The Bob Wright Protocol For Advanced Cancer Patients

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by Bob Wright, American Anti-Cancer Institute
author: Killing Cancer – Not People, by Robert G. Wright (for more information)

The Bob Wright Protocol for Cancer

WARNING: We hear people talk about the pH of the blood all the time. The pH of your blood is irrelevant!! Well, in fact, if the pH in your blood gets too high it can kill you!!

When treating cancer it is the pH inside the cancer cells that is critical!! That is what this protocol is all about – raising the pH inside the cancer cells (where the microbes that cause cancer live). STUDY this article before reading this article:

What Cause Cancer

It must be understood by the patient, that the purpose of the Ionized Water treatment is NOT to raise the pH of the blood(!), it is to raise the pH inside the cancer cells to kill the microbes that are inside the cancer cells!!

This is what will revert the cancer cells into normal cells!!

Do NOT measure the success of this protocol by measuring the pH of your blood!!

There is no way to measure the pH inside the cancer cells, so there is no reason to measure the pH of the blood unless you are worried the pH of the blood is too high.

Note: The article for this cancer treatment is much longer than most articles. The reason is that a certain amount of understanding of what is going on inside of cancer cells is needed to hopefully prevent the patient from making mistakes that may cause problems for the patient later on. Take your time and study this article 2 or 3 times until you feel you understand why it is designed the way it is.

This is a very good cancer treatment, but the patient needs to understand why it is designed the way it is.

The Bob Wright Protocol for Cancer

If the microbes inside the cancer cells are killed, the cancer cells will revert into normal cells. That is the goal of this protocol.

The main part of the Bob Wright Protocol, drinking 11.5 pH alkaline water made with a Kangen Machine, has already proven itself to be a major cancer treatment for very advanced cancer patients, even for those with fast-spreading cancers.

The Bob Wright Protocol is in two distinct, consecutive phases.

Phase 1 consists of the MSM/LIPH protocol (see the left side-bar) and special supplements. The purpose of the MSM/LIPH is to get rid of most of the microbes in the bloodstream. This phase lasts for two weeks, but can and should be continued indefinitely, including during the Kangen Water part of this protocol.

MSM Vendor
LIPH Vendor


Phase 2 consists of a continuation of the special nutritional product and hopefully a continuation of the MSM/LIPH protocol, plus it includes drinking 11.5 pH water made by a Kangen Machine by Enagic (i.e. “11.5 Kangen water”) and additional supplements to be discussed below.

The “dose” of 11.5 pH Kangen water is 3/4 ounce of 11.5 Kangen Water, per pound of a person, but only up to one gallon a day. The Kangen Water should be spread out during the day.

For example, a 100 pound person should take 75 ounces of Kangen Water a day, spread out throughout the day. There are 128 ounces in a gallon, thus a 100 pound person would take a little over a half-gallon of Kangen Water daily during Phase 2.

The one gallon of 11.5 pH Kangen water, or whatever your “dose” is, has already shown amazing results in helping advanced cancer patients!!

For example, one woman in her seventies has been doing a gallon per day for 2 years and no longer has cancer.

However, there are some things that need to be done before the high pH phase of this protocol begins. That is where the MSM/LIPH protocol comes into play.

The Theory of This Protocol

Before discussing the treatment, let us first talk about the theory behind this protocol and especially explain why the MSM/LIPH is used for two weeks before the 11.5 Kangen water is even started.

Normally when discussing a cancer treatment there is little if any theoretical information provided, regarding what is going on inside the cancer cells, because the patient doesn’t need to understand what is going on inside the cancer cells.

But for this protocol an understanding of the theory behind the treatment is critical. If the patient does not understand the theory, of what is going on inside the cancer cells, they may be lax in strictly following the instructions. And if they are lax in following the instructions the treatment may fail and the cancer may come back (i.e. “regression”).

By understanding the theory of the protocol a patient is more likely to follow the protocol.

So let us start a fairly technical discussion of why this protocol is put together the way it is.

Let us first talk about how a special microbe causes a normal cell to become cancerous.

