Rules and Ideas When Using Natural Cancer Treatments

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About This Article

We answer emails from thousands of cancer patients every year. In order to avoid writing 10 page emails, many thousands of times a year, this article was put together. Most items apply to all cancer patients so every cancer patient should study this article carefully!!

This article covers everything from weak cancer patients to those who are newly diagnosed.

Read the entire article even if you think you have found your answer.

Rules and Ideas When Using Natural Cancer Treatments

Surviving cancer using natural cancer treatments requires a lot of reading. Someone in the family needs to be designated as the “natural cancer treatment expert.” And this person has to do a lot of reading!! It is not necessary to read every article, but there are key articles which must be read, including this one!!

This article was written to all cancer patients using natural medicine. The purpose of this article is so that we do not have to write 10 page emails for every cancer patient we deal with. So typically we will answer specific questions and then direct the patient to this article.

This is a very important article because we cannot possibly include all of this information in every email!!

However, another purpose of this article is that many times cancer patients have false information about something related to treating cancer and the subject doesn’t come up in our email exchanges so we don’t know about their false precept!! For example, cancer patients sometimes think they need to measure the pH of their blood. NO!!! The pH that is important is the pH inside the cancer cells. And this number cannot be measured!!! The pH of the blood generally does not need to be measured if you follow the instructions in our protocols. If you don’t follow our instructions, then maybe you should measure your blood pH to make sure the blood pH is not too high!! The blood pH should always be within a narrow range. The highly alkaline protocols are NOT designed to raise blood pH!!!

Also, if someone in the family is against using natural medicine to treat cancer, and they think that God is too stupid to cure cancer, have them read this critical article:
Why Everything You Know About Cancer is Wrong

Read This Entire Article Before Doing Anything!!!

So let’s look at the items:

Key Concepts

1) Read the “What Causes Cancer” article so you know what is going on inside of cancer cells. Many of the cancer treatments the ICRF has developed kill the microbes inside the cancer cells which in turn reverts the cancer cells into normal cells. You need to understand how cancer cells can be reverted into normal cells.
What Causes Cancer

Some of the top natural medicine cancer treatments do kill cancer cells, and there is nothing wrong with doing this. But others focus on killing the microbes inside the cancer cells.

If you want to understand why the pH inside the cancer cell is so important, see this article (the pH determines the size and shape of the cancer microbe):
Advanced Cancer Theory

When the cancer microbe is in the Somatid state it cannot be killed until it comes out of the Somatid state, which can take six months. The ideal is to kill the cancer microbe without it going into the Somatid state. Only the highly alkaline protocols need to worry about the cancer microbe getting into the Somatid state, so it is generally nothing to worry about.

2) It would be hard to count the number of emails we have received where a cancer patient designed their own cancer treatment and it had one or two items which collective were no where near strong enough for their situation!!

For example, we have received emails from people who read a book about hydrogen peroxide and were going to use hydrogen peroxide and nothing else. Ugh!!

Fighting cancer is like fighting a fire, you need enough fire trucks!! That is why, for example, so many items in the Dirt Cheap Protocol are recommended when it is the major cancer treatment (i.e. 14 or more items).

While some protocols designed by experts only have a few items, if you looked at the items there would be a product with many items in it or at least one item would be extremely powerful.

If you have not already chosen a major natural cancer treatment for home use, first look a the left column of links (i.e. the “left side-bar”). At the top is a section named: “Types of Cancer.” Find your main type of cancer and read the article for that type of cancer. The article will recommend a specific natural cancer treatment (e.g. Cellect-Budwig, Cesium Chloride, Photon Protocol, etc.). You can find the details on how to use the recommended protocol linked to on the left side-bar.

If you cannot afford the recommended major protocol, or if for any other reason you cannot use it (e.g. you live in a country where you cannot import natural medicine products), then use 14 or more items in the Dirt Cheap Protocol.
Dirt Cheap Protocol

Use at least 14 items in the Dirt Cheap Protocol, but only use one highly alkaline protocol per day.

For those in foreign countries, they can also look at item #16 in the Reference Manual, which links to other articles which mention hundreds of individual items.

