Understanding Treating Cancer With Alternative Medicine (Part 1)

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Part 1 of 3: Understanding Treating Cancer With Alternative Medicine

The Big Picture

All cancer patients should study this article carefully. It is the main article which discusses very critical issues needed for surviving cancer!! This article should be read every month at least once, from top to bottom!!

Since 2002 I have communicated with many thousands of cancer patients or their representatives. In many cases, the emails I have received included a proposed treatment the cancer patient or their representative put together. In some cases their proposed treatment was a single treatment, such as carrot juice or laetrile (vitamin B17) or enzymes, etc.

Here is why a person might pick a single treatment. Suppose they see a testimonial on the Internet which talks about a person who cured their newly diagnosed liver cancer with carrot juice. Is the testimonial truthful? Most likely it is truthful. But does this testimonial mean that carrot juice, by itself, will cure ALL cancer patients?!

Many, many natural substances can cure slow-growing cancers which have not spread very much and the patient is newly diagnosed and the patient has never had any chemotherapy, radiation or major surgery. But such cancer patients are rare indeed.

The typical cancer patient today, who seeks out natural medicine, has had extensive chemotherapy and radiation (and may still be using them) and has probably had some major surgery.

Their cancer has already spread significantly, the cancer is spreading quickly, their immune system has been destroyed for several reasons, they have large amounts of lactic acid in their bloodstream (which is one of many things that can make a cancer patient weak), their liver and bloodstream are full of microbes, their digestive tract can barely extract nutrients from any food because of damage by chemotherapy, and so on.

Advanced patients have “one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel” (as we say in the United States). Carrot juice, by itself, will not cure such patients!! Nor will laetrile or hydrogen peroxide, by itself.

Picking a single cancer treatment, any single treatment, is the most common mistake made by cancer patients who are new to alternative medicine!! They do not understand that the power and speed of the protocol must be greater than the power and speed of the cancer.

I am going to say that again because it is so important: The power and speed of the protocol must be greater than the power and speed of the cancer!!!

That is why a person must know, at the beginning of their treatment, what the “power and speed” of their protocol is!!

Also, many alternative cancer treatments can be combined. Much of this article is to explain why several alternative cancer treatments need to be combined to treat the cancer. They are combined either to be synergistic or to do different tasks.

This website contains some very old articles, so the terms “treatment” and “protocol” are not consistently used. But I will tell you how they should be used. A “treatment” is a single treatment, such as laetrile or enzyme therapy or carrot juice, etc. A “protocol” is a combination of several “treatments.”

Why is a “protocol” needed? The reason is that an advanced cancer patient needs help in several different areas!! A “protocol” should be designed to deal with several different issues.

Furthermore, some of the individual treatments in the protocol should have a reputation of curing cancer by itself!!

For example, someone once asked me if the Cellect-Budwig protocol had ever cured cancer. I mentioned six treatments in the Cellect-Budwig protocol, each of which had cured cancer by itself! Most of the protocols on this website also contain several treatments, most of which have cured cancer by themselves or they have some specific purpose for being in the protocol!!

But there is more to it than that. For example, if someone has a fast-spreading cancer they will need one highly alkaline protocol (a person should generally not use more than one highly alkaline protocol at a time, except at the beginning of their treatment for a short time) or one or more potent oxygen protocols or both. This is to slow down the spreading of the cancer so the treatment will have more time to work.

Before going on, let’s talk about what causes cancer so we have an idea of how to treat cancer.

What Causes Cancer?

Orthodox medicine would like you to believe that DNA damage causes cancer. While cancer cells may have DNA damage, the DNA damage is actually caused by the same thing that causes cancer. In other words, the DNA damage is a parallel symptom of cancer.

If you do not understand how microbes cause cancer, see the “What Causes Cancer” article (and then come back to this article). Here is the article:

What Causes Cancer

Note that if you kill all of the microbes inside the cancer cells the cancer cells will revert into normal cells. If you make the microbes lethargic, the cancer cells will not divide as quickly and the spreading of the cancer will slow down, thus giving you more time to cure the cancer.

Important Notes About Alternative Cancer Treatments

Note #1: More details about these items, and other critical issues, are discussed later in this article and in other articles.

Note #2: The term “electromedicine” in alternative medicine refers to very, very gentle electrical devices. Generally, the patient cannot even feel the device is turned on!! Do not confuse these devices with the normally barbaric radiation therapy of orthodox medicine. However, radiation therapy can be useful in some situations by shrinking dangerous tumors and/or in stopping bleeding.