The Theory of Cancer

Cancer is caused by a very special type of microbe. There are many of these microbes inside of every cancer cell.

The “cancer microbe” does two things to make a cell “cancerous.”

First, these microbes eat glucose. Why does this contribute to the cell becoming cancerous?

In a normal cell, glucose is converted in pyruvate (in about a 10-step chemical chain-reaction). The pyruvate then goes inside the cell mitochondria (note: there are thousands of mitochondria inside of every cell). Once the pyruvate is inside the mitochondria two key chemical chain reactions occur: the Citric Acid Cycle (aka Krebs Cycle) and then the Electron Transport Chain.

It is these two chain reactions that create the vast amount of the energy the cell needs. The energy is in the form of a molecule called ATP – adenosine triphosphate.

Because the cancer microbes eat glucose, less glucose is available to create pyruvate and thus less ATP molecules are made. The cancer cell becomes very weak (i.e. it has low ATP energy), which is the very definition of a cancer cell.

As if this weren’t bad enough, microbes also excrete highly acidic waste products called: mycotoxins. These chemicals are also inside of the cancer cells.

Thus, as one cancer researcher said: “the mitochondria, instead of swimming in a sea of pyruvate, are swimming in a sea of mycotoxins.”

These two things are what block the production of a normal amount of ATP and thus these cells become cancerous, by definition.

Actually, the “cancer microbe” does a lot of other things. It also excretes enzymes that coat the outside of the cancer cell so the immune system cannot identify the cell as being cancerous. The cancer microbe also excretes enzymes that “cut a path” along surrounding tissue so the cancer can spread more easily. And it does a lot of other things.

The point is that when these microbes are killed, the microbes stop intercepting glucose, stop excreting mycotoxins and thus they stop blocking the production of ATP energy. The cancer cells revert into normal cells.

This Bob Wright Protocol is designed to kill these microbes and revert cancer cells into normal cells.

In summary, when all of the cancer microbes are killed inside of a cell, the microbes are not available to eat glucose and they are not available to excrete mycotoxins!!! This means the cancer cells return to being normal cells and their ATP energy becomes normal and the cancer cell becomes a normal cell again!!

This is a superior way to cure cancer. When cancer treatments kill cancer cells (which is what many cancer treatments try to do), there is a lot of debris created so the treatment has to be done slowly. While it is good the patient is cured, the best way to treat cancer is to kill the microbes which are inside the cancer cells. This allows the cancer cells to revert into normal cells.

The History of Natural Medicine Cancer Research

(Note: This section is critical to understand so the reader will understand WHY to avoid a “build-up” when using ionized water.)

It was known in 1890 that microbes were inside of cancer cells.

It was discovered in the early part of the twentieth century that the “cancer microbe” was pleomorphic, meaning it changed sizes and shapes.

It was discovered in the 1930s, by Dr. Royal Rife, a microbiologist, that if you killed the microbes which were inside of a cancer cell, that the cancer cell would revert into a normal cell. Dr. Rife was curing cancer using an electromedicine device (called a “Rife Machine”) that killed the microbes inside of the cancer cells.

Starting mainly in the 1960s, massive interest in natural medicine cancer research began, some of which dealt with this microbe.

Sometime in or around 2005, an original “Rife Machine” was found. This gave electromedicine gurus the ability to replicate what Rife had done. They realized that Rife had developed a “carrier wave” which could penetrate the cell membrane so that the main electrical frequencies (which were designed to kill the “cancer microbe”) could be “carried” inside the cancer cells to kill the microbes that were inside the cancer cells.

If you can kill these microbes, either with electromedicine, anti-microbial molecules or alkalinity, the cancer cells will revert into normal cells. This amounts to a cure for cancer; not because the cancer cells are dead, but because they are reverted into normal cells!!

The person most instrumental in learning the details about this microbe was Dr. Gaston Naessens. Dr. Naessens discovered that the pleomorphic shapes and sizes were determined by the pH inside the cell. As the pH went up, the size of the microbes got smaller. As the pH went down, the size of the microbes got larger.