3) A key rule when using natural cancer treatments is to only use one highly alkaline item per day. Every natural cancer protocol put together by an expert will include one and only one highly alkaline protocol or will mention in the article if you have an option as to which highly alkaline protocol you can take.

The problem comes when someone combines items from multiple protocols or adds things to a standard protocol. The rule remains: only one highly alkaline protocol per day.

Highly alkaline items include, but are not limited to: Cellect, Cesium Chloride, Baking Soda (Dirt Cheap Protocol), high doses of anything that is green (e.g. barley pills, asparagus, etc.), Stevia, etc.

4) For cancer patients who are already weak, see the Weak Cancer Patients article as this article deals with this most important time-critical issue.
Article For Weak Cancer Patients

The Quantum Pulse or Photon Genius are essential for weak cancer patients if you can find one near you. If you use the Photon Genius, Dr. Joy Watson, a naturopath is an excellent person to consult with. Here is her website:
Joy Watson Clinic

5) While most cancer patients will start with a home treatment, some cancer patients will want to be treated at a cancer clinic that specializes in natural cancer treatments. For those who can afford it and want to start with a clinic treatment, see this article:
Natural Medicine Cancer Clinics

When completely done with the clinic treatment, the patient should use several of the items in the Dirt Cheap Protocol (see the left side-bar) for several additional months. However, if the clinic provides a home treatment, make sure the two home protocols (one from the clinic and one from the Dirt Cheap Protocol) are compatible (e.g. only one highly alkaline protocol per day).

6) Do NOT measure the pH of your blood unless you think it may be too high because you are taking too many highly alkaline things. But if a person is only taking ONE highly alkaline substance then measuring blood pH should not be necessary unless the patient has a tingling in their skin (see the symptoms of alkalosis using Google). Any patient who has tingling in their skin should STOP all highly alkaline items for a week and then adjust the alkaline items in their protocol to a smaller amount and/or smaller number.

Signs of too much alkalinity include: tingling of skin, headaches, frequency sighing, water retention, low blood sugar, foul-smelling stools, difficulty swallowing, sensitivity to vinegar and acidic fruits AND bumps on the tongue.

7) If taking the Budwig diet protocol, do not take any anti-oxidants within 2 or 3 hours, on both sides of the Budwig. The Budwig can be neutralized by anti-oxidants. Many items in the Dirt Cheap Protocol are anti-oxidants. An easy way to solve this is to take the Budwig first thing in the morning or last thing at night. In this manner only one 3-hour time-restriction applies.

8) It is recommended that if you have any mercury in your teeth that the mercury be removed but ONLY by a dentist trained by the late Dr. Huggins or by a dentist who was trained by a dentist who was trained by Dr. Huggins. They can remove mercury and dental infections safely!!

Dental infections are known to be the major cause of over 90% of breast cancer cases!!! The dental infection spreads to the breasts and causes breast cancer. Get an infrared picture locally to see if this applies to you. The infrared picture should cover all of the teeth down to under the breasts. Just about everyone should have their teeth checked!
Dr. Huggins Clinic

9a) Every patient needs generic liver flushes or custom liver flushes to kill microbes and parasites in the organs. This is also an immune building process because these microbe and parasites are weakening the organs and thus weakening the immune system. There are many generic liver flushes:
Article on Liver Flushes

A custom liver flush comes from a consultation with Warren Starnes of the Ed Skilling Institute. This consultation is generally only done by people who purchase a Photon device (i.e. Photon Genie or Photon Genius) but they may do it for anyone who is willing to pay for it:
Ed Skilling Institute

For weak cancer patients they should use a device to energize the cells in their weak body!!! Either Photon device, a Quantum Pulse or either High RF Frequency device will do this. It is also important to do a “liver flush” as soon as possible to get rid of the microbes and parasites in the organs so these cells can be energized more quickly. See the “Weak Patients” article for information about these devices:
Article For Weak Patients!!!

9b) Another immune builder is to kill the microbes in the bloodstream. This is a slow process so it should not be the first thing you do. But by killing the microbes in the bloodstream the immune system will be supercharged, such as by creating more neuropeptides!!

It is one of several approaches to helping the immune system.

