Tony Isaacs Oleander Protocol For Cancer and AIDS

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Oleander Article in Russian:
Oleander Article in Russian


There are many, many substances which are toxic to humans if taken in high doses.

However, there are some items which are NON-TOXIC to humans at low levels, but at these same low levels are toxic to cancer cells!!

The oleander plant is one of these items.

In addition to its low level toxicity, oleander also helps treat cancer in these ways:

Tremendous immune boosting ability (six times that of the strongest patented immune stimulators)
Inhibition of angiogenesis
Inhibition of the NF-kB factor in cancer cells
Induction of apoptosis, or normal cell death, in cancer cells, and
Induction and enhancement of autophagic cancer cell death (which was tested against pancreatic cancer cells)

While this website is no fan of chemo under just about any circumstance, oleander does potentiate chemo and radiation and when used as a CAM therapy along with either one, it either eliminates or greatly lessens ALL known side effects of chemo and lessens those of radiation (with the lone exception being hair loss when the chemo drug of choice is Cisplatin).

There are two ways to take this oleander treatment for cancer.

The highly preferred way is to take it as a capsule or extract. These two versions have already been mixed to be at a safe level for humans, but are at a toxic level for cancer cells or AIDS virus. Many people have used these products for both cancer and AIDS, so the dose and safety is very well established.

The product, Sutherlandia OPC, has tested out to be even better than the older formulations. It continues to be more than 90% effective against a broad range of cancers, including late stages, and is 100% effective in reversing HIV.

The OPC made by Marc Swanepoel (actually now made by a South African pharmaceutical manufacturing company) has no relation to the old OPC and OPC Plus supplements. Those are made by a Brazilian manufacturer (Takesun do Brasil) which is no longer endorsed for a number of reasons.

It costs only $60 for a one month supply of extract or $45 for a one month supply of the new capsule version, including shipping worldwide. That should put oleander in the reach of just about anyone – and if not, there is always the “oleander soup.”

Here is a link to the vendor (Note: This product is NOW available in the U.S.!!):

Oleander Pills (Rose Laurel OPC Plus)

The second way to take this product is to make the “oleander soup” yourself. Do NOT touch an oleander plant until you have read the eBook!! The book provides excellent information about oleander, plus it gives exact directions on how to make it yourself at home. The end result is generally called: oleander soup. The only people who should use this method are people who cannot afford the less than $100 a month for the extract or capsules.

One word of warning: Even though the dilution factor is now well established, BEFORE you even begin processing a real oleander plant, the sections of the eBook which discuss making the oleander soup should be read SEVERAL times. Take notes to make sure you know what you are doing before you even touch the plant and two people should agree with the process you design!!

Whether you take the prepared versions or make your own oleander soup, it is important to buy the “Bible” on using oleander to treat cancer or AIDS. It is a very inexpensive eBook, about $15. What is nice about eBooks is that because they are electronic they can be updated very easily, thus, you are always buying the most current information. Here is the website which sells the book:
Cancer’s Natural Enemy

What NOT to Take With Oleander and Warnings

Most herbs can be taken with oleander. The exceptions are herbs such as foxglove which contain cardiac glycosides or which have blood thinning agents.

Oleander is compatible with virtually all medicines and chemo – with the only exceptions being digoxin/digitalis and blood thinning agents such as Warfarin and Coumadin, in which case it should be used with caution or under the direction of a medical professional.

It is important to stress that anyone who makes the home remedy version should make absolutely certain that the plant(s) they use have not been contaminated with pesticides or other chemicals. Most nurseries and a majority of homeowners use the pesticide Malathion.

If a person believes their plants are pesticide and contaminant free and yet feels a tingling or numbing sensation when the extract is touched to the lips, it is a sure sign of contamination – most likely by pesticides and most likely by Malathion.

Fortunately, the amount would be quite small and Malathion both passes quickly through the body and has a short half life before breaking down. Nevertheless, any “soup” that numbs or tingles the lips should be immediately discarded.

The Complete Protocol

The complete oleander protocol of Tony Isaacs can be found on his website at this address:

(Official) Tony Isaacs Oleander Protocol

Go to his article to see what else should be added to the oleander.

Marc Swanepoel’s Products

Mark Swanepoel has an entire line of products which are oleander based including the Rose Laurel Ointment for topical cancer – it works great and also helps with age spots, moles, and all kinds of skin thingies as well as wrinkles. His products are NOT the same as the ones available in the US (which are pure oleander and nothing else).

Mark Swanepoel’s products:

Support For This Treatment

Support for this treatment comes from Tony Isaacs and others who are part of an online Yahoo health group called “Oleandersoup.”

The online Yahoo health group “oleandersoup” has over 3,500 members! On this website is Tony Isaacs phone number and website page. He is available for support at almost any time. The group includes herbalists and naturopathic doctors, most notably Dr. Loretta Lanphier (owner of Oasis Natural Wellness and a noted natural health author) who is one of the group moderators.

Also see his Facebook information (copy and paste):
Cancer’s Natural Enemies –
The Best Years in Life –

Also in the group is the man who devised the recipe for “oleander soup”, naturopaths who make the oleander extract and are familiar with it, experienced users and a lady who probably makes more oleander extract than anyone this side of Marc Swanepoel (who formulated the OPC supplements).

See the very bottom of this web page to join the newsgroup:
Oleander Website

Marc is also an active member of our group who frequently answers questions and gives advice. In addition, Tony has a direct pipeline to the makers of the patented medicine version Anvirzel (which is now Nerium Biotechnology out of Canada) and the former makers of Anvirzel (Phoenix Biotech) which has a new oleander product in phase I testing at M.D. Anderson cancer hospital.

Tony’s book, which is linked to above, should be the final source of information about the treatment, including warnings.

The History of Oleander As A Treatment For Cancer

The history of the oleander soup can be traced to Turkey. As with so many other discoveries, a researcher found a group of people who had a vastly lower rate of disease than other groups of people in the same country. Upon investigation, a Dr. Huseyin Z. Ozel found out these people had been taking a folk remedy for their diseases. The remedy was a diluted form of the oleander plant.

Dr. Ozel actually applied for a patent for his discovery. In his patent application he mentioned several case studies as well as one study which included 494 patients. Here is a quote from the patent application:

  • “Between January 1981 and December, 1985, 494 patients with inoperable, advanced malignant diseases were tested with NOI [injection of formula]. All malignancy had previously been diagnosed at various specialized medical institutions in Turkey and abroad. The malignancies of these patients had progressed to a state where they could no longer benefit from existing anti-tumor therapies. These 494 cases included examples of almost all varieties of malignancies and were found in various organs.
    Patent Office Website

The patent application can be found by copying and pasting together the following very long URL:

It is Dr. Ozel who also first thought of the concept of an oleander soup that can be made at home. No doubt it was influenced by the people he studied in the small villages in Turkey.

For more information: