Individual Stage IV Treatment Articles

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Individual “Stage IV” Treatments (Advanced Cancer Patients)

This website does not rate cancer patients the same way orthodox medicine rates them. The focus on this rating system is to synchronize the rating of a “Stage IV” cancer patient with a “Stage IV” cancer treatment.

By definition on this website, a “Stage IV” cancer patient includes, but is not limited to:
1) Advanced cancer patients, meaning those whose cancer has spread throughout their body (e.g. the cancer has spread to the bones, lungs, liver, pancreas or brain), or
2) Cancer patients with fast growing cancers or fast growing tumors, or
3) Cancer patients with high fatality cancers (e.g. lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, multiple myeloma, squamous cell carcinoma, melanoma, etc.), or
4) Any type of bone cancer, or
5) A person has had extensive chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy, or
6) Any swelling or inflammation of a tumor could cause a blockage of key fluids, or
7) A person has an estimated one year to live or less, or
8) Any other situation where orthodox medicine rates it as Stage IV.

For those who do not fit into any of these categories, there are also articles on this website for “Strong Stage III” cancer patients and “Stage I, II, and III” cancer patients.

A “Stage IV” cancer should only be treated with the most potent of the alternative cancer treatments. These patients are in a very dangerous situation and time is critical, thus their treatment should be among the strongest.

Again by definition, a “Stage IV” cancer should be treated with a “Stage IV” treatment.

The key to a “Stage IV” treatment is that it does not depend on the immune system. Some very well known alternative cancer treatments work by “building” the immune system. Advanced cancer patients don’t have the time to wait for their immune system (which has generally been destroyed by orthodox medicine) to be built up.

There is a very important difference between alternative cancer treatments and orthodox cancer treatments. Orthodox cancer treatments must be “paced” because of all the HEALTHY CELLS that chemotherapy and radiation damage and kill.

On the other hand, the “Stage IV” alternative cancer treatments, because they target cancer cells and/or do no harm to healthy cells, can be given in much higher doses than chemotherapy and must be “paced” because of all the debris caused by DEAD CANCER CELLS.

Here is the current list of “Stage IV” treatments are the following:

1) Cellect-Budwig Protocol (*/**),
2) Cellect-Budwig Plus Dirt Cheap Protocol (*/**),
3) Cesium Chloride and DMSO (*/**),
4) Photon Protocol (*/**),
5) LifeOne Protocol (*/*** Remotely),
6) Ozone RHP (i.e. Ozone gas I.V.) (*/**),
7) Plasma-Beck (*/++),
8) Rife-Beck (*/++),
9) Brandt Grape Cure using red, purple or black grapes (*/++),
10) Bill Henderson Protocol (*/**),
11) Tony Isaacs Oleander Protocol (pill form) (*/**)
12) Hydrazine Sulfate (*/**) – Syracuse Clinic – for Cachexia patients only,
13) DPT – DMSO Potentiation Therapy (*/Not Currently Being Used),
14) Frequency Generators (a.k.a. – “Rife Machines”) (*/++),
15) IPT – Insulin Potentiation Therapy (*/***),
16) IVC – Intravenous Vitamin C Therapy (*/***),
17) Ozone infusion bottle (*/***),
18) Ozone liquid I.V. (*/***),

Codes (legend):
* – These are treatments for which there is an article linked to below,
** – These are treatments for which there is expert telephone support from the vendor,
++ – Technical support comes from Cancer Tutor,
*** – These are treatments that are generally given only at clinics

Note: A chapter in the “Treatment For Stage IV Cancer Patients” eBook has short discussions of each of these treatments which can be done at home, and the pros and cons of each treatment. This free eBook also has a chapter which links to “type of cancer” articles (e.g. bone cancer, breast cancer, etc.). It is critical that you read the free eBook and especially “The Stage IV Treatments” chapter and “Type of Cancer” chapters!!
Treatment For Stage IV Cancer Patients [free eBook]

A “protocol” is defined to be a complete cancer treatment. The key part of a protocol is the treatment that kills cancer cells or reverts cancer cells into normal cells. But a protocol will also include things to build the immune system (building the immune system is a long term issue for advanced cancer patients, not a short term issue), alkalize the body, protect the vital organs, etc.

In order for a cancer treatment to be rated as a “Stage IV” treatment, and get on the above list, it must meet the following criteria:

1) The core treatment must be so potent at killing cancer cells it must be “paced” (though some treatment do not kill cancer cells, rather they revert cancer cells into normal cells),”
2) If a vendor is the source of the product(s), the vendor must have a complete protocol for the patient so the patient does not have to put together their own protocol (clinics obviously have this),
3) If a vendor is the source of the product(s), the vendor must have telephone support at least during normal business hours.

The “Stage IV” treatments SHOULD RARELY BE COMBINED, except in a clinical setting. The exception to this is electromedicine, which generally can be used at any time. Combining treatments can be dangerous because the dosages for these treatments are established based on the ability of the body to rid itself of dead cancer cells. By combining the above treatments at home, the number of dead cancer cells could be far too high. There are a few exceptions to this general rule.