See this article:
Kill Microbes in the Bloodstream

10a) Every patient needs an immune building supplement. Some protocols include an immune builder, such as Cellect. Transfer Point is recommended when there is not an immune builder built into the main protocol. But I suspect it can be added to any protocol, even if the protocol has an immune builder built-in. Transfer Point is the best immune builder. Here is their website:
Transfer Point Website

10b) Another key item for building the immune system (other than liver flush and Transfer Point) is to kill the microbes and parasites in the bloodstream. The reason for doing this is to build the neuropeptides in the body. Neuropeptides are superb at building the immune system.
Ways To Kill Microbes in the Bloodstream

11) When using a purely liquid protocol, look at the “Water Trick” to see if it can be applied to your situation (but check with your consultant if you have one):
Water Trick (trick to get microbe-killing liquids inside the cancer cells)

12) The DMSO/CD protocol is described on the website of the Independent Cancer Research Foundation. This is one of the oldest natural cancer treatments and is very good at reverting cancer cells into normal cells but it can cause severe body odor:
DMSO/CD Protocol (3 pages)

If the patient uses this protocol they should also see this article for a supercharged version of this protocol:
Perfect Storm Protocol

13) Anyone on the Dirt Cheap Protocol should study these three articles to expand on or supercharge the Dirt Cheap Protocol, especially those who live outside of the United States who may not be able to obtain the items in other protocols:
Inexpensive Treatments – Additional Items
Unlimited Power Protocol – Additional Items
Log Cabin Protocol – A Special Way to Use the Dirt Cheap Protocol

The ICRF Reference Manual is another article that needs to be studied, but it will be mentioned below.

14) MSM is used in several of the protocols. Once a day when you take MSM you can take 4 times the recommended dose!! MSM is amazingly safe and its LD-50 is sky high. It would be almost impossible to take too much MSM, but follow the rule: once a day you take MSM 4x the amount described in the instructions.

15) Tumors do not always behave in the same way. You can kill every cancer cell in a tumor or revert every cancer cell in the tumor into a normal cell and the tumor may still not shrink!! But if you kill all of the cancer cells in a tumor or revert them into normal cells the tumor as a minimum should not grow.

See this article and especially look for the “Poydock” protocol. This protocol was designed specifically to shrink tumors:
Shrink Tumors (see Poydock)

Both the “Kelmun Protocol” in the Dirt Cheap Protocol (which is highly alkaline) and the Poydock protocol have done very well at shrinking tumors.

But liver flushes are also required for those who have tumors.

16) For those with cancer in the bones, or cancer that has spread to the bones, it is important to add minerals to your protocol to protect your bones from becoming brittle and breaking. This can cause trauma to the patient. If on the Cesium Chloride protocol make sure the consultant knows that the bones are involved. Otherwise, work with Dr. True Ott, PhD who is an expert at putting together a mineral protocol to protect the bones:
Mother Earth Minerals

17) Herxheimers is also known as “brain fog.” Herxheimers is perfectly safe but can scare some patients. When massive numbers of microbes are killed in the bloodstream, acids are released as the dead microbes fall apart. These acids travel through the bloodstream and can pass through the brain. Since part of brain signaling acts like a radio tower (or else we wouldn’t be able to think very fast) the acids can block this aspect of our brain’s internal communication. This is “brain fog.” It is harmless.

To deal with it drink lots of safe water to flush out the toxins. Distilled water is fine or purified water is fine.

18) For most natural cancer treatment items all you need to know is whether they are highly alkaline or not. However, there are some items that have their own rules for use. Hydrazine Sulphate, Protocel and Cantron are three such items. No one should use Hydrazine Sulphate (H.S.) unless they work with the Syracuse Clinic in New York.
Syracuse Clinic (Work With Them If H.S. is Used)

Protocel and Cantron work in such a way that they are trying to lower the ATP energy in cells so that the cancer cells will fall apart (a normal cell will not fall apart if its ATP energy is lowered slightly). However, most items in the Dirt Cheap Protocol raise ATP energy by killing the microbes inside the cancer cells. So if you use Protocel or Cantron use the cancer protocol designed by the vendor.

19) All cancer patients can supercharge their cancer treatment with items from the massive ICRF Reference Manual. I will talk more about the Reference Manual below.

