Natural Cancer Treatments For Those Using Chemotherapy and/or Radiation

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For Those on Chemotherapy and/or Radiation

This article is not an endorsement for using chemotherapy or radiation, but in some cases the family will want it to be used.

A patient on chemotherapy will normally use one of the major natural nutritional protocols, such as the Cellect-Budwig, the Cesium Chloride, the Dirt Cheap Protocol, the Photon Protocol, etc. etc. with the chemotherapy.

If none of these protocols has already been started, the highly recommended protocol would be the Cellect-Budwig because it is supported by Mike Vrentas who is an expert in dealing with chemotherapy. See the left side-bar.

This article will discuss specific issues related to being on chemotherapy and natural medicine.

First, there are a few natural cancer treatments which should not be used during chemotherapy.

Second, there are few natural cancer treatment that should be used with chemotherapy either to protect the patient or to enhance the effectiveness of chemotherapy.

Rule #1 – Take the World’s Best Anti-Oxidant

If you want to deal with the pain and oxidation damage done by chemotherapy it would make perfect sense to take the world’s best anti-oxidant.

However, this product is also a superb cancer treatment as it consists of four herbs and green tea which all help revert cancer cells into normal cells!!

I am not allowed, by the vendor, to mention the name of this product. So go to this article and follow the instructions for finding the “Secret Product” (see item #24):

ICRF Reference Manual: #25) “Secret Product” Info

Also use MSM/LIPH and MSM/Vitamin C – see left side-bar

Rule #2 – Avoid Electromedicine Protocols While Chemotherapy is in Bloodstream

Do not use the Bob Beck devices if you are on chemotherapy or radiation.

Some home chemotherapy drugs are time-release and keep chemotherapy in the blood for a long time. At no time that chemotherapy is in the bloodstream should the Bob Beck protocol be used.

The reason for this rule is that some electromedicine protocols create electroporation. Electroporation “opens” the ports of all cells, not just cancer cells. These devices will allow chemotherapy to get inside of many non-cancerous cells. This is not a good thing!!

Exceptions to Rule #1

The exceptions to the rule are the Photon Genius, Photon Genie, High RF Frequency Generator with Plasma Amplifier and High RF Frequency Generator with Linear Amplifier. These devices CAN be used with chemotherapy.

In fact, they undo a great deal of the damage done by the chemotherapy. These devices literally communicate with the immune system, protect the immune system and neutralize much of the other damage done by chemotherapy. They also create ozone and ozone kills microbes.

And they fight cancer in more than a dozen other ways (e.g. the Photon Genius uses: electro-magnetic fields, bio-photonic energy, frequency harmonics, infrared, noble gas technology, heat therapy, nitric oxide, hydrogen peroxide from medical ozone [which your body makes because of the device], detoxifies the body, etc.).

Thus, these devices can be treating the immune system, killing the microbes in the bloodstream and be fighting the cancer in many ways while a person is using chemotherapy and radiation. That makes the chemotherapy look far more effective than it really is.

A person might say: “Won’t these devices interfere with the way chemotherapy works?” The Photon devices and High RF Frequency Generator devices will treat the cancer many times more effectively than the chemotherapy is treating the cancer and they will neutralize much of the damage done by the chemotherapy.

Rule #3 – Take Coconut Water

Coconut water is the water inside of “young coconuts,” which have not had their shell harden yet.

This product is amazing at getting rid of the symptoms and damage done by chemotherapy. It is an electrolyte, it oxygenates the blood, it restores the ANC count, white blood count, hemoglobin, platelets, etc.

As if that weren’t enough, because it is an antimicrobial, it can also kill microbes inside of cancer cells and revert them into normal cells. In other words, it can be a cancer treatment!!

Generally you need to buy these “young coconuts” at health food stores, but some grocery stores may be able to obtain them.

Note: The coconut water that comes in a box will not work, you must use fresh “young coconuts” and extract the coconut water.

Rule #4 – Use MSM or DMSO Prior To Taking Chemotherapy

There was a medical doctor in Georgia who had a cancer clinic that used DMSO and chemotherapy. DMSO opens the ports of cancer cells and allows the chemotherapy to target cancer cells!!

In his clinic, he actually had the DMSO bind to very small doses of chemotherapy. With this protocol the chemotherapy was able to kill far more cancer cells and do far less damage to the non-cancerous cells!!