Thus, the size of the microbes was a function of the pH INSIDE the cancer cells!!

Dr. Naessens determined there were 16 different sizes and shapes of the pleomorphic microbe that caused cancer. Here is a chart which shows the names that Dr. Naessens gave to the 16 shapes and sizes of the cancer microbe (this chart is for teaching concepts only):

Dr. Naessens 16 Phases of Cancer Diagram

The above chart does not show the shapes of these microbes, which turns out to be significant, especially when using electromedicine (which is trying to vibrate the microbes until they burst apart). However, because the shapes are only important when using electromedicine, the shapes are not considered important for this protocol.

The size of the cancer microbe can literally be much smaller than a virus. In the smaller sizes the cancer microbe can get inside of the cell nucleus and change the cell’s DNA, as discovered by the Virginia Livingston team of cancer researchers. Orthodox medicine researchers claim the DNA damage is what causes cancer in a cell, but in fact the DNA damage is only a symptom of the microbes which are actually causing the cancer.

On the other hand, the size of the microbe can go all the way up to the size of a red blood cell!!

The microbe is believed by more than one cancer researcher to be Helicobacter Pylori or H. pylori. H. pylori normally resides in the stomach/intestines of individuals, but even there it has been shown, to some degree, to be pleomorphic.

The reason for this discussion is that the sizes of this microbe are important to understand when using this protocol for cancer.

Let us now dig deeper into alkalinity and the size of this microbe.

The Importance of The Size of the Cancer Microbe

Of most importance with regards to the cancer microbe is its smallest shape and size, what Dr. Naessens called the “somatid.”

When this microbe is in the “somatid” state it can be said to be in hibernation. When it is in hibernation, NOTHING can kill it. Scientists have used many tactics to try to kill this microbe in hibernation, but nothing can kill it.

This microbe goes into hibernation when the pH inside the cell becomes very alkaline, meaning the pH is very high.

This microbe stays in hibernation until the pH become acidic enough to bring it out of hibernation. On average, it stays in hibernation about 6 months. But when it comes out of hibernation, it can again intercept glucose and excrete mycotoxins. In other words, the cell again becomes a cancer cell because the microbes are no longer in hibernation!!!!

The patient may have thought the cancer was cured, but in effect the “cancer” (i.e. the microbes inside the cancer cells) were only in hibernation, so the cell behaved like a normal cell because the microbes were not intercepting glucose or excreting mycotoxins.

Thus, much of this discussion is to explain HOW to kill these microbes BEFORE they go into hibernation!! In other words, we want to kill them before they shrink to Size 1 when we cannot kill them!!

Let us consider an example, thinking about a typical cancer cell of a newly diagnosed cancer patient. Suppose this patient starts on a highly alkaline cancer protocol. Two things can happen when the alkalinity inside the cancer cell increases.

The first option is that the cancer microbes inside the cell change shapes and sizes and they eventually go into hibernation (Size 1).

The second option is that the high pH kills the microbes before they go into hibernation!!

This is the key concept you need to understand:

If the pH increases very quickly, the microbes are likely to be killed. If the pH increases slowly, the microbes are likely to go into hibernation.

This is the key concept to remember.

Why is all of this important to understand??

The reason is that if you can very quickly increase the pH inside the cancer cells, these microbes will likely be killed. While raising the pH quickly is easy to do, it can cause other problems, namely Herxheimer’s.

Herxheimer’s can be severe brain fog. The patient may feel their brain is dead leading to severe depression. In fact, the brain is NOT dead, or even damaged, the brain is perfectly fine, but massive amounts of highly acidic mycotoxins (from large volumes of dead microbes in the bloodstream) have blocked brain signaling.

The situation is a paradox. If you solve one problem by quickly increasing the pH, you can create another problem called Herxheimers.

In the bloodstream there are many, many microbes. Dr. Bob Beck estimated there are two pounds of microbes in the body of a typical human being.

When you kill massive numbers of these microbes in the bloodstream, in a short period of time, the cancer patient can become very, very sick (Herxheimers) because of the acids released by these dead microbes.

