How To Prevent Your Cancer From Coming Back (e.g. Prevent Regression)

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How To Prevent Your Cancer From Coming Back

Many times cancer patients have been cured of their cancer, meaning put into “remission,” only to have their cancer return later, which is called “regression.”

We have seen people who went to one of the best orthodox cancer clinics in the world who had their cancer come back.

For example, can chemotherapy build the immune system? No, it destroys it.

Can surgery build your immune system? Obviously not.

Can radiation build your immune system? Obviously not.

Even those who went to the best natural medicine clinics can have their cancer come back because a person cannot fix the “root cause” of cancer in a few days or even a few weeks.

While these treatments can certainly help, and can get rid of many cancer cells, and can “buy time,” the best solution is to use a complete natural medicine treatment, for home use, as soon as the patient gets home.

For example, the Photon Protocol actually deals with the “root cause” of the cancer. The Cellect-Budwig and Bill Henderson Protocols also, to a large degree, deal with the “root cause” of the cancer.

But whether you just finished an orthodox clinic treatment, a natural medicine clinic treatment, or a home treatment for cancer, this article discusses a four phase treatment for cancer which is designed to make sure the cancer never comes back.

Your main treatment was Phase #1, now learn about the other three phases in this article.

The Four Phases

The Phase One protocol is the treatment of the cancer itself. Examples would be the Cellect-Budwig, Cesium Chloride, Hyperthermia with low-dose chemotherapy (done at a clinic), Dirt Cheap Protocol, etc. The choice of the Phase One treatment will depend on the situation, such as the type of cancer, how far it has spread, the budget of the family, etc. The goal of the Phase One protocol is to keep the patient alive and put the cancer patient into remission.

The Phase Two, Three and Four protocols are what this article is about. Very specific cancer treatments need to be used to make sure the cancer never comes back!! If you are already in remission you can skip Phase One and jump directly to Phase Two, Three and Four.

When you are done with these phases you will have:

  1. Zero cancer cells in your body,
  2. microbes in your body (except in your stomach where most of them are beneficial), which is critical to strengthen the immune system and prevent the cancer from coming back,
  3. Zero lactic acid in the bloodstream,
  4. A supercharged immune system that “eats” any newly developing cancer cells.

This provides an overpowering advantage to the immune system to keep cancer cells away. However, a word of warning is needed. Those who have had a lot of chemotherapy may need many months to have their immune system rebuilt, so do not stop this protocol too soon.

The Theory of This Protocol

Let us think about what causes cancer in the first place. Everyone has cancer cells in their body, but their immune system keeps the number of cancer cells from growing out of control. As long as the number of cancer cells and the strength of the immune system are in balance, the person will probably not be “diagnosed” with cancer.

Let us use numbers to explain this. The average person has an immune system with a score of ’50’ on a 100 point scale (this is accurate as you will see later in this article) and a number of cancer cells which we will define to be a ’50’ on a different 100 point scale. Things are in balance and the person will not be diagnosed with cancer.

If something happens to lower the immune system score or raise the number of cancer cells score, the balance can be destroyed and the number of cancer cells can overpower the immune system and the person may eventually be diagnosed with cancer.

For example, smoking can create new cancer cells by damaging the membranes on normal cells and allowing microbes in the bloodstream to get inside the normal cells, allowing them to be cancerous (see the “What Causes Cancer” article linked to on the left side-bar). Or a person can have a really bad diet, made up of soda pop and candy bars, and the immune system “score” can drop plus the cancer cells can proliferate.

Many, many different things can allow the cancer cells to overpower the immune system.

Chemotherapy and radiation further damage an already weakened immune system.

In several weeks at a top clinic, most of the cancer cells will be killed or reverted into normal cells. However, it is impossible in a few weeks to rebuild the immune system!! For example, the number of cancer cells score may drop to ’20,’ which is good.

However, the immune system score may have dropped to ’20’ before they went to the clinic. The immune system score cannot be raised from a ’20’ to a ’50’ in a few weeks!! Thus, when the person is sent home the immune system score will likely be no higher than ’25’.

Because everyone gets new cancer cells all the time, until the immune system score is raised to a ’50’ the cancer may eventually return. This can take many months or even years.

Thus, the balance (at a level where the immune system is at least a ’50’) has not been fixed and the cancer may come back. This is why most clinics send the patient home with a “home treatment.”

The only way to “cure” cancer is to restore the strength of the immune system to the point it can keep the number of cancer cells low enough there is no danger to the person.

But that is definitely not the only problem. Very few alternative cancer treatments deal with microbes or lactic acid in the bloodstream. The microbes in the bloodstream likely include the “cancer microbe” (which is probably H. Pylori) and can “infect” normal cells and turn them cancerous. Thus, as long as these microbes are in the bloodstream the cancer can come back.

