The Photon Protocol for Cancer Stage IV Protocol

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Special Note About Photon Genius

I mention something below that needs to be emphasized, so I will mention it here as well.

When using a Photon Genius a weak cancer patient, or any cancer patient for that matter, can sit in front of the device with their knees a few inches from the bulbs. This puts the patient over a foot away from the device, but this should not affect the overall usefulness of the device.

This will allow a cancer patient to spend much more time using the device, which is the benefit!!

Or the patient can sit on a stool so their back is facing the panels and get closer to the machine. But standing is generally recommended when possible.

The Photon Protocol for Cancer (and Diabetes)

The Photon Protocol for Cancer and Diabetes is arguably as good as any cancer protocol that can be used at home. It should include the powerful nutritional protocol, the Unlimited Power Protocol (which is an extension of the Dirt Cheap Protocol), and the Photon Genie or Photon Genius!!

This is a three-phase protocol.

First, the Dirt Cheap Protocol or its extension, the Unlimited Power Protocol, deal with the cancer itself by reverting cancer cells into normal cells.

Second, the “liver flush” is needed to remove a major obstacle to the immune system by killing the microbes and parasites in the organs. A supplement, Transfer Point Beta Glucan, is required to also help the immune system get functional again. This is mentioned in the Dirt Cheap Protocol, from which the Unlimited Power Protocol is derived.

Third, the Photon device re-energizes the cells weakened by the microbes and parasites in the organs and it kills large numbers of microbes in the bloodstream, which is yet another immune building process.

This Photon Protocol (with a Photon device) or the Cellect-Budwig protocol (with a High RF Frequency device) should be the major protocol for weak cancer patients, in addition to using items in the “Weak Patients” article.
Weak Patients Article

For cancer patients who are already very weak they should immediately seek out a Photon Genius or Quantum Pulse near them. If they cannot afford $25,000 to purchase one they should ask the Ed Skilling Institute if there is one available, which they could use, near to where they live:
Ed Skilling Institute

If a weak patient cannot afford a Photon Genius, and cannot find one near them (per the Ed Skilling Institute), they should try to find a “Quantum Pulse” device (formerly called: “Vibe Machine”) near them:  The Quantum Pulse is not a cancer treatment, but it is very good at energizing the cells of weak cancer patients.

Quantum Pulse Locations (For Weak Patients)

For patients who have very dangerous tumors, the Photon Protocol deals with the “root cause” of the cancer and is highly recommended, though also see the “Shrink Tumors” link on the left side-bar. This is also the protocol recommended for cancer patients with very weak immune systems. Also, for several types of cancer this is the recommended protocol.

Before talking about the Photon electromedicine devices, let’s first talk about what causes cancer. In an nutshell, cancer is caused by a weak immune system. Well, actually, everyone on earth has some cancer cells in their body. What happens is that a weak immune system allows the number of cancer cells to grow out of control. This is the definition of “cancer.”

So why is the immune system weak?

The chain reaction which leads to a weak immune system starts with microbes and/or parasites in the organs. These microbes and parasites eat the same glucose the cells in the organs (an organ is made up exclusively of cells) normally eat and thus the cells become weak from lack of food. When the cells that make-up the organ(s) become weak, the organ(s) becomes weak.

These microbes also excrete mycotoxins, which are highly acidic and further weaken the cells in the organs.

I should emphasize that all organs are made exclusively of cells. If you removed all of the cells from any organ (or the entire body), there would be nothing left but liquids.

When the cells in an organ get weak, by definition the “organ” gets weak. When the organ gets weak, the balance between the organs gets out of balance. When that happens the immune system also gets weak because the immune system can be considered to also be an “organ” which is spread out.

When the immune system gets weak, the cancer cells, which are already in the body, can grow out of control.

When the Photon Protocol is Important

This protocol can be used for any type of cancer, and is the recommended protocol for several types of cancer, but it is especially important in the following cases:

1) The patient is already weak,

2) The patient is starting to become weak (it can help prevent the patient from becoming weak),

3) The patient has a very dangerous tumor (e.g. a glioma, a tumor inside the lungs, a tumor in the throat, etc.),

4) The patient is also dealing with a brain disease (e.g. Parkinson’s, ALS, etc.),

5) The patient is dealing with diabetes (either type),

What the patient may not know about, that they need to fix, include:

1) A weak organ (i.e. the energy of the organs is out of balance, thus the immune system is weak),

2) The patient has a severe infection, or very dangerous microbes (a patient in this situation should also take supplements or other things to deal with the infections, such as colloidal silver, liposomal Vitamin C, LIPH, etc. – see #6 in the Reference Manual – see left side-bar),

3) The immune system is impaired. In this case an immune building supplement, namely Transfer Point Beta Glucan, would also be required.

