Gentle and Effective Treatments For Sinusitis (Part 1 of 2)

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Microbes are very opportunistic and microbes certainly reside in the sinuses. However, microbes in the sinuses are not necessarily the “root cause” of sinusitis!! The microbes in the sinuses are more likely a symptom of a deeper systemic problem. The systemic problem may be liver degeneration caused by tapeworms, liver flukes and other parasites, which usually reside in the organs (e.g. the liver) or the stomach in the case of tapeworms. It is these things that weaken the immune system and create a safe haven for microbes to live in the sinuses.

Thus, to deal with sinusitis a person must identify the “root cause,” for their situation, in addition to dealing with the symptoms (i.e. the actual sinus infection).

Page 1 of this article will describe the treatment for sinusitis that will identify the “root cause” of sinusitis (hint: the “root cause” is not necessarily in the sinuses or the root canals). The treatment will lead to a systemic treatment for the “root cause” of the sinusitis and the symptoms of sinusitis.

Page 2 is a continuation of Page 1 and will provide a second option for dealing with sinusitis that is anti-microbial in focus, rather than systemic and “root cause” in focus.

Immediate Fixes For Serious Congestion

First, while you sleep use a vaporizer (far enough away that you don’t cough). Put into this vaporizer a cap-full of a chemical (which can be purchased at a pharmacy) such as: Kaz Steam Activated Inhalant. This is critical if you want to sleep.

Second, take a hot shower and make sure the hot water goes on the sides of your head (near your eyes), your forehead and both sides of your nose!! This will immediately deal with the sinus pressure.

Third, if a hot shower is not possible, use a hot, wet towel and hold it to the sides of your head (especially on the sides of your eyes), also on both sides of your nose and on your forehead.

Fourth, Use MSM Cream (or DMSO Cream). Rubbing MSM Cream (available at any health food store) on the outside of the nose, on the side of the head near the eyes, and on your forehead will also help reduce inflammation!! If you use DMSO Cream instead of MSM Cream it may cause very slight body odor (the user will not be able to smell it).

Another product that may help reduce inflammation by rubbing it on the outside of the nose is Sinus Rejuvination Oil. It can also be put on a finger tip and rubbed inside the nostrils.

The best inhaler I have found is the “Olbas Natural Inhaler.”

Fifth, take three products: “Stinging Nettle,” Sinusalia and a product called: “Three Spices Sinus Complex.”

Do NOT use nasal sprays as a first resort and if you do use nasal sprays, use them only for a very short time and buy them from a health food store!! Control your sinusitis with hot water as your first resort!!!

The best things to consider to sleep all night are:
1) Sting Nettle (2 pills), (Health Food Store),
2) Sinusalia (2 pills) (Health Food Store),
3) Three Spices Sinus Complex (Health Food Store),
4) Sinus Rejuvination Oil (Health Food Store),
5) Sinol/m Sinus Spray,
6) Olbas Natural Inhaler (Health Food Store),
7) Limu Juice (8-12 ounces 1/2 hour before bed) (see left side-bar for Limu Juice),
8) MSM/LIPH (see left side-bar for MSM/LIPH),
9) Apple Cidar Vinegar (2 or 3 ounces)

Foods To Avoid

The worst food in the world for sinusitis sufferers is chocolate ice cream. In fact, any food with milk in it is going to cause the sinus infection to get worse and could cause a flare-up. Only people with Type A blood can digest dairy products.

So the first rule in controlling sinusitis is to avoid dairy products like the plaugue.

Second, avoid sugar (i.e. refined sugar).

In short, the ideal diet for a sinusitis sufferer is a “whole food” diet where you do not eat any processed foods.

However, the diet should not be too high in “greens” as too many greens can cause strokes in a small percentage of people who have a particular genetic defect or have a propensity for strokes.

By controlling the diet the person can probably avoid having severe sinusitus congestion days.


There are two things you need to be concerned about.

First, if you blow your nose too hard this can cause mucus to back up into the nasal area. This can cause the sinuses to become very inflamed.

Second, is over-the-counter nasal sprays, such as Afrin. These nasal sprays, if used for more than a couple of days, can freeze your nasal passages totally closed. You could end up the hospital with a steroid shot.

Over the counter chemical nasal sprays should NEVER be used for more than two days in a row unless they are totally natural. Afrin and other chemical sprays can cause the sinuses to “rebound” and inflame your sinuses totally shut. The ingredient in Afrin, of course, is the most addictive. Every emergency room doctor knows Afrin very well.

As always, use hot water to control your inflammation, not nasal sprays.

Also, learn to blow your nose less frequently, and with less force. Congestion can be caused by severe allergies or by blowing your nose too hard, too often. It can also cause bleeding inside your nasal area.

  • “Sniff; don’t blow, when you have a Cold. Researchers have found that blowing your nose creates enough pressure to propel mucus into your sinuses. This could worsen congestion in the sinuses and contribute to making you feel lousy when you have a cold. The normal mucus flow is from the front of the nose to the back, and with nose blowing you reverse that.”

One way to blow your nose gently is to begin the motion from the abdomen area, not the nasal area.

Graphical Display of the Sinuses

See this YouTube video to graphically understand why it is so difficult to kill all of the microbes in the sinuses:

As you can see, the eight sinuses are like a system of caves. Getting inside of all of the rooms in the cave, to kill all of the microbes, is virtually impossible.

