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The Critical Importance of Liver Flushes!!!

Notes: For Kidney Stones see the bottom section. Some Colon Flushes also.

Liver flushes, which include getting rid of microbes and parasites in the liver, gallbladder, pancreas, etc. etc. are very, very important to a cancer treatment.

These microbes and parasites in the organs steal energy from the cells in the organs by intercepting nutrients and by excreting mycotoxins and other things. The organs become very weak and as a result the immune system becomes very weak!!

In many cases it is the weak immune system that allows the cancer cells in the body to grow out of control and cause a person to be diagnosed with cancer!!!!

In other words, in many cases, cancer is the result of a weak immune system which is weak because of microbes and parasites which are in the organs!!

In order to supercharge the immune system, “liver flushes” are critical to the cancer treatment!!

The “liver flush” is designed to kill the microbes and parasites in the organs, by definition. Do not get a “liver flush” confused with a coffee enema, which is an entirely different treatment!!

However, doing any liver flush only kills microbes and parasites which have been weakening the organs and thus weakening the immune system. A liver flush does not automatically re-energize the cells in the organs, which in turn recharges the immune system!!

In other words, consider this process:
1) Microbes and parasites in the organs weaken the organs and the weak organs in turn weaken the immune system,
2) A weak immune system allows the cancer cells to grow out of control and the person is diagnosed with cancer,
3) A “liver flush” kills these microbes and parasites,
4) Getting rid of these microbes and parasites does not immediately re-energize the cells in the organs and thus does not immediately re-energize the immune system,
5) Electromedicine (to be discussed in a moment) re-energizes the cells in the organs (which were weakened by the microbes and parasites)
6) The patient’s immune system is strengthened and is then able to get rid of many cancer cells and helps the body to deal with the cancer.

Note that while these six steps are going on, other cancer treatments are killing cancer cells and/or reverting cancer cells into normal cells, etc. etc.

Treating cancer is a multi-pronged approach, but the liver flush and re-energizing the cells in the organs is a critical part of most cancer treatments!!

For patients who are advanced enough (e.g. they are somewhat weak), they need their immune system to be functioning as soon as possible.

There are five electromedicine devices that can quickly re-energize the cells in the organs (use these devices during and after the liver flush).
1) Photon Genius (about $25,000) for weak patients who can afford one (many patients will be able to find one near them which they can use – contact the Ed Skilling Institute to find the nearest one which is available to the public):
Ed Skilling Institute

2) Quantum Pulse (about $25,000) for weak patients who can afford one (many patients will be able to find one near them which they can use – there are far more Quantum Pulses available to the public than Photon Geniuses). See this website:
The Quantum Pulse Website

3) Photon Genie (about $3,000) – not as powerful as the Photon Genius but designed specifically to re-energize cells and do other things.
(Items #1 and #3 come from the Ed Skilling Institute which can also supply a “custom liver flush” for a fee.)

4) A High RF Frequency Protocol – Plasma (about $4,000). It is designed to kill microbes and parasites in the cancer cells, but also has protocols to re-energize cells.

5) A High RF Frequency Protocol – SR-4 (about $2,500). Same as the Plasma but a different technology and less expensive (but not for cancers above the chest unless the patient cannot afford a Plasma device).

ONLY ONE of these electromedicine devices is needed to re-energize the cells in the organs.

None of these 5 devices is required for many patients, they are mainly for somewhat advanced patients who need their organs and immune system energized quickly. However, the High RF Frequency Devices are also direct cancer treatments as they kill the microbes inside the cancer cells and revert the cancer cells into normal cells. But these devices are no where near as powerful as the Photon Genius or Quantum Pulse.

Of course, any patient can benefit from Transfer Point beta glucan (see the Dirt Cheap Protocol) because it does not need to wait for a liver flush. There will be synergy by doing multiple things to strengthen the immune system.
Transfer Point (Immune Builder supplement)

Liver flushes are also critical for those with dangerous tumors. Liver flushes can help the tumors shrink more quickly and perhaps more importantly, help keep the tumors from coming back.