Note #3: Special treatments have been designed to quickly get the cancer patient out of danger and thus “buy time” by keeping the cancer patient alive in order to give more powerful treatments (which may start to become effective very slowly) more time to work. Do not purchase an expensive “buy time” device unless you have enough money left over to purchase the main treatment. Most cancer patients need to budget their money so they need to consider the cost of all items before they commit to buying something very expensive.

Note #4: There are many natural medicine clinics around the world. Some of them offer treatments that cannot be used at home. And, of course, the best ones offer excellent advice. There are also consultants to help you pick the right treatment and the right clinic. For example, Dr. Hayle Aldren, MD, who is with the Ed Skilling Institute, does consultations to help you pick the right treatment for your situation, whether at a clinic or for a home treatment. More important information about Dr. Aldren will be given later in this article after the reader has a little more experience with understanding cancer.

Here is the article which lists some clinics and discusses many issues related to natural medicine clinics around the world:

A Sample of Alternative Medicine Clinics

Note #5: I am fully aware that while some patients can easily afford (or at least can obtain the funding) the best and strongest of the natural cancer treatments, most cannot afford the best treatments. There is a financial product which allows terminal cancer patients to obtain the funding for their natural cancer treatment. There are companies that purchase life insurance policies (e.g. at 75% of face value) of terminal cancer patients. This money can provide the funding to give the family quality time with the patient (e.g. to travel together) and/or to buy products or visit clinics that may save the patient’s life.

For example, suppose a person as a $200,000 whole life insurance policy and a $50,000 term life insurance policy. The chances are that they can “sell” the $50,000 term life insurance policy (if it can be converted into a whole life policy) and have enough funds to pay for one of the best natural medicine cancer treatments.

See this article for more details:

How To Fund a Treatment Without Borrowing Any Money

Note #6: I am very aware of the reality that because of the medical industrial complex, and for many other reasons (such as the country a patient lives in), many cancer patients cannot afford even the basic natural cancer treatments!!

I have written two articles which help such patients get highly effective cancer treatments within their budget. The first is the “Dirt Cheap Protocol.” I pay close attention to this article because it is probably the most-used protocol on this website because so many people don’t have the money for one of the major protocols:

Dirt Cheap Protocol

This article is not a complete protocol, but it gives cancer patients a whole host of options for putting together their own protocol:

Inexpensive Cancer Treatments

The Objectives of an Alternative Cancer Treatment

Here are the main objectives in treating cancer with natural medicine.

Objective #1: “Buy Time” By Energizing Non-Cancerous Cells

There are specialized cancer treatments that work very quickly and “buy time” to keep the cancer patient alive in order to give other, more powerful treatments more time to work. This is the top priority in dealing with advanced cancer patients and generally involves energizing the weak non-cancerous cells with electromedicine and/or super-nutrients because the non-cancerous cells can be very, very weak. It also includes not eating foods that feed the cancer cells (e.g. dairy products, sugar, etc.).

Examples of “buying time” would include the Photon Genius (electromedicine), Quantum Pulse (electromedicine), BioCharger (electromedicine), Vibe liquid, the Budwig diet, etc.

The products that “buy time” can generally be used during the entire cancer treatment, but they are considered to be a “buy time” protocol because they start working very quickly to stabilize the patient. But they can also have great benefits throughout the treatment.

The Photon Genius is especially important because it both energizes cells and kills microbes in the liver, lymph and bloodstream. It also creates massive amounts of nitric oxide (which is very good for the patient).

In fact, a combination of the Photon Genius and the consultations offered by the Ed Skilling Institute is one of the best home cancer treatments. The Photon Genius costs about $25,000, but a less expensive device from the Ed Skilling Institute, which does many of the things the Photon Genius does, costs only $3,000 (it is called the Photon Genie).

A $1,500 consultation is required for either device to identify the microbes and parasites in the organs. The consultation will lead to a nutritional protocol to kill these microbes.

A more advanced consultation is available by Dr. Hayle Aldren, MD at extra cost. He can be contacted through the Skilling Institute or his own clinic.

The nutritional protocol, which results from the consultation(s), is the main cancer treatment because it restores the immune system. The Photon device is a major supplemental protocol to energize cells, pump the lymph system, etc. etc.

