Links To Other Cancer Websites

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Cancer Theory, Treatments and Dangerous Drugs

Consumer Health
Superb article on relationship of fungus, yeast and molds to cancer
Superb Short Book: How You Rust and Rot
Minnesota Wellness
CRITICAL information on trans fatty acids [MUST READ]
Cherie’s Road To Health
An Up and Coming Website – Good Case Studies
What Are We Swallowing?
Mirror of Chemotherapy Article – The “full story here” link WORKS!!
Drug Dangers
Website About Dangerous Drugs and Medical Devices
Dangerous Prescription Drugs
Website About Dangerous Prescription Drugs

Multiple Cancer Treatments Discussed

Healing Cancer Naturally
A Superb Website With Lots of Information
Alternative Cancer Care
Links to the Best Alternative Cancer Websites!!
Outsmart Your Cancer
Online book – Several of the most potent treatments
Fighting Cancer
Online book – Book covers alternative cancer treatments
Natural Cancer Treatments
Online book – Over 350 natural cancer treatments discussed
Superb Site !!!
Walter Last
Walter is a magnificent resource !!
Up to date info on politics, hospitals, etc.
Over 140 treatments
Alternative Doctor
Medical Doctor – SUPERB overall site!!
Life Extension Foundation
Fabulous Organization, fabulous articles
Superb Site !!!
GIGANTIC Website with politics, treatments, etc. – MUST SEE!!!
Annie Appleseed
Some really good articles are on this site
Cure Zone
Lots of References
Leaf Lady
Natural Healing Treatments

Other Cancer Websites

Reality Zone
Most of the Major Cancer Books !!!
Nevada Group
List of Clinics
Jerry Hoover, N.D.
Natural Cancer Treatment
Alkalize For Health
Many Links and Useful Info
Energise For Life
Reference Articles, Bookstore, Products
Cancer Prevention
10 Effective, Natural Strategies
Essense of Life
Excellent – Pushes Minerals