However, it gets worse. Even if you could kill all of the microbes in the sinuses there is a good chance the sinusitis will return because the “root cause” of sinusitis is somewhere else, which I will talk about in a moment!!

To truly cure sinusitis it is necessary to kill all microbes both in the sinus area and in the place of origin of the infection.

Thus, colloidal silver, taken orally, as an example, is not going to cure sinusitis!! Colloidal silver can help keep the sinusitis under control, but it won’t cure the “root cause” because the “root cause” of sinusitis in not even in the sinuses.

The “Root Cause” of Sinusitis

While the treatments in the top section deal with the symptoms of sinusitis, what is the “root cause” of sinusitis?

Let us think, for a moment, about a cruise ship. Suppose you were on a cruise ship and a fire broke out in the engine room and spread to your cabin. Would putting out the fire in your cabin save the ship? Of course not.

Sinusitis is the fire in your cabin.

The “root cause” of sinusitis, the “fire in the engine room,” can be anything from black mold to tapeworms to liver flukes, etc. While I used to think that “root canals” in the teeth were the “root cause” of sinusitis, I now understand that root canals cannot introduce the nasty tapeworms, liver flukes, etc. that are the actual “root cause” of sinusitis.

Essentially, the root cause of sinusitis is a microbial infestation in the liver and/or gallbladder and/or pancreas and/or stomach, which can then spread to the sinuses. These microbes cause a liver degeneration or some other type of systemic health issue that allows microbes to thrive. The sequence is this:

1) Black mold, tapeworms, liver flukes, etc. get inside the system,
2) These create an infestation that can weaken the liver, pancreas, gallbladder, etc.,
3) The weakness in the organ(s) weakens the immune system,
4) The weak immune system allows the microbes in the sinuses to thrive.

This four-step process can lead to cancer, type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, autism, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis and a whole host of other diseases!!!

Thus, dealing with the sinus infection in your cabin (i.e. nasal area), completely misses the “root cause” of the problem (i.e. the engine room).

In short, the “root cause” of sinusitis is a systemic infection that leads to a weak immune system.

The sinuses are simply one of many “safe havens” for these microbes to live and multiply.

The microbes that cause sinusitis can not only be found in the sinuses but also in the liver, the lymph system, the bloodstream and/or in other places.

The Photon Protocol, to be described on this page, is the best way to deal with both the “root cause” and symptoms of sinusitis.

The Photon Genius (mainly the infra red) is amazing at quickly reducing inflammation and swelling, but at $25,000 most patients will deal with the Photon Genie.

Warning: The Photon Genius is a totally safe device. However, be careful when using the Photon Genius to reduce the inflammation of sinusitis. When using the Photon Genius do not let your eyes get within 9 inches of the infra red panels. This could cause reddening of the eyes.

The Photon Protocol

The Ed Skilling Institute is likely the only organization on earth that can pinpoint the actual “root cause” of the sinusitis. They do this with a consultation and questionnaire (or blood sample).

They are the world-class experts in microbes and of equal importance have the world’s best energy medicine products to treat the “root cause” of the sinusitis. The energy medicine device (i.e. electromedicine device), combined with the nutritional products that result from the consultation (e.g. products that do a liver flush), are exactly what is needed to deal with sinusitis.

I cannot emphasize enough that sinusitis is a systemic problem and the sinusitis is merely a symptom of the systemic problem (sinusitis is the fire in the cabin not the fire in the engine room)!!

The Photon Genie is one of their devices. It comes with two glass tubes. The tubes should not touch each other or they might break. Each tube must touch the skin in order to create the necessary electrical currents.

It also comes with an attachment that fits under the pillow, blanket or sheets and runs all night!!! This should control the inflammation all night long after you have been following the nutritional protocol.

While using the device you will hold the rubber handles (of the tubes) and gently push the glass tubes against your skin. The tubes must touch skin (i.e. if they are on top of hair they won’t work), but they should not touch each other.

Remember, the tubes must touch the skin for them to be active!!

The two key rules are:

1) DO NOT TURN THE DEVICE ON OR OFF UNLESS ALL FOUR ATTACHMENTS (e.g. the two tubes and the two flat panels) are plugged in,

2) The tubes must physically touch your skin to create the electrical currents (you will hear them working).

The Ed Skilling experts will teach you exactly how to use the device.

Another device from this same organization is the Photon Genius. The Ed Skilling Institute describes the Photon Genius as a “Photon Genie on Steroids.”

This device is incredibly powerful at stopping inflammation within minutes, such as sinusitis inflammation!! I can personally attest to that!!

The bad news is that while the Photon Genie is only $3,000, the Photon Genius is a $25,000 device (it is 6 feet tall and 5 feet wide and weighs over 200 pounds) so it is priced out of the range of many people. And you cannot sleep with a Photon Genius. But the Photon Genie will do quite well along with the consultation and the nutritional protocol.

The Photon Genie runs all night long, thus even if a person can afford a Photon Genius, they should also purchase a Photon Genie.

The consultation costs $1,500 regardless of which Photon device you purchase.

Here is the website of the Ed Skilling Institute where you can buy a Photon Genie and/or Photon Genius:

Ed Skilling Institute

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