In other words, as you attempt to get the inside of the cancer cells alkaline, the alkaline substance you are using may kill many, many microbes in the bloodstream before getting to the cancer cells. These microbes are generally not pleomorphic, but they do die in some cases if they are subject to too much alkalinity.

In fact, much of the acids (released by dead microbes) end up in the brain where the acids can block the signaling mechanisms in the brain. Thus, the cancer patient may not only be sick, but they may also have massive “brain fog”!!!

This is mentioned so the patient understands that this brain fog is not caused by dead brain cells, but rather by dead microbes in the bloodstream and their related acidic mycotoxins. In other words, Herxheimers is not dangerous. It is far more scary than dangerous.

On the other hand, if you slowly increase the pH inside the cancer cells, the pH may not KILL the cancer microbes, rather the cancer microbes will likely go into hibernation. At this point, continued alkalinity will simply keep them in hibernation.

Remember, when in hibernation, NOTHING can kill these microbes.

The goal of this protocol is kill the microbes inside the cancer cells, without creating brain fog, as will be understood later.

Remember the paradox. To quickly kill these microbes (by quickly building up to high alkalinity) would create massive Herxheimer’s and to slowly kill these microbes (by slowing building up to high alkalinity) will create a lot of microbes in hibernation.

Let us get back to the subject of hibernation. Let us suppose that all of the microbes are in hibernation in many of the cancer cells. What will happen to these cells?

It turns out that the cancer cells will behave exactly like normal cells. How can this be?? Cancer cells that are in hibernation (i.e. cancer cells where the microbes are in hibernation) do not have microbes that are eating gluose and do not have microbes that are excreting mycotoxins (because the microbes are in hibernation). Thus, the microbes are not blocking the creation of ATP energy!! Thus, the energy of the cell is normal and the cell behaves like a normal cell.

The patient will think that their cancer is cured!! But the cancer is not cured because the cancer microbes are still inside many cancer cells.

When the patient returns to their old acidic eating habits the microbes will come out of hibernation and the cancer will return in the same location it was originally located!! When cancer “comes back” in the same location (in about 6 months), this can be a sign the microbes were put into hibernation.

We can summarize all of this in two statements:

1) If the alkalinity increases quickly enough, the cancer microbes will likely be killed, but this may create Herxheimers.

2) If the alkalinity does not increase fast enough, the cancer microbes will likely go into hibernation and the cell metabolism will return to normal. But the cell is still cancerous and eventually the cancer will “return.”

How Do We Solve This Paradox?

The paradox is this: If you immediately use high doses of highly alkaline water (or cesium, calcium, etc.) you may kill the microbes inside the cancer cells. However, in doing this you may also create severe Herxheimers.

If you slowly increase the dose of highly alkaline water, you avoid Herxheimers, but you may put the microbes inside the cancer cells into hibernation and the cancer will later come back.

In actual practice, to avoid Herxheimers, a person usually goes on a high pH cancer treatment by “building-up” to the high pH doses. What “build-up” means is that the pH is started out at a low pH level (perhaps 8.0 pH) and over time is gradually increased to the high pH level (e.g. 11.5 pH). The volume of water may also gradually increase over a 4 or 5 day period.

But this build-up process is precisely what can cause the microbes to go into hibernation!!

The cancer may appear to be “cured,” but in fact the cancer (meaning the cancer microbes) is only in hibernation, until future events (e.g. a return to an acidic diet) cause these microbes to come out of hibernation and the cancer returns in the same locations!!

There are two potential solutions to this paradox.

First, the cancer patient can build-up slowly and remain on ionized water for life (eventually at 9.5 instead of 11.5).

Second, the patient can build-up slowly and remain on an alkaline diet for life (i.e. by eating alkaine foods and avoiding acidic foods).

However, the cancer protocol in this article is designed to make sure the cancer microbes are dead and are not in hibernation.

How is this possible?

