Special Situations Cancer Patients Face

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Special Situations

There are dozens of different situations cancer patients face. For example, many cancer patients who are new to alternative cancer treatments have had extensive orthodox cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy. Chemotherapy can damage the lining of the stomach and severely inhibit the ability of the patient to extract nutrients from the supplements and foods they take. This situation, and many other situations, require a very specific tactic in the treatment of the cancer.

This article will not talk about all of these situations, but it will discuss some of the most common issues. This article should actually be read every couple of months because cancer patients are continuously learning things and some subjects which may seem irrelevant now may be very relevant a month from now!!

This article also discusses treatment strategies, such as “buying time” (which is discussed below).

In each “special situation,” an alternative cancer treatment, which is not necessarily a complete protocol, will be mentioned which can best deal with this situation, based on my experience and research.

Read EVERY WORD of this article because several of the items may apply to your situation!!!!! In some cases the consultant may indicate a conflict between the main protocol and a supplemental protocol. Follow the consultant’s advice.

For Those Who Have Had Extensive Chemotherapy and/or Radiation

Chemotherapy kills many fast-growing cells. Many of these fast-growing cells are in the stomach and colon. As a result many cancer patients who take alternative cancer treatments cannot fully extract the nutrients from their foods and supplements!! Surgery to the stomach and/or colon can also severely damage the ability of the digestive tract to process foods.

In either case a nutrient-based cancer treatments may not be as effective as it normally would be.

For these patients, the ideal cancer treatment would be one that does not depend on the ability of the digestive tract to extract all of the nutrients from the foods.

Four treatments in this category will be mentioned:

First, the Photon Genius. Like the Quantum Pulse, it energizes the cells which have been weakened by chemotherapy. I do not recommend the Quantum Pulse even though it is excellent at energizing cells!! I do not recommend it because the Photon Genius does far more things for cancer patients and does not cost that much more than a Quantum Pulse.

In addition, the Photon Genius, Quantum Pulse and Photon Genie are the only major electromedicine treatments that can be used during chemotherapy.

The Photon Genius is the ideal treatment to energize cells, but it is the most expensive of these protocols. See the Photon Protocol for more information.

Second, is the High RF Frequency Protocol – Plasma or High RF Frequency Protocol – Contact. Because they are electromedicine devices, they can remove cancer cells from the body without the digestive tract. The importance of these products for those who have had a lot of chemotherapy cannot be overestimated. These products are technically called a “frequency generator,” and the technology was originally discovered by Dr. Royal Rife in the 1930s. They actually revert cancer cells into normal cells so there is no burden on the liver to process dead cancer cells.

There is nothing in orthodox medicine which can compare to a “frequency generator” in alternative medicine. Unlike the Photon Genius, they are so gentle the patient may not even know it is turned on!! The Plasma costs around $4,500 and the Contact costs about $2,600. These devices also have frequencies to energize cells but are nowhere near as powerful as a Photon Genius. See:
Frequency Generators Article

Third, Eniva Vibe. Vibe is a super-nutrient product. Because of the way it is made it does not need to be digested. Thus, the nutrients in Vibe will be absorbed into the body even if the stomach and colon cannot process foods properly. This product is not necessary for someone on the Cellect-Budwig protocol or the Cellect-Budwig protocol.
Enviva Vibe Vendor

Fourth is a product called Stem Enhance. Stem Enhance should also be used by anyone who has been seriously damaged by chemotherapy and radiation.

Stem Enhance allows the body to release stem cells. These natural stem cells (made by your own body) can replace many of the cells which have been killed or severely damaged by chemotherapy and radiation!!

Chemotherapy damages the lining of the stomach, the colon and various other places on the body where there are fast-growing cells. Stem Enhance will be able to replace many of these cells.

However, note that the body decides which missing cells are replaced by the stem cells. Thus, the patient may think that Stem Enhance is not working, when in fact it may be working perfectly, but it may be working first in an area of the body other than the stomach and colon.

Note that the vendors of health product are not allowed to make medical claims about their products.

Stem Enhance Vendor

Infections in the Lymph System

Anyone with breast cancer, and many other cancer patients, have infections in their lymph system. The problem with getting rid of these infections is that the things you put into your bloodstream (e.g. from supplements that you take) do not get into the lymph system.

These infections can be identified by thermographs from the nose to the waist. They are the thin red lines which may be between the breast and mouth, for example.

Iodine can thin out the lymph system and kill microbes in the lymph system. However, working with iodine requires that you work with an expert. There are many experts, but Mike Vrentas, who supports the Cellect-Budwig protocol, and Joy Watson, who runs the Osage Natural Health Clinic in Arkansas are two such people:
Cellect-Budwig protocol

Another way to kill the microbes in the lymph system is with electromedicine or alkalinity.

There are only three electromedicine devices that can get to the microbes in the lymph system. They are the Photon Genius, the High RF Frequency Protocol – Plasma (probably the best), the High RF Frequency Protocol – Contact. The High RF Frequency Protocol – Contact will get to most of the lymph system.

The Phonton Genius is a $25,000 machine, but it is the best electromedicine device for cancer patients, especially weak cancer patients. See this website:
Ed Skilling Institute

Because the “Plasma” is like a radio tower it broadcasts frequencies to every cell in the body. Use the normal frequencies for cancer and microbes. See the left side-bar (the column of links on the left side of this page) for a link.

A far less expensive protocol, and somewhat effective protocol, is the Magnetic Pulser from the Bob Beck Protocol. This also creates a magnetic field, but it is a pulsed magnetic field. There are three vendors of Magnetic Pulsers (actually, if you use the Magnetic Pulser you might as well use the entire Bob Beck Protocol), the choice is up to you since we don’t have the money to test them side-by-side.

Here are two articles on the Bob Beck protocol devices:
Bob Beck Magnetic Pulser
Bob Beck Blood Purifier

Another option is an alkaline protocol. The Cesium Chloride protocol costs about the same as the Cellect-Budwig. Cellect actually has some cesium chloride in it. The High RF Fequency Devices are not recommended with the Cesium Chloride protocol but they can be used with the Cellect-Budwig.

For those who cannot afford either of these protocols, try the Kelmun Protocol (which contains baking soda) or the Robert Barefoot Calcium Protocol. Here are articles:
Kelmun Protocol
Robert Barefoot Calcium Protocol

The Patient Is Very Weak

The main reason cancer patients are weak is because of what is called “cachexia.” This is a condition where a deadly cycle is going on.

First, cancer cells create lactic acid from glucose and this lactic adic ends up in the bloodstream.

Second, this lactic acid goes to the liver where the liver converts the lactic acid back into glucose.

This “cycle,” where the cancer cells convert glucose into lactic acid and then the liver converts the lactic acid into glucose is called the “cachexia cycle.” Almost half of all cancer patients die from the “cachexia cycle.”

There are two main reasons the cancer patients are weak and may die. First, large amounts of energy are consumed in both ends of the cycle. Second, the lactic acid itself, while in the bloodstream, blocks most nutrients from getting to the healthy cells, thus the healthy cells are weak.

An article has been written to deal with this issue:
Importance of MSM

Obviously cancer patients should be fed large amounts of D-Ribose and Vitamin C, which can get nutrients past the lactic acid blockade. High-density supplements should also be taken, such as Eniva Vibe in the orange/blue bottle.

As far as electromedicine is concerned, the Photon Genius can energize cells which have been weakened by cancer. This is a “buy time” protocol.

Tissue Cancers Which Are Spreading [Dr. Matthias Rath Cellular Solution]

As mentioned elsewhere, cancer is caused by a microbe which blocks the production of ATP molecules in cells. But this microbe does many other highly sophisticated things.

One of the things it does is excrete an enzyme which cuts apart normal enzymes on the surface of tissue. The microbe does this so the cancer can spread across the tissue.

Dr. Matthias Rath, M.D. has developed a protocol which neutralizes this attack by the microbes which cause cancer. It is a very simple but very effective protocol at stopping the spread of cancer when the cancer is in the tissue.

This protocol contains Vitamin C, which is not allowed to be used with several other treatments. Make sure this protocol will not interfere with your primary cancer protocol.

Here is an article:
Dr. Matthias Rath Cellular Solution

Slow Down Fast-Spreading Cancers

There are only two things that will stop the spreading of cancer in its tracks. One is high levels of oxygen and the other is highly alkaline substances. However, the alkaline substances are far more proven to work. The highly effective oxygen treatments are generally given at clinics.

Two alkaline protocols, as mentioned elsewhere, are the Cellect-Budwig and Cesium Chloride. However, a less expensive protocol is the Barefoot Calcium Protocol: Robert Barefoot Calcium Protocol
The Kelmun Protocol includes baking soda so it might also help.

Ionized water also creates alkalinity in the body.

Two of the major brands of water ionizers (to make the cancer cells alkaline) are Kangan water and Jupiter Water Ionizers. Kangan water costs about twice as much and I am not convinced it is worth it. If you already have access to Kangan water, go ahead and use it, it is perfectly fine.

I do not have an article on Jupiter Ionizers yet. There are several versions, some of which are portable and others which are installed under a sink. Here is the vendor and more information:
Jupiter Athena, Melody, and Delphi Models

Slow Down and Treat Melanoma, Squamous Cell Carcinoma, Sarcomas and Uterine Cancer

There is a separate article on these types of cancer:
Melanoma Article

Build Immune System [Supplements]

The Bob Beck Protocol is the best long-term way to build the immune system. However, the Bob Beck Protocol should be supplemented with products designed to provide the best nutrients for the immune system so that the immune system is built quicker.

The Bob Beck Protocol is mentioned elsewhere, this section will discuss supplements.

There are many brands of immune builders and I cannot list them all. It is not necessary to buy all of them!!

The premier Immune System Supplement for Cancer Patients to take is Transfer Point’s Beta-1, 3D Glucan. This product can simply be called “Beta Glucan” for short; be aware, it is often deemed “Beta Gluten.” This is a common mistake, as this highly purified formulation has NOTHING to do with GLUTEN.

Again, this is THE immune system product to take for therapeutic and preventative needs.