This protocol includes treatments to deal with the immune system, deal with the cancer cells, deal with dangerous tumors, deal with cachexia (i.e. cellular energy, etc.), deal with microbes in the bloodstream, infections in the liver, gallbladder, pancreas, etc. (via supercharging the immune system). But as just mentioned, for infections also add supplemental treatments to deal with that.

The medical professionals with the Ed Skilling Institute deal with both “buying time” (to keep the patient alive to give the patient more time to deal with their cancer), the “root cause” of the cancer, dangerous tumors, etc.

The “root cause” of the cancer, microbes and parasites in the organs, is typically what caused the immune system to become very weak, which is what causes the cancer cells to overpower the immune system, which is what leads to the diagnoses of cancer.

It is important to deal with the “root cause” of the cancer in order to prevent the cancer (or dangerous tumor) from “coming back” after the cancer (or dangerous tumor) is under control.

From all of this you may have realized that cancer is as much an “energy” disease (e.g. weak organs and a weak immune system) as it is a microbial disease (see the “What Causes Cancer” article linked to on the column of links on the left side of this page).

Of course the two items are connected because microbes (and/or their mycotoxins) are what weaken the organs and what cause cancer at the cellular level. Weak organs lead to a weak immune system and a weak immune system can create a safe-haven for microbes and cancer cells.

The nutritional protocol recommended by the Skilling consultant will be designed to kill microbes and parasites in the organs.

Using the Photon Genius and Photon Genie

The Photon Genius is about six-feet tall and five-feet wide and is somewhat in a U-Shape. The patient stands or sits inside the U-Shape after it warms up. Sitting is generally recommended, especially for weak cancer patients, but it depends on the case. Sit is a padded chair.

Typically the patient will let the Photon Genius warm-up before sitting or standing in it (it typically takes 10 minutes to warm-up but the bulbs are not turned on during the warm-up). After the warm-up the 3 zone heat dials may be set to a ‘7’ and the lights may be set to 10, but work with the Skilling Institute for the specific instructions for you.

The Photon Genie has two flat boxes and two tubes. After a patient has done any type of liver flush, the flat boxes should be under their organs to help re-energize the organs which were weakened by the microbes and parasites in the organs.

After that the flat boxes and two tubes may be focused on the area of the cancer to strengthen the cells around the weak cancer cells.

The two tubes must touch skin in order to be effective.

The Consultation and Liver Flush

A “liver flush”, which is designed to kill microbes and parasites in the organs, must be done immediately. It is these microbes and parasites that are weakening the patient’s immune system.

Do not confuse a “liver flush” with a “coffee enema.” They are completely different things!!! A “liver flush” consists of herbs and other items that are taken orally which are designed to kill microbes and parasites in the organs.

When you purchase the Photon device set up a consultation with the Ed Skilling Institute to get the consultation which will lead to a “custom liver flush.”

If the consultation is more than 2 or 3 weeks away, then do 3 or 4 “generic liver flushes” until you get the information needed for a “custom liver flush” (which the Ed Skilling Institute will provide).

A “generic liver flush” (use 2 or 3 items in the Reference Manual, item #3) must be done before either device will be effective.
Reference Manual (see item #3)

A “liver flush” should be done before the Photon device is used so it can energize the cells better. But start using the Photon device the day you get it.

Later on the Skilling Institute will design a “custom liver flush” which will be even better than a generic liver flush. But neither Photon device will be effective until at least two or three “generic liver flushes” are used.

More On The Consultation and Photon Device

It is critical to understand that the Photon device, by itself, is not a cancer treatment. It is only half of a cancer treatment.

The other half of the Photon Protocol is the consultation with the Ed Skilling Institute. The consultation will lead to a nutritional protocol that will target the specific types of microbes which are causing the weak immune system. The result of following the nutritional protocol will be a restoration of the balance between the organs, including a restoration of the immune system.

The immune system will then be able to handle the cancer cells. Thus, this protocol is based on balancing and building the immune system.