20) For those who are overseas, most of the items in the Dirt Cheap Protocol can be purchased in any country. In addition, look at the Reference Manual for specific items which can replace items you cannot obtain locally. Item #16 in the Reference Manual is especially important for those outside of the United States. It links to hundreds of natural cancer treatment items; many of which can be purchased in any country.

21) For those on prescription drugs consider these 4 issues:
a) Some prescription drugs may be dangerous when used with some natural cancer treatments,
(e.g. Many natural cancer treatments are anti-oxidants and may be dangerous to cancer patients who are using prescription blood thinners.)
b) Some prescription drugs may be neutralized by natural cancer treatments,
c) Some natural cancer treatments may be neutralized by some prescription drugs,
d) Some natural cancer treatment may HELP prescription drugs be more effective.
(e.g. Some natural cancer treatments, such as those with DMSO, MSM or honey, may help chemotherapy target the cancer cells better)

The point is that if you are on prescription drugs be familiar with the things that should and should not be used with them.

General Information Items

A) Some cancer treatments are categorized as a “food.” This means they are not highly alkaline and they are foods, but they are also excellent cancer treatments!! They can basically be taken in unlimited doses (though follow vendor recommended doses).

Several such items are: Purple Grape Juice (hopefully organic), Carrot juice with a little beet juice mixed in, Limu Juice, Mangosteen, and Noni Juice. All of these are both foods and are cancer treatments. They can be used in unlimited doses in any cancer treatment.

Here is information on a Limu Juice vendor and “Secret Product” in the Dirt Cheap Protocol (which is recommended for any cancer patient) – password protected (note the “Case Study”):
Username = no
Password = link

Use Google to find vendors for Mangosteen and Noni Juice. Remember that vendors cannot legally make medical claims for treating cancer!!! So do not ask the vendor about using them for cancer treatments, only for general health.

“Secret Product” is required for anyone on the Dirt Cheap Protocol.

B) We legally cannot get between a cancer patient and their medical doctor (e.g. oncologist). This is a legal issue and we have no control over it. So do not ask us whether you should use any specific orthodox cancer treatment. That is a family decision.

Likewise we cannot make any comments regarding minor children. Some states are very strict about this. There are only certain things we can say in these situations because in some states minor children with cancer are essentially “wards” of the state.

C) After you are completely done with a major cancer treatment (e.g. the Cellect-Budwig or Cesium Chloride) or done with a clinic, use the Dirt Cheap Protocol for several more months (at least 10 items). Remember, do not make this switch until you are done with the Cellect-Budwig or Cesium Chloride or clinic, etc. If you are on a maintenance dose of Cesium Chloride then use 13 items in the Dirt Cheap Protocol but do NOT USE any of the highly alkaline items in the Dirt Cheap Protocol, such as the Kelmun, Stevia or asparagus.

D) It is important to evaluate your progress in treating your cancer. You can do this by using one of the tests to determine how much cancer you have. The key is to take the test now and every 2 or 3 months. If the score goes down the treatment is working. If the score goes up, change protocols or add more items from the Dirt Cheap Protocol or Reference Manual. And contact us!!
Evaluate Progress

E) The amazing “Reference Manual” is a resource for every cancer patient for every situation. It has many different categories which each have multiple different treatments to deal with specific situations a cancer patient might face!! For example, if the patient has an abnormal number of microbes in the bloodstream, which are weakening their immune system, they should look at #6 in the Reference Manual.

Every natural medicine cancer treatment can be improved by studying the Reference Manual. This is where the real power of natural cancer treatments can be found. For example, a person could use 3 or 4 items in item #6 (i.e. kill microbes in the bloodstream). However, they should not use too many alkaline protocols (only one highly alkaline protocol per day).

But the bottom line is that natural cancer treatments can be made unlimited in power because of the massive Reference Manual. But if you are working with a consultant make sure you keep the consultant up to date with what you are doing as they may know something about potential conflicts that you do not know about. But we try to make note of them.
Reference Manual

F) Our Email Address: Read the Common Questions article for more general concepts (at the bottom of the Common Questions article is our email address if you have questions or comments):
Common Questions article