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FREE Reference Book With 350 Natural Cancer Treatments

For joining the Alternative Cancer Research Institute, they will send you a free massive book which details more than 350 alternative cancer treatments. The book is called: The Complete Guide To Alternative Cancer Treatments. This book provides detailed information about each of these treatments!!

Also included with the free book are three free reports:

  1. 10 Reports on Cancer Prevention and Treatment,
  2. Who Can Help Me When I Have Cancer?
  3. How Successful are Conventional Cancer Treatments?

Here is how to obtain your free book and 3 reports:
Free Book With 350 Alternative Cancer Treatments

An Excellent Movie: (Now With Free Trailer)

There is a new video (Oct, 2012) on how government people (who won’t legalize anything but chemo, radiation and surgery) sneak in the back door of natural medicine facilities with their families and selves under different names! They must know that 75% of oncologists wouldn’t put their families or selves through such barbaric treatments!

They are giving out these video’s for free which are clips from the film they are trying to finish – part II Baby Killers – in hopes you will find it in your heart to donate $25, $50 or $100 to help get this film done! “I am just a starving artist barely getting by month to month and shot everything I could that was close by the LA area but I need a few trips cross country to get the final stories. There are good incentives to donate as well as you will see on the indiegogo page after watching the video.”

Even if you can’t afford to donate please send it out to your lists and social groups. This film will save thousands of lives from the wrath of Big Pharma!
Link To Free Video

Also, the existing movie, called “” has many interviews with cancer patients and various kinds of doctors. This is a highly recommended movie because of the many perspectives it provides. Overall there is an enormous amount of good information plus it can motivate patients to use alternative cancer treatments.

Healing Cancer From the Inside Out – Second Edition

This is about the Rave Diet, an excellent cancer treatment. This movie was actually shown on one of the virtually unknown television channels as part of a fund-raising drive. It is an excellent movie!!
The Movie
The Book
DVD and Book Combo


Movie: Cancer, What Is The Truth? (iTunes)

Filmmaker Beezhan Tulu has come out with a new film on alternative medicine!! This documentary is about how a cancer survivor cured himself of cancer with natural medicine, then went to medical school to help others
Cancer, What Is The Truth? (iTunes)


An Excellent Movie: Cancer Is Curable Now!

If you want an excellent high level overview of alternative cancer treatments you should watch a professionally done, two-hour movie which features 31 experts in alternative medicine. But more importantly there is a lot of critical information all cancer patients need to know!!

The first half is mainly about nutrition and the importance of a strong mental attitude. These are very important subjects!! The second half of the movie includes interviews with several clinic practitioners and others. They discuss their treatments and the theory behind their treatments.
Buy the Movie: Cancer is Curable Now!