The Photon device (an electromedicine device) is also doing its job by energizing the cells, pushing the lymph system and doing a whole host of other tasks.

The Photon Protocol is a Six-Step Process:

1) Start the Dirt Cheap Protocol or the more powerful Unlimited Power Protocol now because it can take several weeks to do the consultation (the Dirt Cheap Protocol or Unlimited Power Protocol is also required during the entire time the Photon Protocol is used because it works in a totally different way than the Photon Protocol and is very synergistic with the Photon Protocol) – see the left side-bar and use at least a dozen items (stop the Kelmun and asparagus when the nutritional part of the Photon Protocol is started),

2) The consultation with the Ed Skilling Institute will determine which microbes and parasites are causing the weak immune system and a nutritional protocol will be recommended (but don’t wait for the consultation to start the Dirt Cheap Protocol or Unlimited Power Protocol),

3) Start using the Photon device as soon as you receive it even though its real effectiveness will not be experienced until after the nutritional protocol is started (and as mentioned continue the Dirt Cheap Protocol),

4) Take the supplements recommended by the Skilling Institute (and continue the Dirt Cheap Protocol indefinitely except for the Kelmun and asparagus because the Skilling protocol will include highly alkaline products and a patient should not use too many highly alkaline products on the same days),

5) The Photon device becomes even more effective at energizing cells after the supplements kill the microbes and parasites in the organs,

6) The immune system becomes energized due to the re-energized cells in the organs and the immune system then helps deal with the cancer. At the same time the Dirt Cheap Protocol is gently reverting cancer cells into normal cells and is killing many microbes in the bloodstream.

Note: I should emphasize that the electromedicine device (a Photon Genie or Photon Genius) should be started to be used as soon as possible. A person should not wait until the microbes/parasites in the organs are dead before they start to energize the cells in the body!!

This protocol can be thought of in this way: their nutritional protocol gets rid of the “root cause” of the cancer, meaning the microbes in the organs and perhaps other factors. However, by itself this does not re-energize the weak cells in the organs. That is where the Photon device comes into play. The Photon device will energize cells, push the lymph system and do many other things and should be started as soon as possible.

There are two different Photon devices, the Photon Genie ($3,000) and its much bigger brother, the Photon Genius ($25,000). The Ed Skilling Institute calls the Photon Genius: The “Photon Genie on steroids,” meaning both devices provide the same essential benefits, but the Photon Genius is far more powerful and does provide other additional benefits, such as infra-red.

For patients who are already weak, the Photon Genius is required!! However, for those who cannot afford to buy one, the Ed Skilling Institute might be able to find one near the patient which is available to the general public for a per-use fee. If such a device cannot be found, a Quantum Pulse might be available on a per-use fee (see: Click To Find a Quantum Pulse). The Quantum Pulse does not do all of the things a Photon Genius does, but it does energize cells for weak cancer patients!!

A second option to energize cells, for those who cannot afford or find a Photon Genius, is the BioCharger. It is unlikely you will find one of these devices near you, but they cost about half of a Quantum Pulse.


But even if you purchase a BioCharger or use a Quantum Pulse, it would be advised to also buy a Photon Genie, as it does additional things and can be used 24/7.

While there are two different Photon devices, the typical patient will only purchase one of the Photon devices!! The choice of which one to choose will almost always depend on the budget of the person.

However, there are advantages to having both devices. The reason is that the Photon Genius is a very large device. It is 6 feet tall, 6 feet wide and has 24 glass tubes and 60 infra-red panels. This is not something you sleep with or take with you on trips.

However, you CAN sleep with the Photon Genie. In other words, you can put the flat panel under your pillow or blanket while you sleep. You can also “wear it” while you are driving, etc. as long as you can find or generate electricity.

By having both devices you get the benefit of the technology 24/7, plus you get the power of the Photon Genius.

Warning: These are totally safe devices. The only warning I know of is that when using the Photon Genius do not let your eyes get within 9 inches of the infra red panels. This could cause reddening of the eyes.

Miscellaneous Issues

The High RF Frequency Generator devices do have cell energizing (normalizing /stimulating) frequency programs. If the patient is strong then a Photon Genie may not be needed if a High RF Frequency Generator is available.

Also, if you cannot afford a consultation and a Photon Genie, then purchase the consultation and the nutritional protocol that comes with it. The reason is that the Photon Genie is not going to kill the microbes and parasites in the organs (that is what the consultation and nutritional protocol are designed to do), and with these microbes and parasites still in the organs, the Photon Genie is not going to be of much value.