If the immune system is not functioning properly tumors may come back after being shrunk by nutritional protocols.

Note: Because the custom consultation with the Ed Skilling Institute can take several weeks to happen, patients who work with the Skilling Institute on a custom liver flush to kill the microbes and learn how to use their equipment should use 2 or 3 of the “generic liver flushes” mentioned below immediately, while waiting for the consultation for the custom liver flush.

In fact, every cancer patient should start a generic liver flush (see below) immediately, even if they are going to have the custom liver flush from the Skilling Institute.

If you understand all of this you will note that the 5 re-energizing devices mentioned above are only of limited use until the generic or custom liver flushes have begun!! THINK ABOUT WHY. If the microbes and parasites are still in the organs they will continue to weaken the organs by stealing food from the cells!!

This article provides several different generic liver flushes and all of them are very good.

Note: Also see the ICRF Reference Manual, item #3, which has a section on liver flushes (see the left side-bar on the left side of this page). Also see item #4 which is a list of immune building supplements. The combination of killing the microbes and parasites in the organs (the liver flush), with an immune builder, such as Transfer Point, is a critical combination for rebuilding the immune system. But electromedicine is what is needed to quickly re-energize the cells in the organs.


Any time a person does a liver cleanse or kills a lot of microbes, they need to DRINK A QUART of water every day.

This is to flush out the mycotoxins (i.e. waste products) from the dead microbes to prevent brain fog.

Unless otherwise instructed, when doing any liver flush, do a “build-up,” meaning start with 1 pill (of each product) a day, then increase by 1 pill a day until you get to the preferred dose. However, some protocols may intentionally not use a build-up!! Follow the instructions!!


Alpha Omega’s Liver / Colon Cleansing Program

This is an extensive Liver and Colon flush that will also deal with liver stones and gallbladder stones.

Greg Caton and his wife have been in natural medicine for many years. Here is the link:
Alpha Omega’s Liver / Colon Cleaning Program

Universal Formulas Parasite Cleanse

This is another excellent parasite cleanse which includes two products (do not use the PrasitEX by itself), ParasitEX and Quint-Essence. It cleans the colon, organs, etc. of parasites and microbes.

The vendor recommends a two-step process::
LGB-Purity (Liver-Gallbladder-Bowel Cleanse)
And the second step is:
Parasite Elimination Protocol

The 31-Day Home Cancer Cure

In this book is a lot of information about various flushes integrated with a complete cancer treatment.

It is written by Ty Bolinger who is a long-time cancer researcher of natural medicine.

Here is where to buy the book:
The 31-Day Home Cancer Cure

Hulda Clark Flushes

Just about all liver flushes can be traced back to Hulda Clark. Here is a website that has very good articles on Hulda Clark flushes:
Cure Zone – Hulda Clark

Presner’s Ultimate Zapper

Any time you put two electrodes on your body the electrical current between the two electrodes will look like a “football.”

When placing the electrodes for the Ultimate Zapper make sure this “football” shaped electrical current will include the organs.

For example, put the electrodes on the right wrist and left ankle.

This is an excellent device to kill microbes and parasites.
The Ultimate Zapper Website

Organic Lifestyle

This website has an excellent article on ways to kill parasites:
Organic Lifestyle – Parasites


Stevia comes from a plant that kills cancer cells. The plant is: stevia rebaudiana. However, it is also an amazing liver flush.

Put 6 to 8 teaspoons in a gallon of water and “build-up” (for 3 or 4 days) to taking the full gallon for 2 or 3 days. As mentioned, not only is it a liver flush but also a cancer treatment.

It is highly recommended to include this treatment because it is so cost-effective.

You can get stevia HERE


The nice thing about this protocol is that it is sold through many health food stores.

You need to buy two boxes of ParaGONE. The first box will be used, then there will be a 15 day waiting period (for the eggs to hatch), then the second box will be used.

You can purchase ParaGONE HERE

Drinking the Juice of Papaya Seeds

In Nigeria, 76.7% of children with intestinal parasites were cured by drinking the juice from Papaya seeds.

These are exactly the parasites cancer treatments need to kill in order to supercharge the immune system.