For those who cannot afford either Photon device, there may be a Photon Genius near you which you can use on a “per use” fee. To purchase a Photon device or see if there is a Photon Genius near you contact the Ed Skilling Institute:

Ed Skilling Institute

The Quantum Pulse, another electromedicine device, can also be purchased (about $19,000) but it is not as cost-effective as the Photon Genius. This is because the Photon Genius does a lot more things than the Quantum Pulse. In other words, if you can afford a Quantum Pulse I recommend you buy the Photon Genius instead because it only costs a few thousand dollars more, but it provides far more benefits to cancer patients.

However, there are many Quantum Pulse machines in people’s homes where anyone is welcome to use them for a very small fee. See this website for more information about Quantum Pulse sites:

The Quantum Pulse Website

The BioCharger is more in line with the Quantum Pulse, but it costs about half as much and may be more effective. If you get one of these devices ask about the corona discharge and use products like chlorine dioxide, colloidal silver and LIPH in conjunction with using the corona discharge feature. Here is their website:

BioCharger Website

Less expensive options to “buy time” include the supplements (these can be used with the electromedicine devices): D-Ribose, Vitamin C, Vibe liquid (in the orange bottle), the Budwig diet, carrot juice, and many other dietary supplements which help “feed” the weak non-cancerous cells. Anything that floods the body with nutrients will help.

Objective #2: “Buy Time” By Slowing Down the Spreading of the Cancer

Stopping or slowing down the spreading of the cancer is critical. This is the second part of “buying time.” This is usually done with alkaline protocols or an alkaline diet which makes the inside of the cancer cells alkaline and

thus makes the cancer microbes lethargic or kills them. Examples would be Cellect, cesium chloride, calcium (e.g. coral calcium), barley, alkaline water,


This is a very critical issue for advanced cancer patients!! More will said about this later in this article.

A special article has been written on how to quickly get started fighting the cancer. It is the “What To Do Today” article. This articles tells you how to jump-start your cancer treatment TODAY. It also tells you how to phase over to the main cancer treatment as the items in the main cancer treatment start to arrive. Here is the article:

What To Do TODAY!!

Objective #3: “Buy Time” By Dealing With Cachexia

Cachexia is a deadly cycle. Cancer cells create lactic acid. The lactic acid then travels to the liver (the bloodstream becomes full of lactic acid). Once in the liver the lactic acid is converted into glucose. Guess what, the glucose goes to the cancer cells and more lactic acid is made. Both ends of this cycle (the liver and the cancer cells) consume large amounts of energy, plus the lactic acid in the bloodstream makes a cancer patient weak, among other things!!

By one estimate, cachexia kills 40% of cancer patients. Chemotherapy does absolutely nothing to stop the lactic acid cycle.

Getting rid of the lactic acid in the bloodstream (lactic acid blocks non-cancerous cells from getting nutrients and energy) is generally done with MSM (methyl-sulfonal-methane). There are several MSM protocols on this website (see the “left side-bar,” which is the column on links on the left side of this page and most other pages on this website).

Another option is to block the liver from creating glucose is hydrazine sulfate or hydrazine sulfate. This product requires expert support because it can be dangerous to use. Any compound chemist can make hydrazine sulfate but it is best to buy it in liquid form from Essense of Life (spelling is correct). The Syracuse Clinic in New York is where the expert support normally comes from.

Some things can get nutrients to the non-cancerous cells in spite of the lactic acid blockade. Examples would be Vitamin C (where it does not conflict with another treatment), D-Ribose, and perhaps other things.

D-Ribose, which is available at any health food store, and Vitamin C are very important because they can get past the lactic-acid blockade to get nutrients into the non-cancerous cells.

The “MSM/Vitamin C” protocol (see the left side-bar) was designed specifically for cleaning lactic acid out of the blood and to revert many cancer cells into normal cells. By cleaning the blood of lactic acid, less of the lactic acid gets to the liver and thus the cachexia cycle is at least partially broken.

For those on the Cellect-Budwig treatment, or any other treatment that uses the Budwig diet, they should use the “MSM/CS” or the less expensive and more powerful “MSM/CD” or “MSM/LIPH” protocols (see the left side bar).

Why would someone use the “MSM/CS” protocol instead of the more potent and cheaper “MSM/CD” protocol? The chlorine dioxide in the MSM/CD is very hard on the stomach so it is too intense for some patients.

LIPH, a homeopathic product, has cured cancer by itself, so the MSM/LIPH protocol is gaining in respect. It is so inexpensive that it could and should be added to any other protocol!! See the left side-bar.

