or Photon Genie, Cellect-Budwig with High RF Frequency Generator protocol, the BX Antitoxins, etc.

These protocols are no where near as expensive as orthodox medicine, they just seem to be expensive because the patient is usually left with little or no money and health insurance doesn’t pay for them.

The good news is that there is a financial product, which is not a loan, that can help cancer patients afford the best of the alternative medicine clinics anywhere in the world and/or the best of the home treatments!!

This financial product was designed for terminally ill people, whether they were terminally ill from cancer or from some other disease or health condition. The purpose of this financial product is so that terminally ill people can enjoy the last days of their life. It can allow them to quit their jobs, buy things, travel with their families and do things, before they die, that they could not afford to do otherwise.

Many, many people have been very grateful for this product, called “viatical settlement,” because it has allowed them to spend high-quality time with their loved ones prior to their death!

However, this product can also be used by those who are trying to survive their cancer.

The transaction in a nutshell is that corporations will buy a person’s whole life policy or term life policy or Group policy or FEGLI policy or Universal life policy and other types of life insurance policies that can be converted into whole life. Companies will buy these policies, for example, at 50%, 70%, etc. of the face value of the whole life value!!!

With this transaction a person can obtain 50%, 65% or 75%, or some other percentage, of the face value of their life insurance policy. The patient can then afford to spend quality time with their family, friends and relatives in any way they wish and/or they can use the money from that insurance policy to try to survive their cancer, such as go to a top clinic or use an expensive home treatment.

Not all of the person’s life insurance policies need to be sold. Only the ones needed to cover expenses or travel, etc.

They will buy any life insurance policy that can be converted into whole life.

What can the family do with this money? Anything they want!!

As already mentioned, with this money the patient can quit their job, travel, spend more time with their family, etc.

Even if a patient was not trying to beat their cancer it can be a tremendous tool to help the family spend quality time and travel with the cancer patient.

While spending more time with the family would alone justify the transaction for advanced cancer patients; for cancer patients who know about alternative cancer treatment clinics and strong home treatments, they can also use part of this money to try and survive their cancer!! This is a perfectly legitimate purpose for this money.

But there is another benefit of this product for advanced cancer patients. The patient’s attitude has a lot to do with their survival. By spending more time with their family, and doing fun things, they can take their mind off of their cancer and this alone will help their chances of survival!!

Thus there are three benefits for advanced cancer patients who know about alternative cancer treatments:

1) Spend quality time and travel with their loved ones,

2) Afford the best of the clinics and/or the best of the home treatments to try and survive their cancer,

3) Increase their desire to live which will give them a better chance of survival.

Imagine that not only does the patient spend high quality time with their family but also survives their cancer!!

For example, a $15,000 policy (after converting it to whole life) can be converted to fund the Cellect-Budwig protocol plus High RF Frequency generator and oscillator amplifier with plasma ray tube! A $60,000 policy can be converted into a Photon Genius (for weak cancer patients) with Consultation plus nutritional treatment.

For larger policies they can travel and/or be treated at a clinic and/or use a home treatment. And so on.

How Does This Product Work?

So what are the mechanics of this product:

First, the patient or family contacts a broker that will find them the best price for their life insurance policy (see below),

Second, the broker gets three bids from companies that buy life insurance policies (the choice of these three companies for each situation requires experience and expertise!!),

Third, the broker then tells the family about the highest bid,

Fourth, the family can accept or reject the bid.

When you apply for this service there is absolutely no obligation to sell your life insurance policy or convert a different policy into a life insurance policy. It is a family decision as to whether to accept their offer or reject it.

There is nothing to risk if you are interested in getting a quote.

For example, suppose a terminal cancer patient has a $200,000 whole life insurance policy. Suppose the winning bid for that policy is $145,000 (this is a reasonable amount). If the family accepts the offer, the family members can take extended vacations, and do many fun things together with the patient.

Hopefully it will include a powerful home treatment and/or visiting a world-class alternative medicine cancer clinic, such as one in Germany (and the travel that goes with it), Mexico or the United States (see the “Clinics” link on the left side-bar). Some clinics are very good at quickly and safely getting rid of cancer cells.

After treating their cancer and/or visiting a clinic, they can take a vacation (and eat healthy while they are on vacation) and when they get home, a home treatment can be used to “finish-off” the cancer and build their immune system.

Building the immune system (i.e. curing the cancer) can only be done at home because it takes many months to rebuild the immune system.

While there are no guarantees the best clinics and home treatments can cure the cancer (every case is different), the time spent with family can far more than justify the transaction!!

A Highly Recommended Broker

Warning: Some brokers of this product take exorbitant commissions without telling you!! In other words, they do not tell you the actual numbers quoted by the companies that buy these products.

I personally know and trust one of the brokers who has been in this business for many years and has an excellent reputation for both integrity and helping people in other ways as well. Here is his website:

Life Insurance Buyers, Inc. (LIBI), Leawood, Kansas

Canadian Life Insurance Policies

This is a note from a Canadian reader about using a life insurance policy in Canada to fund a cancer treatment:

1. We have what is called “Living Benefit” where you can ‘cash in’ up to half of your life insurance (to max of $100,000). If you have been given 12 months or less to live (according to your oncologist), you apply to your life insurance company and they send you a cheque (less 1 yrs worth of premiums) to be used for anything you wish. Not ALL insurance companies do this but MOST do.

We did this a year ago and I had to call the life insurance company and explain my husband is still with us and we need to start paying his premiums again so we don’t lose the other half of his life insurance when he eventually does pass.

2. AS SOON AS YOU ARE DIAGNOSED – apply for CPPD (Canada Pension Plan Disability) – Cancer is an automatic acceptance. My husband receives over $800/month AND because we didn’t find out about this until 6 months after diagnosis, they went retro-active to when he was diagnosed. We applied at the end of August and his first cheque was in the bank at the end of October along with the retro-active amount.

3. In Ontario, if your household is low income, once you have been accepted to CPPD, look into ODSP (Ontario Disability Support Program). This program also pays for prescriptions for your dependants and some other health care items such as dental and vision care.

4. AS SOON AS YOU ARE DIAGNOSED – quit your job and go on EI (Employment Insurance) – it is called sick benefit and they don’t refute it because they know the standard treatments kick the heck out of you and you will have good and bad days and cannot rely on being well enough to go to work. I believe this is a ‘bridge’ until you start receiving CPPD or ODSP.

5. If you opt for CPPD and require a home care nurse (full time, part-time or weekly), or are under the care of a dietician (even monthly visits), you can apply for an ODB (Ontario Drug Benefit) card. This card pays my husband’s prescriptions and his liquid food source for tube feeding (he can’t swallow because of the tumor on the back of his tongue). Contact the CCAC (Community Care Access Centre) for information.