The “organic” label means it is GMO free, but the “natural” label does not. Thus the following brands are acceptable:
Kapoho, Solo, “Mexican Red,” Mexican Yellow,” Tainung No. 1.

Natural Recovery Plan

Here is a complete protocol called the “Natural Recovery Plan.”

This website has a lot of good information:
Recovery Plan

An Oxygen Colon Cleanse

Homozon(c) is a bowel cleanser that also floods the body with oxygen.

They claim “it is the safest bowel cleanser on the planet” and that it is even safe for children.

You can purchase here:
The Original Homozon

Detox Colon

Mixture formulated to clean and gently remove toxins and waste stuck to the intestinal walls with a mild laxative effect that can help against constipation problems also naturally helps cleanse the liver, kidneys and colon walls.
Alka Vita


Avocados are not so much for a liver flush but to protect the liver. It is a liver repair product and should likely be used by everyone who is dealing with microbes and parasites in the organs.

A Long List of Other Liver Flushes

1) Myocyde (microbes) and Clarkia-100 (parasites) (

2) ClearStart30 by Unicity

3) Paraway Pack Cleanse

4) Colonix and Toxinout (DrNatura)

5) Humaworm (

6) Psyllium Husk (we have heard very good things about this!!)

7) Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Cleanse by Andrea Moritz

8) Dr. Schultze’s Herbal (

9) DMSO or MSM plus Coconut Oil (Kills parasites, herpes, bacteria, kills/expels tapeworms)

10) Lauricidin (includes coconut oil)

11) High RF Frequency Generator with Plasma Amplifier – also reverts cancer cells into normal cells and it is a cell energizer (w/Cellect-Budwig or Dirt Cheap Protocol)

12) Spooky2 (electromedicine)

13) ParaZapper UZI or ParaZapper MY (Hulda Clark type zapper – see the Dirt Cheap Protocol)
Hulda Clark Zappers
(Note: Electrodes Must Be Placed So Electrical Current Passes Through Organs)

14) Baseline Nutritionals (Jon Barron)

15) Cullen Zapper (contact the ICRF for schematics, you cannot buy one) (See: Note #1)

16) Diatomite – Amorphous Silica (e.g.

17) Liver & Kidney Cleanse (Dr. Michael Cutler, MD –

18) Milk Thistle herb (also for nutrient value)

19) Osage Orange

20) Borax (See: – for doses and history)

21) One bulb of garlic (yes, bulb) – cut into small cubes and take the cubes like pills!!

22) Turpentine (yes, if it is pure it is made of the resins of pine trees – 1/2 teaspoon a day)

23) See testimonials on this site:

24) Spices: Turmeric, Cinnamon, etc. (User with honey if for a cancer treatment)

25) Apple Cider Vinegar

26) Pineapple Juice

27) Fennel (for certain types of parasites)

28) Cloves (kills eggs)

29) Wormwood

30) Black Walnut hull and husk

31) Pumpkin Seeds

32) Peppermint Tea (kills tapeworms)

33) Castor Oil (orally)

34) Scram (Detox) – some health food stores

35) See also this excellent article: Article on Eliminating Parasites

Three Supplements To Strengthen the Liver

While the other protocols on this page are to kill microbes and parasites in the organs, including killing the microbes in the liver, this protocol does not kill anything, it is designed to strengthen the liver via 3 supplements:
1) Alpha Lipoic Acid (3 x 200 mg per day)
2) Silymarin (1000 mg per day, but spread into 3 doses)
3) Selenium (400 mcg (micrograms, NOT milligrams) per day, spread into 3 doses if you can.

Kidney Stones

A common and simple treatment for kidney stones is: 1 cup of asparagus a day.

Be aware that those on natural cancer treatments are typically using at least one highly alkaline protocol. A cup of
asparagus is also highly alkaline and may be too much alkalinity for a cancer patient. So use only half a cup for
cancer patients.

See also:
Article #1 on Kidney Stones

See also:
Article #2 on Kidney Stones

You can also use Google to find a lot more ideas and products:
“kidney stones” natural