Note: the reader might wonder why building the immune system is not among the highest priorities. It actually is. The Photon Protocol actually works by supercharging the immune system. So does the Bob Beck Protocol, though it does not work as quickly. Other protocols will likely include supplements that build the immune system with special nutrients.

Objective #4: Safely and Gently Kill Cancer Cells

Many natural products are able to safely kill cancer cells. A good example is fucoidan, which is a molecule found in high levels in some brands of “limu juice.” Laetrile (found in apricot kernels) is another example, but it is not as effective as fucoidan unless used as an I.V. at a clinic.

Purple grapes have about a dozen molecules which can kill cancer cells. Carrot juice also has molecules which can kill cancer cells.

The immune system is the ultimate killer of cancer cells. However, orthodox cancer treatments can damage the immune system to the point it is significantly less effective than it should be.

Many natural substances and special products, and even electromedicine, can help build the immune system. The Photon Genius and Photon Genie are two excellent examples. The Bob Beck, which works much more slowly, is another.

But killing cancer cells does not depend on the immune system, it can be done directly.

In fact, most natural medicine protocols both kill cancer cells, revert cancer cells into normal cells and supercharge the immune system.

This is one reason for the “buying time” protocols because the “buying time” protocols keep the patient alive to give other treatments more time to become effective!! This is usually another goal of a natural medicine treatment.

Some people claim that Vitamin C, hydrogen peroxide (Hydrogen Peroxide Vendor) and ozone (Hydrogen Peroxide and Ozone Book Vendor), to name but 3 treatments, can kill cancer cells. Personally, I seriously doubt this is the case. They most likely work by killing the microbes inside the cancer cells, which in turn allows the cancer cells to revert into normal cells. This tactic will be discussed next.

Objective #5: Revert Cancer Cells into Normal Cells

DMSO and MSM (and sometimes honey) are commonly used to revert cancer cells into normal cells. They do this by helping microbe-killing substances to get inside the cancer cells to kill the microbes that are causing the cancer (did you read the “What Causes Cancer” article so you know what I am talking about??).

Most DMSO protocols are discussed on the website of the Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc. The exception is the newest “Overnight Cure For Cancer,” the Version 7 protocol, which is found on this website. The MSM protocols (e.g. MSM/LIPH, MSM/CS, etc.) are discussed on this website.

Gentle electromedicine can also effectively kill the microbes inside the cancer cells by using special “carrier waves” to get the devitalizing microbe-killing frequencies past the cell membrane. I should mention that only one brand of “Rife Machine” has the necessary “carrier wave” frequency. These are in the High RF Frequency Generator family of “Rife Machines”. Here is a vendor of these instruments if you want to see what they look like (copy and paste this URL into a browser): www.FrequencyStore.com

While there are about a hundred different “Rife Machines” on the Internet, only the two High RF Frequency Generator devices actually have a powerful carrier wave and the massive numbers of frequencies needed to revert cancer cells into normal cells (e.g. they run up to 8 frequencies at the same time).

The High RF Frequency Generator utilize normalizing and stimulating frequencies which energize all cells. These generators are primarily designed to revert cancer cells into normal cells and clean the blood, liver, etc. of microbes.

The other brands of “Rife Machines” may have some benefits, but their benefits are generally limited to killing microbes in the bloodstream (e.g. which is what the Bob Beck Protocol and Hulda Clark Zapper do) and killing microbes and other parasites in the liver, etc.

The High RF Frequency Generator family, however, actually reverts cancer cells into normal cells by killing the microbes which are inside the cancer cells. When these microbes are dead the cancer cells will revert into being normal cells.

Comparing the Photon Protocol to the High RF Frequency Protocol

I should comment about the difference between the High RF Frequency Generator and the Photon Protocol, which would normally use the Photon Genie. They are totally different machines, but in the end they are very similar.

The Photon Protocol deals with the original cause of the cancer, which is killing microbes in the organs to supercharge the immune system. The Photon Genie energizes cells, does kill some microbes, pushes the lymph system, etc. The nutritional part of the Photon Protocol provides the liver flushes, also kills key microbes in the organs, provides the alkalinity and nutrients, etc. The Photon Protocol is basically an “immune building” protocol.

The High RF Frequency device can also kill microbes in the organs, but it also reverts cancer cells into normal cells. But it needs things like alkalinity, liver flushes, nutritional protocols, etc. to be added to make it a complete cancer treatment.