The answer: This treatment will not start with alkaline water, but will instead use a totally different protocol to kill the microbes in the bloodstream. It will start with an anti-microbial protocol, not a highly alkaline protocol. After doing this, the use of the alkaline water will not require a build-up of pH because there are not enough microbes left to create Herxheimers Reaction.

In other words, we want to START the ionized water at 11.5 pH, but before we do this (to avoid Herxheimer’s) we will use an anti-microbial protocol to kill the microbes in the bloodstream.

Phase A is to kill the microbes in the bloodstream WITHOUT using high alkalinity.

Phase B is to begin the Kangan Water at 11.5 pH (but no Herxheimer’s will be experienced because there are very few microbes in the bloodstream because of Phase A).


First, a person might wonder if the “High RF Frequency Generator” can be used as Phase A.

The answer is ‘yes’. If you have a High RF Frequency Generator with plasma amplifier (sometimes called a High RF Frequency Protocol – Plasma), feel free to use it for several weeks (including its own build-up) to help clean the blood of microbes.

But we will use a different method which is not as expensive. But if you have a High RF Frequency Generator with plasma amplifier use it for several weeks according to the instructions the vendor will provide (the “ICRF Instructions”) and then you can avoid the build-up when starting the highly ionized water.

Second, this protocol should not be used with the Cellect-Budwig Protocol or any other cancer treatment which has high alkalinity. The Cellect-Budwig protocol has its own alkalinity (in the Cellect) and combining these two protocols would create too much alkalinity.

Ok, so let’s get started by learning how to avoid a build-up so we don’t have to worry about the microbes going into hibernation.

The Bob Wright Protocol for Cancer – Phase 1

The Bob Wright Protocol for cancer is in two very distinct phases.

Phase 1 uses the MSM/LIPH protocol, including the normal MSM/LIPH build-up (use this treatment for two weeks, including the build-up). A build-up for this protocol will not hurt this cancer treatment because MSM/LIPH is not a highly alkaline protocol and will not affect the size of the microbes inside the cancer cells. But it will kill many of these microbes and more importantly, for this treatment, will kill many, many microbes in the bloodstream.

Phase 1 does NOT use alkaline/ionized water at all. In fact, the patient should avoid ionized water during this phase!!”

Phase 1 uses two simple and inexpensive cancer protocols, MSM and LIPH.

MSM Vendor
LIPH Vendor

By killing a high percentage of the microbes in the bloodstream, starting the Kangen water at 11.5 pH in Phase Two will not cause any Herxheimers!!

The patient should use the “MSM/LIPH Protocol” for two weeks before starting the ionized water protocol.

The instructions for using the MSM/LIPH protocol, including build-up, are in this article (MSM is sometimes called: Organic Sulphur):

MSM/LIPH Protocol for Cancer

Again, the MSM/LIPH protocol should be used for two weeks, which includes the build-up. Obviously the cancer patient should also start a cancer diet during these two weeks. The cancer diet should NOT include sugar and other empty calorie foods.

The purpose of the MSM/LIPH is to eliminate most of the microbes in the bloodstream. By doing this the patient can start their ionized water protocol with the full 11.5 Kangen Water dose and will not have to worry about Herxheimers or putting the microbes inside the cancer cells into hibernation.

The Bob Wright Protocol for Cancer – Phase 2

Phase Two includes the use of Kangan Water.

Even though you have used MSM/LIPH, begin Phase 2 using 9.5 pH water since a Herxheimer will not be an issue at that point. Drink the 9.5 for a week, working up to an ounce per pound of body weight (or as much as they can do) over that time period. This is a lot of water and some people will not be able to do it. In that case, consume as much as they can and at least a half ounce per pound of body weight. In other words, if a person weighs 120 pounds, they should be drinking a minimum of 60 ounces and up to 120 ounces ( a gallon is 128 ounces).

Once they are comfortable with the 9.5 and are drinking at least the minimum, I would add 4 ounces 3 times per day of the 11.5 pH water, specifically, Kangen Water. I would increase that by an additional 4 ounces three times per day every 4 days or so until at least half the water I was drinking was 9.5 pH and half 11.5 pH.

