Robert Barefoot Calcium Protocol

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This cancer protocol is absolutely required to be added to any other cancer treatment except the Cellect-Budwig and Cesium Chloride protocols, which are both alkaline protocols by themselves. For the Dirt Cheap Protocol this treatment can replace the Kelmun baking soda and maple syrup item in the Dirt Cheap Protocol. These restrictions apply because only one highly alkaline substance should be taken every day!!

Every cancer treatment requires alkalinity to slow down the spread of the cancer. While Cesium Chloride and Cellect contain alkaline minerals, and the Dirt Cheap Protocol includes baking soda, every other cancer treatment needs calcium to provide the alkalinity.

This protocol is a treatment for anyone who is not on a protocol that already has a highly alkaline element!!

The reason this is a required addition is that calcium, combined with Vitamin D, contains the critical alkalinity. While I do not consider this to be a stand-alone cancer treatment, though for many it could be, I do consider it to be a required addition to any other cancer treatment!!

The recommended use for this protocol is to use the Dirt Cheap Protocol (at least 14 items), but use this calcium protocol as a replacement for the Kelmun baking soda!!!!

The Robert Barefoot Coral Calcium Protocol For Treating Cancer

Every cancer treatment needs alkalinity to slow down the spreading of their cancer. This protocol not only provides that alkalinity but also does many other things to help the cancer patient survive.

The following information was obtained mainly from the book: The Calcium Factor: The Scientific Secret of Health and Youth, by Robert R. Barefoot and Dr. Carl J. Reich, M.D. The information came from Chapters 14 and 17, though I have made some changes to his supplement dosages (I believe Robert Barefoot wrote this chapter) because the supplement doses he talks about are for a generic disease prevention program.

If you use this as a treatment, you might want to buy the book, though a lot of it was written for chemists. The book is sold from the same website that sells the coral calcium and vitamin D3, linked to below. It has some really good testimonials for many diseases.

The specific brand I recommend suggests 1 coral calcium pill, three times a day. I would modify that for a cancer patient and suggest:

  • 1 pill, three times a day for the first week (to prevent Herx),
  • 2 pills, three times a day, for the next six weeks (to “get over the hump”),
  • 1 pill, three times a day thereafter.

The vitamin D3 doses should NOT be elevated, but should always be the doses on the bottle.

If you taking a multi-vitamin, make sure you do not take too much Vitamin D or Vitamin D3.

These pills should be taken during meals. When taken with meals, apple juice or oranges should be consumed in order for the body to better absorb the calcium. Also, other fruits and vegetables should be consumed during the meal to insure the calcium is better absorbed. These comments will overrule the suggestions in my “cancer diet” article.

The calcium product should be 100% coral calcium. There are some products that mix calcium from coral reefs with calcium from other sources. A cancer patient should not take unnecessary risks but should insure all of the calcium in the product is coral calcium.

No matter what else you do, I would also suggest the patient take at least two oranges a day (for the Vitamin D) and at least one banana a day (for the potassium).

Also, the more sunshine (obviously no sunscreens), the better. Vitamin D is critical for the calcium to be absorbed.

Diarrhea, Flu-like symptoms, Headaches and Stomach aches

Let me quote from the The Calcium Factor book:

The program will help to alkalize the body’s fluids, resulting in the toxins, which are adhered to the cell surface, detaching themselves and entering the blood. The body will recognize the toxins as foreign invaders and respond by attacking them possibly causing flu-like symptoms like headaches, stomach aches and diarrhea. This is called ‘de-toxing’ and it means that the body is ridding itself of cancer inducing compounds.
The Calcium Factor: The Scientific Secret of Health and Youth, Page 145

If you have any of these symptoms, it is a good thing because it means the treatment is working. However, you may want to drop the dose down and “build-up” the dose over 4 or 5 days until you get to the recommended doses.


This is the recommended vendor of the products. If you buy coral calcium from a health food store, make sure the label claims that it is 100% coral calcium.

I suggest these products from this website:
Bob’s Best Coral Calcium
Bob’s Best Vitamin D3

There are also coral reefs in Brazil. Here is a Brazilian brand of coral calcium that is worth looking at (I have no experience with it, but it looks interesting):
Brazil Live Coral