The Ultimate Simple Protocol for Cancer Stage IV Protocol

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TREATMENT RATING: This cancer protocol is composed of several highly proven cancer treatments which are each very simple to use!!

This protocol will likely be used by patients who do not want to deal with the intensity of the more powerful and faster-starting protocols (e.g. the Cellect-Budwig, Cesium Chloride, etc.).

This protocol is designed to use several nutritional protocols which start working quickly and in multiple different ways energize the cells and deal with the cancer cells. The Bob Wright Protocol and Limu Juice are at the head of these protocols, so this is not a cheap protocol!! However, this is a very, very good protocol which contains several treatments which have cured cancer by themselves.

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Introduction: The Ultimate Simple Protocol for Cancer

This protocol works in several different ways.

First, as designed in this protocol, the Bob Wright Protocol greatly slows down the spread of cancer and likely reverts many cancer cells into normal cells.

The Limu Juice protocol directly kills cancer cells with the key molecule “fucoidan.”

The Eniva Vibe product energizes the cells to “buy time” for the other treatments to work. In other words, it keeps the cancer patient alive longer so that the other treatments have more time to work.

MSM/LIPH helps revert cancer cells into normal cells. This is what the alkalinity in the Bob Wright protocol is doing, so these are synergistic protocols.

Other treatments in this protocol also kill cancer cells.

This protocol also includes two ways to boost the immune system. First, Transfer Point Beta Glucan, which is a way to supercharge the immune system with nutrients.

The High RF Frequency Device can kill the microbes in the bloodstream, the organs and can revert cancer cells into normal cells.

So in summary, this protocol is doing several things simultaneously to get rid of the cancer for good and supercharge the immune system. In this condition, the cancer cannot come back.

#1) The Bob Wright Protocol

This is the crown jewel in this cancer treatment. The Bob Wright Protocol is a highly alkaline protocol that has stopped the spreading of cancer in very advanced cancer patients and is based on Kangan Water.

For the first two weeks, another protocol is used to clean the blood of microbes. After that period, the Bob Wright Protocol begins.

This protocol uses up to one gallon (depending on weight) of Kangan Water of 11.5 pH. This level of alkalinity is designed to kill microbes inside of cancer cells. It is one of several protocols in this treatment designed to kill microbes inside the cancer cells.

By killing the microbes inside the cancer cells the cancer cells literally revert into normal cells.

Here is the article about this protocol:

Bob Wright Protocol

#2) Limu Juice

Limu Juice contains seaweed extract. This seaweed extract includes a molecule called: fucoidan. Many, many scientific studies have identified fucoidan as being able to safely kill cancer cells. In fact, there are many testimonials about Limu Juice curing cancer by itself.

Thus, Limu Juice is a stand-alone protocol for cancer. Use only the vendor recommended by this website because they have the key patents to extract fucoidan.

No one would drink straight seaweed so this product also has several other ingredients (mostly to mask the taste of seaweed). The ingredients include:

Reconstituted pure Tongan limu moui extract, (Limu Juice)

organic papaya puree,

organic mango puree,

pear juice concentrate,

apple juice concentrate,


The cost of a therapeutic dose (16 ounces a day) is about $125 a week. However, the 16 ounces should be spread out by taking several small doses spread throughout the day!!

There is only one brand of Limu Juice that I recommend – it is made by The Limu Company.

I cannot link to a vendor of Limu Juice (due to the FDA). See the bottom of this web page to contact me and I will email you information about finding a Limu representative.

#3) MSM/LIPH Protocol

This is a protocol which is based on solid theory and impressive testimonials. LIPH, being a homeopathic protocol, gets inside of cancer cells and can kill the cancer microbes, thus reverting the cancer cells into normal cells.

However, the MSM portion of this protocol is actually organic sulfur and is a superb cancer treatment by itself as it grabs oxgen from water and shoves it inside of both cancer cells and non-cancer cells!! Also included in this protocol is a superb mineral supplement.

Here is the detailed article on the MSM/LIPH Protocol:

MSM/LIPH Protocol

#4) Eniva Vibe (For Advanced Cancer Patients)

Every superb cancer treatment needs a world-class vitamin and mineral supplement to energize their cells. For example, the Cellect-Budwig protocol uses Cellect and Budwig to do that.

For this protocol I chose Eniva Vibe. It is much easier to use than Cellect, is less expensive, and it is absolutely a superb mineral supplement.

One of the things it can do is extend someone’s life (i.e. you “buy time”), meaning the patient has far more time to treat their cancer. By itself, Eniva Vibe has extended the lives of patients with only a few weeks to live!!

This product super-energizes the very weak non-cancerous cells. It is the best supplement for cancer patients I know of for working quickly and neutralizing the patient’s situation.

Take whatever dose of this you can afford. The recommended dose is 1 TABLEspoon, three times a day. But if you cannot afford that much, then take what you can afford.

You can purchase Enviva Vibe HERE

#5) Aloe Arborescens

The Aloe Arborescens Protocol was designed by a Catholic priest in a poor section of Brazil.

It consists of honey, aloe arborescens (a type of aloe plant) and a very small amout of a substance to open the capillaries.

The protocol has been around for decades in Brazil and Europe. Of course, in the United States it is unheard of because most people get all of their “health” information from the pharmaceutical industry via the media.

By itself, it is a cancer treatment.

The dose is in this article:

Aloe Arborescens Protocol

#6) Three Honey Protocols

As already mentioned, the cancer microbe is inside of all cancer cells. Honey is another product, along with MSM, that can get microbe-killing nutrients inside of cancer cells.

While honey by itself has cured cancer, honey combined with other microbe-killing substances should be even more effective.