If comfortable, I would go beyond that to up to a gallon a day of the 11.5 pH water is consumed per day. I would do this for about 90 days and then reevaluate my progress. Although we have seen a woman in her 70’s drink a gallon per day of the 11.5 pH Kangen Water for a year, we don’t recommend long term consumption of this high of alkalinity.

During Phase Two special supplements are added to the Kangan Water.

First, a special nutritional product that Bob really likes, but we cannot mention the name on this article. See:

Again, the person’s weight will be a factor here. Everyone should start with 1-2 of these shakes per day, working up slowly to more of these as rapidly as possible. For instance, a 100-pound person should try to get 4 each double scoop shakes per day. At 120 lbs, 5 shakes; 140 lbs, up to six shakes. If one is 160-190 then up to 7 shakes. Over 190, 8 shakes per day. Here is a case where more is better. One can take too little, but probably never too much.

Regarding the “Lunarich X,” all should start with about 5 capsules per day. These can be opened and put in with the shakes so the capsules don’t have to be swallowed. One should increase (those up to 150 lbs) by 5 capsules per week until taking 15 capsules per day. Over 150 pounds, work up to 20 capsules (minimum) per day. This is another case where more is better, will not hurt you, and will only help. Keep in mind that the “Lunarich X” is the only supplement to date that has proven to work on the epigenetic level. In other words, it has the ability to turn off the bad genes and turn on the good genes.

For Those Who Live In Or Near Washington State

I recommend full body detox, especially the PIOH (precision intestinal oxidative hydrotoning) which is the ultimate in detoxification. Unfortunately, it is currently only done in the Pacific Northwest in Seattle. Whether cancer patients can accomplish this or not, detox is fundamental to cancer healing and they must find some kind of a program to eliminate the heavy metals and other toxins from their bodies.

Items From the Dirt Cheap Protocol

For items from the Dirt Cheap Protocol (or inexpensive additives), I fully support added iodine (almost all Americans are deficient, especially cancer patients). I recommend Prolamine Iodine (organic iodine from Standard Process) or a good Nascent or Atomic iodine. Start at 3 mg per day and work up over a couple of weeks to 15 mg per day. Very deficient people should do even more. I would also recommend a good source of Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol). Dosage should begin with 10,000 I.U. per day. That is as much as one would get from the sun in about 20-30 minutes during summer solar noon (no sun block lotions and creams allowed – they CAUSE cancer). The cholesterol in the skin will utilize the UVB rays to make the D3. I like Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil – the last best cod liver oil. Most companies are taking out the Vitamins A and D and replacing with synthetics or not at all. Beware of the pretenders. I would take 6 capsules per day.

The AACI can set the patient up with a Kangen Water machine, the special nutritional products, and show them how to acquire just about anything else.
AACI – Supplies Both Kangen and Special Products


The four pronged approach (the four legs of the stool) in this protocol are:

1) the anti-cancer diet (eat right) is absolutely required, as it would be for any natural cancer treatment,

2) Kangen Water for hydration, alkalinity and flooding the body with anti-oxidants,

3) Super, unrivaled supplementation through the special nutritional products, and

4) PIOH – detoxification to the cellular level.

NOTICE: The Enagic company, which owns the trademark for the name “Kangen Water,” does not make any medical claims for the use of Kangen Water for cancer or any other health condition.

The AACI/IWARC is a vendor of the Enagic Device

A Warning About Adding Other Treatments

Highly alkaline protocols, such as those which contain cesium or baking soda, should not be combined with this protocol or alkalosis could result. Alkalosis is caused by too much alkalinity in the blood.

For example, the Bob Wright Protocol should NOT be combined with the Cellect-Budwig protocol, the Cesium Chloride protocol, the Kelmun Protocol, the nutritional part of the Photon Protocol or any other protocol that is high is baking soda, cesium, calcium or any other highly alkaline supplements.

Free Technical Support

Technical support for this protocol is free and is provide by Webster Kehr (who may turn you over to Bob Wright in some cases).

Because this is a new treatment, please contact Webster when you begin this treatment:

Webster Kehr