All of the types of microbes in the bloodstream also suppress the immune system!!

Lactic acid is made in the cancer cells, but “lives” in the bloodstream. It finds itself in the liver and the liver uses an enormous amount of energy converting this lactic acid into glucose. This lactic acid can kill cancer patients because of the energy used in the liver and cancer cells. This lactic acid cycle (the cachexia cycle) must be dealt with. It is almost never dealt with in alternative medicine.

There are three ways to deal with the lactic acid cycle:

  1. Block the liver from converting lactic acid into glucose. This is done with hydrazine sulphate. But H.S. is rarely used because there are many safety rules for its safe use.
  2. Block the cancer cells from converting glucose into lactic acid. The only way to do this is to kill the cancer cells or revert them into normal cells. But to fully do this requires a lot of time.
  3. Sweep the lactic acid out of the bloodstream. This prevents the lactic acid from reaching the liver. This is the tactic of this article by using the “MSM/Vitamin C” protocol (see left side-bar).

The treatments on this page will teach a cancer patient, whether they have used a clinic treatment or a home treatment in Phase One, how to avoid ever having their cancer come back by eliminating all cancer cells in the body (e.g. a cancer cells score of ‘0’) and eliminating all microbes in the body (e.g. which is a key to supercharging the immune system well above a ’50’)!!

This is a long-term process so it can only be completed at home!!

We can compare this four-phase protocol to what you would do if you had major damage to your house by a fire. If your house was on fire and the fire was spreading quickly, you would:
Phase One) Call the fire department to save the house,
Phase Two) Make sure the embers are out to prevent the fire from starting again,
Phase Three) When the fire was out you would hire people to clean up the mess and start to rebuild the house,
Phase Four) In your new house you would install better smoke alarms and better fire extinguishers.

This is exactly the four-step process this article describes with regards to cancer.

The Phase #1 treatment can be a clinic treatment (e.g. hyperthermia with low-dose chemotherapy, Vitamin C by I.V., etc.) or a home treatment (e.g. the Cellect-Budwig, Cesium Chloride, Bill Henderson, etc.). The Phase #1 treatment is designed to do four things:

  1. Stop or slow down the spreading of the cancer,
  2. Energize the non-cancerous cells so they are not destroyed by the cancer,
  3. Eliminate as many cancer cells as possible,
  4. Start the slow process of building the immune system.

Phase #1 is the “fire department” cancer treatment, meaning the main cancer treatment to stop the spread of the cancer. These treatments rarely deal with the key issues of microbes and lactic acid in the bloodstream and the long-term protection of the liver and the long-term building of the immune system.

Phase #2 puts out the embers to prevent the fire from starting again. In this phase the “MSM/Vitamin C” protocol (high dose MSM and Vitamin C) are used to clean out the lactic acid and start the long process of getting rid of the microbes in the bloodstream. Dealing with liver problems may also be dealt with.

Phase #3 is the Plasma-Beck Protocol. This protocol is microbe-oriented and removes microbes inside the cancer cells, in the bloodstream and the lymph system. This protocol starts the process of eliminating all bad microbes from the body and reverting any remaining cancer cells into normal cells (The “MSM/Vitamin C” protocol is also doing this at the same time).

Why is eliminating all microbes from the bloodstream and lymph system important? The reason is that these microbes are heavily suppressing the strength of the immune system (remember, the immune system is the part of the “balance” we are trying to fix!!). The microbes almost certainly include many of the “cancer microbes” and this microbe is continuing to infecting normal cells and creating new cancer cells.

Dr. Bob Beck, a PhD in physics, proved that by eliminating all microbes in the bloodstream and lymph system, the immune system can become supercharged. The immune system can then kill any remaining cancer cells. His phrase “immortal blood” really means the immune system is operating at full capacity, not half capacity.

But I doubt that Dr. Beck understood that the microbes he was killing included the “cancer microbe.”

The Bob Beck Protocol is started in Phase #2, is in Phase #3 and is the main item in Phase #4.

The “MSM/Vitamin C” and Bob Beck Protocols are clearly the most important cancer treatments in the world to make sure the cancer will never return. But the Bob Beck works too slowly to be a Phase #1 protocol. It is started in Phase #2 because it takes 2 or 3 months to even start to become effective. This is far too slow for a Phase #1 treatment. It is simply not possible to build the immune system fast-enough to be a Phase #1 treatment partly because you have to clean out all of the microbes in the body to even begin to rebuild the immune system.

The bottom-line of this four phase protocol is this: the cancer NEVER returns, the patient’s immune system is supercharged beyond belief and there is not a single cancer cell in the person’s body.