In this portion of the protocol are three protocols that include honey:

1) Honey and turmeric,

2) Honey and ginger,

3) Honey and cinnamon.

All three of these items can kill the microbes that cause cancer which exist inside of the cancer cells.

With regards to the honey, the darker the better. Take whatever dose of honey, turmeric, ginger and cinnamon you wish.

Hopefully, the cinnamon will come from Viet Nam, where they have the highest percentage of cinnamon oil.

Cinnamon Bark, an essential oil from the Young Living company, is also recommended (use Google to find a vendor). This product is measured in drops because it is concentrated.

#7) Asparagus (For Those Who Are Not on Blood Thinners)

Asparagus has been shown over and over to be an excellent cancer treatment by itself.

To use asparagus as a cancer treatment do the following:

1) Cook the asparagus,

2) Puree the asparagus,

3) Take FOUR TABLEspoons, TWICE a day

Note that the patient will take 8 tablespoons during the entire day.

#8) Carrot Juice, etc.

Carrot juice is well-known to be an excellent cancer treatment!! In fact, carrot juice, by itself, has cured many, many cancer patients, though I suspect some people added a little beet juice and other things to the carrot juice. I would add between 1 and 2 TEAspoons of beet juice, per eight ounces of carrot juice.

See this article:

Carrot Juice Protocol

#9) Transfer Point Glucan 300®

The Transfer Point Brand is by far the best immune-response building supplement available to cancer patients. It consists of:

Beta Glucans Derived from Baker’s Yeast (Will Not Trigger Yeast Allergies) – polysaccharides, immune builder, anti-tumor, antiviral, anti-fungal, antibacterial (used for AIDS/HIV), cellular function (immune system), anticancer

Here’s a link to the 2004 Hong Kong Study, Journal of Immunology, which shows the ability of Beta Glucans to Kill Cancer Cells
Hong Study, Beta Glucan vs. Tumor Cells

It is in this protocol to help supercharge the immune system with nutrients specifically chosen for the immune system.

Take one 500mg capsule per 50lbs or bodyweight

#10) The High RF Frequency Protocol

This device is designed to kill microbes in the bloodstream and more importantly kill the microbes inside the cancer cells which allows the cancer cells to revert into normal cells (see the “What Causes Cancer” article).

There are two varieties, the High RF Frequency Protocol – Plasma and the High RF Frequency Protocol – Contact.

The general rule of thumb is to use the “Contact” for cancers below the chest and to use the “Plasma” for cancers above the chest. For cancers which are only in the chest area either device can be used.

If the main cancer is in the chest area, such as breast cancer, and you use a High RF Frequency Protocol – Contact, use these instructions for plugging the device in.

This configuration is DIFFERENT than the standard configuration:
Put the red cylinder (i.e. the cylinder plugged into the red plug) in the right hand.
Put the red flat plate (i.e. the flat plate plugged into the red plug) under the right foot.
Put the black cylinder (i.e. the cylinder plugged into the black plug) in the left hand.
Put the black flat plate (i.e. the flat plate plugged into the black plug) under the left foot.

By doing this the electrical current will pass horizontally through the chest area. You
want the electrical current to pass through the cancer as much as possible!!

There are very detailed instructions for using either of these devices. My email address is at the bottom of this article for general support or specific support for a High RF Frequency device.

#11) Six Lemons a Day (Alkaline)

Perhaps the safest way to get alkalinity into the body is with lemon juice.

A person should freeze many lemons. Then take six of them a day and grate them (including the skin).

The patient takes all six grated lemons every day!!

People have been cured of their cancer doing this, though as a cancer researcher I would certainly do other things as well that would not interfere with this protocol. See:

Article on Lemons and Cancer

#12) The DMSO/CD Protocol or Perfect Storm Protocol

This is a very simple, very old and very effective cancer treatment. It is based on rock-solid cancer theory and is designed to revert cancer cells into normal cells by killing the microbes inside the cancer cells.

The one drawback is that it does create body odor. Also, there are very strict safety rules for its use.

Here is the main article on this protocol (it is 3 pages), which is on the ICRF website:
DMSO/CD Protocol (ICRF Website)

Also, there is a supercharged version of this protocol which is amazingly powerful. It is called the “Perfect Storm” protocol. It uses much higher doses of DMSO/CD and is that much more powerful:
Perfect Storm Protocol

#13) Liver Flush

Another tactic to protect the liver is a liver flush. A liver flush is also critical in a cancer treatment to get rid of the liver flukes and other parasites that are blocking the immune system. Without a liver flush it is impossible to totally rebuild the immune system.

See this article:

Liver Flush Article

#14) “Secret Product”

There is a protocol which only consists of 2 pills a day. Like many other protocols on this website it has cured cancer by itself, but it is generally used as part of a complete treatment.

On this website, due to the vendor’s fear of the FDA, it is simply called “Secret Product.” Here is a password-protected file which reveals the name of the “secret product” and gives instructions for its purchase and use. Be sure to read the “Case Study.”
Username = no
Password = link
“Secret Product”

#15) The “Cancer Diet” For This Protocol

The “Cancer Diet” is a list of things that you should not eat or drink during this protocol. Since you are trying to kill microbes, or revert them into normal cells, it is not good to eat or drink things that feed

You should avoid all dairy products and as many sugar products as you can. In fact, any acidic food can feed microbes.

See this article for more information about a “cancer diet:”

The “Cancer Diet”

Support For This Protocol

Even though this is a new protocol, every individual piece of this protocol is well known in alternative medicine to be highly effective. If you decide to use this protocol the support is free. Please contact me at:

Webster Kehr email