In fact, I absolutely do not recommend the Photon Genie without the consultation. It is the consultation, and the nutritional protocol, that actually get rid of the microbes and parasites in the organs. The Photon Genius is always critical for weak cancer patients!!

There are generic ways to help kill the microbes and parasites in the organs if you cannot afford a consultation. See #3 in the Reference Manual.

More About the Consultation

The consultation part of this protocol comes from the health professions at the Ed Skilling Institute. The consultation is a very critical part of this protocol. It can help determine the “root cause of the cancer” via a questionnaire and/or a blood sample. Dangerous tumors, for example, cannot be permanently shrunk without dealing with the root cause of the cancer and fixing the problems that caused the dangerous tumors in the first place.

The consultation directs half of this protocol, the nutritional half.

This consultation will lead to a nutritional protocol which collectively provides alkalinity (to slow down the spreading of the cancer), cleans the liver and other organs of microbes, kills massive numbers of other microbes, energizes cells (i.e. energizes organs), builds the immune system, etc. etc.

Remember, the nutritional part will be highly alkaline to slow down existing cancer cells (actually it slows down the microbes inside the cancer cells which in turn slows down the spreading of the cancer – see the “What Causes Cancer” article which is linked to on the left side-bar), so other highly alkaline protocols, such as the Kelmun protocol, should not be used on the same days.

By killing so many microbes the amount of mycotoxins (acidic waste products of microbes) temporarily increases, which may cause minor “brain fog,” which quickly decreases as the patient gets liquids into their system to flush the toxins out of their body.

This may sound like something a person doesn’t want to do, but in fact getting rid of the microbes is a critical part of the healing process and cannot be avoided if the patient wishes to survive their cancer!!

No other treatment that I know of deals with the “root cause” of the cancer as well as this protocol. This is critical to totally get rid of dangerous tumors and to restore the immune system to its full power.

While the Photon Protocol is killing microbes and parasites in the organs and supercharging the immune system and energizing cells, the Dirt Cheap Protocol is reverting cancer cells into normal cells and killing some cancer cells. It is a potent combination!!

More About the Photon Protocol

In addition to cancer, either Photon device (Photon Genius or Photon Genie) can be used for almost any type of brain disorder, such as Parkinsons, Alzheimers, Autism, ALS, etc. But even type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes are caused by the same thing that causes cancer, meaning microbes and parasites that cause a weak organ.

Far more diseases are caused by microbes and parasites (and in some cases heavy metals) than the average person even remotely understands. Actually, most brain diseases are caused by the mycotoxins (i.e. highly acidic waste products) of the microbes, though sometimes the brain disorder is caused by heavy metals.

So during the consultation mention any of these other health conditions that affect the patient.

For more technical information about the Photon devices, visit:

Photon Genius and Photon Genie Information on This Website

Ed Skilling Institute Website

Additional Consultation From Dr. Hayle Aldren, M.D.

A highly recommended addition to the consultation with the Ed Skilling Institute staff is a private and more in-depth consultation with Dr. Hayle Aldren, M.D. Dr. Aldren is an expert in both Photon devices and knows the Ed Skilling staff very well.

Dr. Aldren does private consultations and has a private clinic. For readers of the Cancer Tutor website he has a special flat fee of $440 which includes his private consultation, an analysis of certain medical records and a second-opinion support.

Here is more information about Dr. Aldren:
Dr. Aldren Information

What To Do Today!!

Because it can take several weeks to do the consultation with the Ed Skilling Institute and their analysis and obtaining the products, it is critical for the cancer patient to start the Dirt Cheap Protocol TODAY. Some of the items in the Dirt Cheap Protocol can be purchased at a local health food store or even grocery store!!

However, the approach of the Dirt Cheap Protocol is very different than the approach of the Photon Protocol, as already mentioned. The focus of the Dirt Cheap Protocol is to revert cancer cells into normal cells by killing the microbes inside the cancer cells. If you don’t understand this, see the “What Causes Cancer” article:

What Causes Cancer

As this article states, cancer at the systemic level is caused by microbes and parasites in the organs, but cancer at the cellular level is caused by special microbes that get inside the cells and block the production of ATP energy.

The Photon Protocol attacks cancer at the “root cause” level and the Dirt Cheap Protocol attacks cancer at the cellular level.