Call Better Way Health for Transfer Point Beta Glucan(*):

You can order online at:

Here is a list of other immune builders (in no particular order); this is for historical purposes only, the products below are far less effective than the Beta Glucan from Better Way Health.

  1. Organic Germanium
  2. IP6 (Inositol hexaphosphate)
  3. MGN3 / MGN-3 (available in the U.S. under the brand name: BioBran)
  4. An AHCC Supplement: Immpower, ImmunoKinoko, Immune-Assist includes AHCC
  5. Immune Fx
  6. Zeolites (heavy metals interfere with the immune system, zeolites remove heavy metals)
  7. Aloe Immune glyconutrient product (see my Stage IV article)
  8. Moducare (a sterols and sterolins supplement)
  9. RM-10 Ultra [Garden of Life] (*)
  10. Oncolyn (*)

(*) means the product is endorsed by Bill Henderson
– Bill Henderson also regards Transfer Point Beta Glucan as the Top Immune System Booster.

Here is a vendor of Pure Body Extra Strength (spray), to chelate the blood, and Pure Body (liquid), to chelate the the colon:
My Touchstone Essentials

There are many other products designed to build the immune system (e.g. Lentinan, PSK, PSP, Coriolan, D-Fraction, Mushroom Immunity Complex, etc.)!! Be aware that every vendor claims their product is the best and also remember that Cancer Tutor has no lab facilities to test their claims!! MGN-3 or BioBran has a single manufacturer, and has been studied in labs, and is also recommended. However, MGN-3 has been severely persecuted by the FDA and its availability and brand name changes from time to time.

Inflammation and Swelling [But Not Shrinking Tumors]

When it comes to dealing with inflammation and swelling, nothing works as well as two products: the Photon Genius and the Quantum Pulse. While the Quantum Pulse is less expensive, the Photon Genius is more cost effective because it does far more things for the price.

The Photon Genie. the little brother of the Photon Genius, consists of an electronic box and two glass tubes. It also comes with two other devices for overnight relief. This device is mainly for localized inflammation and swelling. The tubes must touch the skin near the inflammation and swelling. The cost is about $3,000.

The Photon Genius is a much larger version of the Photon Genie and covers most of the body. It energizes cells, kills microbes and reduces inflammation. It costs about $25,000, but in some cities you can go to a location that has one locally. You need to contact the Ed Skilling Institute by email to find out if there is a Photon Genius at a clinic near you. By law, the operator of the Photon Genius cannot make any medical claims about the device.

Here is the home page of the Ed Skilling Institute where you can buy a Photon Genie or Photon Genius or find out if there is a Photon Genius near you:
Ed Skilling Institute

“Buying Time” and Cachexia [Lactic Acid Cycle]

See the discussions on “buying time” and cachexia in the “Understanding Treating Cancer” article and the “Prevent Cancer From Returning” article, which are linked to on the left side-bar.

A Warning About “Remission”

A person is in “remission” when their cancer is cured. If that is the definition of “remission,” then a cancer patient who has had significant chemotherapy is never really in remission. It really irritates me when an oncologist is “surprised” when someone’s cancer has come back. Of course it will come back because they have destroyed the person’s immune system!!

Here is what I am talking about. In the body, at the systemic level (i.e. not at the cellular level) cancer is caused by an imbalance between the strength of the immune system and the number of cancer cells in the body.

A normal human being probably has many cancer cells in their body, but their immune system routinely and safely gets rid of these cancer cells.

When there is an imbalance between the strength of the immune system and the number of cancer cells, a person will eventually be “diagnosed” with cancer because the number of cancer cells has grown beyond the ability of the immune system to get rid of the cancer cells.

In alternative medicine, the approach of a treatment, on a newly diagnosed cancer patient, may be to safely kill many of the cancer cells and rebuild the immune system. Problem solved, the balance is restored and the person is cured.

But the reality is that almost no cancer patient begins their cancer treatment with alternative medicine. This means they have had large amounts of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. All 3 of these things damage the immune system!! For example chemotherapy damages the lining of the stomach which inhibits the ability of the person to properly extract nutrients from their foods. This is not good for the immune system. But also chemotherapy kills many cells in the immune system.

So let us suppose a person in this situation uses a really good alternative cancer treatment and safely gets rid of their cancer cells.

Are they cured? Well, they have restored the “balance,” but the “balance” is zero immune system and zero cancer cells.

It turns out this is not a good balance because every human being will get new cancer cells. As time goes on, this person, who is said to be in “remission,” will get many new cancer cells.

However, there is no immune system to safely kill these new cancer cells!! Thus it is just a matter of time until the imbalance returns and the person “gets” cancer again. This is called “regression.”

The bottom line is this: if you have had orthodox cancer treatments, and you “cure” your cancer with alternative cancer treatments, you need to be on a simple and inexpensive protocol for life.

The simplest and least expensive alternative cancer treatment, which can easily be gone on for life, and which will not cost a lot of money, is the Bill Henderson Protocol. It only costs a little over $5 a day, is very simple, but it will build the immune system and keep the immune system and number of cancer cells in balance for life.