While clearly there is an advantage to a cancer patient going to a clinic to be treated, and that option should not be discounted, there are also situations where there is an advantage to being assisted by an expert over the telephone. When the telephone is being used, the patient generally does not have to travel and can be close to relatives at all times, which will increase their desire to survive (the mental state of an advanced cancer patient is critical).

The “Stage IV” treatments mentioned above include at least one critical substance in their protocols which are highly potent at killing cancer cells (there are exceptions). Generally, the entire protocol is named after this substance. The killing of cancer cells is so important, this “core” of the protocol is given special attention.

If you are working with a vendor or with a clinic, some alternative cancer treatments (which are not “Stage IV” treatments) can be added to their treatment which accomplish various tasks. However, do not add any alternative cancer treatment to their protocol that kills cancer cells without your vendor’s prior approval. The dosages established by the vendors are set for a specific “kill rate,” and this rate should not be tampered with.

Before going on, it is important to clarify the issue of tumors. Many advanced cancer patients are petrified of their tumor. This knee-jerk reaction is caused by orthodox medicine’s focus on the highly profitable (and generally worthless) process of shrinking tumors. For those people who are concerned about tumors, it is strongly recommended you read this article:
Article on Shrinking Tumors

Stage IV Supplemental Treatments

While all of the Stage IV alternative cancer treatments are complete protocols, it is critical to understand that cancer is relentless and should never be taken lightly.

Several superb alternative cancer treatments can be combined with any of the Stage IV protocols (with rare exceptions) to supercharge the Stage IV protocol.

For example, some Stage IV treatments quickly get rid of the cancer, but cancer patients who go into remission using these protocols are at risk to go into “regression,” meaning their cancer may return.

For this reason, it is CRITICAL that anyone on a Stage IV protocol strongly consider adding one or more of the “Stage IV Supplemental” protocols to their treatment. They are listed below.

Links to Key Articles

Free eBook For Using Stage IV Cancer Treatments

Free eBook For Using Stage IV Cancer Treatments

Stage IV Cancer Treatments

Except for Hydrazine Sulfate, the Stage IV treatments in THIS section should NOT be combined with other Stage IV treatments without the approval of an expert!! There are exceptions as noted in the treatment articles.

Stage IV Treatments Generally Done At Home

Cellect-Budwig Protocol [Stage IV treatment]
Cellect-Budwig Plus Dirt Cheap Protocol [Stage IV treatment]
Cesium Chloride / DMSO Protocol / Alkaline / Alkalinity / pH [Stage IV treatment]
Photon Protocol [Stage IV treatment]
Plasma-Beck Protocol [new treatment in April, 2011]
Rife-Beck Protocol [Stage IV treatment]
Tony Isaacs Oleander Protocol [Stage IV treatment]
Oleander (pill form) [Stage IV treatment] [Russian]
Johanna Brandt Grape Cure (using black, purple or red grapes) [Stage IV treatment]
Johanna Brandt Grape Cure (using black, purple or red grapes) [Stage IV] (in Russian)
Bill Henderson Protocol [Stage IV treatment]
Ozone RHP Treatment [Stage IV treatment]
Hydrazine Sulphate (The Cachexia Treatment Plan) [Stage IV treatment]

[This treatment is generally not used by itself, but is an adjunct with other treatments for cachexia patients. There are some POTENTIALLY SEVERE INTERACTIONS WITH DRUGS OR FOODS for those who use this product!!]

Stage IV Supplemental Treatments

(Supercharge Your Stage IV Protocol!!)

Frequency Generators (aka “Rife Machines”) [Stage IV Supplemental treatment]
Aloe Arborescens Protocol [Stage IV Supplemental treatment]

Stage IV Treatments Generally Done At A Clinic

IPT – Insulin Potentiation Therapy (A Magic Bullet) [Stage IV treatment]
DPT – DMSO Potentiation Therapy (A Magic Bullet) [Stage IV Treatment] [English]
DPT – DMSO Potentiation Therapy (A Magic Bullet) [Stage IV Treatment] [French]
IVC – High Dose Intravenous Vitamin C [Stage IV Treatment]
4 Ozone Cancer Treatments [Stage IV Treatments]
[Ozone liquid I.V. and Ozone infusion bottle]

Treatments Which are Safe, But Are Still Being Researched

The Overnight Cure For Cancer (OCC)

[The OCC is a Chlorine Dioxide, DMSO and MSM treatment still being researched, but it is ready for use. It is totally safe, and takes only two to five days to use. It is designed to revert cancer cells into normal cells!]
DMSO – Chlorine Dioxide

[This treatment is a long-term version of the Overnight Cure For Cancer. It is designed to revert cancer cells into normal cells.]
DMSO – Vitamin C

[This treatment is a long-term treatment designed to cure cancer by getting Vitamin C inside of cancer cells.]
DMSO – Colloidal Silver

[This treatment is a long-term treatment designed to safely and easily revert cancer cells into normal cells.]
Near Ultraviolet Light Therapy

[This treatment uses ultraviolet light to cure cancer. The treatment is only available at clinics, but under some circumstances it can be used at home.]
Wheatgrass / Ultraviolet Light Therapy

[This treatment uses ultraviolet light to vibrate chlorophyll to revert cancer cells into normal cells. This treatment is designed to supercharge the wheatgrass treatment.]