However, the Dirt Cheap Protocol cannot be used by anyone taking blood thinners because it has a large number of anti-oxidants in it. The Dirt Cheap Protocol article mentions this.

When the patient obtains the nutrients recommended by the Ed Skilling Institute, the patient must stop using the Kelmun Protocol (i.e. baking soda and maple syrup portion of the Dirt Cheap Protocol) and asparagus because they would be using too many highly alkaline protocols (the nutritional part of the Photon protocol and the Kelmun Protocol and asparagus).

There is a cardinal rule in natural medicine that a patient should only use ONE highly alkaline protocol each day.

However, except for the Kelmun Protocol and asparagus, the patient should continue any and all of the other protocols in the Dirt Cheap Protocol when they start the nutritional protocol of the Skilling Institute. In fact, the Dirt Cheap Protocol is absolutely required to be used with the Photon Protocol because they work in totally different ways and their tactics are very, very synergistic.

The Photon Protocol is dealing with the immune system and the Dirt Cheap Protocol is directly dealing with the cancer cells.

Here is a link to the Dirt Cheap Protocol (remember, start this protocol TODAY because it can take several weeks to do the consultation and obtain the nutritional products the Skilling Institute recommends):

Pay Attention to the Transfer Point Beta Glucan Supplement mentioned on this “Dirt Cheap Protocol” page (or go to: This Immune System product is synergistic with the Photon Protocol because it directly enhances the immune system:

Dirt Cheap Protocol (Start today and include Transfer Point)

The combination of the Photon Protocol and Dirt Cheap Protocol works to:
1) Kill microbes and parasites in the organs (which energizes the immune system to deal with the cancer) (Photon Protocol)
2) Energizes the cells which were weakened by these microbes and parasites (Photon Protocol)
3) Provides special nutrients to energize the immune system (e.g. Transfer Point)
4) Kills microbes inside the cancer cells to revert cancer cells into normal cells (Dirt Cheap Protocol)
5) Kills microbes in the bloodstream to energize the immune system (the Dirt Cheap Protocol)
6) Directly kills many cancer cells (Dirt Cheap Protocol)

Having said all of that, if the cancer patient has cancer in the bones or bone marrow, they need to work with Dr. True Ott, PhD, who can put together a mineral protocol to protect the bones from becoming brittle (this is most critical for cancer in the spine but is important for all bone or bone marrow cancers). Here is his website:
Mother Earth Minerals – Dr. True Ott, PhD

Other Issues

Because a cancer patient may have other issues, such as existing inflammation, brittle bones, pain, damage done by chemotherapy, etc., it is important to study the “ICRF Reference Manual” to look for specific things they can do for specific issues.

For example, this article has several options to deal with inflammation. Here is the “ICRF Reference Manual”:
ICRF Reference Manual (For Special Situations)

Comments About Family Support

As a general rule for all cancer treatments for advanced cancer patients, someone in the family (or a friend of the family) has to make sure the treatment is properly administered and that the patient is responding to the treatment. The family “support person” must be PROACTIVE. If the patient is not responding to the treatment, the support person should contact the Ed Skilling Institute.

Someone in the family has to really do their homework and pay attention to this treatment. This is not just true for this protocol, it is true for ALL natural medicine treatments!!

And as always, the mental attitude of the patient is critical to survival. The family must constantly encourage the patient to keep a positive mental attitude (but do this in subtle ways)!! Naysayers about natural medicine should be gently told to keep their mouth shut around the cancer patient.

How To Fund a Clinic or Expensive Home Treatment (Photon Genius ONLY)

Many people need a Photon Genius because they are so weak. But few people can afford one.

A financial product has been developed to help terminal patients enjoy the last days of their life.

However, this financial product can also be used to try to save the patient’s life!! It can be used to fund this protocol and/or fund going to a foreign or domestic clinic, to travel, etc. etc.

The financial product involves “selling” a whole life insurance policy, or an insurance policy that can be converted into a whole life policy, to special companies which purchase these products.

While the person does not get the entire value of the whole life insurance policy, they frequently get 70% or so of the value of the policy. There is no risk or commitment to get a quote.

This gives the cancer patient and their family the ability to spend more time together to enjoy life, to travel together and to try to save the life of the patient by affording the best of the home and clinic treatments.

For more information, see this link:

How To Fund Your Treatment