With this four phase protocol, the goal of this article, which is avoiding regression, is met. Let us look at the last three phases in more detail.

Introduction to the Theory Behind Phase #2

Lactic acid kills about 40% of all cancer patients. Actually this percentage fails to include the damage to the immune system done by the microbes which are also in the bloodstream.

In this phase two key protocols are used, the “MSM/Vitamin C” protocol and the Bob Beck Protocol.

Actually, as soon as Phase #2 is started, the patient should start Phase #3.

The MSM is like a vacuum cleaner for lactic acid. The MSM and Vitamin C revert cancer cells into normal cells. Thus, the MSM is being used to accomplish two different tasks.
MSM/Vitamin C Protocol

If a person is still on the Budwig protocol, they should use colloidal silver instead of Vitamin C with the MSM in the “MSM/Vitamin C” protocol. See the MSM/CS protocol to learn how to make the colloidal silver (see the left side-bar).

If there is any chance there is liver damage, the patient should take Essiac Tea. Two of the four herbs in Essiac Tea are specific to protecting the liver:
Essiac Tea article

Phase #3: The Plasma-Beck Protocol

During Phase #3, the patient should continue the Phase #2 treatment (the “MSM/Vitamin C” protocol) and start the Plasma-Beck Protocol as soon as possible after starting the “MSM/Vitamin C” protocol.

If the person does not have, and cannot afford, the roughly $4,600 for the High RF Frequency Protocol – Plasma they should go ahead and use the rest of the Phase Three protocol without it. Its purpose in Phase #3 is to kill microbes inside the cancer cells, thus cleaning out any rogue cancer cells. With the Bob Beck, it is also killing microbes in the bloodstream.

If you read the “What Causes Cancer” article, you will know that if a cancer treatment is able to kill all of the microbes which are inside of the cancer cells, the cancer cells will revert into normal cells!!

This is the ideal way to cure cancer because there is no debris from dead cancer cells to burden the liver. Dr. Royal Rife was killing the microbes inside of cancer cells in the 1930s and was reverting these cancer cells into normal cells!! That is precisely what the High RF Frequency Protocol – Plasma is designed to do.

In a cancer patient’s body there are about two pounds of microbes in the bloodstream and lymph system and there are microbes inside of the cancer cells!!

Most of the Phase One protocols, such as the Cellect-Budwig, do not address the microbe issue very much. Thus, when a patient is done with their Phase One protocol their bloodstream and lymph system are still full of lactic acid and microbes.

The main focus of Phase Three is to deal with ALL of the microbes in the body and clean out any rogue cancer cells left over from Phase One.

The Plasma-Beck will supercharge the immune system (by getting rid of the microbes in the body via the Plasma device and Bob Beck Protocol), in addition to reverting most, if not all, of the cancer cells into normal cells (via the Plasma, etc.)

The end result of this protocol is zero cancer cells, zero lactic acid (from the MSM), zero microbes and a supercharged immune system!!

Do not underestimate the power of this protocol. While the two electromedicine protocols are doing most of the work, the nutritional parts are also helping greatly.

You should be on this protocol for at least 6 months in order to give the Bob Beck Protocol time to build the immune system and create “immortal blood,” which is absolutely pure blood with no microbes or other critters (see the Bob Beck videos on YouTube: the Granada and Ventura lectures).

Phase #4: The Bob Beck Protocol and MSM/CS and “MSM/Vitamin C” Protocols

While the Bob Beck Protocol is getting rid of microbes in the bloodstream and lymph system (which eventually supercharges the immune system), it is also synergistic with the MSM/CS and “MSM/Vitamin C” protocol.

The Bob Beck Protocol is building the immune system by cleaning the microbes out of the bloodstream and the MSM/CS and “MSM/Vitamin C” protocols are continuing to clean out lactic acid and microbes and are reverting any residual cancer cells into normal cells.

Eventually the Bob Beck protocol supercharges the immune system enough that the immune system can deal with any residual cancer cells.

These protocols should be used for at least a year AFTER the patient is in “strong remission”, meaning the patient’s immune system is considered strong and the number of cancer cells is considered small.

If the patient had a lot of chemotherapy they need to continue Essiac Tea during this period.

Special Note: Advanced Cancer Theory

An article has been written on advanced cancer theory, which means it looks at how the pleomorphic nature of the cancer microbe can affect certain kinds of cancer treatments. The article is mainly for those who are using an alkaline protocol (i.e. such as Cesium Chloride, Cellect-Budwig, baking soda or the calcium protocols) or who are using electromedicine.

Alkaline and electromedicine treatments are absolutely irreplaceable in alternative medicine, and are among the best cancer treatments on earth, but an understanding of these treatments can help prevent certain kinds of mistakes. See:
Introduction to Advanced Cancer Theory