Skin Cancer – Other Treatments

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Skin Cancer – Rose Laurel Ointment

There have been a number of impressive testimonials for Rose Laurel Ointment for skin cancer.

In fact, one of the first people to try it had the skin cancer on his nose turn from black to light brown in only a few days and then be gone entirely in only a few weeks with no scar.

Here is another testimonial: “The ointment is working well on the basal cell spots on my face; I only have 2 left. Also it seems to be bringing back the feeling in my forehead, which was left totally numb after surgical removal of a basal cell lesion a year and a half ago. Is that possible? I had totally given up on having any feeling in that area of my face, which is one reason I decided not to have the other spots surgically removed.”

Here is another: “Daughter J is almost finished with her first jar and has totally clear skin for the first time in years! She’s an actor in both stage and film and spends a lot of time in heavy stage make-up.”

About the Product

Each 50 ml jar contains as much oleander as an entire bottle of 60 oleander capsules with added DMSO for extra penetration (this is what I like about it, the DMSO). Unlike black salve products, this ointment does not tend to leave holes in the skin and thus far it appears to be working very well.

Here is the vendor:

Skin Cancer – Cannabis

Cannabis has been around for many years as a treatment for cancer. For skin cancer it is particularly easy to use and effective.

This YouTube video, Cured Too: A Cancer Story, by David Triplett, has an excellent testimonial of a cannabis case:

How to make hemp oil, by Rick Simpson, if you cannot buy it:
How To Make Hemp Oil – Rick Simpson

Skin Cancer – DMSO and Chlorine Dioxide

Like the above protocol, this protocol also has DMSO, which is an amazing product to bind to cancer-killing or microbe-killing molecules and drag them into the skin.

For regular skin cancer, it should be put directly onto the skin cancer.

For external tumors, the DMSO and chlorine dioxide should be put directly onto the tumor.

For internal tumors, the DMSO and chlorine dioxide should be put directly on the skin, directly above the tumor, as close to the tumor as possible.

Here are the instructions (built into this article) for how to safely use DMSO and chlorine dioxide and how to use them together:
Overnight Cure For Cancer