That is why the High RF Frequency Protocol is generally combined with the alkaline and nutritious Cellect-Budwig protocol. Combining the Cellect-Budwig protocol with the High RF Frequency protocol is a powerful and complete cancer treatment.

The Photon Protocol (with Photon Genie and nutritional protocol) and the Cellect-Budwig with High RF Frequency Protocol, do all of the major tasks a cancer patient needs. The difference is that when dealing with dangerous tumors, for example, the Photon Protocol does a better job of supercharging the immune system to make sure the tumors don’t come back.

But for most situations, either protocol will finish off the cancer.

The Skilling-Kehr Protocol

With the Skilling-Kehr Protocol you don’t have to choose between the Photon Protocol and the High RF Frequency Protocol because it includes BOTH of these protocols.

It actually includes the Photon Protocol and the Plasma-Beck Protocol and the Overnight Cure For Cancer. The Plasma-Beck Protocol includes the High RF Frequency Protocol along with many cancer treatments, some of which have cured cancer by themselves.

This protocol includes:

1) Providing alkalinity to slow down the spreading of the cancer,

2) Killing microbes in the organs (e.g. liver, pancreas, etc.) in multiple ways, which helps build the immune system,

3) Killing microbes in the bloodstream in multiple ways, which helps build the immune system,

4) Provide nutrients to build the immune system,

5) Reverting cancer cells into normal cells in multiple ways (e.g. by killing the microbes inside the cancer cells),

6) Killing cancer cells directly in multiple ways.

This is the Crown Jewel of cancer treatments that can be done at home and is supported by multiple people.

Objective #6: Deal With Inabilities to Digest Foods

Due to a variety of factors, the stomach and colon may not be able to extract all nutrients from foods and supplements. This is because of damage done to the digestive tract by chemotherapy, surgery and radiation.

Even people who do not have stomach or colon cancer and/or have not had stomach or colon surgery can have a largely worthless digestive tract due to chemotherapy and/or radiation. Chemotherapy kills fast-growing cells and many of the cells in the stomach and colon are fast-growing cells.

Electromedicine (e.g. the High RF Frequency Generator with plasma amplifier) is by far the best way to deal with this issue because with electromedicine nothing needs to be digested to get rid of the cancer cells!

Some other protocols, such as the DMSO and MSM protocols, do not contain anything that needs to be digested.

A special and powerful protocol, the Overnight Cure For Cancer (a DMSO protocol), was designed specifically for people with a blocked stomach and/or blocked colon, thus it will help those with stomachs which cannot digest foods.

I should mention that DMSO protocols cause several body odors for many hours. For that reason many cancer patients (i.e. those who have jobs where they work with the public), cannot use DMSO protocols.

The Camelot Cancer Care clinic, in Oklahoma, is he only clinic I know of that uses a pure DMSO treatment. Nothing needs to be digested at this clinic. This clinic has very good ventilation because of the DMSO!!

There was a medical doctor clinic in Atlanta, Georgia who used DMSO and very low dose chemotherapy (about 1/10th the normal dose of chemotherapy). It was a superb treatment because the DMSO allowed the chemotherapy to target cancer cells. However, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) shut the clinic down.

I mention this because anyone who is still using chemotherapy or Vitamin C by I.V. needs to take MSM (a close cousin of DMSO but without the body odor), roughly 30 to 40 grams (after building-up, of course), just before leaving home to take the chemotherapy or Vitamin C (see the article on the left side-bar “If Still on Chemo or Radiation”).

Electromedicine, especially the High RF Frequency Protocol can be added to the Overnight Cure for Cancer to directly revert cancer cells into normal cells, kill microbes in the organs, etc.

In other words, use the Overnight Cure For Cancer plus the High RF Frequency protocol for those who cannot digest food.

Objective #7: Work With an Expert

This should be #1, but I list other things first so the patient or caregiver knows what to look for in expert support.

For example, Mike Vrentas supports the Cellect-Budwig protocol. Bill Henderson supports the Bill Henderson Protocol. Larry of Essense of Life supports the Cesium Chloride protocol. The Plasma-Beck is supported by Webster Kehr. The Photon Protocol is supported by the Ed Skilling Institute, etc.

Dealing with cancer is not a “trial-and-error” exercise. You START with the experts who have many years in this business.

Clinics, of course, have expert support built-in.

The rest of this article is on another web page:

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