DMSO can actually bind to: adriamycin, vinblastine, 5-fluorouracil (i.e. 5-Fu) and cisplatin per the Oregon Health Sciences University.

I had a friend who went to this clinic as well as an IPT clinic (another alternative cancer treatment).

This person said the DMSO/chemotherapy protocol was significantly more effective than IPT.

Even though this medical doctor was using chemotherapy (which made the pharmaceutical companies happy), he was also curing cancer. The FDA did not like that and they shut him down (and they shut the IPT doctor down too).

MSM is a “little brother” of DMSO. When it gets inside the body, a small part of the MSM is converted into DMSO. But MSM by itself will also target cancer cells and open the ports of cancer cells, thus it does not really need to convert to DMSO.

Here is the rule. If you have to go into a hospital or clinic to get your chemotherapy, take MSM Water (at least 40 TABLEspoons of MSM Water – taken from the gallon jug) prior to leaving for the hospital or clinic (this is the dose for an adult). Note: you must build-up to that dose because MSM is hard on the stomach.

How To Make MSM Water

While DMSO is more powerful than MSM, DMSO causes severe body odor, so do not use DMSO just before going to the hospital or clinic. If you are using chemo at home, use DMSO (3 tablespoons of 70/30 DMSO spread very, very thin over a wide area of the skin).

Take the DMSO about ten minutes before taking the chemotherapy. Here is an article on the rules of taking DMSO (pay attention to the DMSO safety rules in this article):

Overnight Cure For Cancer (focus on DMSO rules)

Having said that, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to mix in some turmeric or colloidal silver or chlorine dioxide into the DMSO before using it.

Both MSM and DMSO target and open the ports of the cancer cells, allowing some of the chemotherapy to target the cancer cells. This leads to higher kill rates of cancer cells and lower damage done by the chemotherapy.

If the chemotherapy gets inside of the cancer cells, whether it kills the cancer cells or kills the microbes inside the cancer cells is irrelevant, either way the cancer cells are no longer cancer cells!!

Also see this article on DMSO and radiation:

DMSO – The Antidote For Radiation Poisoning

Also, there is a product that has done very, very well dealing with the symptoms of chemotherapy and radiation. It has also cured cancer by itself, especially when combined with MSM/LIPH (see the left side-bar). I am not allowed to mention the name of this product on this website because the manufacturer is afraid of the FDA. Send me an email if you want to know the name of this product:

My Email Address

Rule #5 – Take Aloe Arborescens

Chemotherapy, no matter what else you do, will damage many non-cancerous cells. Aloe arborescens has been used as a cancer treatment for decades. It was first used in Brazil, then went over to Europe and is just beginning in the United States.

It is not only a super-nutrient (from the aloe arborescens plant), but also a super-nutrient designed by Mother Nature!! It is literally a perfect food for the damaged non-cancerous cells.

But it is also a cancer treatment that can be combined with any other alternative cancer treatment because it is a food.

If you can afford it, use two tablespoons of Aloe Arborescens, three times a day. Otherwise, use what you can afford considering that you also need a main natural cancer treatment.

In addition, aloe vera gel (and no doubt Aloe Arborescens) can be put directly on radiation burns. It works very well at dealing with the symptoms of radiotherapy.

Here is an article on Aloe Arborescens:

Aloe Arborescens

Rule #6 – Excellent Products Specific To Those on Chemo or Radiation

There is a company that has specialized products to deal with the side-effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

Their products include: Primo Defense, Defense Restore, DermoREPAIR Cream and RecovEnergy.

Here is their website:

Protocols For Those On Chemo/Radiation (Click: Natural Remedies tab)

Rule #7 – Use Miso And Green Clay To Deal With Radiation

Miso is what was used to get radiation out of the body when the Chernobyl Nuclear plant exploded.

It should be used by those who have used radiation. Just use Google to find a vendor or you can likely find it at your local health food store.

Green clay can also be used to deal with radiation damage. It can be drank or made into a poultice.

Rule #8 – Adrenal Fatigue

Chemotherapy can be hard on the adrenal glands and can result in adrenal fatigue.

Here is a website with more information on this condition:

Adrenal Fatigue Solution Website

Rule #9 – If The Patient Becomes Weak

If the patient becomes weak, see the “Weak Patients” article:
Weak Patients Article

Also see the article for Some Good Financial Advice for cancer patients still on chemotherapy”

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