The Importance of MSM Protocols

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Do not take high doses of MSM if you are taking high doses of aspirin or any type of blood thinner!!


If you are on prescription drugs, do NOT use MSM until after you talk to your pharmacist and physician about using high doses of MSM (40 to 70 grams a day) with your prescription drugs. That is what pharmacists get paid to do.

The Importance of the MSM Protocols

When a cancer patient first starts on alternative cancer treatments they likely have already had significant orthodox cancer treatments. In fact, it is rare when we deal with a newly diagnosed cancer patient.

When they start their alternative cancer treatment, after using orthodox cancer treatments, their bloodstream is full of lactic acid (because orthodox medicine does not get rid of very many cancer cells or any lactic acid that the cancer cells create), their bloodstream is full of microbes, their body is full of cancer cells, their body can figuratively glow in the dark from all of the oxidation damage from orthodox treatments, and so on.

The normal approach of alternative medicine is this:

  1. “Buy Time,” meaning keep the patient alive (i.e. energize the non-cancerous cells) while other treatments start working on the cancer cells,
  2. down the spreading of the cancer via alkalinity or oxygen,
  3. Safely kill as many cancer cells as possible,
  4. Safely revert as many cancer cells as possible into normal cells,
  5. with rebuilding the immune system by using natural supplements (this is a slow process).

While this is a key list, the list does not mention two very important issues!!
A) It doesn’t deal with the lactic acid in the bloodstream,
B) It doesn’t deal with the microbes in the bloodstream.

Lactic acid is the main component of the deadly cachexia cycle (i.e. lactic acid cycle), which kills about half of all cancer patients. Lactic acid is a major cause of pain, it blocks nutrients from getting to the cancer cells (which is why many cancer patients are weak), and so on.

Microbes in the bloodstream block the strength of the immune system and may create new cancer cells if the microbes include the “cancer microbe” (most likely H. Pylori), which will almost always be the case, etc.

The MSM protocols deal with both of these key issues!!

Dealing with the lactic acid and the microbes in the bloodstream should be a TOP priority from day one after the diagnoses of the cancer!! Orthodox medicine never does this and alternative medicine rarely does it.

There are several ways to deal with the deadly cachexia cycle:

  1. Remove lactic acid from the bloodstream, thus the lactic acid cannot get to the liver and the cycle is blocked,
  2. Hydrazine sulphate blocks the conversion of lactic acid into glucose in the liver, which stops the cycle
  3. Anything that kills cancer cells helps block the cycle (less cancer cells means less lactic acid),
  4. Anything that reverts cancer cells into normal cells also helps block the cycle (ditto).

MSM protocols deal with items #1 and #4.

Lactic acid, in addition to making the cancer patients weak, can cause massive pain and can therefore reduce the “will to live” of the patient!!

Fighting cancer is like fighting a raging fire. The fire wants to spread and the firemen want to stop the fire. Clearly, lactic acid and the microbes in the bloodstream are major players in feeding the fire!!

These two things can be just as dangerous as the cancer cells!!

While hydrazine sulphate does an excellent job of dealing with stopping the production of lactic acid (item #2), few people like to use it because of its numerous safety warnings, meaning it almost has to be used by itself. But it is very effective. The only vendor of H.S. I recommend is “Essense of Life” (spelling is correct).

Any “compound chemist” (a.k.a. “compound pharmacist”) can make powdered hydrazine sulphate (i.e. H.S.), but if you do this you need to work with the Syracuse Clinic in New York on the safety rules (as you would even if you used Essense of Life).

But the fact is that very few people are going to use hydrazine sulphate because of its safety issues.

This makes the importance of the MSM protocols even more critical. They are a key player in the fight for long-term cancer survival because they deal with many key aspects of the fight. They alone can deal with the lactic acid cycle for those who do not use H.S.

There are five MSM protocols on this website:

  • MSM/Vitamin C Protocol (Vitamin C),
  • MSM/CS (colloidal silver),
  • MSM/CD (chlorine dioxide or activated sodium chlorite),
  • MSM/LIPH (a homeopathic product)
  • MSM/Vitamin D3

The MSM/Vitamin C, MSM/CS and MSM/CD protocols use high dose MSM and are strongly recommended for advanced cancer patients.

LIPH and Vitamin D3 are restricted in their safe dosages so there is not a proportional benefit in using high doses of MSM with these two products, though it could be done safely.

More About What the MSM Protocols Do

Let us focus on what the MSM protocols do. There are actually several reasons MSM (methyl sulfonyl methane) is used in natural cancer treatments or alternative cancer treatments.

First and foremost is to clean the bloodstream of lactic acid. Lactic acid is in the bloodstream because cancer cells create lactic acid from glucose and shove the lactic acid into the bloodstream.

The lactic acid travels from the cancer cells, through the bloodstream to the liver. The liver converts lactic acid into glucose. The glucose then travels back to the cancer cells, where the cancer cells again create lactic acid from glucose.

This “cycle” (cancer cells convert glucose to lactic acid and the liver converts lactic acid into glucose) is called the “cachexia cycle” or “lactic acid cycle.” The cachexia cycle kills about 40% or more of all cancer patients, depending on how you count what kills cancer patients.

Because MSM can help flush lactic acid out of the bloodstream, MSM can essentially block the lactic acid from getting to the liver. Thus, MSM can help block the cachexia cycle.

But also remember that lactic acid blocks key nutrients from getting to the cells. MSM also allows nutrients to get to the cells.

The main reason cancer patients are weak is because lactic acid blocks the nutrients they take from getting to the cells!!

A product used by body builders, D-Ribose, is also highly recommended for cancer patients because D-Ribose (and Vitamin C) can get past the lactic acid blockade and get inside the healthy cells to give them energy. This happens immediately, whereas MSM takes time.

But this is only one purpose for taking MSM.

A second purpose is to get “microbe-killing” substances inside of cancer cells. MSM should always be combined with a microbe killing substance (e.g. Vitamin C) and MSM is used to get this microbe-killing substance inside the cancer cells.

If you look on the left side-bar you will see a link to an article called: “What Causes Cancer.” Read that article if you have not read it. Cancer is caused by microbes that are inside of the cancer cells!! This has been known since 1890. These microbes block the production of ATP energy inside of the cancer cells (which is the very definition of a cancer cell).

As the article explains, if you kill these microbes the cancer cell will literally be able to restore its production of ATP energy and the cell will revert into a normal cell.

MSM (or DMSO because some MSM converts into DMSO in the bloodstream) essentially “opens the ports” on the cancer cells so microbe killing substances (such as Vitamin C, colloidal silver, chlorine dioxide, etc.) can more easily get inside the cancer cells to kill the microbes.

MSM may even help the “Rife Machines,” which have a carrier wave (e.g. to my knowledge only the High RF Frequency Generator with plasma amplifier family of Rife Machines use carrier waves), to be able to more quickly kill these microbes. Royal Rife was curing cancer in the 1930s by using electromedicine devices to kill the microbes inside the cancer cells. The fact his devices used a carrier wave was not discovered until about 2004.

That is why I recommend a patient using a High RF Frequency Generator with plasma amplifier device take MSM just before their electromedicine treatment.

By the way, the High RF Frequency Generator with plasma amplifier can, in some cases, be used twice a day to make it even more effective: once in the morning and once in the evening (but don’t use it twice a day when you first get the machine, wait a couple of weeks until after the “build-up”!!!).

This is commonly done with the High RF Frequency Generator with linear amplifier, but it is not as common with the High RF Frequency Generator with plasma amplifier because it is so powerful.

When doing this with the High RF Frequency Generator with plasma amplifier, the patient should use the generator in the morning as shown on the instructions (we email to patients how to download the real instructions). In the evening they should “build-up,” meaning start with the dial at 1/5th power (i.e. consider the entire range of the power dial and set it to 1/5th of this entire range).

The next day use 2/5th power in the evening, and so on. As long as the patient can tolerate the power setting in the evening, they should also use it in the evening. If this is too much power, either go back to the prior day setting and or don’t use it in the evening.

Getting back to MSM. MSM has yet other purposes. The sulphur group and methyl group in an MSM molecule are critical nutrients for the brain.

It gets better. MSM, plus the substance that is used with it, also help kill microbes in the bloodstream and thus helps build the immune system.

MSM, plus the substance that is used with it, also assist other protocols that kill the microbes inside the cancer cells (e.g. honey and cinnamon). These other protocols also depend on microbe-killing substances to reach the cancer cells through the bloodstream. MSM, and the substance use with it, helps these other substances get to the cancer cells by clearing a path in the bloodstream (i.e. the microbe-killing substances, such as cinnamon, may be “used up” killing microbes in the bloodstream even before they get to the cancer cells), and so on.

These items should give you an idea of the importance of using MSM in a natural cancer treatment. The lactic acid issue alone would mandate using MSM!! But MSM is also used with a microbe-killing substance to increase its usefulness.

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