Bill Henderson Protocol A Stage III Cancer Treatment

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TREATMENT RATING: The Bill Henderson Protocol is a very inexpensive and very potent cancer treatment. This protocol can be used by any cancer patient with any type of cancer. However, if the cancer is fast-spreading, has already spread significantly, or is a particularly dangerous type of cancer, a stronger protocol is recommended, such as the Cellect-Budwig, Cesium Chloride or Photon Protocol. Bill also provides a “coaching” service,” which costs less than $200. Bill will help you “get it right the first time.” He may also discuss whether infections and toxins caused by old dental work may be necessary to resolve in order to completely cure your cancer.

Bill Henderson Protocol

This treatment is rated a “Stage III” alternative cancer treatment and is not recommended for advanced cancer patients. Advanced cancer patients should use the Cellect-Budwig protocol or Cesium Chloride protocol or Photon Protocol. They should use the Dirt Cheap Protocol if they cannot afford one of the 3 treatments just mentioned. See the left side-bar.

Whether you buy Bill Henderson’s book or not, you should do the consultation with Bill over the telephone. It is one of the most “gentle” treatments.

With most alternative cancer treatments the “cancer diet” (meaning the things a cancer patient can eat and should not eat) is designed to avoid “feeding” the cancer cells. Not with this protocol. With this protocol the “cancer diet” is critical and is an active part of the treatment.

While you might think that “cheating” on your cancer diet by 10% would only affect the effectiveness of your treatment by 10%, such is not the case with this protocol. The cancer patient must be fanatical about sticking to the diet, as it is an integral part of the treatment.

The purpose of the diet is to create a highly alkaline inner terrain in which microbes cannot thrive. Because microbes are an integral part of cancer, the cancer diet is critical.

Another unique thing about this treatment is that some aspects of the protocol are designed to “buy time” for the cancer patient. What this means is that even if the patient did nothing else, the patient would survive much longer than he or she otherwise would.

Why is this significant? Because the patient will survive longer it allows more time for the cancer to be cured and thus it allows a “gentler” treatment to be used. A “gentler” treatment means that cancer cells are killed at a slower pace and thus there is less congestion (e.g. for lung cancer patients), less inflammation and swelling (e.g. for brain cancer patients), etc.

Do not be concerned that the cancer cells are killed at a slower rate. The fact that the treatment “buys time” allows for this treatment to be very effective, very quickly, but without the high risk which can be caused by high levels of congestion, inflammation or swelling.

The things that “buy time” for the patient are the cancer diet, the barley product (which is cold-processed, thus it is a very effective product), and other supplements.

One very critical part of this treatment that is designed to “buy time” is the Budwig Flaxseed Oil and Cottage Cheese protocol. This treatment quickly negates the damaging effects of the cancer cells and helps protect the non-cancerous cells. It does this by detoxifying the body and by adjusting the electrical charge in and around the cancer cells.

Bill is not concerned about the sophisticated aspects of the Budwig Protocol because the base part, the flaxseed oil and cottage cheese, are sufficient to energize the very weak cancer cells. He uses other things than Johanna Budwig used to accomplish the other tasks the protocol needs to accomplish.

His book has a wealth of information about the Budwig protocol.

There are several superb immune building products in the protocol from which the patient can choose. Bill takes building the immune system very seriously. For those who have had large amounts of chemotherapy this aspect of the treatment is more long range because of the damage to the immune system caused by chemotherapy. For those who have avoided any or most chemotherapy, they can see benefits from these supplement quickly because their immune system is still functioning.

In short, this is a superb treatment that works quickly, is “gentle,” and alters the inner terrain in such a way that microbes cannot thrive. This article cannot deal with every possible situation, nor can his book. That is why it is critical that advanced cancer patients work with Bill over the telephone.

Bill Henderson’s complete protocol can be found in chapter 5 of his book: Cancer-Free – Your Guide to Gentle, Non-Toxic Healing. It is available as an eBook on his website (if you need it immediately) or at the site I will discuss below in printed form.

Also, Bill provides a “coaching” service for cancer patients for a one-time-fee of about $200. To work with someone with Bill’s experience is priceless!! Here is his website where you can buy his book and/or contact Bill.
Bill Henderson’s website

Bill Henderson Protocol Complete Pack

Best Source For Products For The Henderson Protocol

There is one source which carries most of Bill Henderson’s recommended products and his book: Cancer-Free. The products come in “packages,” so they are convenient and cost-effective: This company is a leading expert on Beta Glucan!!

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